Will Transcription of Joseph Lindesmith
Will Proven:  March 7, 1815  I Joseph Lindasmith of the County of Columbiana and State of Ohio Taking into View the shortness of Human life and uncertainty of all things terestrial do make ordain and establish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.  Item  my will is that my Beloved wife Nancy should keep all my houshold goods of every kind and stock during her Natural life time and that my two sons Jacob & John should continue to furnish their mother with Grain and other articles as agreed by the tenor of two several obligations given to each of them the one to Jacob Dated the twenty second of September A Dominion 1809 the other to John dated the twenty second day of September 1809 and that my wife also have the use .. profit and advantage of any money that I may die possessed of.  Item  my will and desire is that my sons and daughter fulfil abide by and keep the contracts herein before alluded to between myself my wife and my two sons Jacob & John___and that my Executors herein after moved make use of the necessary legal mean to secure to theirs a good and valued title agreeable to the spirit and tenor of said obligations.  Item my will is that at the death of my beloved wife that our Daughter Elisabeth Keniper shall have and keep all my wifes clothes wearing apparel linen of every kind.  Item My will is that at the decease of my wife all my property of every kind be divided into five equal parts and that each of my children namely Daniel Elisabeth Jacob John and Peter received each one equal share thereof  Item my will is that as soon after my decease as conveniently may be my tools of every kind be equally divided among my four sons confiding in the honesty and integrity of my son Daniel Linasmith I hereby nominate and appoint him to sole executor this my last will and testament given under my hand and seal this ninth day of July Anis Dominion eighteen hundred and fourteen  sealed signed as this last will of Joseph Lindasmith in the presence of James Craig Absalom Craig   Jos Lindasmith  Seal....

Note:  In the Abstract of all the wills, letters of Administration and guardianship records in probate record books 1, 2, 3, & 4 - Columbiana Co., Ohio  Compiled by Jean Van Possan and Sara Andrus, Feb. 1997, it says, "Joseph Lindasmith (Lindesmith) of Columbiana Co., OH p. 269 Dated:  9 July 1814 Probated 7 Mar 1815 Wife: Nancy..."should keep all my household two sons furnish their mother"...Sons:  Jacob; John; Daniel; Peter   Daus:  Elisabeth Kenisen (our daughter)  Executor:  son Daniel Lindasmith  Witnesses:  James Craig, Absalom Craig."  When my husband and I went to look at the record books, the above reference to the books did not make sense.  We asked for help and the lady that was employed there at the Lisbon Courthouse was able to show us how the index to the records worked.  We then went to another building two blocks away that held the wills and/or guardianship records.  They let you actually hold these papers that were filed almost two hundred years ago.  That was a wonderful feeling.  The gentleman there was also very helpful and friendly.