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Since late 2004, I've been looking into my family history.  I already knew a little about certain branches, but knew next-to nothing about others.  It's a fascinating journey, which can take up a lot of your spare time if you let it!  My aim with this page is to share with you some of the web sites that I've found useful.  Information about some of my ancestors can be found here.


Firstly, it was Genes Reunited that got me started.  At this site you can enter details about your family history, which others can then search on for matches with their own family.  You can also search for names, and if you pay their fee you can make contact with the people who entered the names.  You can't initiate contact if you haven't paid, but you can respond if someone contacts you.  I've come in contact with several distant relations, both overseas and in NZ, through this site.


For New Zealand research, you can't go past the New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc.  You need to join the society to get the benefits of their resources, but the resources are vast.  They have a Family Research Centre in Auckland, a borrowing library, and much more.  There are local groups around the country associated with NZSG; I have joined the Waipu branch and enjoy attending their monthly meetings.


(Update April 2006 - not only have a I joined a second NZSG branch, Wellsford, but I'm also now the convenor and treasurer at Waipu!  I'm enjoying the additional challenges.)


(Update October 2008 - I am still the convenor at Waipu, having been re-elected to the position for a fourth year this month.  I was treasurer for two years, now that job is managed by another group member.)


There are many online resources available, some are free while others incur a charge.  A few of my favourites are listed below:


Free Online Resources



The host of this web page!  World-wide resources - discussion lists, family trees, genealogy web hosting


Civil registrations (ie, births, deaths & marriages) indexes for England and Wales; not complete yet, but an ongoing project

Family Search

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' vast data online

Genes Reunited

Record your family tree for free so others can search for common names and make contact with you.

By paying their small fee you can initiate the contact instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Legacy Family Tree

Software for recording your research results, to-do lists, etc.

Standard Edition is free to download.

Deluxe Edition incurs a charge, which unlocks exclusive features in the program.


Pay Per View/Subscription Sites



USA research, UK BMDs, UK census 1861 - 1901 and more

Find My Past.com

(formerly known as 1837Online.com)

UK BMDs, UK census 1861 & 1891,UK military records & more

Scotland's People

General Register Office for Scotland; BMDs, parish records, wills & testaments, & more


(It is worth taking a look at these sites even if you don't pay their fees.)



  • If you visit any web site about family history and choose to record your family details there, please be careful about what you reveal; anything you enter must be considered to be in the public domain, despite any promises made about privacy. 

  • You should not record details about any living people without their express permission. 

  • You should keep in mind that not all people reading your information will be honest, upright people, and some may have less-than honourable intentions.

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