Thank you so much for the article on Dr. Hicks!  How well I remember going to that house on Lotus Avenue. Dr. Jim Hicks was my doctor when I was a little girl.  After he gave me my small pox vaccination – he painted a Mickey Mouse character on my arm with mercurochrome!  My first vaccination did not take – so after the second vaccination – he painted Donald Duck!  I remember thinking I hope the second one does not take so I can receive another cartoon.  He was a very good artist!  (as well as a good doctor).  And, he even made “House Calls” back then.  When you think about it, we had our own Marcus Welby right there in Wellston.  I just wonder if anyone else received “Tattoos” from Dr. Hicks. Louise (Landsbury) Overbey '65

A friend of mine emailed me your web site.  It was really great reading all the information.  I went to Spensmar & Wellston Jr. High.  My mother (Ruth Ann Lloyd) & uncle (Bud Lloyd) also attended Wellston.  Can anybody join?  I am in contact with former classmates from Wellston & will be sharing this with them also.  Thank You. Shirley (Lemons) Kinnaird

Editors note:
Anyone who attended school on Wells and Evergreen, (siblings and/or children are grandfathered in) is welcome to join our WHS Alumni Club. We have a database listing all known alumni which we use as our mailing list. We also have a Buzz Book (given out at Multi-Class Reunion Dinners) with alumni address and phone numbers. Buzz Books will be available (for sale) after the reunion for those not attending the dinner. Anyone NOT receiving a mailing from us once a year should contact our office so they can be added to the database.

Steak and Shake did not begin in St. Louis--it was started in Normal (Bloomington) Ill. I know because we ate there when we lived in Ill.  The first one in St. Louis opened up in South St. Louis. The first one here in Dallas was a big winner Grand Opening Day. A friend from St L (who now lives here) went the first day; it was so crowded you had to pull into the lot, give your name, get a reservation and were told when to return!!  I love S&S but Jack, somehow, never gets his order right so we seldom, if ever, go there.

Also, the PA system: remember how they played dance tunes and we danced at lunch in the long corridor adjacent to the cafeteria (where home ec room was)? Jean (Cox) Hamil '47

I recently purchased some yearbooks off of eBay and tucked in the books were a number of report cards for Robert Appel, Wellston High School class of '44.

I Googled to find your website, and was wondering if you'd like them - or could point me in the direction of an archival repository that might.  I'm happy to put them in the mail towards a good home - but there are some fun assorted papers, documents, etc....Michael Cassara, CSA

Dorothy Broker ’40  says: I hope you can uses these "old" Flashlights and (sports) letters. I also have a  year book but I think you have a copy.

I enjoy receiving the Flashlights monthly. Committee, keep up the good work. There aren't too many of  us left in the class of '40. It was a great one! I get to St. Louis every
couple of years but its never the right time for the reunions. PS I also enclosed a copy of the form used to get advertising for the Welhisco (year book).

Dot sent us (1) '38, (2) '39, (8) '40, and (1) '45 Flashlight plus her sports and a cheerleading letter
to archive.  If you have Flashlights or other memorabilia you would like for us to preserve and archive, please send to the Alumni Club. We are very lucky to have in our archives school letters, pins, yearbooks, many old Flashlights and  other school memorabilia already donated to be preserved for future use. Remember, it doesn't do anyone any good having these treasures stuck in some box in your basement or attic. Keep in mind, our treasures will have no meaning to our children after we pass on. Please don’t let them end up in a land fill.

Someone's trash becomes GOLD to others!

Because of Mike Cassara and Dot Broker's generosity, (story above) we are now able to preserve and treasure for years to come Robert Appel's report cards, his diploma, and play programs from the '1941 and 1943 school plays! We are working on posting these to the web for everyone to enjoy in the privacy of their homes. 

If you have anything school related and would like it preserved please pass it on to the Alumni Club. We are very lucky to have had school letters, pins, yearbooks, old Flashlights and many other school memorabilia donated to be preserved for future enjoyment. Remember, it doesn't do anyone any good stuck in a shoe box in your basement or in a land fill after you pass on. Our children will have no use for it as it has no meaning to them at all.  JoAnn (Williams) Croce '60