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Oliver Cemetery - 1969 & 1932,
Montgomery County, Missouri

Oliver Cemetery - 1969
Located about the middle of the line between the northeast and southeast quarter of section 28, township 49, range 6, on farm now owned by Elmer Powell. Copied before 1969 by Oliver William Lienhard, 9840 Guthrie, St. Louis, Mo., 63134 OLIVER, Jefferson Davis, son of S.A. and S.V. Oliver born Feb 3, 1861, died Feb 17, 1869 OLIVER, Sarah M., daughter of S.A. and S.V. Oliver, born May 23, 1853, died Aug 12. 1855 OLIVER, Charles A., son of S.A. and S.V. Oliver, born Sept 7, 1851, died April 24, 1852 OLIVER, Ovid E, son of James H. and Camilla V. Oliver, died March 31, 1865, aged 2 y 3 m 16 d OLIVER, Camilla, dau of James H. and C.V. Oliver, born March 4, 1874, died May 4, 1874 OLIVER, James H., born in Clark Co, Kentucky, Dec 1, 1827, died Jan. 14, 1876 OLIVER, Camilla V. Maupin, wife, born in Albemarle Co, VA, Oct 28, 1837, died April 16, 1906 BOONE, Maggie Elnore, born Oct 16, 1884, died March 5, 1905 OLIVER, Elizabeth M. born Nov 30, 1826, died Nov 11, 1843 OLIVER, John W., 1833-1894 OLIVER, Arthusa A., wife, 1839-1920 OLIVER, Frederick, son 1872-1890 OLIVER, D.F., born Feb 7, 1875, died May 10, 1877 OLIVER, Infant, born Dec 29, 1880 OLIVER, J.W. (no dates) OLIVER, Fielding H., born May 24, 1820, died Sept 10, 1846 OLIVER, John, born in Clark Co, KY, June 28, 1792, died Montgomery Co MO Sept 1, 1870, aged 78 y 2 m 3 d OLIVER, Margaret, wife of John Oliver, died July 25, 1860 in the 64th year of her life OLIVER, Alfred, born Jan 14, 1838, died Dec 12, 1899 OLIVER, Kate, wife of Alfred Oliver, born July 6, 1842, died Dec __?, 1912? OLIVER, Andrew P., son of A.P. and Kate Oliver, born May __, 1874, died April 17, 1997, aged 22 y 11 m 1 d OLIVER, Milton M, 1877 (died 1937) OLIVER, Alberta Sailor, wife of Milton, 1877-1913
Oliver Cemetery - 1932
Record of all burials as copied from gravestones in the Oliver Cemetery, Montgomery County, Missouri. This cemetery located in the NW¼ of Section 27, Township 49 N, Range 6 West. This record belongs to the Western Historical Manuscript Collection, 23 Ellis Library, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65201. Copied July, 1932, by H. B. Dickey Jefferson Davis Oliver, son of S A and A V Oliver, born Feb. 3rd, 1861, died Feb. 17th, 1869 Sarah M. Oliver, daughter of S A and S V Oliver, born May 23rd, 1853, died Aug. 12th, 1855 Charles A. Oliver, son of S A and S V Oliver, born Sept. 7th, 1851, died April 24th, 1852 Ovid E. Oliver, son of James H and Camilla V. Oliver, died March 31st, 1865. Aged 2 yrs, 3 months and 16 days Camilla Oliver, daughter of James H. and C V Oliver, born March 4th, 1874 died March 4th, 1874 James H. Oliver, born in Clark County, Kentucky, Dec. 1st, 1827, died Jan. 14th, 1876 Camilla V Maupin (Oliver) wife, born in Albemarle Co., VA. Oct. 28th, 1837, died April 16th, 1906 Maggie Elnora Boone, born Oct. 16th, 1884, died March 5th, 1905 Elizabeth M. Oliver, born Nov. 30th, 1826, died Nov. 11th, 1843 John W. Oliver, 1833 - 1894, Arthusa A wife 1839 - 1920 Frederick, son of John W. 1872 - 1890 Next three are listed as children of John W. Oliver D. F. born Feb. 7th, 1875, died May 10th, 1877 Infant born Dec. 29th, 1880 J. W. date of death not legable Fielding H. Oliver, born May 24th, 1820, died Sept. 1st, 1870 Margaret Oliver, wife of John Oliver died July 25th, 1860 in the 64th year of her life Alfred Oliver, born Jan. 14th, 1838, died Dec. 12th, 1899 Kate wife of Alfred, born July 6th, 1842 died Dec 1912 Andrew P., son of A P and Kate Oliver, born May 7th, 1874, died Apr. 17th, 1897 Milton M. Oliver 1877 - ____ Alberta Sailor, wife of Milton 1877 - 1913
Subject: Cemeteries Date: 07 Feb 98 From: (Nancy L. Lee) I got busy and typed this all up. I am sorry to have neglected the Bishop lines the last couple of weeks. I have new contacts on Ohio ancestors of my children on their Cramblit and Eichor lines. So I have been frantically gathering up dates and pictures to send off.... Another find at Western Historical Manuscripts last week was the Shamrock-Wellsville Telephone Company records... included Clements and Bishops... If I remember correctly the time frame was 1905 on forward. I didn't copy any of it. Mostly who paid for phone poles and membership dues. Here are the cemeteries...enjoy!.... Now SOMEBODY connect Greenberry Bishop to you guys!!!! Nancy Hale Lee

Shelton Alben and Sarah Virginia (Bishop) Oliver Family


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