May, 2007



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Linda Price '54

Don Price '57

Jerry Cebe '57

Its NO April Fools Joke

Thelma Price Cebe turned 100 April 1


Debi McQuay - 2nd row, on the left

DEBI (MCQUAY) OATES ('66) chaperons a trip to Italy, hosting high school and college girls, twice a year. These students are either current or former students in Debi's classes at Lassen High School in Susanville, California (northeast California in the foothills of Sierras—about 90 miles NW of Reno, NV). The students organized a travel group called Lassen Student Travelers, but any one of any age can participate.
The first group divides their time between Rome and Florence, with one guided tour in both cities. The majority of time was non-scheduled and allowed the group to explore sites on their own. They added Venice and Siena (walled, medieval city) to their itinerary in the Spring trip, hosting 14 travelers that included two mothers, a married couple from Maine, and high school students.

"People in our geographical location seldom have an opportunity to explore historical sites and gorgeous art/ architecture. The company we travel with, Passports, Inc. of  Spencer, Massachusetts allows us to customize our trips (destinations, length, tours, types of travel) and has been a great company to deal with."

The students earned dollars through fund-raising efforts which included: operating ticket sales plus handling the security at our county fair, doing bake sales/catalog product sales, candle sales, Burger King server night, and other events to offset their costs.

The next trips are: Fall 2007 to Rome/Florence/ Pisa/ French & Italian Riviera/Nice/ Paris. The Spring 2008 trip is to Rome/Florence/Athens and other cities in Greece. If any of you would like to travel on one of our trips, write/call/email me for information.

"One of my favorite cities is Florence, Italy. When I attended Reunion 2006 in October, I found out my friends, PAUL & SHARON (CHUMLEY) ENDEJAN, stay in Florence almost every year for a month…plus, Sharon invited SUE MELTON and me for a girls’ trip to Florence! I’m off! Ciao!

Debi (McQuay) Oates,     530-251-2345              
Debi McQuay '66    
Debi McQuay now

Thelma Price Cebe Turns 100 April 1st.

Thelma Price Cebe, Mother of Linda Price '54, Larry Price '57, and Jerry Cebe '57, celebrated her 100th birthday on April 1st with many well wishers attending her party.  Click here for the rest of the story.

Dave Esche '62

Dave Esche, class '62 enjoys' his favorite pastime  fishing on Horseshoe Lake, near Bigfork, MT.  I don't know if it will show up well or not but I am holding a 2 pound small mouth bass I just caught while kayak fishing. I've caught blue gill, yellow perch, rainbow trout, bull trout, mountain white fish and squawfish, which are now called Pike Minnow's in Oregon, because we're not supposed to use the word "Squaw" to refer to anything except an Indian female.  I released all the fish I caught because I like to think I'll get a chance to catch them again on a future visit.