George William Hanes
Harriet Altenburg Hanes
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George William Hanes
Marriage Certificate
Harriet Altenburg Hanes
George William Hanes
George William Hanes
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The house that George William Hanes built
Harriet Altenburg Hanes,Sylva Altenburg Bates
Mary Jane Altenburg Hanes, Harriet Altenburg Hanes
George William Hanes (Moses2, maybe William von Heans) was born May 29, 1828 in Chautaqua County, NY, and died May 28, 1897 in Butler, IN.  He married Harriet (Hattie) Emeline Altenburg September 29, 1866 in DeKalb County, IN, daughter of Daniel Altenburg and Sarah Latson.
George W. Haynes  was  in the 1850 Wilmington Twp., DeKalb County, IN Census and was 22.   Harriet Altenburg was in the 1850 Union Twp., DeKalb County Census as the daughter of Daniel and Sarah Altenberg.  She was 10 in the 1850 census.

In the 1870 census, it shows he is 41and he and his wife have an Altenburg (female) living with them.  This census is very hard to read.  They also have 2 children Sarah 1, and Cameron 3.

According to the Diary of George Willliam Hanes, In March and April of 1876, George William Hanes and Daniel Altenburg went to Ithaca Michigan to stay with Oscar Bates and they also stayed with William Altenburg.

In the Oct. 19, 1876 Waterloo Press it says he was the Wilmington township trustee.

It says "G. W. Hanes, trustee of Wilmington township, has moved into his new brick residence."  This is in the "Waterloo Press, Feb. 1, 1877."
In the Waterloo Press, March 1, 1877, it says, "Mr. G. W. Hanes is arranging to build three new brick school houses in Wilmington.  So much for a wide-awake trustee."  I took this as a compliment that he saw a need for the rising population in the township.

In the Waterloo Press, Feb. 21, 1884, "Mrs. William Hanes, west of town, has been quite sick with neuralgia."

In the Butler Record, August 17, 1894, it says "Mrs. G. W. Hanes was at Auburn, Thursday to see her mother who is very sick."  I presume this is her stepmother as her mother died in when she was 23.

He and his wife testified in a murder trial of Deeters for killing Amos Bechtol, Aug. 31, 1893.  It was in the Butler Record March 16, 1894.  It was in other days, too (endless).  In the Friday, March 30, 1894 "The Butler Record", it says Deeters was sent to the State Prison for Life.  In the Waterloo paper Oct. 9, 1897, it says "Samuel Deeters, who was sent to the penitentiary for life, charged with killing Mr. Bachtel and his daughter Mr. Lowe, and wounding Mr. Yates on the Butler Road a few years ago, died in the Northern prison last Saturday, of consumption, and his remains was sent to Kendallville, Monday, and thence conveyed to the residence of his sister, Mrs. Wm. Smith, near Cedar Lake, in Smithfield Twp. and the burial occurred on Tuesday, in Cedar Lake Cemetery.  His aged mother also lives with Mr. Smith's family, and it was her request that the body be brought here for burial.  Thus ends one of the most terrible tragedies ever enacted in the DeKalb County.  There are a great many who believe he was not mentally responsible for the acts, but the last penalty has been paid."

In the January 22, 1885 Waterloo Press, "Hon. D. C. Reed, of Milwaukee, Wis., is visiting G. W. Hanes."

July 9, 1885, Waterloo Press, "Hon. D. C. Reed and daughter, Mamie, of Milwaukee are visiting the families of G. W. and Chas. Hanes."

In the Waterloo Press, Aug. 6, 1885, Thursday "Mrs. W. J. Hayes of Allegheny, Pa., is visiting her uncles, Chas. and G. W. Hanes.  Many Butler people will remember in Mrs. Hayes the charming Miss Hattie Bennett, who visited here a few years ago."
Sept. 3, 1888 letter to her daughter Ella, Harriet writes, "Dear Daughter Ella I wanted to write yesterday but was so uncommonly busy.  Im the ?  Alte Carle and I went to sunday school and after dinner I went over to old Mrs. Yarbox who is very poorly and I dont believe she will ever get up again, well we received all your good letters and was sorry to learn Uncle Cameron is not well, hope he is all right before this he will have to be very careful what he eats, there is lots of sick people around here.  I was so sorry you had the headache so hard, but we all have that.  I have been in bed all forenoon with it, - feel pretty good tonight, and poor Mamie did she have had ache, I hope you will both feel well to ? your school, I see in the evening ? ? a long ? about your schools but nothing of your ward,  Mary Jane had a letter from Sarah saying she and Henry got home all right, but they will be back just as soon as they can streighten up their business.  We three children will start next Monday on that excursion going to Columbus, and Henry and Sarah will come later.  Mary Jane is very poorly with her shoulder and I begin to feel afraid ? will be the death of her if she dont get better soon.  She looks very bad, Mosie is home on a two weeks visit, looks nice and healthy.  I think that flannel dress will look real nice made up plain.  I think you can wear it to school Didn't Mrs. Hurd think I was bad off to send it to her but I wouldn't thought of making it that way and of course would botched it up so you would had no goods of it.  Cammie came home saturday night and is home yet but expects to go away again  Wm George and Atie are still at their plowing and putting in tile.  We have not had any rain yet, and are having such cool nights.  Our Buck wheat and clover is in danger of frsot every night - I do hope it won't freeze them especialy the buckwheat  Hattie Smurr is sick, had the doctor today wish you could all come and eat muskmellens we are having lots of them I saw eleven ripe ones today in the garden Sarah is talking about going to Michigan yet.  She thinks Edd will come back from Columbus this way and she will go home with him.  Metta is a good girl works hard and fast.  She takes Clara on old Jack with her to get the cows nearly every night.  She talks about you every day  We all want to hear from all of you as often as once a week  Tell Mamie we will answer her good letter soon (It wasnt saucy) and hope to hear ? letter ? Cameran too love to Mrs. Hurd and accepts lots for your own dear self.  Mother  Jane was down and we had a nice visit.  She was disappointed by not see you all, she sends her love to you all.  On a note written sideways, "Ella that young man that came here after you was very nice looking  He drove off and I was in the parlor  He asked if Miss Hanes was at home.  I said he said I mean the young Miss Hanes.  I said Ella! yes, well I told him you had gone  I asked him if there was anything special he wanted he said no  Looked quite disappointed and drove off  cant tell who he was.  But I believe it was that Mr. Cone."

It mentions in the "Local News" of the Butler Newspaper on September 14, 1894, that "G. W. Hanes treated this office to some fine pears last week."

In the Dec. 7, 1894 paper, it says "Mrs. W.O. Greene of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is visiting in the family of G.W. Hanes."

In "The Butler Record" July 31, 1896 it reports, "Wm. Hanes came to town Monday to learn of the doings of the Populist convention.  When he became apprised of its acts he bought a roll of sand paper and said he was "going home to scour up for the race."

In "The Butler Record" (April 9, 1897) it says, "G. W. Hanes is suffering with a chronic trouble of the stomach."

May 14, 1897, the "Butler Record" reports, "Wm. Hanes went to Chicago Tuesday for surgical treatment. His condition is considered very serious."

Theron Hanes said he died of stomach cancer.

G. W. Hanes was born in Chautauqua county, New York, on the 29th day of May 1828 and died near Butler, Ind. on the 28th day of May 1897, lacking one day of being 69 years old.  He removed from his native place with his parents to DeKalb County, Indiana at the age of 12 years.  He was united in marriage to Harriet Altenburg on the 29th day of September 1866.  To this union was born 8 children, one of whom died in infancy, the seven surviving children were with him during his last illness to administer with loving hearts, to his wants, and witnessed the long and patient suffering of one they so much loved.  In his death relatives, friends, and neighbors have lost a good and wise counselor, his advice having been generally sought by those intimately acquainted with him.  He was a member of the I.O.O.F. for about 28 years during which time he has been prominently connected with the order of the growth of the order.  "Life's race well run Life's work well done, Life's crown well worn, Now comes rest."  The friends and relatives from a distance attending the funeral of G. W. Hanes were Mrs. M. J. Bates, his sister of Kendallville, Mrs. and Mrs. O. C. Bates and Mr. Isaac Altenberg of Ithica, Mich., Mrs. M. I. Greene of Milwaukee, Wis., H. Q. Altenberg of Toledo, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Walsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Walsworth, Mrs. Mary Boyer, Mrs. Daniel Altenberg and Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmerman, of Auburn, Mrs. H. E. Altenberg of Indianapolis, Miss Nannie Peterson, of Albion, Mr. and Mrs. David Aldrich, of Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Valieau and Mrs. S. Whitford, of Altona.  This obituary was in the Butler paper, June 14, 1897.

Will:  George W. Hanes To Harriet E. Hanes Dated April 24, Recorded Feby 25 at 4 p.m. 1897-1905 417  Will of George W. Hanes Executed April (sic) 24, 1897 Probated, June 12, 1897

Know all men by these presents That I George W. Hanes, of Wilmington township, in DeKalb county State of Indiana do make and publish this my last will and testament and revoking all former wills by me made.

Item 1st I direct first, that all my just debts shall be paid out of my estate; and

Item 2nd I will and direct all of my property both real and personal to my wife Harriet E. Hanes, to have and to hold the same to her own use and benefit forever.

Item 3rd  thereby nominate and approve my wife Harriet E. Hanes my executrix and authorize her to execute her said trust without being required to give any bond with surety for the performance of her duties as such executrix.  In witness whereof I have here to set my hand and seal this 24th day of April 1897.

                                                                                                                            George W. Hanes, (Seal)
George W. Hanes published and acknowledged the foregoing instrument to be his last will and testament and signed the same in our presence, and we signed this in his presence, and in presence of each other, this 24th day of April 1897.                                                                                  Thomas C. Hiser
                     William Deems

 -- of Indiana, DeKalb County, --

I Charles O Jenkins, clerk of the circuit court in for ward county and state, do hereby certify that the above and forgoing is a full true, and complete copy of the last will and testament of George W. Hanes, deceased.  As the same was duly probated on the 12th day of June 1897 and as appears the record in any office in Book No. 3 page 342 of the records of wills of said county.  In testation thereof I have here unto set my hand as clerk and affixed the seal of said court at the city of Auburn, this the 24th day of February 1905.
        Charles A. Jenkins, clerk
        Dekalb Circuit Court
The above is a true copy recorded Feb. 25, 1905 at 4 p.m.
        John W. Henderson

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Harriet and George William Hanes' tombstone
Harriet Altenburg Hanes, widow is shown in the Wilmington Twp, DeKalb Co., IN census in 1900.  Harriet is 60, Altenburg is 21, George is 19, and Clara L. is 16."

In the 1900, Butler Record (Dec. 28, 1900) it says, "Mrs. Emma Plum, who has been such a great sufferer, died at her home on Main street last Saturday and was buried from the Presbyterian church today.  She was an estimable lady and was a member of the first teachers institute ever held in the county."  Also, in another paragraph it says, "Mrs. William Hanes, of Butler, attended the funeral of her cousin, Mrs. Plum today."  This is under the Waterloo news.

In the Aug 19, 1904, The Butler Record, "George and Howard Heffelfinger, of Chicago who have been spending the summer with their grandmother, Mrs. Wm. Hanes, returned home Thursday."

In the Butler Record, June 29, 1906, "Mrs. McPherson of Colorado, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Will Hanes."

May 10, 1907, The Butler Record, "Mr. and Mrs. Milton Wagoner and children spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. G. W. Hanes."

In the Butler Record, June 28, 1907 it says, "Miss Zimmerman of Auburn, is visiting with Mrs. Wm. Haines in the country."  Also, "Mrs. Wm. Haines entertained the Ladies of Rebeccas Thursday."

July 12, 1907 Butler Record, "THE REBEKAHS VISIT MRS. HANES  On the 26th of June the members of the Rebekah Lodge of Butler were invited by sister Hanes to spend that day with her at her beautiful country home, two miles west of the city.  The lodge had long anticipated the pleasure of a visit with our sister and consequently one and all were glad and anxious to go and when the day arrived "In the good old summer time," the sisters to number of 36 wended their way to the beautiful country home of our beloved sister where we were sure of a good time and none were disappointed.  After some hours of pleasant social visiting, the tables were spread under the spreading branches of the large trees in the front yard, where a banquet was served, of all the tempting viands it would be useless of us to try to name, it was certainly all the appetite could crave and all partook with a relish.  Our good hostess made every effort to give us a glad welcome and a good visit and the day passed with complete enjoyment.  About 7 o'clock ice cream and cake were served and it was said some had more than one dish, much to the regret of others and was to busy to join the Chautauqua salute, which provoked much merriment.  When the departing hour arrived the sisters joined in singing "Blest be the ties that binds" and the Lords prayer was repeated in concert, after which we bade good-night to our sister and friends, knowing that the day had given pleasure to all and wishing for many more such days with our sister Rebekahs and with heartfelt thanks to our sister for the happy day.  Earth can boast no purer tie No brighter lovelier gem; No jewel of lovelier tie Than friendships diadem."

In the Butler Record, March 7, 1913, it says, "Mrs. Wm. Hanes is visiting relatives in Steubenville."  I am not sure is this is Steubenville, IN or Steubenville, OH."

In the July 17, 1914, Butler paper, it says, "Chas. Heffelfinger, wife and three children of Chicago, returned to their home Sunday after making a week's visit with her mother, Mrs. Harriet Hanes and his sister, Mrs. Jacob Obendorf and families of near Butler."

In the 1914 DeKalb County History, it has a biography for him.  It says G. W. HANES   The success of men in any vocation depends upon the character as well as the best policy.  In every community some men are known for their upright lives, strong common sense and moral worth rather than for their wealth or political standing.  Their neighbors and acquaintances respect them, the younger generations heed their examples, and when the "wrap the drapery of their couches about them and lie down to pleasant dreams," posterity listens with reverence to the story of their quiet and useful lives.  Among such men of a past generation in Indiana was the late G. W. Hanes, who was not only a progressive man of affairs, successful in material pursuits, but a man of modest and unassuming demeanor, well educated, at type of the the reliable, self-made American, a friend to the poor, charitable to the faults of his neighbors, and who always stood ready to unite with them in every good work and in the support of laudable public enterprises.  He was a man who in every respect merited the high esteem in which he was universally held, for he was a man of public spirit, intellectual attainments and exemplary character.  G. W. Hanes was born May 29, 1828, and died near Butler, DeKalb County, Indiana on the 28th day of May, 1897, lacking one day of being sixty-nine years of age.  He came to this county with his parent when he was but twelve years of age and with them tasted of the hardships, struggles and few pleasures of those trying pioneer days.  On the 29th day of September 1866, he was united in matrimony with Harriet Altenburg, daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Latson) Altenburg, natives of the Empire state. To this union were born eight children, one of who died in infancy.  The seven surviving children were with him at the time of his death and during the long last illness administering to his wants with loving hands.  In his early days the subject taught school and subsequently entered the dairy business with his brother, at which he was very successful.  He was a good man in all that term implies, and was honored and respected by his neighbors and associates, who frequently solicited his sound advice on matters of business.  Fraternally, Mr. Hanes was quite prominent in the Odd Fellows lodge having belonged to the order at Butler, Lodge No. 282 and Encampment No. 160 , for about twenty-eight years, during which time he was active in promoting the growth of that fraternity.  The children born to Mr. and Mrs. Hanes were as follows:  Cameron R. of Chicago; Sara E., the wife of Charles Heffelfinger, of Chicago: Mary Ella, the wife of W. D. Gardner, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Pearl, deceased:  Wilmetta, the wife of Milton Wagoner, of Goshen, Indiana: Altenburg, of Waterloo, this county: Carleton at home: Clara, who lives with her mother, was married on November 25, 1909 to Eston McCague, who was born June 3, 1880, in Waterloo, this county.   Mrs. Hanes and family still own the home farm, comprising one hundred and forty acres of land, one hundred of which are tillable, and here they carry on general farming and stock raising."

On the paper that Theron Hanes had, it says she was born May 16, 1840 and died Aug. 14, 1923.  In the reunion book it says, born May 15, 1839 and died Aug 14, 1923.  Another Bible record copied onto paper has it copied in pencil that she died Aug. 24, 1924.  She died August 14, 1923.  See below.

In the Thursday, August 23, 1923, Butler Record, "Harriet Emaline Altenburg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Altenburg was born 3 1/2 miles east of Auburn, Ind., May 15th 1840, departed this life August 14th, 1923, aged 83 years, 2 months and 29 days.  On Sept. 27, 1866 she was united in marriage to Geo. William Hanes who preceded her in death.  To this union were born 8 children; Cameron, of Chicago; Sarah of the same city; Ella of St. Francis, Wis.; Wilmetta of Goshen; Carlton and Clara of Butler, and Altenburg of Waterloo, Pearl having died in infancy.  Mrs Hanes spent all her life as a resident of DeKalb Co., and was one of the oldest and best known citizens in the county.  She was a woman of big ideals, religiously, socially and in fact in every way that pertained to good citizenship. From early childhood she was identified with the Methodist Episcopal Church, and was intensely interested in the welfare of Christ's Kingdom.  During the last few years her health would not always permit her to attend in person the services of the church, yet her ardent spirit of Christian devotion grew stronger with the years. While the passing of the years had a tendency to add physical infirmities yet the path that leads to the city of God grew brighter and brighter.  She was a good woman.  We shall miss her but her sacred memory shall linger with us.  In her departure she leaves, together with the above mentioned chilren, 3 brothers, Casper of Little Rock, Ark.; William of Iona, Mich., and Frank of Syracuse, Kans.; 22 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.

In a small newspaper clipping that Clara McCague had, "MRS. WM. HAINES DIED  Mrs. Wm. Haines, who lived with her daughter, Mrs. Eston McCague, west of Butler, died Tuesday afternoon following a stroke of paralysis without regaining consciousness.  She was about seventy years of age, and was the mother of Carl Haines, of this place.

Harriet Hanes Will:
In the Harriet Hanes Will, "The will of the late Harriet E. Hanes of Wilmington Twp. has been probated in the DeKalb Circuit Court.  The will was made July 24, 1918 with Wm. P. Endicot and Nellie D. Endicott as witnesses.  Samuel Lowe of Butler, was named in the will to be executer but afterward died and on June 14, 1923, a codicil was added nominating Cameron B. Hanes and George Carlton Hanes to act jointly, as executors.  The codicil was witnessed by O.S. Fisher and H.C. Springer.  Mrs. Hanes stated that her clothing should be divided among her children as they may mutually agree.  The executors are to sell the remainder of her property.  Then the sum of $750 is to be paid to a daughter, Clara L. McCague of Butler, and a like amount to a son, George Carlton Hanes of Butler.  Four other children Harry Altenberg Hanes of Waterloo, Ella Gardner of St. Francis, Wis., Laura Wilmetta Wagner of Goshen, and Sarah Heffelfinger of Chicago are to receive $500 each.  No provision is made for another son, Cameron R. Hanes of Chicago, for the reason that she had previously deeded five acres of land to him, which she considered of the value of $500.  The residue of the estate is to be divided equally among the seven children.  Cameron R. Hanes, Harry Altenberg Hanes, and George Carlton Hanes waived their right to serve as executors of the will and the seven children nominated John A. Shafer of Butler to be made administrator.  Mr. Shafer qualified by filing $2,500 bond with Henry Gunsenhouser & Daniel Brown as sureties.  The estate is valued at $15, 200 of which $1200 is personal property and $14,000 is real estate."
George Williams Family
Children of George and Harriet
Alt, Clara, and Carl (Mike)
Clara and Sarah
Alt, Carl, Clara, Sarah, and Wilmetta
Children of George Hanes and Harriet Altenburg are:

1. Cameron Reed Hanes, born July 05, 1867 in Wilmington Twp., Butler, IN; died March 04, 1939.  He married Ida E. Murphy June 27 or 28, 1891.

2.  Sarah Evalena/Eralena/Evelyn Hanes, born March 07, 1869 in Wilmington Twp., DeKalb County, IN; died June 14, 1960 in Barkley Nursing Home, Butler, IN.  She married Charles Ward Heffelfinger November 02, 1889 in Butler, DeKalb County, IN.

3. Mary Ella Hanes, born December 27, 1870 in Indiana; died January 04, 1955.  She married William David (David) Gardner September 26, 1891.

4. Kittie Pearle Hanes, born December 25, 1872 in Butler, IN; died June 04, 1874 in Butler, IN.

Notes for Kittie Pearle Hanes:
She is buried in the Butler Cemetery.  "Butler Cemetery Records"  It spells her middle name here as Pearle.  Information also the same in Bible records copied onto sheets of paper for the family.

In George William Hanes' diary it said on Thursday, June 4, 1874 " Little darling died at 7' minutes past Four in afternoon"  on June 5, 1874 "Funeral at 3 oclock in afternoon"

5.  Laura Wilmetta Hanes, born March 08, 1875 in Butler, IN; died March 19, 1962 in Goshen Hospital, Goshen, IN.  She married (1) Milton Wesley Wagner October 17, 1900 at Harriet Hanes residence, DeKalb Co., IN.  She married (2) Walter Atwater September 26, 1936.

6. Harry Altenburg Hanes, born June 06, 1878 in Butler, Indiana; died March 07, 1959 in Auburn, IN.  He married (1) Susan Wilmetta Copeland February 05, 1902 in Edgerton, OH.  He married (2) Ida Ball Abt. 1940.

 7Carl/George Carlton Hanes, born August 31, 1880 in Butler, IN; died October 31, 1955 in Butler, IN  DeKalb Co., IN.

Carlton (Mike) Hanes
Carlton (Mike) Hanes
 Carlton (Mike) Hanes & Clara Hanes McCague
Notes for Carl/George Carlton Hanes:
His obituary was in the Nov. 3, 1955 Waterloo Press.  He went by Carl and was a bachelor.  He died at Clara McCague's home.

He is buried in the Butler Cemetery.

Florence, Peg, and Theron mentioned that he could sit down and really play the piano.  He played by ear and was very good.

It mentions in the Butler Record, April 6, 1894, "Names of pupils whose percent of attendance etc. is first class for the years: Carl Hanes, Jay Thompson, Minnie Cherry, Mettie Copeland, Cleo Boyle, Albert Keller, Ross Boyle, Alice Oberlin, Ora Copeland, Walter Cherry, Clara Hanes, Celesta Horner, Guy Johnson, Eura Zimmerman, Fred Madden, Mary Keller, and Erna Zimmerman."  Note Carl and Clara were brother and sister.  Mettie married Harry Hanes, their older brother.  Ora and Mettie (Susan Wilmetta) were brother and sister, too.

His obituary (in the Butler Record, Nov. 3, 1955),  says, "Carl Hanes, 75, a bachelor farmer who resided all of his lifetime in the Butler area, died at 11:15 p.m. Monday at the home of a sister, Mrs. Eston McCague of two miles west of Butler.  The McCague residence is the same farm in which Mr. Hanes was born on August 31, 1880.  Mr. Hanes died of heart trouble after an illness of six months.  He was the son of the late George William and Harriett Altenburg Hanes.  Surviving besides the sister are two other sisters, Mrs. Sarah E. Heffelfinger, who also resides on the McCague farm, and Mrs. Walter Atwater of LaGrange, and a brother, H. A. Hanes of Butler.  Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Johnson Funeral Home.  Officiating at the services will be the Rev. E. L. Jaycox of near Ft. Wayne, a former pastor of the Butler Methodist Church of which Mr. Hanes was a member.  Burial will be in the Butler cemetery."

8.  Clara Louise Hanes, born July 03, 1884 in DeKalb Co., IN; died March 12, 1983 in Carlin Nursing Home, Angola, IN.  She married Eston B. McCague November 25, 1908 in DeKalb County, IN.