Harry Altenburg Hanes
Susan Wilmetta Copeland
Harry Altenburg (Alt) Hanes
    Born:  June 06, 1878  Butler, DeKalb County,  IN
    Died:  March 07, 1959  Auburn, IN

    Father:   George William (William) Hanes
    Mother:  Harriett Emeline Altenburg

    Marriage(s)  1.  Susan Wilmetta Copeland  February 05, 1902  Edgerton, OH
                        2.  Ida Ball  1941

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Harry Altenburg (Alt)
Harry Altenburg (Alt)
Harry Altenburg (Alt)
Harry Altenburg (Alt)
Susan Wilmetta Copeland
    Born:  April 30, 1882  Butler, IN
    Died:  September 23, 1937  Waterloo, IN
    Father:  William King Copeland
    Mother:  Mary McCafferty

    Marriage:  Harry Altenburg Hanes  February 05, 1902  Edgerton, OH

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Susan Wilmetta (Met or Metta) Copeland Hanes
Susan Wilmetta (Met or Metta) Copeland Hanes
Susan Wilmetta (Met or Metta) Copeland Hanes
Susan Wilmetta Copeland Hanes and Harry Altenburg Hanes
Their home
in Waterloo
Harry Altenburg Hanes
Mary Adelphia Hanes
Susan Wilmetta (Met) Copeland Hanes
Met and Alt
Alt and Met
Ida Ball Hanes and
Harry (Alt) Altenburg Hanes
Alt Hanes
Alt Hanes
    Harry Altenburg (Alt) Hanes and Susan Wilmetta (Metta) Copeland lived for most of their life in Waterloo in the house shown above.  This house still partially stands.  Years ago, there was a fire but they saved part of it and added on to it.  You can you can recognize it, if you look real hard...the rounded at the top windows are still there.  They took many family pictures in their yard.  I thought it was interesting, they seemed to enjoy posing people on a tree stump out back.  For five years they lived in Pawnee Rock, Kansas.  When William King Copeland (Metta's father) died, they came back to Waterloo. While in Pawnee Rock, Alt was a carpenter.  Apparently he worked at the Eckhart Buggy Company and the Auburn Automobile County.  Alt wrote poems and dedicated them to his children.   He  consolidated his poems into a little booklet called "Poems of Purpose 'Some Without Much' by Harry A. Hanes"   Here are a few poems.  One is dedicated to his grandson, David Crouch.   Jim Wells, his grandson can remember that he was a carpenter but that is pretty much all he can remember about him.  He was a Sunday School teacher at the United Methodist Church during the years 1924-1936 at least. See
United Methodist Sunday School Records. 
Notes:    Susan Wilmetta Copeland  lived in DeKalb County all her life with the exception of 5 years in Kansas.  Her birth is recorded in the birth records of DeKalb County.  She is recorded as female daughter of M.K. (because of the "fancy" handwriting and difficulty reading it, they messed up M's and W's a lot when they transcribed the handwriting that was entered in the book) and Mary Cuberson (which would have been Culbertson...her widowed name.)  They do have her birth date right.

Susan Wilmetta (Metta) died of breast cancer that had spread throughout her body.  She suffered a lot and it was very difficult also on her husband and children to see her suffer as she was very much loved.

In the Butler Record newspaper, Friday September 7, 1894, it says "Alta Hanes was severely kicked on the hip by a horse Wednesday, but no serious injury done.  He is getting along nicely."  I am speculating that this is Harry Altenberg Hanes as I have heard him referred to as Altenberg before.

Altenburg  shown  in the Wilmington Twp, DeKalb Co., IN census in 1900.  Harriet (his mom)  is 60, Altenburg is 21, George is 19, and Clara L. is 16."

Oct. 3, 1902 Butler Record, "Alt Hanes is reported sick with typhoid fever."

Dec. 2, 1904, The Butler Record, "Miss Clara Hanes visited with her brother Alten Hanes and family, at Auburn this week."

In a post card from Pawnee Rock, Aug. 4, 1907 to Clara Hanes, Butler, IN.  "Dear Clara.  Am working at my trade now and feeling finer than a fool.  How are you?  What do you think of this combine? Yours, H. A. Hanes"

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Alt, Met, Celestia (Sue) and Mary Hanes
Pawnee Rock Kansas 
On another postcard to his mother, Mrs. G. W. Hanes, August 11, 1907, "Dear Mother  Don't have time to write a letter so will just let you know that I am doing well getting fat again am working at Carpentry work now and can begin to see my folks again.  Hope to be squaired away this fall so that I will know what I can do.  It's kind of lonesome but am very much satisfied am --- get to the P.O. once a week now well now don't worry about my health for I'm on the grade now.  Alt"

There was another postcard date 1909 from Pawnee Rock to Clara McCague.

In the same paper as her father's obituary, Sept. 21, 1911 (Waterloo Press) it says " Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hanes, on the account of the death of the latter's father, Mr. W.K. Copeland, have decided to remain in Waterloo, and will have their household goods shipped at once from their former home in Kansas.  They expect to reside near Mrs. Copeland, so as to be of help as needed."
 In the 1923 Waterloo Press it says, "John Bates and Frank Altenberg, of Ithica, Michigan visited with Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Hanes the past week."

In the Waterloo Press, Dec. 2, 1926, it says "Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Hanes and family spent Thanksgiving day with Mr. and Mrs. Eston McCague just west of Butler.

In the "Hamilton News" July 28, 1933, it says, "Mrs. Harry Dirrim and baby spent Sunday and Monday with her parents Harry Haines and wife, at Waterloo."

In the August 4, 1939 Hamilton News it says "Harry Haines and family of Waterloo, Mrs. Eleanor Johnson and family of Garrett, and Mr. and Mrs. George Buss and family of Waterloo, were Sunday evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dirrim."  Also in the same paper, "Mada and Valta Dirrim, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dirrim, are spending a few days with their grandfather, Harry Haines at Waterloo."

In the Hamilton News, Feb. 9, 1940, "Harry Haines of Waterloo, spent several days last week with his daughter, Mrs. Harry Dirrim and family."

According to Jake Buss, he thought he remembered reading in a family history diary that he died of cancer and was living in an Asylum (prob. to get hospital care) in Bryant, IN.

Peg Crouch said he (Harry Altenburg)  died of leukemia.

In the Hamilton News, Feb. 28, 1941, it says "Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Haines of Waterloo, were Tuesday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Ball."

In his obituary it says, SERVICES HELD FOR AULT HANES, AGE 80  Harry Altenberg (Alt) Hanes, died at the age of 80 years at the Souder hospital in Auburn early Saturday morning.  Mr. Hanes had resided in Butler for approximately 10 years and previous to that had lived in Waterloo most of his lifetime.  Mr. Hanes died at the hospital at 4:50 a.m. Saturday of leukemia and complications.  He entered the hospital two weeks ago and had been in failing health since last fall.  He was born near Butler on June 9, 1878, the son of the late George and Hattie Altenberg Hanes.  He was employed at the old Eckhart Buggy Works and the old Auburn Automobile Co. in Auburn and was a retired carpenter.  In February of 1902 he and Susan Copeland were married.  She died about 23 years ago and in 1941 Mr. Hanes and Ida Ball were married.  His second wife died two years ago.  Surviving are four daughters Mrs. Mary Williamson of Auburn, Mrs. Celestia Dirrim of Hamilton and Mrs. Bethel Buss and Mrs. Wilmet Wells of Waterloo, a son, Rev. Theron Hanes of Goshen;  17 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren and three sisters, Mrs. Sarah Heffelfinger and Mrs. Clara McCague of Butler and Mrs. Wilmetta Atwater of Goshen.  Funeral services were held at the Butler Methodist church Monday afternoon and burial followed in Waterloo cemetery.  Mr. Hanes was a member of the church."

In the Butler Record, Feb. 14, 1902 it says, "A marriage license was issued Tuesday for the union of Harry A. Hanes and Wilmetta Copeland.  The young lady is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Copeland, of this place, and well equipped for presiding in the home.  We understand the marriage occurred yesterday. - Waterloo Press"
 Her obituary in the Waterloo Press, Sept. 30, 1937 says, "LAST RITES FOR MRS. HARRY HANES, Services Held Sunday Afternoon at The Late Home -Death Came After a Lingering Illness Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the late home for Mrs. Harry A. Hanes, with the Rev. Earl Burger of the Evangelical church officiating and Rev. Leater L. C. Wisner of the M. E. Church assisting.  Mrs. Hanes passed away at shortly before midnight on Thursday night, after a lingering illness of several weeks, due to a complication of ailments.  She was held in high esteem for her kind attention given to her late parents during their last days and also for the years of care of a sister.  SUSAN WILMETTA HANES   Susan Willmetta Hanes, daughter of William and Mary Copeland, was born at Butler, Indiana, April 30, 1882, and died at her home in Waterloo September 23, 1937.  She was united in marriage to Harry A. Hanes February 5, 1902 at Edgerton, Ohio.  To this union were born five children, Mrs. Mary Williamson of Auburn, Mrs. Celestia Dirrim of Hamilton, Mrs. Bethel Buss of Waterloo, Wilmetta and Theron at home.  Mrs. Hanes had lived in DeKalb County all her life with the exception of five years spent in Kansas.  She leaves to mourn her loss the husband and children, four grandchildren, three brothers, George B. of Montpelier, Ohio, Harry E. of Denver Colorado, James Orrin, of Butler, and one sister Jennie Copeland of Fort Wayne.  Mrs. Hanes was a member of the Waterloo Methodist Episcopal church and had been a Christian from childhood."

More About Susan Wilmetta Copeland:
Cause of Death: Breast Cancer

Notes for Ida Ball:
Information from Peg Crouch.

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Mary Adelphia Hanes (Williamson), Celestia (Sue) Hanes Dirrim 
Wilmetta Harriet Hanes (Wells), Theron Harry Hanes, Celestia (Sue) Hanes (Dirrim), Bethel Burdine Hanes (Buss)
Theron Harry Hanes surrounded 
by his sisters 
Wilmetta, Theron, Susan Wilmetta (Met), Harry Altenburg (Alt), Bethel, and Celestia (Sue)
Back Row: Alt, Wilmetta, ?, Met, ?, ?, Joe Williamson 2nd row:  Theron   Front:  Mary Lou (Peg) Williamson 
Wilmetta, Alt, Sue
Mary, Theron, Wilmetta
Group of 6
Children of Harry Altenburg Hanes and Susan Wilmetta Copeland
1.  Mary Adelphia Hanes, born January 08, 1904 in DeKalb Co., IN; died December 21, 1980 in DeKalb Memorial Hospital, Auburn, IN.  She married Joseph D. Williamson October 22, 1925 in Elkhart, IN.  Joe died in 1954.

2.  Celestia Alberta Hanes, born March 08, 1909 in Kansas.  She married Harry Fred Dirrim October 05, 1932 in Waterloo, IN.  Harry passed away on Feb. 10 or Feb. 11, 1994.

3.   Bethel Burdine Hanes, born January 15, 1916 in Waterloo, IN; died January 18, 1986 in Waterloo, IN.  She married George Albert Buss November 01, 1936 in Waterloo, IN.  George died November 16, 1992 in the Betz Nursing Home in Auburn, IN.
4. Wilmetta Harriet Hanes, born April 02, 1918 in Waterloo, IN; died December 06, 1970 in DeKalb Co., IN.  She married Harvey Wells April 11, 1951.
5.  Theron Harry Hanes, born November 01, 1921.  He married Joy Laree Ernest April 05, 1942.

6. Valena/Valera Hanes, born April 18, 1925 in DeKalb Co., IN; died April 18, 1925 in DeKalb Co., IN.