New Trustee elected:

Gloria Schwenk '59 is our newly elected Trustee, replacing Phyllis Crouch '62. Gloria's term will began January 1st.

We appreciate all the work Phyllis has done in the last three years helping to make Reunion 2009 such a success.

The other Trustee's are: Joe Hunter '54, Larry Turner '60, Jo Ann Williams '60, and Donna Hagan '68. Our President remains Mary Kay Parker '56 and Secretary/Treasurer Jim Shaw '45.

Many thanks to the reunion committee and especially JoAnn Croce for planning such a wonderful event.  I enjoyed seeing so many of my former classmates and Wellston School District associates. Janet Scott ‘60 

So glad your reunion was a happy one.......... I doubt very much that I will ever be back in St. Louis since I cannot fly because of my broken hip/back condition. I don't think I want to drive that far anymore. Its probably best to stay here at home with my cat and my digital sewing machine, and pout......

Does anybody know what happened to most of our teachers, like perhaps Ms. Summers?  My mother used to keep in touch with her, and then there was no word from her - along with several others. Also, mother kept in touch with Mr. and Mrs. Jackson for many years, and lost them too.


Best regards, and thank everybody who works on the FLASHLIGHT.  It is better reading than AARP !!!!!!!!! Joan (THOSS) Stoyanoff '49

We want to thank everyone that served on the reunion committees.  We enjoyed the three days very much. You did a great job.  We know that it is a big job getting everything straight and running smooth, but it was great.  Thank you again.  Tom and Joann April '56 & '58

To all involved in Reunion 2009: We appreciate your hard work making our weekend wonderful. You did a great job! This was really one of the best we’ve ever attended and wanted to say ‘Thank you’ and let you know just how grateful we are. Bill  ’64and Audrey (Pilkenton) ‘65 Pappas

I just got back home after a side trip to Kansas City seeing a friend who moved from here a couple years ago.  I want to give all those involved in Reunion 2009, a big "YA-HOO" super job.  Even my "old" brother had a good evening. Having been able to meet-up with Tom Rielly, Herman Paffraft, Herb Eberle, Donna Campion, (once dated I think?) and other school members, both sides of the 56 class made it a fun evening. Again thanks for keeping me in the loop. Ron Hansen ‘56

I would like to thank and praise everyone involved for an absolutely outstanding Reunion celebration. The committee participants should be praised for such a superb event. Everything was great, the food, the service, the music and the MC. It was s uch a joy to renew acquaintances with my classmates, Art Bahr, Mildred (Collins) and Richard Stopke, Dorma Lee Koch, Loretta Houlilhan and her husband, Ruth Hayes and her daughter. The picture of the squirrel probably mimics the condition of all the Reunion Committee after the picnic at the legion hall. Merci, Danka Schoen. Milli Grazia, and thanks again for everything. Ralph Stege '43

A HUGE THANK YOU  to all who made Reunion 2009 so-o-o great !! I know it was alot of planning and hard work...But it paid off....It was just wonderful and everyone loved it all. June (Oswald) Smith '47

I enjoyed the Friday night mixer and will sure have that on my list for the next reunion. I am sorry I could not stay long at the picnic. I had sod that was put in when I bought the house in St. Peters, and do to timing and the rain that was forecast for the week I needed to cut and fertilize the yard front and back.  Gary Huffstutter '62
      I just wanted to drop you a little note to say how much I enjoyed myself at the class reunion.
Everything was perfect.  It was such an awesome opportunity to meet some of the people Gary knew growing up, some as far back as grade school and seeing one of his friends that I had met when we were first together, Larry Cargal '67
     Also fun for me was seeing an old friend of mine, Betty Shaw '47.  Gary also was able to connect with people who knew his father and sister.  This is the first reunion we knew about, but hope to be able to attend many more. Thanks to everyone who took part in the planning and thanks to all of the Class of 66 and 67 who attended and were so wonderful. Gary & Lynn Polkinghorne