We have gotten emails saying some alumni don't want to attend Reunion 2009 because 'they were not happy with assigned tables. They said they didn't care for some of their classmates when in school and didn't want to be forced to sit with them now' 

The ONLY assigned seating is for Saturday night's Dinner. If there is someone special you would like to sit with let us know.  Each table sits 10 people.  We have to make sure there's enough tables for each class which is why the assigned seating. There is a list posted online of whose is coming and to which event.  It is kept updated daily or when a new reservation comes in.

Those who attended Reunion 2006 will remember the stampede to find a table when the doors opened. Alumni were concerned about finding a seat - NOT where their friends and classmates were sitting. 

Everyone is coming to see classmates and friends. We've all aged since school. Yes, even you! The seating will ensure you will see your classmates from the era.  Everyone spans 7 years.- 3 years before and 3 years after we graduated. That's a lot of people to see! Our goal is to make it easier to see them.

After Dinner you can move around and sit where ever you would like. All Classes will be close to each other for easy conversation and being able to find one another. This is supposed to help.... not tick anyone off.

I wanted to let everyone know I won't be able to attend Reunion 2009 this year. My husband has been in poor health since January. He's had several operations and is now on oxygen. I have been pretty busy though. We had a Cole family reunion at Fort Zumwalt Park August 2nd with about 110 family members showing up. It was great. All my Sisters and Brothers were there except the one who passed away in 2001. Hopefully, God willing, I'll see everyone at Reunion 2012!  Marie (Cole) Fletcher '52

Our son Tim, offered us as an anniversary present - the opportunity to go sky diving. He probably thought we would pass. Attached are photos of my wife Marji and I doing our dive. Not bad for eighty year olds. If Pres. Bush can do it so can we. It was one of the greatest things we have ever done. The freefall part was the best. It felt like we were floating not falling. This was just one of the things on our "bucket list".  (click sky diving picture to view more)  Art Morris '48  

We do enjoy all the news and information the Alumni Association sends us, especially the monthly FLASHLIGHT. It brings back lots of memories. Thanks for all your hard work.  Sorry we are unable to attend Reunion 2009.   Bob Brooks '49

"The fool who traveled is better off than the wise man who stayed home.'' -Rashi, a 11th century scholar

Remember us?  We’re your little sisters!

Growing up on Lenox, we were always together, Mary Beth Keller (L), Judy Hagan (C), and Sharon Denton (R).  High School and life sent us in different directions, but over the years we would bump into one or the other and catch up a bit, always intending to get together.  We had two more girls in our group, Loetta Price (back), and Kay Manley (not shown).  Recently, Mary Beth, Judy and Sharon all got together after many years of bumping into each other.  It was so good to sit down and spend time with each other, catching up on where life has taken us.  We met at Denny’s, and stayed until after midnight.  We plan to get together more often and hope to get all five of us together at once.  We know it will be a lot of fun.  At our first get together it was Mary Beth (Keller), Loetta (Price), Kay (Manley), and Judy (Hagan).  Sharon (Denton) wasn’t able to join us.  Pictured in the bottom photo (all grown up and together again) Judy Hagan (L), Mary Beth Keller (C), and Sharon Denton (R) Judy Hagan '71


Our year books library is almost complete thanks to Billy Hydar '64 who bequeathed his '63, and '64 year books to our alumni club plus we were able to purchase the '67, '68, and '69 books from Ebay.  Ray Morse '56 is letting us use his '56 book until someone donates that year. We thank all those who have donated their books for future reunions.

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