Lou & Veronica (Bouchie) Hagene - Ray & Gloria (Brown) Weidenbenner.          


Veronica Bouchie '63

Gloria Brown '63

Veronica (or Ronnie as she was known back then) and Gloria Brown '63 met in the 7th grade at Notre Dame and became fast friends. They met a few times shortly after high school and eventually drifted apart as their families grew. They are back in touch now and plan to stay in touch by getting together on a regular basis for dinner.

The first meeting in many years occurred at Cowans in Washington, MO. Gloria lives in Troy and Ronnie in Cuba. They figured Washington was mid-point. Their husbands even seemed to enjoy themselves as the girls caught up on years of news.

The "Red Shirts" (gals from '60 - '61) met at Old Hickory Country Club for their September luncheon. All were very excited talking about what they will be wearing to Reunion 2009 and who they are excited to see again.

Front: L - R: Betty Morris '60, Doris Voepel, '60, Josephine Chiesa '61, Judy Roberts '61, Jeanie Wright '61

Back: Cheryl Horne '61, JoAnn Williams '60, Janet Scott '60, and Carol Beeman '60

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