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Elizabeth (Unknown) Bowen (F)

     She married Samuel Fuller (II) Rev.. Elizabeth was born.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Elizabeth (Unknown) Bowen and Samuel Fuller (II) Rev.
Elizabeth Fuller+ b. b 1679

Elizabeth C. (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=24 Oct 2005

Child of Elizabeth C. (Unknown) and Robert I. Murray
Robert Lindley Murray b. bt 1824 - 1825

Elizabeth D. (Unknown) (F)

     She married Ebenezer Ellis. Elizabeth was born.

Last Edited=2 Mar 2003

Child of Elizabeth D. (Unknown) and Ebenezer Ellis
Andrew F. Ellis b. 1 Apr 1850

Elizabeth G. (Unknown) (F)
d. before 1850

     Elizabeth G. (Unknown) married Daniel Shepherd (II), son of Daniel Shepherd and Avis Jones. Elizabeth G. (Unknown) died before 1850.

Last Edited=16 Sep 2004

Child of Elizabeth G. (Unknown) and Daniel Shepherd (II)
Benjamin G. Shepherd

Elizabeth G. (Unknown) (F)
b. September 1869

     Elizabeth G. (Unknown) was born in September 1869 at New York. She married Cornell G. Wing, son of Mordecai L. Wing and Sarah C. Stark, in 1891 at New York.

Last Edited=23 Aug 2005

Children of Elizabeth G. (Unknown) and Cornell G. Wing
infant Wing d. b 1900
Jessie Wing b. Jun 1894

Elizabeth (Unknown) Graham (F)

     Elizabeth was born. She married Walter Ball Mayo on 20 January 1880.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Elizabeth H. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1843

     Elizabeth H. (Unknown) married William D. Richards, son of (2nd husband) Silas W. Richards and Harriett Bennett Dunham. Elizabeth H. (Unknown) was born in 1843.

Last Edited=16 Nov 2005

Elizabeth J. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1849

     Elizabeth J. (Unknown) was buried at Rural Cemetery, New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts. She married James H. Tallman, son of William Tallman "Jr." and Abby Kent. Elizabeth J. (Unknown) was born in 1849.

Last Edited=27 Jul 2005

Elizabeth M. (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1815

     Elizabeth M. (Unknown) was born circa 1815. She married Calvin Gifford, son of David Gifford and Polly Shrieve, in 1887?

Last Edited=4 Jun 2004

Elizabeth P. (Unknown) (F)
d. 1979

     Elizabeth was born. She married Lt. Col. Charles Kleber Wing. She died at Palo Alto, Santa Clara, CA, in 1979.

Last Edited=16 Mar 2005

Elizabeth (Unknown) Potter (F)
b. 10 August 1711, d. before December 1756
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married an unknown person . Elizabeth was born at Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, on 10 August 1711. She was the daughter of [poss.] Samuel Potter and [poss.] Mary (Unknown). She married Jonathan Gifford at of Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, on 1 May 1727. She died at Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, before December 1756.

Last Edited=27 Jun 2004

Child of Elizabeth (Unknown) Potter
Timothy Potter

Children of Elizabeth (Unknown) Potter and Jonathan Gifford
Dele Gifford+ b. 2 Nov 1727, d. a 10 Dec 1759
Mary Gifford+ b. 28 Jan 1731/32
Dinah Gifford+ b. 17 Jun 1733
Jeremiah Gifford+ b. 21 Feb 1736, d. a 1790

Elizabeth R. (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=24 Oct 2005

Child of Elizabeth R. (Unknown) and William S. Cranston
(2nd wife) Mary H. Cranston+ b. Aug 1822, d. 1 Nov 1874

Elizabeth S. (Unknown) (F)
b. 14 August 1843

     Elizabeth S. (Unknown) was buried at Elm Street Cemetery, So. Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts. She married Gideon Howland Sherman, son of Capt. Jireh Sherman Jr. and Elizabeth Wing Howland. Elizabeth S. (Unknown) was born on 14 August 1843.

Last Edited=23 Oct 2005

Elizabeth Shirley (Unknown) Moore (F)
d. 11 May 1884

     Elizabeth Shirley (Unknown) Moore married Benjamin Haight Wing, son of Elihu Wing and Amanda Haight, on 21 March 1864 at Snicote, IL. Elizabeth Shirley (Unknown) Moore died on 11 May 1884.

Last Edited=10 Jun 2004

Child of Elizabeth Shirley (Unknown) Moore and Benjamin Haight Wing
4 infant children Wing

Ella (Unknown) (F)

     Ella was born. She married Lemuel L. Wing before 1900.

Last Edited=28 Oct 2003

Ella (Unknown) (F)

     Ella (Unknown) married William Hubbard, son of Manley Hubbard and Jemima Milk.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Ella (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Ella (Unknown) and John F. Gerew
Ethel Gerew+ b. 22 Apr 1895, d. 1954

Ella (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1853

     Ella (Unknown) was born circa 1853 at MI. She married George William Wing, son of Capt. George Wing and Betsey C. Hopkins, between 1900 and 1901 at poss. Mendon Twp., St. Joseph, MI.

Last Edited=22 Dec 2004

Ella (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Ella (Unknown) (F)

     Ella (Unknown) married Bruce Lowe, son of Lutheria Jane Wing.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Ella F. (Unknown) (F)

     Ella F. (Unknown) married Giles F. Wing, son of Daniel Addison Wing and Lydia A. Kingsbury.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Children of Ella F. (Unknown) and Giles F. Wing
Neva Wing
Annabel Wing

Ella J. (Unknown) (F)
b. September 1859

     Ella J. (Unknown) was born in September 1859 at NY. She married John B. Hopkins, son of John B. Hopkins and Elizabeth M. Lewry, circa 1881 at prob. Jamaica, Queens, NY.

Last Edited=22 Dec 2004

Children of Ella J. (Unknown) and John B. Hopkins
Mable E. Hopkins b. Sep 1884
Nellie R. Hopkins b. Nov 1889
John B. Hopkins b. Jul 1893

Ella M. (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Ella M. (Unknown) and Francis M. Littlefield
Mary Alteen Littlefield+ b. 16 Oct 1885, d. 7 Jun 1969

Ella (Unknown) Powers (F)
b. March 1845, d. 24 March 1894

     Ella was born in March 1845. She married Edward L. Foster at New York, NY, on 25 January 1888. She died on 24 March 1894.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Ellen (Unknown) (F)

     She married Deloss Penn(e)y. Ellen was born at (Unknown), CAN.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Ellen (Unknown) (F)

     Ellen was born. She married Judge William Anthony Wing before 1893.

Last Edited=22 Dec 2003

Children of Ellen (Unknown) and Judge William Anthony Wing
Robert Wing
Mary Wing
William Wing

Ellen (Unknown) (F)

     She married Henry Osterhouse. Ellen was born.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Ellen (Unknown) and Henry Osterhouse
Nicholas Osterhouse b. 18 Jan 1867

Ellen (Unknown) (F)
b. 20 February 1811, d. 8 March 1862

     Ellen (Unknown) married Consider Gifford, son of David Gifford and Polly Shrieve. Ellen (Unknown) was born on 20 February 1811 at calc. She died on 8 March 1862 at age 51.

Last Edited=4 Jun 2004

Ellen (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1840, d. between 1870 and 1880

     Ellen (Unknown) was born circa 1840 at IRE. She married Judah Berry (III), son of Judah Berry (II) and Hannah Foster Wing, after 1860 at Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Ellen (Unknown) died between 1870 and 1880 at Brooklyn, Kings, NY.

Last Edited=22 Dec 2004

Children of Ellen (Unknown) and Judah Berry (III)
Judah Berry (IV) b. c 1861
Anna? Berry b. 4 May 1865, d. 4 May 1865
Anna? Berry b. c 6 Oct 1865, d. 14 Oct 1865
[poss. dau] stillborn child Berry b. 1 Nov 1867, d. 1 Nov 1867

Ellen (Unknown) (F)
d. May 1922

     Ellen (Unknown) married George Henry Wing, son of Chancellor Wing and Susan Tryon. Ellen (Unknown) was buried in May 1922 at Roselawn Cemetery, Perry, Shiawassee, Michigan. She died in May 1922 at Perry, Shiawassee, Michigan.

Last Edited=28 Feb 2005

Child of Ellen (Unknown) and George Henry Wing
Irvin Henry Wing+ b. 14 Feb 1874, d. 20 Jul 1946

Ellen F. (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1838 and 1839

     Ellen F. (Unknown) was born between 1838 and 1839 at 21 1860, Maine. She married George M. Fillebrown, son of Thomas Fillebrown and Elizabeth Abbott, before 1856 at Maine.

Last Edited=9 Jun 2005

Children of Ellen F. (Unknown) and George M. Fillebrown
G. W. Fillebrown
Benjamin P. Fillebrown b. bt 1856 - 1857
Abby Fillebrown b. c Aug 1859

Ellen L. (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1837 and 1838

     Ellen L. (Unknown) married Stephen P. Wing, son of William Henry Wing and Ann Fisher. Ellen L. (Unknown) was born between 1837 and 1838 at 42 1880, NY.

Last Edited=6 Nov 2004

Ellen M. (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1845

     She married Albion B. Frost. Ellen was born at (Unknown), Maine, circa 1845.

Last Edited=22 Aug 2003

Children of Ellen M. (Unknown) and Albion B. Frost
Alden B. Frost b. c 1873
Frank M. Frost b. c 1874

Ellen R. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1841

     Ellen R. (Unknown) married David W. Howland, son of Capt. John Akin Howland and Eliza Wing Sherman. Ellen R. (Unknown) was born in 1841.

Last Edited=30 Sep 2005

(2nd wife) Elsie (Unknown) (F)
d. 1942

     (2nd wife) Elsie (Unknown) married George Adelbert Wing, son of Charles H. Wing and Jennie Bargaret Beldue. (2nd wife) Elsie (Unknown) died in 1942.

Last Edited=21 Jan 2005

Elsie W. (Unknown) (F)

     She married Harry E. Shaw. Elsie was born at (Unknown).

Last Edited=28 Feb 2003

Elvira (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Elvira (Unknown) and James S. Bray
Victoria A. Bray+ b. 1845, d. 20 Feb 1890

Elys (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Elys (Unknown) and Hiram Arnold
Elisha van Rensselaer Arnold b. 11 Feb 1841, d. 26 May 1905

Elzeia (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=23 Aug 2005

Child of Elzeia (Unknown) and Roland Jacob Turner
Carl Linwood Turner+ b. 19 Apr 1893, d. 17 Nov 1974

Emeline (Unknown) (F)

     She married Francis Whitton. Emeline was born.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Emeline (Unknown) and Francis Whitton
Emma C. Whitton+ b. c 1846

Emeline (Unknown) (F)

     She married Benjamin L. Crane. Emeline was born.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Emeline (Unknown) and Benjamin L. Crane
Charles Crane+ b. c 1838

Emeline (Unknown) (F)

     Emeline (Unknown) married Jay Kirkbride Wing, son of Daniel Linton Wing and Rachel S. Wing, before 23 November 1886 at first child born at, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Children of Emeline (Unknown) and Jay Kirkbride Wing
Vylettie May Wing b. 23 Nov 1886
Rhoda Jane Wing b. 21 Dec 1894

Emeline (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Emeline (Unknown) and Isaac Harrington
Sarah F. Harrington+

Emeline (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1807

     Emeline (Unknown) was born circa 1807 at CT. She married Taber Tobey, son of Zaccheus Tobey (III) and Mary Gifford, after 1856.

Last Edited=23 Jul 2004

Emeline (Unknown) (F)

     Emeline (Unknown) married Jacob Haight, son of Benjamin Haight and Phoebe Ruff.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Emeline (Unknown) and Jacob Haight
Jasper Haight b. c 1842, d. 1862

Emerancy A. (Unknown) Blodgett (F)
d. 26 February 1867

     Emerancy A. (Unknown) Blodgett married Consider Gifford, son of David Gifford and Polly Shrieve, after 1862. Emerancy A. (Unknown) Blodgett died on 26 February 1867.

Last Edited=4 Jun 2004

Emeritta (Unknown) (F)

     She married Benjamin Penn(e)y. Emeritta was born.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

[poss.] Emerline (Unknown) (F)

     [poss.] Emerline (Unknown) married Benjamin Snow, son of [poss.] Solomon Snow and Lavina Knowles.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Children of [poss.] Emerline (Unknown) and Benjamin Snow
[poss.] Isaac Cole Snow b. 29 Sep 1836
[poss.] Levina Snow b. 30 Sep 1838
[poss.] Abram Cole Snow b. 13 Jan 1841, d. 18 Mar 1841

Emily (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Child of Emily (Unknown) and John Tabor
Susan Tabor+ d. b 1921

Emily (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1817 and 1818

     Emily (Unknown) married Nathan Wing, son of William Wing and Anna Akin. Emily (Unknown) was born between 1817 and 1818 at 42 1860, Ohio.

Last Edited=29 Sep 2005

Children of Emily (Unknown) and Nathan Wing
Isaac Wing b. bt 1843 - 1844
Colinda Wing b. bt 1844 - 1845

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