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I am very excited to share my research findings with all of you! I dedicate my research to my wonderful Daddy, John Albert Thomas, Sr. who was fondly called "Whistle Pig" by his Dad, Bert Thomas.

There are currently over 2800 names associated with our family tree. Persons born after 1930 are shown only as "Living" and their personal information does not appear.

Click on the link below to visit "Whistle Pig's Family Tree" and start your adventure. You will be taken to a page where you can click on any letter in the alphabet to find family surnames. Have fun!!!

Click on the "Family Photos" link to see pictures of our ancestors. I have recently added new photos and you can view those by clicking on the link below entitled "More Old Family Photos". I hope to be adding more pictures soon so bookmark this web page! Please email me if you have photos to contribute! Enjoy!

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