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Missing Alumni
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Clinton Mcguire


Ron Hawk


Don Tate


Nancy Hindrichs

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WHS and Halter Alumni Join

As we all know, in May of 1911 Wellston High School graduated its first class. The school consisted of one room in the Central building. The teacher was Miss Lucie Rudasil. Mathilda Handlon was the first student to receive a diploma, and for many years taught school at the WHS School District. The other graduates were Janet Purves, Ruth Christine, and Willis Link.

In 1923, the district constructed a new building for the upper grades
on the east side of the Central School Property, 6238 Ella where, in 1930, graduates increased to 30. By 1940 the school enrollment was up with 69 students graduating.

A new high school opened in 1940 on Wells and Evergreen, closing in 1962, when the builidng known as Wellston High School was replaced with a new building built on our football field. This school was named after Millard M. Halter, who was superintendent of schools at that time. The name was changed once more to Eskridge High
in 1979 before closing in 2010.

Our alumni club had included all students who attended the school on Evergreen and Wells plus their siblings (1939 - 1965). Since so many students from Halter High were grandfathered in due to their older siblings, classes were increased to '69. There has been so much interest and support, the Trustees voted and approved to extend an invitation to the remaining Halter High Students (till spring of '79) to join our WHS Alumni Club at the November meeting. Now students have the choice of joining either the WHS Alumni Club or Eskridge High club.

We have yearbooks dating to 1977. The Missing list has been updated to reflect seniors pictured up to '77 in the yearbooks. Since we do not have '78 or '79 yearbooks, the '78 Juniors and '79 Sophomores have been listed. If you know the whereabouts of these students, email their information to us. If you know of anyone who has the two missing yearbooks please have them contact us so they can be scanned for future use.

Now, its up to us to keep the memories flowing. Sharing stories of Christmas Basketball Tournaments, Track meets, Friday night football games, and the little brown jug. Remember that coveted prize given to the team who won the football game between Normandy and Wellston on Thanksgiving Day? I believe Normandy won most of the the games, but it sure was a sweet if we happen to get a win in now and then!



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    How do you store your pictures?   Framing, scrap-booking or sticking them in shoeboxes? With the advent of digital photography, there are several options for sharing the photos you love, making them last a good, long time: You can either: Email,  scan  or use US Postage (If photos are to be returned, please include return US Mail postage.)                              


"The second pepper from the left was Virginia Caudle. I carried this picture all over Europe  Maybe someone is still alive who can identify the others.    Could be a contest! My brother, Bert, was a builder so his family moved a lot. He lived at: 6430 Wells, 6228 Lennox, then 6473 Wells finally 6428 Wells. I am interested in finding out if any of our alumni lived in one of these homes.  signed by: Roby Watson '43

Some of us lived during the WWII, some were born during this time, others of us heard stories from family members or were taught about it in school. This is a very interesting site where it is all put together as a reminder of how it was. The Forties

(Be sure to turn up your sound!)

Larry Ridgeway '56 and Sharon Narrell '57 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary September 3rd with 8 of their 9 grandchildren. Larry is retired from General Motors as a millwright, Sharon from Sears and Roebuck. Larry enjoys working on his old Chevy's and Sharon loves spending time with their 9 grandkids (another on its way).  She also enjoys getting together with WHS girlfriends once a month for lunch. Larry and Sharon have remained good friends with Bob Steers '56 and his wife, Shirley Baum '55. They meet often for lunch.

Larry Ridgeway lived at 1268 Morton Ave; Sharon Narrell 1564 Irving Avenue; Shirley Baum 6318 Chatham Ave; and Bob Steers at 6458 Derby.
September was a popular month for our alumni to take an Alaskan Cruise. Wayne Scott '64 with his wife, Suzie, pose to have their picture taken before having dinner at the captains table. Wayne lost 50 pounds before their trip.
Wayne lived at 6471 Wells Avenue.

Carol (Beeman) Hathaway and JoAnn (Williams) Croce, both from the class of '60, along with their husbands Thomas and John met their snowbird and Farmville friends for a week of fun in Alaska and had a blast!
Carol lived at 6416 Spencer Place, JoAnn at
6140 Wagner Avenue. (click pictures to enlarge)



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Next Wagner retiree's luncheon - December 9th @ 10:30 AM - St. Rita's Church at the NE corner of North and South and Page Avenue.

You are welcome to attend if you worked at Wagner at anytime in your life.  Admission $3.00.  Light lunch served.

I just have to comment on Theresa O'Connor's article in the November Flashlight. The last sentence of her article struck a chord with me. It said, "My heart lives and breathes Wellston."

I would have to say, that "Wellston lives on in my dreams." I so often dream of Wellston. I usually find myself walking along Easton Avenue among all the shops although sometimes I am again on Ogden Avenue where I grew up. I miss it still.
Bea McBride '66 - 1544 Ogden Avenue

The November Flashlight was a great issue. I loved reading Theresa O'Connor's article about her dad. Please pass along to her it was read with great pleasure and appreciation.

The Sutter Avenue info was also really super to read. I have many memories of that field and Mr. Saffley, however not so much about the house. 
Roger Noon '62 - 6418 Mount Avenue

The picnic report stated that members back to '45 were present   Guess what?   '43 was there  represented   by Roby Watson. Jim Shaw was the only name I remembered when I signed in. The students looked so young then I remembered that my kids were that age! The event was fun and I enjoyed it. Thanks Roby Watson '43 - 6428 Wells Avenue

More on Heman Park

I also got second degree burns and still go twice a year for skin cancer checkups.   Thought if we were in the sun enough we would eventually tan. (Not so.)  Redheads don't tan well.  It was less than two miles from Suburban, where I grew up and I don't remember meeting at the Bartmer park and being taken to Heman.  I do remember going over to Bartmer Park a lot for Summer crafts, etc.  It was certainly a long walk back after swimming all day though.  Usually Pat Steinhoff and I would make the walk and perhaps meet schoolmates there.  Don't know why we didn't think to ride bikes. Duh!!!!!  Of course, it wasn't "cool."  Never went to Hamburger Heaven.   I don't remember it even being there.  Peg Taylor '57 lived at 6440a Suburban

Bartmer Park Correction: "Janice (Cook) Siekman '72 reminded everyone the park on Bartmer was named Cunningham Park."
Janice Cook lived at 6342 Suburban

Replies found in blog of David Lossos about the 'secret sauce' used by at Hamburger Heaven: Wayne R. from U. City wrote "I sure do remember the great sauce that Hamburger Heaven used on their hamburgers and French Fries. You mentioned that the sauce was Brooks BBQ sauce with some extra sugar added. I was once told that it was Maulls BBQ sauce with brown sugar added. However, the person who told me this admitted that he had gotten the information second hand. So I¹m inclined to believe that the information you got from a car hop who actually worked there is the correct answer. Not to mention the fact that you tried the recipe and verified the accuracy."

Post from Wendy Haffner (3/22/2009)
Lots of great stuff!

I remember on Saturdays, my mom shopped at the Tom Boy market on Olive, and she'd take me to Hamburger Heaven afterwards. What a special treat! For those that remember Hamburger Heaven (on Olive in U City, and there was also one on Woodson near Page), the "Secret Sauce" was Brooks BBQ sauce with a little extra sugar added. Seriously!! Shortly before they closed, my sister and I charmed the recipe out of our car hop :) We made our own for years after that. Unfortunately, Brooks BBQ sauce is no longer made.




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Our Wellston Trojan

Classmates Remembered List
Rest in Peace


Vickie (Wright) Dornon '68 passed away July of 2008 after a fall damaging her brain stem. She left behind her husband Barry, 3 children (2 sons and a daughter), and 4 grandchildren (2 yrs - 7 months triplets). Vickie had been a military wife for over 30 years. She worked in the Peoria, Il school district until her passing. 6408 Ridge Avenue

Jim Rogers '50 passed away March 25, 2009. He was buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery. The cause of his death is unknown. Jim entered the army after school, making a career of it. During his career he had been stationed at the Pentagon and on staff at the White House. He and his wife lived in Virginia until his passing.  Jim lived on Mount Avenue
Joan Arnett '61 passed away November 27, 2010 from cancer that started in her brain and breast before spreading to her bones. A memorial is being planned at a later date. Joan was a school teacher before going into the office work. She retired as an office manager for Data Cash Register in Maryland Heights. She was very active in her church also. Joan lived on Curtis Avenue
Condolences to:

Betty (
Van Cloostere) Knoob '49 in the loss of her cousin, Jim Rogers '50 in '09
Mary (Wright) Ham '69, Sherry (Wright) Laspe '70, Susan (Wright) Porter '71, Frank Wright '72, Todd Wright '73, and Penny (Wright) Hively '74 in the loss of their sister Vickie '68 in 2008.
Joyce (Weiss) Jockel '54
in the passing of her husband Richard on 11/23/10
Nancy (Hindrichs) Replogle '62
in the passing of her cousin Joan Arnett '61 on 11/27/10
Emroe Replogle '44
in the passing of his cousin-in-law Joan Arnett '61 on 11/27/10
Carol (Mueller) Bauer '55, Rich '60 and Ron Mueller '65 in the loss of their mother Lorraine 11/27/10
Guest Book 


Dec 1 Tom Whiat '62 Dec 11 Paul Daniels '58
Sharon Cain '65
Dec 19    Carol Larr '55
           Gerry Rolfe '56
           Jeanie Wright '61
           Al Beebe '62
           Mike Cole '67

Dec 4 Richard Oldham '39
Ted Williams '64
Dec 12 Millie Blackwell '65 Dec 20     JoAnn Voepel '56
            Chuck Girardier '60

Dec 21     Mary Ann Chaudoin '52
Dec 5 Norman Bauer '53
Carolyn Ruff '62
Geneve Easton '62
Dec 13

Dec 14

Mary Alice James '46

Ed Kearey '49
Tommy Chamberlain '65
Betty Jones '65
Dec 22     Sam Houston '44
            Larry Bollinger '60

Dec 23     Boyce McQuay '54

Dec 24    Donna Campion '56

Dec 6 Bob Gerneir '48
Janet Scott '60
Dec 15   Janet Thompson '50 Dec 28    Florence Gehlert '41
Dec 7 Rebecca Presson '66 Dec 16 Charles Scott '56
Carolyn Miner '60

Dec 31    Ralph Stege '43
           Carol Mueller '55
Dec 8
Doris Bennett '55 Dec 17 Jim Saffley '59
Dec 9 Mary Alice Dyer '41
Terry Franklin '64
Dan Stephens '67
Dec 18 Don Baker '51
Dennis Hamelton '65
Ken Miner '65





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                                 DECEMBER, 2010

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We hope you have enjoyed reading the Flashlight the for the last 4 years. We try very hard to keep it current and interesting by sharing stories from the past and present. Membership dues are $10.00 for email notices or $15.00 to have the Flashlight mailed to your home. Those with email addresses receive links to the monthly Flashlight and plus any alumni news as it becomes available. (Non-members receive their class news)
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A special thanks to those who sent in that little 'extra' with their dues. Back in 2008 we reported John Patredis '66 had sent in $66 (equal to his class year) and challenged others to do the same. Since then, so many others have been just as generous including Geneva (Easton) LaPlant '62 who has sent in $62 every year since! Without extra financial help we would never be able to produce the Flashlight or be able to mail monthly newsletters to those who request a hardcopy. We appreciate your help.  Geneva lived at 6448  Myrtle Avenue which was right next door to the O'Connor bunch, across the street from the Hopen crew and up the street from the Matthews (her cousins), Joe Heenan and Mary and Mike Crecelius. She had a lot of playmates!

                                          NEW TRUSTEE
Donna Hagan '68 resigned her position of trustee, effective immediately, due to personal reasons. Phyllis (Crouch) Russom '62 was reinstated in the position at the Trustees last meeting. Phyllis had served on the board for Reunion 2010, but declined running for re-election. She has graciously accepted the position again.  6568 Mount Avenue

                    Shadows of the Past.

Gone are the days when the Graduating classes had only eighteen students…. When important social events were parties given by the teachers…When boys gave an annual marshmallow toast for the girls….. When the Sophomore class gave the Juniors and Seniors a Thanksgiving Dinner and when Santa Claus came each year with a gift for every student.

Gone are the days when dancing was not permitted at school affairs…. When “Levis” were not allowed at school, and when lipstick was not considered “ladylike”.

Gone are the days of mottos for the art classes….Of the two Literary Societies….Of only one yearbook written by hand, which was dedicated to the new” high school now called “Central”…..Of auditorium sessions which consisted mostly of book reports and readings by the students themselves.

So customs come and go in the span of time. I wonder how many of these existing today will be alive forty years from now?

       Sterline Watson
       Class of 1951
1284 Morton Avenue

        A Time to Decide

It was a quiet night with little light,
Except for the reflections of the moon.
What sound that was heard came from a hopeful bird
Singing a song of celebration tune.

Pines anchored in snow had nowhere to go.
While nearby hills seemed to shelter the land
Which lay asleep in a dream ever deep
Wishing that springtime would be near at hand.

A crisp coldness of air hung everywhere,
Much like a curtain of delicate lace.
Suspended stars on high appeared to sigh
As though knowing all would soon be in place.

Sleeping thoughts from the past came awake at last,
Wondering why and when life had slipped by.
Memories held tight kept struggling to take flight.
Precious time lingered on for another try.

From somewhere above came a warm touch of love
Reassuring the heart to believe once more.
Too often we hide and invite doubt inside
Instead of bravely opening that door.

    Mitch Johnson
    Class of 1958
6438 Wells Avenue


Willy Wellston is on

Are you??
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Beauty of the body starts inside

by: Mari (Treadway) Roades '65 | FLASHLIGHT REPORTER

With the holidays right here we will all indulge and enjoy the traditional foods that are a part of the celebration of life.  Speaking for myself I Know that is what I am prone to do and according the statistics most Americans do indulge.  We certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling by passing on seconds.   

After the holidays we will all have a little guilt over the indulgence but we only go around once….. 

Q & A:  Detoxification and Fasting 

Dear Mary:

I have been researching detoxification and would like to try some detox techniques.  A lot of things I’ve read say that fasting should be a component of it.  Do you agree? –Sharon

Dear Sharon:

Many books and alternative health doctors recommend fasting as the quickest and most efficient way to get rid of accumulated toxins in your body.  Fasting works by taking stress off of your digestive organs so they can restore and regenerate, and therefore function better.

However, true fasting can be very difficult for the average person because it means consuming only water or diluted liquids (juices, broths, and teas) for a prescribed amount of time (anywhere from one day to several weeks—it varies from person to person).  As you can imagine, consuming an all-liquid diet can take a great deal of dedication.  Plus, most of us live extremely busy lives and don’t have the luxury of a large chunk of time to undertake the intensity of a true fast.

Fortunately, if you are unable (or do not wish) to do a true fast, you can still get the excellent benefits of detoxification by following a modified fast.  The results will happen more gradually than in a true fast, but they are results nonetheless, and you will feel great once you are done.  A modified fast consists of:

  • Two or three light meals a day consisting of vegetable juices;
  • Low sodium/low-fat broths;
  • Herbal teas;
  • Light, east-to-digest solid foods, such as uncooked or lightly steamed organic vegetables and sprouts and
  • Thoroughly cooked starches, grains and legumes.

Make sure to consume only organic vegetables during a modified fast, because if you are trying to eliminate toxins from your body, consuming conventional foods (which are usually covered in pesticides and fertilizers) is counterproductive.

In addition, you should prepare your vegetable juices in a juicer and drink them within a d ay or two of making them.  The best vegetables to juice are carrots, beets and beet greens, parsley, celery, cucumber and spinach because they are especially cleansing.  You can enhance the cleansing action of these juices by adding a little garlic or wheatgrass juice, both of which are known detoxifiers.

Finally, be sure to avoid fruit juices because they are acidic and high in sugars, two qualities that make them counterproductive.  If you simply must have fruit juice, the best ones to choose are papaya and melon, preferably diluted by 50 percent with water.

(side note always dilute fruit juice for kids by 50%)

Whether you choose to take on a true fast or a modified fast depends on your own personal health needs and desires, and you can repeat it as often as you see fit.  Some people may choose to fast once or twice a year, while others may decide to fast one day a week.  It really depends on your needs and comfort level.  I personally feel wonderful and refreshed when I follow a similar modified fast, and I am confident you will, too!

If you are interested in the next step for a thorough cleanse invest in the book the Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs  $6.50 at most health food stores. 

Yours In Good Health…..Happy Everything to Everyone in 2011…..Mari



     Page 7                                                                                                                  December, 2010

Christmastime At WHS

by: Roger Noon '62 | FLASHLIGHT REPORTER

I recently found a yearly high school schedule handed out to the students from 1961 in my high school memorabilia and scanned the month of December. It brought back some memories long forgotten.

With basketball in full swing, there were the usual number of games in that month (Riverview, Brentwood, John Burroughs, St. Charles, Maryland Heights, Lutheran Central and St. Francis Borgia), but also our participation in the Normandy Christmas Basketball tournament during the school break.

The Senior Play that year “Meet Corliss Archer” happened to fall on a Friday night (Dec. 9th) when the team played John Burroughs (there).  

The Christmas Musical was held on the 18th (Sunday) after what it seemed like endless practices to get everything right (lots of girls, but only a handful of guys according the yearbook picture!). I always remember the music and choir as being a real “event” for the student body and community.

The Science Club sponsored a Christmas dance after the Maryland Heights game on the 16th which would take place in the lunchroom complete with Christmas tree, a Santa figure taped to the wall and music which  no doubt included “Jingle Bell Rock”.

Among the Christmas parties listed was also the Service Club at 7:30 AM on the 23rd! How could those people party so early!

During the month there were the “Senior Conferences” from the 12th through the 16th and 19th to the 23rd. I can’t say I remember much about them during my senior year. No doubt they were designed to tell us where we were with the status of our grades and credits for graduation, our standing in the Senior Class and what kind of prospects we had after our Senior Year (college, vocational school, etc.). There were other student conferences from Dec. 5-9, so Mr. Jackson, the Guidance Counselor, was a busy man that month!

During High School years, Christmas was a welcome break. I don’t remember much (or any) homework being assigned for that time. I do recall the whirlwind of activities which seemed to keep us constantly busy. I remember the ability to celebrate the “Christian” side of the holiday at school- a missing component of similar activities today. It was a time to give gifts and cards to boy /girl friends and even teachers! There was the fun of shopping in downtown Wellston as it was all lit up with decorations on the streets and displays in nearly every store. The movie theatres would have special “matinees” during the season as well to entice customers like me who needed very little enticing. And if we had snow sometime near the 25th (and it seemed then we were never short of snow), Christmas was somehow “perfect”! The events at the various churches were always impressive and swelled with those who were faithful, and those curious.   

Here’s hoping your Christmas celebration is blessed with family, loved ones and friends. May we witness the event, which unlike us, never grows old: God sharing peace on earth, good will to men with the birth of His Son by the announcement of the angels to those shepherds that wondrous night!   Roger Noon WHS 62
(Hillsdale) 6418 Mount Avenue

Wellston High School Flashlight shining a light on our traditions,
our history and our future



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                                 DECEMBER, 2010

Bill Voos (’48)
Sandy (Gibbons) LaRouche ’57
JoAnn (Williams) Croce ’60

Mary Kay (Parker) Morse '56

Jim Shaw '45

Joe Hunter '54
Gloria (Schwenk) Turner '59
Larry Turner '60
JoAnn (Williams) Croce '60
Phyllis (Crouch) Russom '62

Buzz Book
Pat (Miner) Slatton '62

ClassMates Remembered
Carol (Beeman) Hathaway '60

WHS Alumni Club
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As a bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a graveside service for a homeless man. He had no family or friends, so the service was to be at a pauper's cemetery in the Kentucky back country.

As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I got lost and, being a typical man, I didn't stop for directions. I finally arrived an hour late and saw the funeral guy had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in sight. There were only the diggers and crew left and they were eating lunch.

I felt badly and apologized to the men for being late. I went to the side of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I didn't know what else to do, so I started to play.

The workers put down their lunches and began to gather around. I played out my heart and soul for this man with no family and friends. I played like I've never played before for this homeless man. And as I played 'Amazing Grace,' the workers began to weep.

They wept, I wept, we all wept together. When I finished I packed up my bagpipes and started for my car. Though my head hung low, my heart was full.

As I opened the door to my car, I heard one of the workers say, "I never seen nothin' like that before, and I've been putting in septic tanks for twenty years."

* * * * * *

Two priests were talking together and the older one said to the younger, "You know, when you came into church with all your new ideas, I had questions about how you were going to fit in and how well your ideas were going to work."

"When you wanted to put bucket seats down in the front two rows of seats, I had my doubts. But now, at every mass, the seats are filled up with young people, so I have to agree that it was a good idea."

"Then, when you wanted to jazz up the choir and we started singing newer, peppier songs, I was afraid it would offend the parishioners. Now, we have alot of new, younger choir members, and the music seems to pick up the services a lot more than the old music. So, once again I have to agree that you were right!”

"But when you wanted to put in the drive-through confessional, I have to admit I thought you'd lost it. But now, at least, there are more people coming to confession than ever. I think you've come up with another good idea."

"However, the neon sign out front that says, 'Toot 'n tell or go to hell', has got to go!

Send in Your Story! Let us know where you’ve been and what you’ve done with your life.  Everyone loves a good story – what better reading then about someone you know!! 


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