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    Who's face is behind the  mask?  [LOOK HERE]

    THE LOOP - 1910 ERA
    Click [picture] to view larger

    Click [HERE] to view movie

    John Dicks '50 scanned this post card from the 1910 era to share with us. It dates around 1910 based on the Bill Board on the right. The "Chevy Chase" collars for men were a big seller in 1910. "One of the fall collars which is meeting with an excellent sale is the Chevy Chase model made by Corliss, Coon & Co. This collar is made with a closed front, the center fold rounded away, leaving a liberal tie space. The collar is cut low in the back." This was taken from "Men's Wear" v.29 (Aug.-Oct. 1910). 

    The loop was nominated 1/22/07, being accepted on 5/2/07 to the State Historic Preservation St. Louis City National Register (MORE) This CAN be a good thing.

    Did you know there was a large amusement park with rides, swimming pool, and theater three blocks north? Suburban Garden, and Suburban Garden Theater which was famous for Broadway shows. More information, CLICK [HERE]


    Jerry Slatton's '57 dream was someday living on a golf course, working as a starter. After retiring from GM’s Parts Division in ’94 he and his wife, Pat Miner ’62, retired to Belle Vista, AR. They bought a home on the 16th hole on (par 3) Highlands Golf Course. He’s living his dream as he drives to work in his golf cart on Mondays and Thursdays.
        There are six courses and Jerry plays them all. Being a property owner in Belle Vista makes golf more affordable. Every Sunday afternoon you’ll find Jerry and Pat on the links together.
       Pat enjoys embroidering clothes for their one granddaughter age 7. In the winter months they become snowbirds in their 5th wheel. This year they plan to spend their winter in South Texas near South Padre Island. Last year they spent it in Florida.
    Click to [Enlarge] picture
      Jerry Slatton '57            Pat Miner '62
    If YOU have some exciting news or happy event happening in  your life [email us] so you can share your excitement with the others!!


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                                     OCTOBER 2007

    Vintage Photos From the Shoe Box!

    Send in YOUR School photos for From the Shoe Box!  Scan and email  or use US Postage ( If photos are to be returned, please include return US Mail postage)

                        Day trip to the park  ca 1946

        This newly "found" photo is about 61 years old. Taken in about 1946, at (perhaps) Blanchette Park in St. Charles. Most of the group are members of the future graduating class of 1948-1949
        We have identified the names of most all the Trojans.
    You'll see names on the full sized picture. Betty Van Cloostere '49 Photo

    Click to Enlarge photo and see the names!

             Thinking outside of the "Shoe" Box
    ime:1967    Place: Bangkok, Thailand, Snake Farm.
         Jim Faulconer '49, was the Paper King as a sophomore. Here he is visiting the snake farm, (which is located near the Red Cross and King Chulalongkorn Hospital of course). Containing thousands of some of the most poisonous snakes in the world, such as the king cobra and all sorts of vipers, the farm is a highlight for any tourist visit. There are daily shows, where handlers play around with pythons, and extractions of venom can also be witnessed. 
        In the above  1946 Photo, Jim is in the back row, 2nd from the right.   Jim currently resides in Arizona.    
    Click [HERE] for larger  photo                                               Jim Faulconer '49
    1959 Senior Slop Day
                      Senior Slop Day '59  
      L to R Norman Bramley, Ed Ziff, Pat Smith, Sandie Hague, Dolores Akins, Doris Groh, Bill Wallace, and Bill Thiemann
    Click to [Enlarge] photo

    From Barb Hill's '59 Shoe Box

                          WWII  Feedsack Dress
    Betty wrote: "I included the feedsack dress picture only because it brought back memories of what was going on in those days. Some of us would collect feed sacks of the same design until we had enough to make a garment for ourselves. My grandmother had chickens in her back yard so I had access to the sacks. The photo was taken in our front yard on Leschen Avenue in Wellston."
    Betty Van Cloostere  '49

    By the 1940s, bag manufacturers were turning out bags in bright colors and printed designs. It was felt that these designs and colors would boost sales, because [More] on Feedsack Dresses:



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                                     OCTOBER 2007

    More Photos From the Shoe Box!

    October, 1952

    Ray Woodworth '53
    Click to [ENLARGE] picture

                        Prize-Winning Art
                            October, 1952

    Judges in the Halloween painting contest sponsored annually by the Wellston Lions Cub for students of Wellston High School were unanimous in their choice of the three very lively ghosts created by Wanda Thompson and Ray Woodworth, both from '53, for first prize. The 'spirited' art work appeared on a window of he Central Hardware Co.
        Second prize was awarded to the benevolent-looking witch who appeared on a window of the Ideal Furniture Co., and third prize to the Mickey Mouse Halloween greeting drawn on a Busy Bee Department Store window.
         Prizes in the competition, which this year drew an unusually large number of entries, were awarded at a party sponsored by the Lions Cub for the participating students in the high school.
         Wanda and Ray split the grand prize for 1st place of $10.00. Others entering their art talents in the contest are pictured below:

    Story appeared in the '52 Post Dispatchsent in by Ray Woodworth '53

    Winning Art

    [ENLARGE]Photo printed in the Post Dispatch '52

        Rosalie Swett '54 and
       M. Williams '56

    Faye Smith, Pat Tiernan, both '53 and
    Bill Ashenbremer  '56

    Click [Photo] and see WHS in Background
                     Forerunners of EMS

    The top of the "New" Wellston High School is visible above the Ambulance. This photo of Sidmon and Son Ambulance, forerunners of the EMS as we know today, was taken in 1942. Identified are: L to R: Edw. "Pop" Sidmon, unknown, Albert Haefner, '42 WHS, unknown, and Bob Sidmon. Taken from about 6314 Ridge Ave

    Jack Sidmon '50 is the brother of Bob and next door neighbor to Bob Haefner '49, younger brother of Al Haefner '42, pictured in this photo.



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                                     OCTOBER 2007

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed of events in the lives of classmates from so many years ago. Jim Siress class of 1952

    Great, great, really great! Another super fantastic job on the Flashlight

    Carol Beeman '60
    Please be sure to share your Flashlight with those who haven't access to the Internet. Printable October Issue



    Alumnae & Alumni News and Comments:

    I think that our Wellston school teachers would be so proud of their students. The Flashlight has great information with (Sept) such an informative issue, including the Wellston loop, Katz,  and the Victory Theater - what memories. My first date was at the Victory Theater while in junior high with Charles Lindberg, who was really a nice fellow. It was during the war and after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The theater's name was changed from the Mikado to the Victory. What pleasant memories this issue brought back to me. I'm sending a list of things you just don't hear of anymore. [CLICK TO VIEW] and enjoy. Thank you all so much. Colleen Oliphant '51
    Colleen Oliphant '51
    Don Taylor '61 sends in a list of differences in how schools are between 1967 and 2007: Don's says "How true these are especially the one about getting a whipping with the belt...that's how I remember getting punished for doing wrong and my kids learned it that way too!" ha.  Click to [READ]: Don Taylor '61

    Don Taylor '61

    Barb Dreyer '62

    Thanks so much for the Flashlight. It's great and I always look forward to each issue, Jack Schlieker '45
    I’m sure glad you found me! I'm looking forward to catching up on alumni news and hearing all about future reunions. Barb Dreyer '62

    Jack Schlieker '45

    The information about the Victory Theatre brought back many memories, especially how the name was changed right after the war started. I remember a contest to rename the theatre and the marquee signage V I C T O R Y  - I think - is Morse code for victory.  The contest created a lot of hype. Movies were a big part in growing up in Wellston at that particular time. Thank you for providing the opportunity for the visit. Thanks again,  Bill Cornman '51

    Beege Izatt '70

    Please note our new e-mail address. We do not want to miss any news or the flashlight, which we love.  Thanks. Janette Palmer '62

    If you want to find a local pizza place, a movie theater, and more….then map the best route to get to it click on! [Find it!  Enjoy~ Begee Izatt '70

    Janette Palmer '62

    It was sad to hear about the Chuck a Burger closing. One of the Bennett sons (they lived on Lenox) managed that location and I worked for him during the summer of my Sophomore year. We had 60 hour workweeks and made 90 cents an hour. What memories! I worked my way up to window and got to handle all the curb hop orders coming and going! What fun it was. Today I don't think a 16 year old can work till 2 AM like we did then.  Henry Blair '64


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    October 2007

    Chuck Lewis '58

    Where in the World is Chuck Lewis? (Class of '58)
    Check out the link taking you to the missing alumni list in your class. They may not even know they are missing!!  If there’s someone on the list whom you might know the whereabouts of (dead or alive) please email us the information or have them contact us. As you will see there are only a few classes who have a lot missing. Most classes had someone who took the initiative to keep their class list current. This is not an easy task to undertake, but does make it easier for the reunion committee. Check all the classes. There might be someone’s brother, sister, aunt, uncle, parents or even neighbors on the list. The list spans 30 years. MISSING ALUMN

    Classmates Remembered
    Theresa O'Connor '63 wrote a beautiful poem dedicated to and remembering our departed alumnus.  To Read.


    Our Wellston Trojan
    Classmates Remembered List
    Click here
    Rest in Peace

    June Gamache '42
    passed away 9/5/07
    Click to sign the Guest Book

    Shirley Powers '48
    passed 8/2006

    Betty Polk '49
    Passed 5/7/07

    (picture unavailable)

    Condolences to:
    Lucille (Adelsburg) Hesselmeyer '56:  Lucille's husband, Rich, passed away August 1, 2007
    Shirley (Woolfe) Garret '56: Shirley's son passed 8/17/07 and her husband, Cliff, passed 9/3/07

    Bill Porter, SR '66 on the death of his son, Bill, JR, 8/20/07.

    Alumnae & Alumni Funnies:

                                      The History of Halloween

    Each year, on the last night of October, millions of children across the US dressed up in costume and take to the streets for a spooky dose of Trick or Treat fun. How much do you really know about this haunted holiday? Explore this site to find out the true history. Find out more about the origins of Halloween, check out some spooky recipes, or watch some creepy video clips including the story about the 1848 house!

    Kathy Erwin '62, tells about the 5 gentlemen in her life whom visits her almost everyday. She says Will Power helps her get out of bed in the morning before she has to go see John.  Then Charlie Horse stops by taking up a a lot of her time and attention. However, when Charlie leaves Art Ritis shows up staying the rest of the day. "Art doesn't like staying in 1 place very long" she says, "he goes from joint to joint." After such a busy day she's always ready and very happy going to bed with Ben Gay. Oh yes, she's been flirting with Al Zhymer too.  Whata life, Kath says, all these guys coming around before she ever reaches her golden years~~
    "OLD" IS WHEN ... Your sweetie says, "Let's go upstairs and make love," and you answer, "Pick one; I can't do both!"
    "OLD " IS WHEN ... Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes and you're barefoot.
    "OLD" IS WHEN ... A sexy babe catches your fancy and your pacemaker opens the garage door.
    "OLD" IS WHEN ... Going braless pulls all the wrinkles out of your face.
    "OLD" IS WHEN . You don't care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don't have to go along.
    "OLD" IS WHEN ... You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor instead of by the police.
    "OLD" IS WHEN ..."Getting a little action" means you don't need to take any fiber today
    "OLD" IS WHEN ... "Getting lucky" means you find your car in the parking lot.
    "OLD" IS WHEN ... An "all nighter" means not getting up to use the bathroom.
    AND "OLD" IS WHEN .. You are not sure these are jokes...Sent in by Art Bahr '43


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    October 2007

    80th B-Day

    Gladys Cointin '45 celebrated her 80th birthday in July at Culpeppers with her siblings Shirley '48, Richard '53, Paul '59 and their families. . Gladys and her husband, Leon Turner '47 now live in Clearwater, FL. They returned home to St. Louis for the festive celebration.

                        WHAT AM I DOING NOW?

    We welcome contributions each month, send in your story, or perhaps a story about a favorite teacher or classmate that made a difference in your life whom is no longer with us.  We will try to honor one selected short story of general interest each month:  This months feature story: Gladys Cointin '45 and Leon Turner '47        

    Gladys Cointin '45

    Like many others, my wife, Gladys Cointin '45 and I, Leon Turner '47 have enjoyed receiving and reading the monthly Flashlight with the obituary notices. Your work reminds me of the two years I spent in Carrie McCann's Journalism class, the first year as a columnist when I suggested ......Click [HERE] to read more:  about their heartwarming and fascinating life story.
    Leon Turner '47

    Caleb -2016


       Entertainment and Exercise at home = "Exertainment"

    Ever since Caleb, class of 2016 celebrated his eighth birthday he brings his Nintendo Wii (pronounced 'WE') over to his Grandma and Grandpa's so they can play with him. (Caleb is the youngest grandchild of Bob Haefner '49 and Camille Mohow '48.) Together they've fly cast, bowled, golfed, played baseball, tennis and practiced boxing - all in the comfort of their home. Besides being able to spend quality time with their grandson everyone is getting GREAT exercise~~ [Read MORE] The Wii video games are virtual reality, movements the same as if you WERE in an actual bowling alley, on a golf or tennis court or fly fishing in waders.  The same muscles are used and get just as sore. The Wii is featured in AARP magazine as great exercise. Read the press room story of how video games are now offering more health benefits - click [HERE]

    Bob Haefner '49
    Camille Mohow '48         

    1946 Wellston Trojan County Championship Football Team

    It's high school football time! This article, written by Bill Voos '48, will bring back some wonderful memories of those October Saturdays spent on the field. Enjoy reading the story of how the 1946 team won the County Championship, shutting out their opponents, under the leadership of Couch Gerry Stagall. This was truly a "Super Team"  [Read MORE]

    Please pray for the safe return for all our troops .
    The Cheapest Days to Buy Certain Items. ANOTHER DAY, another deal.
    Thanks to online coupons, price-comparison search engines and reward memberships, savvy shoppers can pay less than full price on any day that ends in "y." But depending on what you're planning to buy, some days of the week may yield better bargains than others.

    Gas - When to Buy: Thursday, before 10 a.m.
    Groceries -
    When to Buy: Sunday — or Tuesday.
    Airplane Tickets -
    When to Buy: Wednesday morning.
    Books -
    When to Buy: Thursday.
    Hotel Rooms -
    When to Buy: Sunday.
    Cars -
    When to Buy: Monday
    Clothing -
    When to Buy: Thursday evening.
    Department-Store Wares
    - When to Buy: Saturday evening.
    Dinner Out -
    When to Buy: Tuesday.
    Entertainment -
    When to Buy: Wednesday.
    Click the link to find out 'why' the experts say these are the [Best Days to Find Bargins]


          PAGE 7

                                     October 2007


    WHS Reunion P.O.Box changes

               As Trustee and Secretary/Treasurer

    On the behalf of the alumni, we at the Flashlight, would like to thank, Wanda, for all her work in making Reunion 2006 such a HUGE success. Wanda became a Trustee after Reunion 2003. Amongst other things, she was in charge of receiving and depositing checks for Reunion 2006. She'll leave her positions the end of November.

    When work begun on Reunion 2006, no one ever dreamed it would turn out to be such a big success with the alumni. In the beginning it spanned classes from 1958 through 1965. They are proud to announce it now spans 30 years - 1939 through 1969.

    The Trustees are in the final stage of creating bi-laws, forming a true Alumni Association. When completed a copy will be mailed to all voting members consisting of Guarantors and  Committee members for approval. Once the bi-laws are approved ballots will be mailed out for an election of officers. More about this as iinformation becomes available.

    We're changing our name and
    on the move to better serve you.


     People will change within the organization but there should always be a permanent mailing address. Because of its central location, with many alumni living in or around there, O'Fallon, MO was chosen. 

    The P.O. Boxes, set up in Cedar Hill (2003) and Washington (2006), were originally set up to receive checks for a reunion, and was called "WHS Reunion". That's all changed. Instead of just receiving checks our alumni are sending in address changes, pictures, memorabilia, etc. We're actually growing into an Alumni Association!!

    What better time then now to correct our name to something that will be useful in future reunions, correspondence, etc?
    Our new address is:
                           Welhisco Alumni
                           P.O.Box 774
                           O'Fallon, MO 63166
    The trustees are looking for volunteers to help verify that the database is current for Reunion 2009. If you would like to call your class and reunite please send us an [EMAIL].

    Three Join Committee for Reunion 2009

    Larry Turner '60
    worked as a purchasing agency for McDonnell Douglas corporation before retirement.

    Phyllis Crouch '62 worked as a secretary in the Cape Girardeau school district for 19 years before retiring.

    Jim Shaw '45 will take over as Sec/Treas after Wanda Cornman '60 resigns. Jim is a retired Senior Financial Adviser from the Chrysler plant in Fenton.

    Click to [ENLARGE] Photo


     Many students and families can be recognized in the audience. This photo was salvaged from a trash can some 50 years ago by Sandy Gibbons '57. Sandy worked at Rembrandt Studios who made all the shots for the yearbook. This picture had been discarded with the intention that it would not be used.

    Sandy's own family is shown--see center section on the left- man in white shirt adjusting the eye piece on his glasses, that's her Uncle Elmer Kehr, followed by Mel Kehr, Dorothy Cramer Kehr, her Grandmother Iva Cramer Fehrmann and Julie Kehr Dacus--all but Mel are now deceased.

    If you know someone's name in the audience, email us giving their name and location of their seat!  [Flashlight Staff]



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                                     OCTOBER 2007


    Turn up your speakers when

    viewing the cars we drove back in the 50s and 60s CLICK [HERE]


    Take a fun test to see how long YOUR life expectancy is and what your REAL age really is.  This is a fun thing with no real scientific testing. Click to see [MORE]

              Sent in by Bruce Liebsch '62

     Click to enlarge


    She was in the bathroom, putting on her makeup, under the watchful eyes of her young granddaughter as she'd done many times before. After she applied her lipstick and started to leave, the little one said, "But Gramma, you forgot to kiss the toilet paper good-bye!"

    A little girl was diligently pounding away on her grandfather's word processor. She told him she was writing a story. "What's it about?" he asked.
    "I don't know," she replied. "I can't read."

               Read more Grandparent jokes click here

    John Travolta's home is pictured to the right - his 747 in the driveway. For a look at where other famous stars live double click here: [MORE]


      Sounds of yesteryear gets your toes tapping

    Three greats on the same stage, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, and the GREAT Ray Charles pounding their ivory keys, singing the [BOOGIE WOOGIE] (Be sure your volume is turned up...) GREAT sounds!



                      It's a bad day when...
    I knew it was going to be a REALLY bad day! I rear-ended a car this morning. The driver got out of the other car, and he was a DWARF!! He looked up at me and said "I am NOT Happy!" So I said, "Well, which one ARE you then?" And that's how the fight begun ....




          PAGE 9

                                     October 2007


    Sandy Gibbons(’57)
    Bill Voos (’48)
    JoAnn Williams (’60)

    Circulation & Web Master
    Bob Haefner '49

    Welhisco Alumni
    P.O. Box 774
    O'Fallon, MO 63366
    Phone  636-978-5771
    E-mail Us


    Interesting Info.



                  Is Your House Making You Fat?

    By Carol Krucoff, Carol Krucoff is coauthor, with her husband, Mitch Krucoff, MD, (Link to the other 20 ways is below)

    Everyone knows that ordering 64-ounce sodas and always driving instead of walking contribute to tightening waistbands. But your house can harbor other, less obvious diet enemies: the wrong size juice glasses pack on an extra 8 pounds a year; lined curtains in your bedroom may contribute to that "I'm too tired to exercise" feeling. And the type of TV stand you have could affect both your eating and exercising habits. In short, your house may be making you fat.

    Kitchen/family room combinations make food continuously present, gadgets do much of our work, and elaborate entertainment centers entice us to sit motionless for hours. "Even the trend to having more bathrooms means people walk shorter distances," says Kelly D. Brownell, PhD, director of the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders. "We've created a toxic environment that encourages excess eating and inactivity."

    We're not suggesting you move into a three-story colonial with only one toilet. Simple changes can have a dramatic effect. An emerging body of research from top institutions reveals that your decorating style--from the color of your walls to the scent of your candles--can affect your eating and exercise habits and, ultimately, your weight. Here are 22 ways to create a home environment to help you--and your family--stay slim.


    1. Color your appetite blue. "Most people are unaware of the profound effect color has on their behavior," says Kenneth R. Fehrman, EdD, a professor of interior design and coauthor of Color, The Secret Influence. For instance, blue is an appetite suppressant. "In tests, many people could not bring themselves to eat foods colored blue. We have deep-seated instincts to avoid blue and purple foods, because they tend to be poisonous." To take advantage of this natural instinct, use blue plates, napkins, or place mats. You might even consider painting a wall blue or placing a blue light in the refrigerator to help curb late-night raids.

    Avoid red, yellow, and orange in the kitchen and dining areas. "They exert a measurable effect on the autonomic nervous system, stimulating appetite," says Fehrman. Food manufacturers exploit this physiologic reaction by using food coloring, and it's no coincidence that many fast-food logos and restaurant decors use the red end of the color spectrum. "It makes us salivate and gets our stomach juices flowing," explains Fehrman.
    2. Downsize dinnerware. Extensive research shows that "people eat what's put on their plates--even if it's more than they need to satisfy their hunger," says Judith S. Stern, ScD, RD, professor of nutrition at the University of California, Davis. To avoid portion distortion, Stern recommends buying smaller dishes. "We need to bring back 8-ounce beverage glasses, 6-ounce coffee cups, and those little 6-ounce juice glasses--that are what serving sizes should be." Many popular brands such as Libbey and Pfaltzgraff sell 5- and 6-ounce juice glasses and 8-ounce beverage glasses. Save the 12-ounce glasses for water.

    Orlando dietitian Roniece Weaver, RD, advises clients to purchase a set of inexpensive salad plates, 7 to 9 inches in diameter. "People like to fill their plates, so when they eat spaghetti off a regular 10- to 12-inch dinner plate," she says, "they may eat enough for four people." (The widely available Corelle brand sells luncheon plates that are 8 1/2 to 9 inches and salad/dessert plates that are about 7 inches in many of their patterns.)

    Click [HERE] for 20 more suggestions and the rest of the story