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Wing Family of America, Inc.
Descendants of Matthew & Mary Wing of Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
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(Broad)Brooks, Ebenezer (II) to (Unknown), Deborah
(Unknown), Deborah to (Unknown), Isabella
(Unknown), Isabella to (Unknown), Mary J.
(Unknown), Mary J. to (Unknown), Susan
(Unknown), Susan to Akin(s), Sarah
Akin(s), Seth Kelley to Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Elizabeth to Allen, Sarah
Allen, Sarah to Anthony, Mary
Anthony, Mary Gifford to Atkinson, stillborn child ([poss. dau])
Atkinson, Susannah to Bacon, William N.
Badcock, George (II) to Baker, Thomas Eldredge
Baker, Thomas G. to Bangs, Zenas
Banks, Olive to Barlow, Hannah
Barlow, Hannah to Barlow, [poss.] 1 more child
Barmore, Emma to Barton, Nellie K.
Barton, Peter to Beals, Samuel P.
Beam, Margaret to Benham, Zouva Zelma
Benidict, Patricia Beverley to Bigelow, Martha
Bigelow, Mary to Blankinship, William
Blanton, Caroline to Bonney, Thirza
Bonum, Elizabeth to Bowerman, Deborah
Bowerman, Deborah to Bradley, William
Brady, Agnes L. to Breed, Zephaniah ([poss.])
Breen, Nellie Ellen to Brooks, Winfield A. (Capt.)
Broomall, Maria Louisa to Brown, Sherman
Brown, Silvanus to Bull, Sallie A.
Bull, Sarah to Burgess, Julia N.
Burgess, Kate to Bush, William
Bushee, Carrie Jane to Cann, Samuel
Cannell, Nancy to Case, Wilson
Casey, Elizabeth to Chapman, Mary F.
Chapman, Mary Jane to Chase, Mary E or L.
Chase, Mary Elizabeth to Childs, William Lee
Chiles, Mary K. Dyer to Clark, Job
Clark, Joel Hunt to Clifton, Timothy (II)
Clinch, Lester to Cole, Jesse E.
Cole, John to Connett, Opha J.
Connor, Grace Elvira to Corbin, Worth
Corbit, Phoebe to Covell, William
Coveney, Frances Elizabeth to Crocker, Harvey
Crocker, Harvey to Crosby, Richard Patten
Crosby, Robert B. to Crowell, Zipporah
Crowl, Hazel Rosanna to Daggett, Warren W.
Dahl, Anna Grant to Davis, Dora
Davis, Dorothy to Davis, Valentine
Davis, Vinson Frederick to Delano, Nathaniel
Delano, Nathaniel to Dexter, Charles
Dexter, Charles Thurston to Dimmock, Willie Ford
Dimock, Ichabod to Dorman, Mary Alice
Dormandy, Alice A. to Dungan, Joshua
Dungan, Lettuce B. to Durfee, Infant
Durfee, infant to Eastman, Mary
Eastman, Mary to Eldredge, Zephaniah
Eldridge, (Unknown) to Emery, James
Emery, James Clarence to Falkner, William Henry
Falor, Elizabeth to Ferrin, Elizabeth
Ferris, (Unknown) to Fletcher, Clarissa
Fletcher, Claudia to Foss, William H.
Fossett, Louisa to Foy, Obed
Fraguadas, Gustav Manuel to Freeman, Samuel Jr.
Freeman, Sarah to Fuller, Wirt Charles
Fullmer, (Unknown) to Gaule, Madeline
Gauswelling, Henry to Gifford, Barnabus
Gifford, Barsheba to Gifford, Hannah
Gifford, Hannah to Gifford, Mary Earle
Gifford, Mary Elizabeth to Gifford, Weston
Gifford, Weston Avery to Godfrey, Mary
Godfrey, Mary Ann to Gould, William Ellsworth
Gourley, Jane to Greenman, Ruamy
Greenwood, Ada W. to Hadlock, Samuel
Hadsell, Daniel to Hamblen [Hamlin], Priscilla
Hamblen, 2 sons 1 dau to Hammond, Lucy
Hammond, Lucy to Handy, Thankful
Handy, Thankful Bates to Harris, Robert A.
Harris, Sarah to Hatch, Silas M.
Hatch, Silvanus to Hawes, Moses
Hawes, Otis to Hendrick, Wing
Hendricks, Arthur William to Higgins, Zerviah
Hight, Charles Raynor to Hitchcock, John M.
Hitchcock, Nancy to Hollands, Stephen
Holle, Sophie to Homer, Sally Rowe
Homer, Sarah to Hopkins, Obadiah
Hopkins, Obadiah W. to Howard, Mary
Howard, Mary Katherine to Howland, Deborah
Howland, Deborah to Howland, Zoeth [Zoar]
Howler, Ann(a) to Humphrey, William Henry
Humphries, Charlie J. to Hutchinson, Willard J.
Hutchison, Adam to James, Thomas Franklin
Jameson, Annie Yates to Johnson, Carter Guy
Johnson, Catherine to Jones, Louis Augustus
Jones, Louise Miriam to Keep, Sophia
Keese, (Unknown) to Kelley, William L.
Kelley, William S. to Kessler, William W.
Kesterman, Carl to Kirby, Weston
Kirby, Weston [Wesson] to Lake, Lydia
Lake, Lydia E. to Larrington, Mary Ann
Larrowe, Sarah Ann to Ledbetter, Sarah Mandy
Ledin, Herbert A. to Lightfoot, Phyllis Emma
Lilley, Paul Otis to Logan, William H.
Logerrun, Idonia to Lombard, Oliver Cromwell
Lombard, Oliver Cromwell (II) to Lothrop, William
Lott, Mary to Luce, West
Luce, Wilbur M. to Main, Sarah
Maine, Elizabeth to Marston, Hannah Chapin
Marston, Harriet S. to Maxim, Zilpha
Maxon, Fred ([prob.]) to McCallum, William J.
McCarter, Asenath Basset to McNamara, Robert
McNeal, Mary to Middleditch, Alonzo
Middleton, Cecil John to Mitchell, William Whittier
Mitchner, Martha to Morrill, Sarah E.
Morris, (Unknown) ([poss.]) to Mosher, William Tyler
Moshier, Mehitable to Negus, Elma
Negus, Elwood to Newton, Timothy
Niblette, Sarah Hane to Nickerson, Zephaniah
Nicklicka, Rosalie to Nye, Ellery W.
Nye, Elnathan to Olmsted, Miranda
Olney, Asa to Paddock, Zerviah
Paddon, Henry to Parker, child(ren)
Parker, child(ren) to Patten, Zeruriah
Pattengill, Asaph to Peckham, Zacheus
Pecktel, Joanna to Perry, Genevieve
Perry, George Elmer to Phelps, Sarah
Phenner, Phebe to Pigsley, Welcome (Rev.) Jr.
Pike, Anna to Potter, Clarinda Tabor
Potter, Clarissa Marie to Prescott, Violetta
Preshall, James to Randall, Stephen
Randall, Susanna to Retzlaff, Alvin Gustav
Revel, Clement George to Rich, Lucinda A.
Rich, Lucy to Rider, Zerviah
Ridgway, Caleb to Roberts, Wayne Howell
Robertson, Annie to Rogers, John
Rogers, John to Rounds, Sterry
Roundy, Martha to Russell, John
Russell, John to Sanborn, William Ruggles
Sanders, Abigail to Schoonover, Moses
Schrauben, Clarence I. to Sears, Rebecca
Sears, Rebecca E. to Sheldon, Francis
Sheldon, Franklin to Sherman, Lillie Maria
Sherman, Lloyd to Siegel, Charles E.
Siekley, Earl L. S. to Slack, William
Slade, Betsy to Smellie, Marguerite Elaine
Smiley, Albert K. A.M. to Smith, Halsey William
Smith, Hannah to Smith, Peleg ([prob.]) Jr.
Smith, Penina to Snow, Elmer
Snow, Elnathan to Snyder, William Henry
Soames, Arthur Christopher John Christopher (Rt. Honourable) Baron Soames to Soule, Thomas
Soule, Thomas to Spooner, Cassius Marcellus Clay
Spooner, Catharine to Spooner, Lucy
Spooner, Lucy to Sprague, Sarah
Sprague, Seth to Steele, William James
Steer, Deborah to Stockman, William
Stockton, Job to Sumner, Savannah Augusta
Sunderland, Sarah to Swift, Elizabeth
Swift, Elizabeth to Swift, Theodore B.
Swift, Thomas to Tallman, Henry
Tallman, Herbert E. to Thayer, Tryphena
Theese, Elizabeth to Tilden, Stephen
Tileston, Thomas to Tobey, Zoeth Deacon
Tobias, John to Tripp, Francis
Tripp, Francis to Tupper, Willis
Turk, Amy Pearl to Van Tassel, Theunis
van Valkenberg, Lucretia or van Allen to Wait, Stephen
Waite Bennett, James to Wanzer, Zebulon
Waranow, Abraham to Watson, William W.
Wattles, (Unknown) to Weeks, Henry Franklin Reed
Weeks, Henry Herbert to West, Joel
West, John to Wheelock, William M.
Whelden, Elizabeth to White, Smith
White, Sophia to Wier, William
Wigfield, Elizabeth to Wiley, William W.
Wilford, Frederick to Wing(e), Sarah [Whynge]
Wing(e), Sibill to Wing, Albert Hale
Wing, Albert Henry to Wing, Anna Belle RN
Wing, Anna Blanche to Wing, Bertha L.
Wing, Bertha Lenore to Wing, Charles Edward
Wing, Charles Edward to Wing, Cyrus
Wing, Cyrus A. to Wing, Edgar
Wing, Edgar to Wing, Elizabeth Judd
Wing, Elizabeth M. to Wing, Evelyn Irene
Wing, Evelyn Lena to Wing, Fredrick William
Wing, Freeland Quincy to Wing, Hannah
Wing, Hannah to Wing, Henry Smith
Wing, Henry Spencer to Wing, Jacob
Wing, Jacob to Wing, John Avery
Wing, John B. to Wing, Katherine Taft
Wing, Katherine Thomas to Wing, Loyd Alexander
Wing, Luammah L. to Wing, Martha
Wing, Martha to Wing, Mary Walker
Wing, Mary Watson to Wing, Nellie Hervey
Wing, Nellie Ina to Wing, Phurina
Wing, Phydelia to Wing, Ruth
Wing, Ruth to Wing, Solomon H.
Wing, Solomon H. to Wing, Vivian Olive
Wing, Vivienne E. to Wing, Willis Chandler
Wing, Willis Dudley to Wood, Charles
Wood, Charles Augustus to Woodruff, Willard Raymond
Woods, Abigail to Wyman, Martin Luther
Wyman, Martin Luther to [O'] Kelley, Seth

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Wing Family of America, Inc.
Raymond T. Wing

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