Mary Hanes (Williamson) is in the 2nd row on the left.  This is a picture of the 8th
graduation at Waterloo High School March 26, 1920.  It is in the possession of Peg Williamson Crouch, her daughter.  We have the listing of names below.  Can you help match them to the faces?  Please email if you have any information.

Oliver Opdycke (we think that is the boy in the back row to the left)
Laura Green
Mary Bonfiglio
Grace Knott
Iva Mergy
Forrest Zerkle (we think that is the boy on the right in the back row - possible identification by Lina Zerkle)
Irene Griffin
Mary Hanes (identification, 2nd row, first person on left)
Ruth Wing
Ethel Bowman

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