Genealogy Report (Reverse Register)

Genealogy Report (Reverse Register)Genealogy Report (Reverse Register)

Ancestors of Ernest Hamblin Thompson

Generation One

1. Ernest Hamblin1 Thompson (Edward, #2) was born on 5/24/1888 at Merida, Mexico. He married Genevieve Wickham, daughter of Ross Miller Wickham and Mary Alice Steventon, on 6/14/1919.1 He died on 2/26/1972 at Chicago, Cook, IL, at age 83.

He was also known as Ernest Hamblin Thompson.

Generation Two

2. Edward Herbert2 Thompson (Josiah, #4) was born on 9/28/1857 at Worcester, MA. He married Henrietta T. Hamblin (see #3), daughter of John C. Hamblin and Maria Tobey, on 6/2/1883. He died on 11/5/1935 at Plainfield, NJ, at age 78.

Children of Edward Herbert2 Thompson and Henrietta T. Hamblin (see #3) were as follows:

3. Henrietta T.2 Hamblin (John, #6) married Edward Herbert Thompson (see #2), son of Josiah Augustus Thompson and Mary E. Thayer, on 6/2/1883. She died on 1/14/1940 at Plainfield, NJ.

She lived at Of West Falmouth, MA.

Generation Three

4. Josiah Augustus3 Thompson (Josiah, #8)20 was born on 7/23/1831 at New Salem, MA.21 He married Mary E. Thayer (see #5) on 8/13/1856 at Maybe Salem, Essex, MA on 8/16/1856.22

Children of Josiah Augustus3 Thompson and Mary E. Thayer (see #5) were:

5. Mary E.3 Thayer23 married Josiah Augustus Thompson (see #4), son of Josiah Thompson and Louisa Houlton, on 8/13/1856 at Maybe Salem, Essex, MA on 8/16/1856.24

6. John C.3 Hamblin (Benjamin Hamblen, #12) was born on 10/10/1829 at Falmouth, Barnstable, MA.25 He married Maria Tobey (see #7), daughter of Elisha Tobey and Henrietta Dimmick, on 10/14/1856 at North Bridgewater, MA.

Children of John C.3 Hamblin and Maria Tobey (see #7) were as follows:

7. Maria3 Tobey (Elisha, #14) was born on 9/20/1837 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.35 She married John C. Hamblin (see #6), son of Benjamin Hamblen and Betsey (--?--), on 10/14/1856 at North Bridgewater, MA.

Generation Four

8. Josiah4 Thompson (James, #16)36 was born on 8/17/1790 at New Salem, MA.37 He married Louisa Houlton (see #9), daughter of Joseph Houlton and Sarah Putnam, on 10/23/1817.38 He died on 4/15/1855 at of Orange, MA, at age 64.39

Children of Josiah4 Thompson and Louisa Houlton (see #9) were:

9. Louisa4 Houlton (Joseph, #18) married Josiah Thompson (see #8), son of Pvt. James Thompson and Mary "Polly" Sellon, on 10/23/1817.40

12. Benjamin4 Hamblen married Betsey (--?--) (see #13) on 5/13/1826 at Falmouth, Barnstable, MA.

Children of Benjamin4 Hamblen and Betsey (--?--) (see #13) were:

13. Betsey4 (--?--) married Benjamin Hamblen (see #12) on 5/13/1826 at Falmouth, Barnstable, MA.

14. Elisha4 Tobey (Joseph, #28) was born on 7/25/1809 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. He married Henrietta Dimmick (see #15), daughter of David Dimmick and Catherine (--?--), on 1/9/1835 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. He died on 10/9/1868 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA, at age 59.

Children of Elisha4 Tobey and Henrietta Dimmick (see #15) were:

15. Henrietta4 Dimmick (David, #30) was born on 2/24/1816 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. She married Elisha Tobey (see #14), son of Joseph Tobey and Mary (Polly) Swift, on 1/9/1835 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. She died on 10/17/1850 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA, at age 34.

Generation Five

16. Pvt. James5 Thompson (James, #32)41 was born on 5/6/1753 at New Salem, MA.42 He married Mary "Polly" Sellon (see #17) on 8/20/1777.43 He died on 10/28/1819 at New Salem, MA, at age 66.44

Children of Pvt. James5 Thompson and Mary "Polly" Sellon (see #17) were:

17. Mary "Polly"5 Sellon45 was born on 5/5/1758. She married Pvt. James Thompson (see #16), son of James Thompson and Abigail Simonde, on 8/20/1777.46 She died on 7/3/1813 at age 55.47

18. Joseph5 Houlton (James, #36) was born before 8/6/1760 at New Salem, MA. He married Sarah Putnam (see #19) in 1780 at New Salem, MA. He died on 12/8/1832.

Children of Joseph5 Houlton and Sarah Putnam (see #19) were:

19. Sarah5 Putnam married Joseph Houlton (see #18), son of James Houlton and Lois Farrar, in 1780 at New Salem, MA.

28. Joseph5 Tobey was born circa 1775. He married Mary (Polly) Swift (see #29) on 12/30/1803 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.

Children of Joseph5 Tobey and Mary (Polly) Swift (see #29) were:

29. Mary (Polly)5 Swift was born at Wareham, MA: maybe 5/19/1779; F Samuel Swift, M Betsey, Wareham, MA. She married Joseph Tobey (see #28) on 12/30/1803 at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.

30. David5 Dimmick married Catherine (--?--) (see #31).

Children of David5 Dimmick and Catherine (--?--) (see #31) were:

31. Catherine5 (--?--) married David Dimmick (see #30).

Generation Six

32. James6 Thompson (James, #64)48 was born on 12/30/1716 at Wilmington, MA.49 He married Abigail Simonde (see #33) on 4/23/1746.50 He died at of New Salem, MA.51

Children of James6 Thompson and Abigail Simonde (see #33) were:

33. Abigail6 Simonde52 was born circa 1721. She married James Thompson (see #32), son of Deacon James Thompson and Abigail Hamlet, on 4/23/1746.53 She died on 9/5/1784.

She was also known as Abigail Simonds.

36. James6 Houlton (Joseph, #72) was born on 1/7/1736 at Hopkinton. He married Lois Farrar (see #37). He died in 1772.

He According to Wetherbee, he came to New Salem from Hopkinton as a boy in his father's family about 1751 and had a poll in 1759 but no real estate and

small personal estate. He lived here all his life. It is probably him in Capt. Houe's company in 1755.

Children of James6 Houlton and Lois Farrar (see #37) were:

37. Lois6 Farrar married James Houlton (see #36), son of Joseph Houlton and Rebecca Felton.

Generation Seven

64. Deacon James7 Thompson (James, #128)54 was born in 5/ /1680 at Woburn, MA.55 He married Abigail Hamlet (see #65), daughter of Jacob Hamlet and Mary Adford, in 1716.56 He died on 3/7/1763 at Woburn, MA, at age 82.57

Children of Deacon James7 Thompson and Abigail Hamlet (see #65) were:

65. Abigail7 Hamlet (Jacob, #130)58 was born on 3/25/1689 at Woburn, Middlesex, MA.59 She married Deacon James Thompson (see #64), son of Lieut. James Thompson and Hannah Walker, in 1716.60 She died on 10/23/1755 at age 66.61

72. Joseph7 Houlton was born on 6/30/1711 at Salem, Essex, MA. He married Rebecca Felton (see #73), daughter of Skelton Felton and Hepzibah (--?--). He died between 1771 and 1772 at New Salem, MA.

He According to Wetherbee, he came in New Salem from Hopkinton with Rebecca and his children about 1751, served in the House in 1754; lost Joseph, the war in 1756 at which time he was called "Ensign." He lived in New Salem the rest of his life, perhaps on Third Div. #10 and from 1765 to 1771 on Third Div. #7. He was a crdwainer and built a grist mill in New Salem.

Children of Joseph7 Houlton and Rebecca Felton (see #73) were:

73. Rebecca7 Felton (Skelton, #146) was born before 02 Jul 1714/15. She married Joseph Houlton (see #72).

Generation Eight

128. Lieut. James8 Thompson (Simon, #256)62 was born on 3/20/1649 at Woburn, MA.63 He married Hannah Walker (see #129), daughter of Samuel Walker, on 1/27/1673.64 He died on 9/14/1693 at Woburn, MA, at age 44.65 He was buried at Woburn Burying Ground, Woburn, MA.66

Children of Lieut. James8 Thompson and Hannah Walker (see #129) were:

129. Hannah8 Walker (Samuel, #258)67 was born on 6/28/1648 at Reading, Middlesex, MA. She married Lieut. James Thompson (see #128), son of Simon Thompson and Mary Converse, on 1/27/1673.68 She died on 4/2/1685 at Woburn, Middlesex, MA, at age 36.69

130. Jacob8 Hamlet (William, #260) was born circa 1641 at Cambridge, MA. He married Mary Adford (see #131), daughter of Henry Adford and Thomazin Munson, circa 1679 at Cambridge, MA. He died in 1/ /1702.

Children of Jacob8 Hamlet and Mary Adford (see #131) were:

131. Mary8 Adford (Henry, #262) was born circa 1651. She married Jacob Hamlet (see #130), son of William Hamlet and Sarah (--?--), circa 1679 at Cambridge, MA.

146. Skelton8 Felton (Nathaniel, #292) married Hepzibah (--?--) (see #147).

Children of Skelton8 Felton and Hepzibah (--?--) (see #147) were:

147. Hepzibah8 (--?--) was born at Hopkinton. She married Skelton Felton (see #146), son of Nathaniel Felton and Ann Horne.

Generation Nine

256. Simon9 Thompson (James, #512)70 was born at England.71 He married Mary Converse (see #257), daughter of Edward Converse and Sarah Smith, on 12/19/1643 at Worburn, Middlesex, MA.72 He died in 5/ /1658 at Woburn, MA.73

He lived at He was one of the company which purchased the territory later known as Chelmsford., Chelmsford.74,75,76 He was employed in 1648 at freeman.77 He left a will in 1658.78,79

Children of Simon9 Thompson and Mary Converse (see #257) were:

257. Mary9 Converse (Edward, #514)80 married Simon Thompson (see #256), son of James Thompson and Elizabeth Griffin, on 12/19/1643 at Worburn, Middlesex, MA.81 She died in 1682 at Woburn, MA.82

She She married (second) February 1, 1659, John Sheldon, of Billerica.

Children: John, born April 4, 1645, died April 12, 1645; Sarah, born February 20, 1646-47; James, mentioned below; Mary, born January 25, 1651-52, died February 2, 1651-52; Ann, born July 30, 1655; Rebecca, born May, 1658.83

258. Samuel9 Walker (Richard, #516) was born circa 1617 at England. He died on 6/11/1684 at Woburn, Middlesex, MA.

Children of Samuel9 Walker include:

260. William9 Hamlet married Sarah (--?--) (see #261).

Children of William9 Hamlet and Sarah (--?--) (see #261) were:

261. Sarah9 (--?--) married William Hamlet (see #260). She died on 1/18/1689 at Woburn, Middlesex, MA.

262. Henry9 Adford married Thomazin Munson (see #263).

Children of Henry9 Adford and Thomazin Munson (see #263) were:

263. Thomazin9 Munson married Henry Adford (see #262).

292. Nathaniel9 Felton (Nathaniel, #584) was born on 8/15/1655 at Salem, Essex, MA. He married Ann Horne (see #293), daughter of John Horne and Ann Joan Slone. He died in 1/ /1733-34 at South Danvers, Essex, MA, at age 78.

He 1692 signed document in defense of John Proctor and his wife accused of witchcraft; signed document in defense of Rebecca Nurse also tried for witchcraft in 1692.

Children of Nathaniel9 Felton and Ann Horne (see #293) were:

293. Ann9 Horne (John, #586) was born before 8/15/1655 at Salem, Essex, MA. She married Nathaniel Felton (see #292), son of Nathaniel Felton and Mary Skelton. She died after 1733.

Generation Ten

512. James10 Thompson84 was born in 1593 at England.85 He married Elizabeth Griffin (see #513) circa 1620 at England.86 He died in 1682 at Woburn, MA.87

He was employed in 1593 at Admitted freeman, prob. Charleston, MA.88

Children of James10 Thompson and Elizabeth Griffin (see #513) were:

513. Elizabeth10 Griffin89 was born circa 1595 at England. She married James Thompson (see #512) circa 1620 at England.90 She died on 11/13/1643 at Woburn, MA.91

She immigrated in 1630 to Came to America with her husband, James.92

514. Edward10 Converse93 was born on 1/20/1589-90 at Wakerly, Northamptonshire, England. He married Sarah Smith (see #515). He died on 10/8/1663 at Woburn, Middlesex, MA, at age 73.

He lived.94,95 He Edward, Charlestown, came in the fleet with Winth. 1630, with w. Sarah,

and childr. req. 19 Oct. to be, and, 18 May foll. was adm. freem. They were

dism. from our ch. to be among first of that in C. where he was selectman

1634-40, had gr. of first ferry to Boston in 1631, rem. 1643 to Woburn, was rep. 1660, and deac. His w. Sarah, d. 14 Jan. 1662. He may have been f. of all in this region, exc. Allen, and, perhaps, was his br. His will, of Aug. 1659, names w. Sarah, s. Josiah, James, and Samuel, Edward, s. of James, as well as alludes to others, childr. of d. Mary Thompson, wh. was when w. of Sheldon, kinsm. Allen C. and John Parker, kinswom. Sarah Smith.96 He was (an unknown value).97 He immigrated in 1630 to Came in the fleet ith Winth. 1630 with w. Sarah, and childr. req 19 Oct. to be.98 He was employed on 5/18/1631 at "and, 18 May foll. was adm. freem.99 He was (an unknown value) between 1634 and 1640 at Selectman.100

Children of Edward10 Converse and Sarah Smith (see #515) were:

515. Sarah10 Smith married Edward Converse (see #514). She died on 1/14/1661-62.

516. Richard10 Walker was born circa 1592 at England. He married Jane Talmadge (see #517), daughter of Thomas Talmadge. He died on 5/16/1687 at Lynn, Essex, MA.

Children of Richard10 Walker and Jane Talmadge (see #517) were:

517. Jane10 Talmadge (Thomas, #1034) married Richard Walker (see #516). She married an unknown person at Richard Walker, England.

584. Nathaniel10 Felton was born on 10/5/1615 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. He married Mary Skelton (see #585). He died on 7/30/1705 at Salem, Essex, MA, at age 89.

He Nathaniel Felton came to Salem in 1633, when 17 years of age; he made a voyage to England in 1634, and returned in 1635; he settled near Felton Hill, Salem, about 1645, the part afterwards called Danvers - now since 1876, Peabody. He was juryman in 1655, and a constable in 1657; he was chosen Ensign in 1679, and Lieutenant in 1681. He became a member of the church in 1648, and his two oldest children were baptized that year. Reverend Dr. Felt, author of Annals of Salem, says "He was a man of good faith and judgement. He was frequently called to give his testimony about litigated estates." In 1676, he was appointed appraiser of the estate of his brother-in-law, Christopher Waller. In 1684, was appointed overseer and appraiser of Zerubbabel Endicott's estate. Nathaniel Felton's deposition of April 6, 1705, signed by his own hand, says he has been in Salem, 72 years. That same time he testified that North River in Salem was called Naumkeag by the Indians.

Apparently this information is also corraborated in "Genealogical History of the Felton Family", 1935; Supplement 1963.101 He lived in 1633 at Salem, MA.102 He emigrated in 1633 from England.

Children of Nathaniel10 Felton and Mary Skelton (see #585) were:

585. Mary10 Skelton married Nathaniel Felton (see #584).

586. John10 Horne was born in 1602 at Suffolk, England. He married Ann Joan Slone (see #587). He died in 11/ /1684 at Salem, Essex, MA.

He was (an unknown value). He From "Good Order to Glorious Revolution", p. 137: The division within the Salem church was not easily smoothed over. In January of 1680, the members elected two new deacons to assist "our brother Horne having been deacon of this church above this fifty years being now very ancient" in 1/ /1680.

Children of John10 Horne and Ann Joan Slone (see #587) were:

587. Ann Joan10 Slone married John Horne (see #586).

Generation Eleven

1034. Thomas11 Talmadge.

Children of Thomas11 Talmadge include:

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