When I think of my classmates, I can see their faces as plain as day, just the way they looked in high school. When we attended the 1951-1953 reunion in 1997, I said to my husband, 'Jack, we're in the wrong place, these people are all old!" He whispered to me gently, "honey, we're in the right place, and we are old!" But you know, after spending a few minutes talking to my "Old" classmates, the glasses, the gray hair, and the extra pounds just seemed to disappear and the years melt away. I'm hoping the 2009 reunion will be the same happy experience, also that my classmates are wearing their name tags, at least until that magical "Melt away" moment happens.  Donna Evans '53

Dave Esche '62 grew his first beard in 1983 while teaching high school in Washington State. The students asked him to shave it off. After Reunion 2003 he decided to grow another one. He's let it grow longer and then cut it shorter over the past couple of years.  YOUR opinion has been received and overwhelming decided Dave should keep on shaving. It really shows his blue eyes and makes him look younger~  

I truly appreciate receiving the Flashlight. My class of '40 has only had two class reunions and that was soon after we graduated. (I was class secretary and helped to organize them). However, when I moved to Colorado many, many years ago, I lost contact with most of my classmates. I have attended reunions for the class of '41. I am still in contact with them and receive all their mailings. They have always had a very active group.

I still have some old Flashlights from 1940 and some athletic awards letters. Would the Alumni Club be interested in having them for your memorabilia files? Thanks again for keeping old memories alive for a great old school. We were the last class to graduate from the very first Welhisco High or I should say Wellston High. Keep up the great work! I know it requires a lot of time. Dorothy (Dot) Broker '40
Editors note:  Yes, we are very interested in any type of Flashlights and/or Memorabilia anyone may have to preserve and share with all alumni.
Correction for Roger Noon's column in the December, 2008 issue:  Dorothy Arrington, Elizabeth Davis and Joy Keen were from the Class of '1959 not 1958. Also another sweet lady - Harriett Carroll.
I've always enjoy the Newsletter, but it seems to be time for the next one before you know it. Time flies when you're having fun (and getting older!). Barb Hill '59
Lorna Kammeier '47 loves reading the WHS Flashlight online with her daughter, Linda sharing stories and memories of the past.  "Such good memories living in a great era and a good town". You might remember Lorna dad's store, Kammeier Market on Mortin and Ridge. Lorna was able to see some of her classmates this past October at a luncheon in St. Charles and is looking forward to seeing them again next year. Both of her brothers, David '60 and Mart '55  still live in the area.

All the teachers we had were great.  Even Miss Summers in the typing/shorthand classes.  Remember when we first got the electric typewriters?  You just barely touched a key and it would strike the paper.  I remember Miss Summers constantly yelling, "keep your fingers off the keys while I am talking."  How funny to remember this after all these years.  

I still can't believe this year will be 50 yrs for me.  Where did the time go?  I look forward to this next reunion.  We always have such fun.  I know there is a lot of work, but THANK YOU SO MUCH. Gloria Schwenk '59


We need '63, '64, '67, '68, and '69 Year Books to complete our year book library. Many alumni have married. We are hoping one of them will donate the duplicate book for our Association to use for future reunions.

Thanks to Doug Clark ’63 for donating several of his yearbooks.  If you have a book you would like to donate, please contact the Alumni Association

Flashlights are now mailed to current Association members without Internet Access.

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