Spring Break Pensacola Fl

Spring Break Pensacola Fl '04

We had a wonderful time in Pensacola! We've missed Chris so much and
he's doing great! Weather for the most part was great but the water was still a tad chilly... for me anyway. :)  I hope you will enjoy the pictures as much as we do.


April 7th

Heading to the ocean

Just arrived

We have just arrived and checking out the beach.

Testing the waters

WOW.. THAT'S cold!

Getting used to it

Rusty sank up to his butt in the sand.

Was a bit cloudy and very windy

Nothing but seaguls

A Lady came over and gave the Kids each a slice of bread to feed the birds. Alex just threw the whole piece to the birds.

Love this picture

Fixing to throw her into the water. ;)

Rough water

April 8th, 2004

First day with Chris.

April 9th

A day at the Beach.

Brave girl. Going into the water.

Nothing better then playing in sand.

Can't decide...


At the Gulfshore National Park. Waiting for Chris

Dad and Kids

Water was warmer at that part but full with Crabs, Hermit crabs, flounders (little ones) and such


At the Naval Aviation Museum. April 10th

Sitting in a part of a Coast Guard Helicoptor

Alex just LOVED that stuff

He was playing Pirates

Sitting in a Blue Angel

and they were loving it!

Alex test flying in the Kiddy part of the museum

That's how close the Blue Angels really fly

The Beach on the Navel Base. Beautiful!

walking on the beach after we spend 3 hrs in the Museum. :)

Can you see how clear that water is?

Fort Barrancas. Unfortunatly the Fort was already closed.

My little red Tomato. :)

In front of the Fort. Alex sitting on a Canon.


By the Fort

Me and the Kids

Not very interesting but oh well....

Relaxing after a long day!

just goofen around

That girl got some sun!

April 11th

Easter and some last few pictures before we left.

Best buddies!

All of us. :)


Here are some more Pictures taken with the Camcorder. Hope you're not tired of them yet.... ;)