The White Family RecorderIt is with great sadness that I relay news that Dr. Leslie Soper passed away January 14, 2005. Les was a wonderful, witty man and the driving force behind the transcription of Violet's White Family Recorder. When the WFR fell into my lap August 2002, an internet search turned up an inquiry Les left on a WHITE message board in August 2000. Thus began our mutual project to reprint the White Family Recorder. I and countless others will miss Les greatly and remember him always with fondness. His entertaining wit is evident in the "Foreword" and "Provenance of this Reproduction" in the new WFR (see links below). Les' obituary (off site)

The White Family Recorder

Devoted to the
Genealogy and Biography of the
White Family of America
Violet White Smith, Editor

This book is a collection of newsletters published by Violet White Smith of Chicago, IL and Tampa, FL between 1919 and 1932.
Violet, great-granddaughter of Henry White (1767-1851) and Margaret Reynolds (1763-1843), traced five generations, all the
way to 1932 family marriages, births and deaths. The newsletters contain a wealth of genealogical information and much more.

In his Foreword for this 2003 compilation, Dr. Leslie E. Soper writes:

Genealogy, history, news, poetry (nearly all doggerel, but the Milkman’s Ode is worth the price alone), travelogue (“Pike’s Peak or Bust” is classic), opinion, and plagiarism – Violet did it all. We
don’t know what happened to her but her passion for the Whites – any White- will never be matched and it lives on in THE

The Provenance of this Reproduction
Children of Henry White and Margaret Reynolds
Cities, Counties, and States in the WFR

Correspondence Department
Cradle Roll, Graduations, Marriages, Obituary

The White Family Recorder has been transcribed and enhanced with a detailed Index and
Descendant Tree. It is 8.5" x 11", 300+ pages, and spiral bound with clear vinyl covers.

Ordering Information

UPDATE - February 7, 2004: Since printing the WFR and creating this website nearly a year ago, I've discovered so much more about Violet - correspondence and questionnaires she sent to family members, a 10th newsletter (Vol. III, No. 2), and finally, the answer to a previously unsolved mystery, Violet's obituary. I've also documented and expanded some of Violet's family tree info with census data. Ideally I'll eventually get all of this information posted to this site. Meanwhile, if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to send me an e-mail.

UPDATE June 14, 2009: A few years ago I created a website for descendants who purchase a White Family Recorder to connect with one another.   My original email address through Insight is no longer valid because Comcast bought out Insight.  I still receive mail at 

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Bonne Beil Shane

January 20, 2005

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