A Brief History of the Wheelwright Family
A collection of family stories


  • The Top of the Tree
    The origins of the Wheelwright family in the Midlands
  • The Sheffield Line
    Josiah's family moves north through the silver trade
  • Alice's Story
    A curious entry on a census leads to a very sad tale. Plus Links to the Da Costa family
  • Frederick's Line
    An enterprising line of shopkeepers and business people
  • A Passage to America
    Joseph Wheelwright seeks a new life in America
  • George's Line
    Scrapping a living in the back streets of Aston
  • Josiah's Line
  • A large and chaotic family

  • A Tragic Death
    Coroner's Inquest into the death of Emma Wheelwright
  • A Family Scandal
    A fallout over Josiah's estate
  • The Cousins at Shirley
    Jack and Dolly move to the country
  • The Family Company: Sport and Play Ltd
    Charles Wheelwright sets up a publishing business
  • The Wheelwrights and the First World War
    The Wheelwrights answer the call of king and country
  • The Forgotten Ones
    The Wheelwrights and mental illness
  • The Connard Family of Bromsgrove & Feckenham
    An interesting story from a peripheral line
  • In Memoriam
    Recollections of family members