The article from Sandy Gibbons - about the style of clothing we wore back in high school, was GREAT!  What memories!!! 

I called my starched slips - can cans.  I think I starched mine with sugar water solution.  We were lucky not to be attacked by the bees.  Just kidding!    

Oh, does anyone out there have any mills that were used for sales taxes?  The red ones - ten equaled one cent and the green ones - two equaled one cent?  I mentioned this to the students at our elementary school.  I was reading a story from World War II and the postage, mentioned, was 1-1/2 cent.  They asked how that could be.  I told them about the mills.  Even our principal doesn't even know what I'm talking about.  If someone could email me with any information, I would be so appreciative. 

It is truly amazing how much we have forgotten.  This is so much fun going back in time.Gloria (Schwenk) Turner '59

Editors note:
In our WHS memorabilia, someone had donated some mills for our collection to the past. Gloria was able to take these priceless mills to school to share with her pupils and the principal!

Jackie Tate '69

Donna Hagan '68
Two very close friends, Jackie Tate Roberts '69 and Donna Hagan '68 met for lunch on June 4th at Cracker Barrel.  During school years, Jackie and Donna were more like sisters then friends.  They were always together - where you saw one, you saw the other.  They wore each other’s clothes and sometimes even dressed alike. They lived across the street from each other but through the years drifted apart. They both agreed this will not happen again and promised each other to keep in touch and meet often to continue their conversations of the lapse in years.  Reunited again, they will not be parted!
After reading the May Flashlight and seeing the Fred C. Homeyer Piano Co. (TONK) picture, thought I would give you a little background information and a couple of pictures of the advertisement.  My grandfather and grandmother, Fred and Emma, owned the company and lived there until their deaths.  I grew up in the house and lived there until after my graduation in 1951 WHS High.  We then moved to Glendale, MO.  Through the years, my cousins Gerry Miles Baker (1951), Bert Miles (1952) and George Wm. Kortkamp (pre-1951) lived there for shorter periods of time.

Thanks for all your many hours and work you put in on our old high school days, Jackie (Smith) Klotzer '51

I was asked to write something about my retirement from the MAYO Clinic, instead I thought that I would send a brief article about my career. First I was one of those (you knew them) teenager's that thought I had all the answers. I quit Wellston High School in the middle of my senior year, and went into the ARMY. In one great respect the Army made a man out of me. During my career I have used myself as an example of “The light bulb turns on at different times for different people."  I am just grateful that it turned on for me.

 I am technically a Class of 1964 Graduate of Wellston High (not 61 that I should have been). After the Army I attended Radiological Technology School and several other institutions of higher learning while raising a family. I have spent the last 35 years of my career being the Administrator of Radiology Depts. in Hospitals ranging from 100-1000 beds. I am still a managing director of a consulting firm. My consulting business has taken me to all but 4 States and various countries.

 My message to everyone who has grandkids be patient the light bulb should go on.  Roberta and I have returned to Texas that we call home. All our children and grandchildren live in Texas; however I still have a brother and sister in the St. Louis area.  I try to read all the Flashlights.                  Jim Sutton '61 

I found the Bob Kuban article especially interesting because I am almost certain that he was a student at Ferguson H.S. when I was teaching there.  He and his band definitely played for a number of the dances at FHS and they were always very well-received.  (I remember the dances well because for several years I was the faculty sponsor of the social committee that planned them.) Bill Voos '48


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