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I am in hopes that all the information I put on this page will help others and also will give someone an idea of wha tI am looking for and if they have it maybe they can share.

This is a list of surnames i am working on at present.:: ANDERSON WV ,KEENER WV, BROWN, WARK, TENNANT WV & SCOTLAND, WELLS WV,MOUSE, WILSON WV, STERGEON WV, HARVEY WV, BARKER WV, HAUGHT, GEISSLER Loveless,Umbel, and Taylor are names I am working on on my husbands side although that information is not contained here and I dont have much.

You can find my family tree at wellsanderson tree. I have another websight that has a few close family pics on it that can be found on the wells anderson family line sight. I suppose I can include what I am working on for my husband just incase you may be interested in htose surnames..... loveless link

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Wells Anderson tree (file:///C:/Program%20Files/Ancestry.com/Ancestry%20Family%20Tree/Web/wellsande/aqwg01.htm#1)
Wells anderson Family Line (http://suewellsloveless.tripod.com/)
Loveless (file:///C:/Program%20Files/Ancestry.com/Ancestry%20Family%20Tree/Web/lovelss/index.htm)

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