Walton Cemetery Inscriptions

Walton Cemetery Inscriptions.


Rice Lane City Farm Walton Liverpool.
I have been asked to create a website for Rice Lane Farm
which is situated in the old Walton Cemetery,
so not wanting to let a good opportunity slip away, I'm
giving you an advantage until the above site is officially
up and running.
This is a charity run project for the local children and a small
donation would be most welcome.
You can visit the holding page for the farm by clicking on the
church photo.
The Cemetery is home for the unfortunate inmates of
Walton Hospital formally the dreaded workhouse and
Walton Prison.
One particular resident is the famous Author Robert NOONAN
of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.

Sacred to the Memory of
James Carleton ARNOLD
Who Departed this Life 19th Nov 1869 Aged 56 Years.
Nothing in my hand I bring simply to the Cross I Cling.
Also of Janet MORRISON For 3 months only
The Beloved Wife of James MACLEAN
Son of the above who Departed this Life 1st Nov 1881 Aged 19 Years.
Her voice Her touch Her smile
Those Love Springs Flowing over Earth for it's Little While
Shall never Know them More.

Also of the Above James McLean ARNOLD
Who Departed this Life 22nd June 1882 Aged 33 Years.
Have Pity Upon Me, O ye My Friends, for the hand of God Hath Touched Me.
Also of Carleton Daniel,
Son of the Above James Carleton ARNOLD
Died at Buenos Ayris 6th August 1888 Aged 38 Years.
Also of Jane McLean ARNOLD
Widow of the Above James Carleton ARNOLD
Died 15th March 1895 Aged 84 Years.

In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth Ann
Beloved Wife of Henry BAKER
Who Passed Away 6.10.1929.
The Lord Gave and the Lord Hath Taken Away

In Affectionate Memory of
Who Died May 17th 1867 Aged 16 Years.
She Came Forth as a Flower and was cut Down.
Also Thomas Brother of the Above,
Who Died Nov 9th 1882 Aged 39 Years.
Also John Father of the Above,
Who Died Feby 8th 1884 Aged 66 Years.
Humility His Virtue.
Died Jan 27th 1906 Aged 89 Years.
At Rest.

In Affectionate Rememberance of
James Richard CLARK.
Who Died 1st January 1882 Aged 62 Years.
Also Sarah Ann Widow of the Above,
Who Died 9th August 1887 in Her 70th Year.
Also John ROGERS Grandson of the Above,
Who Died May 27th 1893 Aged 6 Months.
Also Janet CLARK
Granddaughter of the Above Who Died August 25th 1904 Aged 11 Years.
Also Catherine May CLARK
Granddaughter of the Above Who Died July 24th 1908 Aged 17 Years.
Also Henry Leslie ROGERS
Great Grandson of the Above Who Died August 23rd 1904 Aged 11 Weeks.

In Loving Memory of
Frederick COLEMAN
Who Died 14th January 1881 Aged 42 Years.
Also Arthur Herbert Son of the Above,
Frederick & Elizabeth COLEMAN
Who Died 21st July 1878 Aged 1 Year.
Also George Alfred Son of the Above
Who Died 3rd August 1879 Aged 5 Weeks.
Mine Saith the Lord in that day when I make up My Jewels
Also of Elizabeth CAVE Wife of the Above Frederick COLEMAN
Who Died April 29th 1897 Aged 53 Years.
When Israel was a Child, then I loved Him, and called My Son out of Egypt.
Also Emilie Dearly Loved Wife of
A.George ELLIOT.
And Daughter of the Above Who Died December 30th 1923.
For Such is the Kingdom of Heaven

In Affectionate Rememberance of
Who Died 18th Dec 1884 Aged 43 Years.
This Memorial has been Erected,
By his Friends and Patients,
In Testimony of His Sincular Devotion,
To an Arduous Profession.
For the Relief of the Suffering,
And His Kindness of Manner to All
Who Knew Him

In Memory of
Beloved Daughter of
George & Mary EDWARDS
Who Departed this Life 30th August 1878
Aged 5 Months.

In Memory of
William Stanley
The Beloved Son of
William and Elizabeth Fisher
Died May 12th 1871 Aged 9 Years.Resurgam.

In Affectionate Rememberance of
Edward Shaw GRATTAN, M.D.
Who Departed this Life July 9th 1874,
Aged 34 Years,
And was Assistant Surgeon at the Borough Prison,
Walton-on -the Hill.
His End Was Peace.
Also of Mary GRATTAN
The Beloved Wife of the Above,
Who Fell Asleep in London, 22nd July 1888,
Aged 51 Years.
Her End Was Peace.
Fell Asleep in Jesus
December 1885, Aged 55 Years.

Erected By
William & Hannah GREEN
In Loving Memory of Their Children.
William Stephenson
Aged 4 Years 9 Months.
William Stephenson.
Aged 7 Weeks.
William Aged 1 Year & ? Months.
Sarah Ann, Aged 2 Years & 6 Months.
John Arthur, Aged 15 Months.
Hannah Aged 19 Years.
And Sam Who Died 19th Feby 1901
Aged 42 Years.
Also of the Above Named,
Hannah Beloved Wife of
William GREEN.
Who Died 27th May Aged 69 Years.
Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Also of the Above Named,
William GREEN
Who Died 25th April 1904 Aged 71 Years.
Till the Day Dawn

In Loving Memory Of
Mary George HAGGER,
Died 26th December 1862,
Aged 17 Months.
Catherine GEORGE
Died 27th January 186?,
Aged 73 Years.
William GEORGE.
Died 21st October 1870 Aged 75 Years.
Annie Kilshaw GEORGE
Died 13 March 1901 Aged 76 Years.
I am the Resurrection and the Life,
He that Believeth Me Though He Where Dead,
Yet Shall He Live.

Governor of H.M Prison, Liverpool.
Died Dec 11th 1893 Aged 62.
Died July 2? ????

In Loving Memory of
Died 15th May 1886 Aged 64 Years.
Also Robert JONES
Died April 1? 1886 Aged 71 Years.
Also Sarah DAVIES
Died Jan 23 1890 Aged 29 Years.
Also Margaret SMALLSHAW
Died May 21.1892, Aged 34 Years.
Daughters of the Above
Also James BUCHANAN,
Lost at Sea May 15th 1898 Aged 35 Years.
Also Mary Ann BUCHANAN Wife of the Above,
Died June 7th 1925 Aged 62.
Also Jane LEWIS
Died June ?? ????.

In Affectionate Memory of
William Henry,
Beloved Son of
Richard & Marther LEATHERBARROW
Who Departed This Life 17th January 1869,
Aged 6 Months.
Also Charles, Son of the Above, Who Departed
Thi Life 21st June 1874, Aged 6 1/2 Years.
Also of the Above
Who Died January 20th 1897 Aged 52 Years.
Martha Pinnington STEWART,
Who Died November 10th 1902, Aged 22 Years.

18th April 1870 - 3rd February 1911.
Author as Robert TRESSELL Of
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.
Through Squalid Life They Laboured
In Sordid Grief They Died
Those Sons of a Mighty Mother,
Those Props of England's pride,
They Are Gone, There is None
Can Do It, Nor Save Our Souls
From The Curse.
But Many a Million Cometh,
And Shall They Be Better Or Worse.
It Is We Must Answer And Hasten
And Open Wide The Door.
For The Rich Man's Hurrying Terror,
And The Slow Foot Hope Of The Poor.

Also in This Grave Are
Elizabeth Mary DAVIES
Margaret BETHELL
William ASH
William BARNES
Richard DONALD

In Loving Memory of
Hugh John The Beloved Husband of
135 Bedford Road Bootle.
Who Died 9th March 1930 Aged 42 Years.
Also The Said Annie ROBERTS
Who Entered into Rest 7th April 1967.

In Affectionate Rememberance of
Mary Elizabeth,
Beloved Wife of Wm SHIRES
Of Kirkdale.
Died July 13th 1870 Aged 40 Years.

In Affectionate Rememberance of the Beloved Children of
Arthur and Jane SMITH
Richmond Row Liverpool.
Perthenia Who Died April 16th Aged 6 Years.
Garfield who died April 18th 1883 Aged 1 Yr & 7 Months.
Jane Edith Who Died April 20th 1883 Aged 4 Years.
And Norah Who Died April 24th 1883 Aged 2Yrs & 9 Months.
Also Jane, Wife of the Above
Who Died Sep 17th 1894 Aged 49 Years.
Also Ellen, Second Wife of the Above,
Who Died Sep 5th 1920 Aged 57 Years.
The Angels Took My Flowers Away,
Yet I Will Not ??????,
For Jesus in His Bosom Wears The Flowers
That Once Were Mine.

In Affectionate Rememberance of
Who Departed This Life 17th July 18?? Aged 39 Years.
Also Susannah SWAINE His Wife,
Who Departed This Life 25th December 1871, Aged 59 Years.
Not Lost But Gone Before.
Also Hannah Daughter of the Above,
George and Susannah SWAINE
Born 19th Oct 1836, Died 1st May 1882.

In Loving Memory of
Abraham TYRER,
Who Departed This Life 16th July 1883,
Aged 57 Years.
Also Ann TYRER
Wife of the Above Who Departed
This Life 28th December 1884, Aged 58 Years.