Our extended family history
Our extended family has been working on identifying our ancestors. This was a project started by our parents, Leonore Dorr Wiley and Kenneth Raymond Wiley. To honor their extensive work, we have been extending this work to cover much of our extended family.

Instead of having or genealogy just be boxes and lines, we have been analyzing and describing how our family fit into the political, religious and social tides of Western Europe and North America. In additional to describing the historical picture, we are also describing what they did when they settled into their new homes.

Some branches of the family were on the move several times within a generation, one branch stayed in one town for 400 years. They all had the same goal - to find a fulfilling way to live and raise a family.

Many of these descriptions are from my father, Kenneth Wiley. We will continue to add histories and essays as well as names and pictures as we complete each project. As usual with any genealogy project it is an ongoing work.

Genealogies Histories Essays Pictures Other
Expanded Family Tree of the Dorrs and Wileys Our Extended Family in History The Story of Kenneth R Wiley Dorrs of Maine and Ancestors Map of Europe (Wiley - Dorr)
Lenore Dorr and Ken Wiley Tree Goss in New England Tölö, Halland, Sweden   Wileys and Holts of Maine Map of Europe (Krivanek - Stayner)
Hoog - Höög      Vilnius, Lithuania Wiley Family Ancestry Book 1 by Kenneth R. Wiley O'Briens of Maine and California Map of North America (Wiley - Dorr)
Harman - Liff Ludwig     Early New England      Map of North America (Krivanek - Stayner)
O'Brien - Gulliver Tiegs     A Tour of Duty in Vietnam** (pdf file)     Map of Europe (O'Brien-Gulliver)
Kennedy Straw             Map of North America (O'Brien-Gulliver)
Krivanek Stayner                

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