Sarah E.Hanes and Charles Ward Heffelfinger Family

Sarah Evalena/Eralena/Evelyn Hanes, born March 07, 1869 in Wilmington Twp., DeKalb County, IN; died June 14, 1960 in Barkley Nursing Home, Butler, IN.  She married Charles Ward Heffelfinger November 02, 1889 in Butler, DeKalb County, IN.

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Charles Ward Heffelfinger 
Sarah and Charley 
Charley and Sarah
House in Chicago
Sarah is in pink.  Everyone else unknown so far.  Help, Anyone?
Sarah, and unknowns so far 
Charley and Sarah
Sarah Hanes Heffelfinger
The Heffelfinger Family
Sarah Hanes Heffelfinger
Notes for Sarah Evalena/Eralena/Evelyn Hanes:

In the Sept. 29, 1899 paper it says, "Mrs. C. R. Hanes and children, of Chicago, are here the guest of her aunt, Mr. E. Deems and other relatives and friends for several days."  and  Miss Clara Hanes and Minnie Cherry were in Chicago over Sunday the guests of the former's brother and sister C. R. Hanes and Mrs. Chas. Heffelfinger."

June 28, 1907, "Miss Clara Hanes left Sunday for Chicago to care for her sister, Mrs. Heffelfinger, who is quite sick."

In her mother's obituary, it says she is living in Chicago in 1923. onto

Her obituary says, "AREA DEATHS  Mrs. Sarah E. Heffelfinger  Butler  Mrs. Sarah B. Heffelfinger, 91, died Tuesday at the Barkley Nursing Home, near Butler.  Survivors are three sons, George, Chicago, Harold, Mountview, Calif., and Donald of Maywood., Ill.  She had made her home her the past 10 years with a sister, Mrs. Clara McCague.  Another sister survives.  Services will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Johnson Funeral Home.  She was a member of the Presbyterian Church in Chicago.  Friends may call after 7 p.m. today."

Her obituary in the Evening Star says, "Mrs. Sarah Heffelfinger, Age 91, Dies at Butler.  Funeral services for Mrs. Sarah E. Heffelfinger, 91, of west of Butler will be conducted at the Johnson funeral home in Butler at 2 p.m. Thursday with the Rev. Edwin Grant, pastor of the Butler Methodist church, officiating.  The body will then be taken to Chicago for burial Friday morning in a cemetery in that city.  Mrs. Heffelfinger died at 12:40 p.m. Tuesday at the Barkley Nursing Home in Butler from senility after after a 10 year illness.  She had been a patient at the nursing home for the past two years.  She was born in Wilmington township, DeKalb County, about two miles west of Butler on March 7, 1869, and was the daughter of the late William and Harriett Altenburg Hanes.  On Nov. 2, 1889, she and Charles Heffelfinger were married.  Mr. Heffelfinger died in 1933.  She had been a resident of Chicago for 56 years before returning to the Butler area 10 years ago to reside with a sister, Mrs. Clara McCague, on the old home place.   Mrs. Heffelfinger was a member of the Presbyterian church in Chicago.  Surviving in addition to the sister are three sons, George Heffelfinger of Chicago, Harold Heffelfinger of Mt. View, Calif. and Donald Heffelfinger of Maywood, Ill; 11 grandchildren, and another sister, Mrs. Wilmetta Atwater of Goshen."

Florence Hardin said (1999 when Florence was 98), "Sarah Heffelfinger.  All her sons were in the WWI.  She lost her mind for a while from worry and was never the same again.  She had 7 sons.  She had people taking care of her during this time."
Notes for Charles Ward Heffelfinger:
His parents were Martin and ? (Imhoff) Heffelfinger.  Information from their marriage records.

His mother is Ellen.  He is 3 in the 1870 Newville Twp, DeKalb County Census.  His siblings are Ella M. age 8, Bell, age 6, and Frank age 6 months.  His father and mother were born in Ohio and he and his siblings were all born in Indiana.

In the Aug. 14, 1903 Butler Record, "Mrs. Chas. Heffelfinger and children of Chicago, returned home Saturday after a visit with relatives and friends here."

In the Friday April 15, 1904 The Butler Record, it says, "Chas. Heffelfinger and wife of Chicago were called to Butler Saturday, on account of the death of the former's brother, Frank."

In the 1910 census, he is working for the R.R.

In the July 17, 1914, Butler paper, it says, "Chas. Heffelfinger, wife and three children of Chicago, returned to their home Sunday after making a week's visit with her mother, Mrs. Harriet Hanes and his sister, Mrs. Jacob Obendorf and families of near Butler."

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Back: George 
Front: Howard, Adolphus, Harold
Children of Sarah Hanes and Charles Ward Heffelfinger are:

1.   George Ward Heffelfinger (Sarah Evalena/Eralena/Evelyn Hanes, George William , Moses , maybe William von Heans/Hanes) was born October 03, 1890 in IL, and died Aft. 1960.  Regina Fallace had his death date as Dec. 9, 1963.   He married (1) Maud Brownell April 20, 1912 in Chicago, Cook, IL.  He married (2) Marion Nyden June 01, 1937 in Cook Co, Chicago, IL.

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Sarah, Harriet, George, and baby

Notes for George Ward Heffelfinger:
Information from original Bible records.

According to his mother's obit (in 1960) it says he is living in Chicago, IL.
George is in the 1910 Census with his parents.  Cook County, IL  George is in the 1920 census with his wife Maud, and children Hazel, Florence, and Helen.  It looks like it says he is a trucker in the 1910 census.

In the Aug 19, 1904, The Butler Record, "George and Howard Heffelfinger, of Chicago who have been spending the summer with their grandmother, Mrs. Wm. Hanes, returned home Thursday."

In a letter dated May 12, 1962 to Clara (Hanes) McCague from George. "Dear Aunt Clara  Possibly I should not write just now as I am in such a melancholy mood and sure would like to sound more pleasant.  But the mood is on me to write and if I don't I will possibly leave it for Marion to do, so here goes.  We are a little fearfull of your well-being and trust you are OK. as we have not heard from you since I sent you the Easter card and message except in a round about way.  I had not been feeling to good the past month and the news of the passing away of Aunt Mette sure didnt help a bit.  I am like a child at Xmas time - expectation is greater than re-alization and it was with high spirits that I received the plan of you and Florence would possibly drive up to pay me a visit.  At the time I was greatly in need of company but of course after hearing what happened to Betty I soon understood why.  The week you were to come I got a call from one of our lady friends, a marvelous beautiful woman who had found out through the lodge news of my ailment and she also promised to come in and see me which also sort of let me down as she never came.  As I was saying I was feeling badly and getting worse, you visit, had nothing to do with this, by Friday that week I had to have Marion get the doctor for me.  He came of a Saturday and tested me but what he found he never said, he never will tell patients.  He gave me a shot, the tube looked like it held a quart, of course it didn't, but took quite a few minutes to get it all injected.  This felt like an hour.  Whatever it was has relieved and the heart pains are practically all gone. It has made it easier for me to cough as the flegm seems looser and not so difficult to release.  This saves me from that awful distress of feeling so fatigued from coughing.  I can breathe much better now.  He was back yesterday and gave me another shot - some thing different - and wants me to get a neck and lung exray when I am able to travel again.  Marion is only working part time so she can be with me and I am right now continuing your letter as I just answered the phone and it was her calling from work to see if I was OK.  The both of us are busy trying to prepare for our 25th anniversary which will be June 1st -- I hope I can make it.   To-morrow is Mother's Day and I love sending you message.  The only thing I can say with past memmories I do hope for you it will be a wonderfull day and all your thought toward higher and happier hopes.  As I write this letter I note that it is dad's birth-day all this make me sad and I hope Mother and He are happier in the next world.  It is hard for me to write about Mother, words just escape me so I am just going to write you a poem which I hope will express my thoughts.  I have just finished writing the poem on another page and forget who the authoress was.  She expressed my sentiments better than I would have done because I am defeated on being even able to think at a time like this.  "Rock me to Sleep"  Backward, turn backward, O, time in your flight, Make me a child again just for to-night! Mother, come back from the echo-less shore, Take me again to your heart as of yore; Kiss from my forehead the furrows of care, Smooth  the few silver threads out of my hair; Over my slumbers your loving watch keep; Rock me to sleep, Mother, rock me to sleep!  Tired of the hollow, the base, the untrue, Mother, O, Mother my heart calls for you!  Many a summer the grass has grown green, Blossomed and faded, our faces between, Yet, with strong yearning and passionate pain, Long I to-night for your presence again, Come from the silence so long and so deep; Rock me to sleep, mother - Rock me to sleep!  To-morrow we are going to have Sharon and her family with us at dinner.  She did so want to entertain us on Mother's day but I am unable to go.  We expect Florence and Jim in to-night.  Their boy Jimmie Jr. has just went in the navy.  I got a nice letter from him from the Great Lakes Training center - so far he likes it but it isn't what he thought it was supposed to be.  I gave him encouragement and told him about Fredies advancement so high I am always proud to tell.  The rain has stopped and it is a very nice day the temperature is getting warmer.  To-morrow promised to be nice.  So now I am going to sign off and go out and enjoy some sunshine which finally got through.  All of our love to you and tell folks we are asking about them.  Love George and Marion

June 4, 1962, "Dear Aunt Clara, It happened.  What?  Our 25th Anniv. Celebration.  Where?  In my home and there were 54 guest and did we have fun.  Oh, Boy.  Well here is an account.  We had planned on using the backyard and the house so everybody could spread about.  In the backyard we were going to have lights and wax sprinkled on the cement for dancing and have our speaker out there to play music.  This plan had to be aborded as it turned to cold so all the entertainment had to be done in the house.  Rev. Rose McKay remarried us at 8:00 p.m.  We selected him as our pastor had passed away - my son-in-law Jim was my best man as the best man had passed away.  After we made our vows I made a declaration of my love I recited a piece I learned from one of our records it is a recording of a Wayne King orchestra with McCormick reciting a collector's item.  It is in a slow waltz so that this is better illustrated I will write the words for you.  It goes --Why do I love you--I love you not only for what you are--but what I am so when I am with you---I love you not only for what you made of your self--but what you are making of me---I love you for ignoring the possibility of the fool in me and taking firm hold of the possibility of the good in me.  Why do I love you -- I love you for closing your eyes to the discords in me and for adding to the music in my by worshipful listening--I love you because you are helping me to make the lumber of my life not a tavern but a temple and the words of my every day not a reproach but a song -- I love you because you have done more than any creed to make my happy -- You have done it just being yourself without a word a touch or a sign you done it just by being yourself -- Perhaps that is what love is.  It was well accepted by everyone and Jim had tears in his eyes as he borrowed my records and played it to Florence New Year's on their 25th anniversary.  Among our guests Marion's sister and husband her brother John and wife and her dear aunt came all the way from the north side and my group I was honored with Don and Jean who were very congenial and my children Hazel and Bud - Florence and Jim - Helen and Bob - Grace and Larry - My grandchildren Roberta Caraline and her husband and Joan who has been so poorly in health could make it she is my 1st grandchild and mother of my 1st great grand child Sharon and Richard and Richard was one of our greatest helpers that night.  Among the guests were Rev. Rese McKay who is also one of our lodge members.  Her daughter Ann and Husb. Julia Swanson and husband and my friend John all of which are also members.  My friend John gave us a check for $25 as a gift, the rest of the guests were all friends and neighbors.  The food was served smorgasbord style and the drinks were in the kitchen.  They all mixed together with having theirselves a good time - record player with dance music and they danced i the dining room and kitchen.  They enjoyed the whole evening and there were no discord at anytime even Don and Jean left their hair down.  The party broke up at 3:00 a.m.  There were a couple of Italian neighbor women that for 2 days helped Marion to do her shopping and fixing all food and help serve and later pick up dishes and debris. They were wonderful to us.  My Italian friend got us all the ice we wanted for nothing.  He is the one that made me a naturalized Italian citizen and Marion's friend established her to the merchants as her Italian cousin.  So we are in.  I felt very good on receiving a anniversary card from Bette and so happy she is better.  I am going to be brief in describing each gift as we already had our sterling silver tableware they all tried to add other nice kind of pieces to it.  Sharon bought us a nice punch bowl set that I thought was real cut glass and we served our punch in it that night.  We received $175 in cash.  Honest everything was so much more than I expected it surely was great.  Don called on me about 3 weeks ago on a Saturday and brought me cut flowers from his garden. The post office failed to deliver me a peg on Saturday it came on Monday which was cut flowers from Harold's garden. The Doctor checked me Friday and put his OK on my condition for the party he said ply king and let everyone come to you.  He also told Mario it would be safe for her to go back to work that I would be OK.  In that night I did not look like any movie star but could look like a John Barrymore.  Rev. Rose refused the envelop with her fee in it.  She said she felt honored that she was asked and this was her first 25th anniversary she served.  So Marion is going to her church next Sunday and drop the money in the collection.  Well Aunt Clara I am going to close as I feel a bit tired now.  Love George and Marion.

Notes for Maud Brownell:
In a postcard sent to Mrs. Clara McKague Waterloo, IN  on July 5, 1909, it says, "Aunt Clara  I am engaged now to be married to a sweet girl - Miss Maude Brownell in 2 years.  Keep secret.  Your nephew G. Heffelfinger  Surprising aint it?"

Marriage Notes for George Heffelfinger and Maud Brownell:
Marriage information from the LDS files on the internet.

Marriage Notes for George Heffelfinger and Marion Nyden:
Marriage information from the LDS files on the internet.
Children of George Heffelfinger and Maud Brownell are:

 i.   Hazel C. Heffelfinger, born Abt. 1914.  She married Charles LaBelle May 28, 1934 in Cook Co, Chicago, IL.

Notes for Hazel C. Heffelfinger:
She is in the 1920 Soundex.  Cook County, IL.  E.D. 1786  sheet 12.

Marriage Notes for Hazel Heffelfinger and Charles LaBelle:
Marriage information from the internet LDS files.

  ii. Florence Heffelfinger, born Abt. 1915.

Notes for Florence Heffelfinger:
She is in the 1920 Soundex, age 4 years, 10 months.

 iii. Helen Heffelfinger, born Abt. 1918.

Notes for Helen Heffelfinger:
She is in the 1920 Soundex, age 1 year 8 months, E. D. 1786 sheet 12.

iv. Grace Heffelfinger.
v. Sarah Heffelfinger.

Notes for Sarah Heffelfinger:
Information about Sarah from the queries.

2.  Howard E. Heffelfinger (Sarah Evalena/Eralena/Evelyn Hanes, George William Hanes, Moses Hanes, maybe William von Heans/Hanes) was born October 03, 1895, and died July 29, 1940.  He married Mary E. Hornaday October 18, 1924 in Cook Co, Chicago, IL.
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Dr. Mary and Dr. Howard
Mary, Howard, and Dan Heffelfinger

Notes for Howard E. Heffelfinger:
In the 1920 Census.  He was 24 and living at home.  He was a conductor.

In the Aug 19, 1904, The Butler Record, "George and Howard Heffelfinger, of Chicago who have been spending the summer with their grandmother, Mrs. Wm. Hanes, returned home Thursday."

In the June 26, 1914 The Butler Weekly Record, "Howard Heffelfinger of Chicago made a few day's visit the latter part of the week with his grandmother, Mrs. Harriet Hanes and Mrs. M. V. Heffelfinger and other relatives enroute home from a pleasure trip to Niagara Falls."

He and his wife were doctors.

Exact birthdate from the LDS files on the internet.

On the internet it said his name was Howard Melvin.  Not sure if this is correct, yet.

Regina Fallace  had Howard W.  Information from Regina Fallace.  You can reach her at   She also had the birthdate as Aug 11, 1895.  I am not sure yet which is correct.  Will check the bible records.  Gus death date was down as July 29, 1940 in Regina's records.  I just got my date as:   before Sarah's (his mom's) death.
Notes for Mary E. Hornaday:
Information on a picture of various obituaries.  At the bottom it says, "NOTICES FROM "THE KALAMAZOOM GAZETTE" KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN's Newspaper.  Otsego is about 18 miles from Kalamazoo, Copy print by Larry Pitcher.


Her parents are Rev. and Mrs. William Hornaday.

Marriage Notes for Howard Heffelfinger and Mary Hornaday:
Information from the LDS files on the internet.
Child of Howard Heffelfinger and Mary Hornaday is:
  i. Dan Heffelfinger.  He married Unknown.

He is in Ostego, Michigan in 1939 according to a postcard from him to his mother, Sarah.  "5-18-39 Hello Mother;  Received your card this A.M. Was glad to talk to you Sunday.  Would of wrather (rather) been with you.  Having nice weather and lots of flowers.  This is a picture of me when we got the buick last fall.  I have gotten a lot better since that picture was taken.  I think being here in Otsego has done me good.  I had to open Danny's throat up.  Got a lot of pus out.  He is not so good but is a good boy about it.  Love Howard.  Sarah is living at 6330 Loomis Blvd. Chicago, Ill."  (I thought that was the most disgusting postcard until I remembered that Howard was a Dr.)
Child of Dan Heffelfinger and Unknown is: Unknown Female Heffelfinger
Notes for Unknown Female Heffelfinger:
Information from an obituary of Dr. Mary Heffelfinger in 1965.


3.  Harold Ross Heffelfingerborn August 01, 1897 in Chicago, IL; died March 05, 1980 in San Jose, California.

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Hal, Esther, and Harold Heffelfinger 
Harold, Esther, granddaughter Linda. Taken near 25th Anniversary.
Sarah, Harold, Esther, Hal, Charley Heffelfinger 
Harold and Charley Heffelfinger
Notes for Harold Ross Heffelfinger:

He is buried at the Alta Mesa Memorial Park.

I know he was married to Esther.  I do not know as yet if this was his one and only wife, or if she was a 2nd wife.  He had either a step son or son Hal.  I know this from pictures only.  Until I get definate answers on his family, I am not officially entering it in the family tree.

According to his mother's obit. (abt. 1960) he is living in Mountview, Calif.

His ssn is 554-05-2201

He was living at home in 1920 and was 22.  In the 1920 Census for Cook County, IL  E.D. 1932 sheet 10. They are living on Loomis St.

Notes for Thelma (a daughter, daughter-in-law, or wife):
 She wrote a letter to the family reunion chairman telling about the passing of Harold.


4. Adolphus S. (Don) Heffelfinger (Sarah Evalena/Eralena/Evelyn Hanes, George William Hanes, Moses Hanes, maybe William von Heans/Hanes) was born January 19, 1905, and died February 28, 1960.  He married Jenny Lind May 27, 1922 in Chicago, Cook, IL.

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Adolphus Heffelfinger
Marked on back, Don Heffelfinger
Notes for Adolphus S. (Don) Heffelfinger:
Information from the 1920 census. (soundex)  It said in the census that he was a mail carrier.

He was at the 1926 reunion according to the 1926 minutes.

Information from 1990 family reunion notes. (About "Don's" deathdate)  I put it as Adolphus's deathdate as they are probably the same person.  I never found more than five boys at a time in a picture so they are more than likely only five boys (at least as far as I have found so far...maybe some died at infancy?)

According to his mother's obit., in 1960 he is living in Maywood, IL. (About "Don")

Regina Fallace  had Adolphus S. "Don" Heffelfinger instead of two different people.  I put Don and Adolphus as I had come across them as sons of Sarah (until I heard differently.)  I consider this hearing differently.  It threw me too, that Florence Hardin (a niece)  had said there were 7 sons but then again she was almost 99.  She did a great job but sometimes did get confused on certain days.  She passed on this year.   I still also don't get where the got Donald out of Adolphus S. (Don).  Usually the don't make the nickname into a formal name.  Any explanations, anybody?

Birth information that I had was abt. 1899.  Regina had Jan. 19, 1905.  She also had in her notes that Adolphus fell down an elevator shaft and survived the fall.

Notes for Jenny Lind:
Marriage information from the LDS files.
Children of Adolphus Heffelfinger and Jenny Lind are:

i. Robert Heffelfinger.  He married Phyllis.

Notes for Robert Heffelfinger:
Information from Regina Fallace.  You can reach her at

Notes for Phyllis:
Information from Regina Fallace.  You can reach her at

 ii. Jean Heffelfinger She married Unknown Kincaid.

Notes for Jean Heffelfinger:
Information from Regina Fallace.  You can reach her at

Notes for Unknown Kincaid:
Information from Regina Fallace.  You can reach her at

5.  Charles Martin Heffelfinger (Sarah Evalena/Eralena/Evelyn Hanes, George William Hanes, Moses Hanes, maybe William von Heans/Hanes) was born May 25, 1909 in Chicago, Cook, IL, and died April 15, 1939 in Alabama.  He married (Carol) Louis Harrington Abt. 1929.

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Charles at 2 yrs. 4 mos.
Sarah and Charles
Charles at Grammar school graduation
Charles and Sarah
Charles and baby
Charles and Louise
Charles and Joy
Notes for Charles Martin Heffelfinger:
I knew he was born before 1925 from the reunion minutes.  He died in an accident not far from his home.  Again according to reunion minutes.  His birthdate and place I got from the LDS files.

Notes for (Carol) Louis Harrington:
Her name may be spelled wrong.  It was in the 1929 Hanes Reunion minutes.

Carol name is from Regina.  She is the daughter of Fredrick George or Fredrick B. Harrington and Emma Keturah Conaway.  This and the birth and death information from Regina Fallace.  You can reach her at
Children of Charles Heffelfinger and (Carol) Harrington are:

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Charles and Joy Heffelfinger
Sarah and Louise/Joy Heffelfinger
i. Joy Heffelfinger.  (child of Charles and Carol Louis HeffelfingerShe married Everett Hollister.

Notes for Joy Heffelfinger:
On one picture she is marked as Joy, and on another Louise.  Not sure which name she went by yet.  Regina had Joy.

Notes for Everett Hollister:
Information from Regina Fallace.  You can reach her at
Four children of Joy Heffelfinger and Everett Hollister are:

Information on Greg, Randy, Mickey, and Charmagne from Regina Fallace.  You can reach her at
ii. Grant Montgomery Heffelfinger. (child of Charles and Carol Louis Heffelfinger)

Notes for Grant Montgomery Heffelfinger:
He died in infancy.  Information about Grant from Regina Fallace.

iii.  Charles Daryl Heffelfinger (child of Charles and Carol Louise Heffelfinger.) He married Patricia Teachman.

Notes for Charles Daryl Heffelfinger and Patricia Teachman:   Information from Regina Fallace.  She is the daughter of Donald Teachman and Regina Frances.
3 Children of Charles Heffelfinger and Patricia Teachman are:

Notes:  Information about Regina, David Fallace, Lora and Syrena from Regina Fallace.  You can contact her at
Thank you to Tom Hardin.  Many of these pictures were either bought or given to us.  They originated from the estate of Clara Hanes McCague and then Florence Wagner Hardin.