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Welcome to my family pages. These pages within contain over twenty eight years of research. Some information remains undocumented because when I started researching I didn't copy all my resources. I can't promise I have everything 100% correct... I've been updating on a regular basis. My paternal line is Clough, while my maternal is Lynn. Some other surnames in my direct lines to name a few: Eames/Ames, Baldwin, Beckwith, Boardman,  Eells, Churchill, Foote, Harmon, Meloon/Maloon, Wilson, Yeoumans plus many more.  Pull up your favorite chair, make yourself comfortable and start clicking away.


All census records are copied as shown on the Federal or State census CD's or from ancestry.com and genealogy.com. Surnames may be spelled different from what the present day family use.


If you can't find what you are looking for, send me e-mail ([email protected]) with your questions and/or if you find someone who interests you let me know. Don't be shy, feel free to make any suggestions, comments, inquires and/or let me know of connections problems by sending me e-mail.


All pages have been created by me, Irene, my pages may be freely linked however do not copy without permission. In case you are wondering the answer is yes, I'm related to all the families listed on my family pages one way or the other. 


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 Surnames with online information...
 I try to update my pages often as this is my addiction hobby... a never ending family .
In some of my early family lines there may be more than one connection.
click on surname to go to that family page. My earliest line is the Estes line which goes back to 1097.

DNA results have been received on my cousin Daniel Ames.

We have not been able to make a match yet to

DNA test results on descents of Anthony Eames/Ames

in the Ames Society database.
 maternal line MA, CT Anthony E/Ames and Hannah Eells his wife
my gggg grandparents
  maternal line CT, NY Josiah Ames and his two wives, Sally Stacey and Mary Wetsel
my ggg grandfather
Josiah Ames was son of Anthony Eames and Hannah Eells 
maternal line CT, NY Anthony Ames son of Josiah Ames
my gg granduncle
Anthony Ames was son of Josiah Ames and 1st wife Sally Stacey 
maternal line NY, IL, MN William Ames and Lucinda Moon
my  gg grandparents
William Ames was son of Josiah Ames and 2nd wife Mary Wetsel
 maternal line IL, MN John Henry Ames and Ella Bea
my great grandparents
John Henry Ames was son of William Ames and his wife Lucindaa Moon 
maternal line CT Daniel Baldwin and Patience Stevens 
 Daniel Baldwin was son of Jonathan Baldwin and 1st wife Hannah Ward
maternal line England, CT, NJ, CT Joseph Baldwin and his three wives:
Hannah Whitlock; Isabel (Ward) Catlin Northam and Elizabeth (Gibbons) Hitchcok Warriner
maternal line New England area Robert Barker and his wife Luce
maternal line NY, MN, ND Robert Bea and Eliza West
maternal gg grandparents
husbands maternal line Odessa, Russia, NY, SD, ND, MN John Blinderman and Rebecca Feinstein
husbands grandpaents
maternal line England, CT Daniel Boardman/Boreman and Hannah Wright
Daniel Boardman was son of Samuel Boreman and his wife Mary Betts 
maternal line England, CT, MA Thomas Bourne and Elizabeth
paternal line England, RI, ME Thomas Carr
maternal line CT Josiah Churchill and Elizabeth Foote
maternal line CT, MA, VT, NY, IA, MN Jotham8 Churchill and Euphima Randall
gg grandparents
Jotham Churchill was son of John7 Churchill and Martha Baldwin  
maternal line NY, MI Jedediah Cleveland and 1st wife Phebe Ann Ames
gg grandaunt
Phebe Ann Ames was dau of Josiah Ames and his 2nd wife Mary Wetsel 
maternal line England, MA, CT Samuel Cleveland and his wives: Jane Keyes; Persis Hildreth and
Margaret Fish
paternal line MA, ME John Clough of Salisbury and his wife Jane
My father before he died took the DNA test which proved our line connects to John Clough above.
paternal line ME, MA David Cros(s)man Clough and his three wives
my paternal gg grandfather
NH to UT David Clough/Cluff and his wife Elizabeth Hall our Mormon cousins
paternal line England, MA, ME, Canada, ME David Crossman and Sarah Bounds
my paternal gggg grandparents
 maternal line MA Benoni Eaton and Rebecca
maternal line England, MA, CT, NY Samuel Eells and Anna Lenthal
my maternal ggggg grandparents
paternal line England, MA, RI, ME Edward Estes and Patience Carr
husbands maternal line Russia, NY, SD, ND, MN Adolf Feinstein and Sarah Pliner
husbands great grandparents
maternal line England, CT Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth Deming
maternal line MN, ND, MN Conrad Geise and Viola Ames
my great grandaunt
Viola Ames was dau of my gg grandparents William Ames and Lucinda Moon
maternal line NY, IL, MI Greenleaf Glidden and Mary Jane Ames
my gg grandaunt Mary Jane Ames
dau of my ggg grandparents Josiah Ames and his 2nd wife Mary Wetsel 
maternal line England, MA John Goodwin and Martha Lathrop
husbands paternal line Germany, MN Karl Hahn and Minnie Caroline Schultz
husbands grandparents
maternal line England, MA Thomas Hatch and Lydia Gyles
maternal line England, CT, MA Thomas Hewitt and his wives: Hannah Palmer and Rebecca Short
maternal line England, MA area Richard Hildreth and his wives: 1st Sarah and 2nd Elizabeth Henchman
Please note the below Jones families now have their own pages
paternal line MA, ME to all over USA Thomas1 Jones and Thankful Wing my line
all Jones lines below are direct lines from Thomas Jones and Thankful Wing
Noah2 Jones and Patience Joy
Lemuel2 Jones and Waite Estes my line
Mercy3 Jones and Nathaniel Hawkes
Rachel3 Jones and Andrew Pinkham
Caleb3 Jones and Peace Goddard
Lemuel3 Jones and his two wives, Catherine Allen and Deborah Hawkes my line
paternal line England, MA, ME Isaac4 Jones and Nancy Randall ggg grandparents
Sarah3 Jones and Robert Goddard ... Robert's second wife was Abigail Stewart
Edward3 Jones and his two wives, Mary Tuttle and Eleanor Morrison
Mary3 Jones and Joshua Frye
Stephen3 Jones and Eunice Hacker
Israel3 Jones and his three wives, Judith Tuttle, Martha (Goodwine) Preble and Deborah Philbrook
Thomas3 Jones and his two wives, Esther Hacker and Hannah Winslow
Phebe3 Jones and Nathaniel Owen
Lydia3 Jones and Stephen Nichols
maternal line MN Godfrey Letcher and Matilda Ames
Matilda Ames was dau of William Ames and his wife Lucinda Moon
maternal line IA, MN, SD, MN Fredrick Henry Lynn/Linn and his two wives; Phebe Clara Martindale and Eliza Ames
maternal grandparents
paternal line NH, ME Enoch Meloon/Maloon and his wives: Margaret March and Mary Beal
from the line of Huydrick/Hendrick Meloon
paternal line NH, ME George H. Maloon and his wife Elizabeth Annie Harmon
my paternal gg grandparents
sister of ggg paternal grandfather NH Olive Meloon and her husband Benjamin Ackerman
sister of my paternal ggg grandfather Joseph Meloon, and mother of Amos Tappan Ackerman
maternal line MN Samuel Moorhead and Mary Ann (Marian) Ames
Mary Ann Ames was dau of William Ames and Lucinda Moon 
maternal line NY, WI Peter Mosher/Moshier and Sally Marie Ames
Sally Marie Ames was dau of Josiah Ames and 1st wife Sally Stacey 
maternal line England, MA Walter Palmer and 2nd wife Rebecca Short
maternal line NY Ralph Rowley Phelps and Elizabeth (Betsey) Ames
Elizabeth Ames was dau of Josiah Ames and 2nd wife Mary Wetsel 
maternal line NY, NJ, MI, MN Joshua Randall and Sarah Smith
ggg grandparents, Sarah Smith was dau of Jeremiah Smith 
brother of my great grandmother William Randall and his three wvies
William Randall was son of Joshua Randall and his wife Sarah Smith 
paternal line England, MA, ME, NH, ME Nancy Randall/Rendall line from Matthew Randall
and Agnes Cullen 
husbands paternal line Germany, OH, MN Edward Ernest Schultz and Elizabeth Schmidt/Smith
husbands great grandparents
paternal line England, MA, ME Jacob Shorey and Hannah Coes/Cosse
maternal line NJ, NY, IL Jeremiah Smith and undknow wife
my ggg grandparents
maternal line NY, IL John T. Smith and Chole Ames
my gg grandaunt
Chole Ames was dau of Josiah Ames and 1st wife Sally Stacey 
maternal line England, MA Anthony Snow and Abigal2 Warren daughter of Richard1 Warren
maternal line MA Thomas Tilden and his two wives Elizabeth Bourne and Mary Holmes
maternal line NJ, NY Samuel Swackhammer and Hannah Ames
gg grandaunt
Hannah Ames was dau of Josiah Ames and his 1st wife Sally Stacey 
maternal line England, MA, CT Samuel Utley and Hannaah Hatch
maternal line England, MA Richard1 Warren who came on the Mayflower
maternal line England, RI, MA, CT Robert Waterman and his wife Elizabeth Bourne
paternal line England, MA Daniel Wing son of Rev. John Wing
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