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Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft and Variant's Onename Study

Williscroft, Woolliscroft and Variants

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Welcome to the online resource pages for the Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft and variants surname worldwide.

A one name study is a project researching all occurrences of a surname worldwide, as opposed to following just the ancestors or descendants of one person or couple. 

The surname is locative in origin and takes it name from the hamlet shown as 'Wooliscroft' on 18C maps of Staffordshire. Both the surname and placename show a similar pattern of evolution. The first indication I have found that the place name was being used by clerks to identify individuals was in a feoffment dated 1311. The document refers to "Henry the son of Walter of Wilardiscroft". Wilardiscroft has not survived as a surname but the variant surnames Williscroft, Williscraft, Willescroft, Willinscroft, Woolliscroft, Wooliscroft and Wolliscroft can be found worldwide today.

It was while researching my ancestry that I became fascinated with how the bearers of this unusual surname had migrated not only through England and the United Kingdom but the whole world. As a consequence they have been involved in some of the major events of world history. The study is now registered with the Guild of Onename Studies.

Since starting the project back in the 1980's my aim has been discover as much as possible about every person who has ever lived anywhere in the world, who bore the last name Williscroft, Woolliscroft or one of it’s variants. As a consequence I have a large database including my own work and information shared by fellow researchers.

Amongst these pages you will find data on the origins of the surname, it history and development over time, worldwide distribution today, the early families in England and on those members of the family who have travelled to other parts of the world. I have also provided some information on other individuals who bear the surname and have something interesting to tell.  

The website includes links to searchable indexes for the surname accessible through the Archive page. There is also a site map to facilitate your negotiation of the website. 

If you are a Williscroft or Woolliscroft, or you have a Williscroft or Woolliscroft in your family I hope you find something interesting in these pages. If you have any family documents, photographs or family stories you would like to share with other family members or just have a query about a Williscroft or Woolliscroft please get in touch.

I have just published the Database for the surname study through the Guild of One Name Studies. The database contains constructed family trees, documents and photographs pertaining to the study. At the moment it is very much work in progress as I continue to add data. 

Williscroft * Wool(l)iscroft * Wolliscroft  Worldwide Onename Study

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