This is a picture of  my Dad in his "Public Service" uniform. He drove a street car during the 1940s. The older cars were made out of wood and could be driven from either end. During the winter Dad would build a fire in the stove to keep the passengers warm. Later he drove the new modern cars with their sleek red and white exterior and the cane seats were replaced by soft leather. There was a piped in heat in the winter. My sis and I spent many hours riding with Dad on a Sunday. Dad took great pride in the fact he never had an accident and was written up in the company newspapers praising his service. We were sadden when the cars were replaced by the bus. Betty (Van Cloostere) Knobbe '49

Americo Chiesa '64 and Sharon Zeltmann '65 announce the birth of their first grandson, Kobe Michael. Kobe was born March 29th weighing in at 6lb 15oz. The proud grandparents are doing well.


I love reading the Flashlight! I'm wondering if I put the year of the "Christmas" picture in the July '09 Flashlight. I was in 4th. Grade, 9 yrs. old, so that would have most likely been 1952. It really doesn't matter that much---it was still a very long time ago!! I sure do appreciate all the effort you, and whomever, put into that. It brings a lot of smiles and memories to a whole bunch of people! I just hope everyone appreciates it, and I believe they do.  Janice Clark '61

Cheryl Horne '61, Jerry Betts, Jolene Horne '64 and Loretta Southard '68

Cheryl Horne Jolene Horne Loretta Southard

A surprise 40th Anniversary party was given to Loretta Southard '68 and her husband Jerry Betts at their daughters home. The anniversary couple thought they were going for pizza and a quiet evening with their daughter and family - not a celebration. 

A 'memory board' of their  wedding and family pictures was put together taking family and friends down memory lane with family and friends.  Jolene (Horne) Beech '64 was the maid of honor.

Jim, Loretta '68, Lynn '64, and Jerry '65 Southard

Loretta,         Lynn,       and Jerry

Ray Morse '56 (L) and John McGlasson '55 (R) enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane as they looked over the progress Ray has made on his '46 Ford.  Ray drove the same type of care while in school. Both enjoyed talking about the teachers they had, the girls they dated, the cars they drove and the good times they had so long ago.

We need '63, '64, '67, '68, and '69 Year Books to complete our year book library. Many alumni have married. We are hoping one of them will donate the duplicate book for our Association to use for future reunions.

Thanks to Doug Clark ’63 for donating several of his yearbooks.  If you have a book you would like to donate, please contact the Alumni Association

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