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Wing Family of America, Inc. - Person Page 17

Wing Family of America, Inc.
Descendants of Matthew & Mary Wing of Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Person Page 17

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Isabella (Unknown) (F)

     Isabella was born. She married James Chilton.

Last Edited=29 Jun 2003

Child of Isabella (Unknown) and James Chilton
Mary Chilton+ d. 1678

Isabella (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1827 and 1828

     Isabella (Unknown) married Stephen Ford, son of Robert Ford and Sarah Dye. Isabella (Unknown) was born between 1827 and 1828 at NJ.

Last Edited=14 Dec 2004

Child of Isabella (Unknown) and Stephen Ford
2 named children Ford

Isabella (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=9 Jun 2005

Child of Isabella (Unknown) and John Withey
Ruth Staples Withey+

(2nd wife) Isadora (Unknown) (F)
b. 1847, d. 1946

     (2nd wife) Isadora (Unknown) married Gideon F. Gray, son of Philip Gray and Celia Lake. (2nd wife) Isadora (Unknown) was born in 1847. She died in 1946.

Last Edited=24 Oct 2005

Jane (Unknown) (F)

     She married Daniel Chase. Jane was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Jane (Unknown) and Daniel Chase
Charles Chase+

Jane (Unknown) (F)
d. 8 January 1832

     Jane was born. She married Zacheus Braley circa 1777. She died at Falmouth, Barnstable, MA, on 8 January 1832.

Last Edited=19 Jan 2005

Children of Jane (Unknown) and Zacheus Braley
Joshua Braley+ b. 9 Jul 1778, d. 9 Feb 1834
Joseph Braley b. 11 Mar 1781, d. c 2 Nov 1840
Deborah Braley b. 30 May 1784, d. 27 Sep 1820
Peace Braley b. 15 Nov 1787, d. 15 Jun 1867
Mercy Braley b. 10 Oct 1789
Zacheus Braley (II)+ b. 26 Jan 1793
Silas Braley+ b. 16 Aug 1795, d. 6 Aug 1844
Hannah Braley+ b. 26 Dec 1797, d. 13 Apr 1876

Jane (Unknown) (F)

     She married John Shinn. Jane was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Jane (Unknown) and John Shinn
John Shinn (II)+

Jane (Unknown) (F)

     She married Sylvester Berry. Jane was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Jane (Unknown) and Sylvester Berry
Louisa Jane Berry Matthews b. 24 Feb 1824

Jane (Unknown) (F)

     She married Addison Pearson. Jane was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Jane (Unknown) and Addison Pearson
Charles C. Pearson b. c 1846, d. 2 May 1915

Jane (Unknown) (F)

     She married Reuben Brackett. Jane was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Jane (Unknown) and Reuben Brackett
Reuben Brackett (II)

Jane (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1812 and 1813, d. between 1850 and 1860

     Jane was born at 37 1850, between 1812 and 1813. She married Stuart Wing at of Kingfield, Franklin, Maine, circa 1825. Jane (Unknown) died between 1850 and 1860 at of Jackson, Jackson, Michigan.

Last Edited=2 Apr 2005

Children of Jane (Unknown) and Stuart Wing
Mary Wing+ b. bt 1832 - 1833
Huldah Wing+ b. bt 1839 - 1840
Jane Wing b. bt 1841 - 1842
Angeline Wing b. bt 1848 - 1849

Jane (Unknown) (F)

     She married Ambrose Dennis (II). Jane was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Jane (Unknown) and Ambrose Dennis (II)
Tabitha Dennis+ b. 13 Jun 1791

Jane (Unknown) (F)
b. 1818, d. 1894

     She married John Kennedy Hinckley. Jane was born in 1818. She died in 1894.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Jane (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=22 Mar 2005

Children of Jane (Unknown) and Joseph Whitsitt
Charlotte Whiteside+ b. 1831, d. 4 Sep 1863
Lucinda Whiteside+ b. bt 1843 - 1844, d. 7 Apr 1882

Jane (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=13 Dec 2004

Child of Jane (Unknown) and Joshua Crosby
Melissa Crosby+ b. c 20 May 1824, d. 22 Dec 1887

Jane (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=22 Dec 2004

Child of Jane (Unknown) and John H. Wyms
Helen Genevieve Wyms+ b. c 1885, d. a 1986

Jane (Unknown) (F)
b. August 1864

     Jane (Unknown) was born in August 1864 at MD. She married William Hopkins, son of Joseph H. Hopkins and Maria (Unknown), circa 1897.

Last Edited=22 Dec 2004

Jane (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=28 Feb 2005

Child of Jane (Unknown) and Benjamin Bray
Margaret Ellen Bray+ b. 26 Feb 1874, d. 15 Aug 1919

Jane (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=30 Apr 2005

Child of Jane (Unknown) and John Newhouse
Emma M. Newhouse+ b. bt 1843 - 1844, d. 16 Sep 1898

Jane (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=30 Jul 2005

Child of Jane (Unknown) and Isaac L. Brownell
Emma E. Brownell b. 11 Dec 1848, d. 5 Dec 1879

Jane (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1835?

     Jane (Unknown) was born circa 1835?

Last Edited=24 Aug 2005

Children of Jane (Unknown) and Gershom Winsor
(1st wife) Florence Gregory Winsor+ b. 15 Aug 1832, d. 19 Sep 1859
(2nd wife) Ada Winsor+ b. c 1837?

Jane (Unknown) (Hall) (F)

     She married Simeon Larkin. Jane was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Jane (Unknown) (Hall) and Simeon Larkin
Moses Larkin+ b. c 1745

Jane Ann (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=13 Dec 2004

Child of Jane Ann (Unknown) and Ira C. Mead
Huldah Q. Mead b. Feb 1850, d. 1932

Jane Elizabeth (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=27 Jan 2005

Jane (Unknown) Paine (Sarson) (F)
b. circa 1625, d. circa 1675

     She married Rev. Thomas Mayhew Jr.. Jane was born at of London, England, circa 1625. She died circa 1675 at Edgartown, Marthas Vineyard.

Last Edited=18 Aug 2005

Child of Jane (Unknown) Paine (Sarson) and Rev. Thomas Mayhew Jr.
Jerusha Mayhew (Eaton)+ b. c 1654, d. a Oct 1717

Jane (Unknown) Trescott (F)
b. circa October 1759, d. 17 April 1837

     Jane was born circa October 1759. She married John Wing "3d" at publ., Conway, Hampshire, MA, on 2 July 1794. She died at Conway, Franklin, MA, on 17 April 1837.

Last Edited=21 Jul 2004

Children of Jane (Unknown) Trescott and John Wing "3d"
Levina Wing b. b 24 Jan 1796, d. 14 Oct 1813
Roxana Wing b. c 4 May 1797, d. 10 Sep 1838
Freeman Wing+ b. 12 Jan 1800, d. 21 Jan 1868

Janet (Unknown) (F)

     She married Abner Rogers. Janet was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Janet (Unknown) and Abner Rogers
Sarah I. Rogers Starkey+

Jeanette B. (Unknown) (F)
d. after 1951

     Jeanette B. (Unknown) married Judge George Curtis Wing Jr., son of Hon. George Curtis Wing and Emily B. Thompson. Jeanette B. (Unknown) died after 1951.

Last Edited=23 Mar 2005

Jedidah (Unknown) (F)

     She married Ebenezer Swift Jr.. Jedidah was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Jedidah (Unknown) and Ebenezer Swift Jr.
Lydia Swift (Morse)+ b. 5 Aug 1754

Jemima (Unknown) (F)

     Jemima (Unknown) married Ebenezer Wood.

Last Edited=29 Feb 2004

Child of Jemima (Unknown) and Ebenezer Wood
Jason Wood+ b. 8 Oct 1774, d. 15 Sep 1848

Jennie (Unknown) (F)

     Jennie was born. She married William Robinson.

Last Edited=1 Jan 2004

Child of Jennie (Unknown) and William Robinson
Anna Robinson+

Jennie (Unknown) (F)
d. 1953

     Jennie (Unknown) married Everette O. P. Wing, son of Walter Addison Wing and Ellen M. Bridgen. Jennie (Unknown) died in 1953.

Last Edited=21 Jan 2005

Jennie A. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1859, d. 1943

     Jennie was born in 1859. She married Jairus S. Frost in 1885. She died in 1943.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Jenny (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=10 Nov 2005

Child of Jenny (Unknown)
Benjamin Crapo+

Jerusha (Unknown) (F)

     She married William Wheeler. Jerusha was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Jerusha (Unknown) and William Wheeler
Jerusha Wheeler+

Jessie (Unknown) (F)

     She married James A. Magner. Jessie was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Jessie (Unknown) and James A. Magner
Mary A. Magner+ b. c 1840

Joan (Unknown) Dimbleby (F)

     She married William Swift [Swyft]. Joan was born.

Last Edited=6 Nov 2003

Child of Joan (Unknown) Dimbleby and William Swift [Swyft]
William Swift (II)+ b. 25 Apr 1627, d. Jan 1705/6

Joanna (Unknown) (F)

     Joanna was born. She married Samuel Davis circa 1811.

Last Edited=5 Nov 2005

Children of Joanna (Unknown) and Samuel Davis
Asa Squire Davis b. 7 Dec 1810
Hannah Crocker Davis+ b. 2 Jan 1813, d. 9 Jan 1862

Joanna (Unknown) (F)

     She married Luther Geer. Joanna was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Joanna (Unknown) and Luther Geer
Sherman Geer+ d. 18 Apr 1857

Joanna (Unknown) (F)

     Joanna was born.

Last Edited=6 Jun 2003

Child of Joanna (Unknown) and James Willetts
Jacob Willetts+

Joanna (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=31 May 2004

Child of Joanna (Unknown) and Josiah Palmeter
Lydia Palmeter b. 4 Apr 1821, d. 16 Dec 1854

Joanna (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=18 Jul 2004

Child of Joanna (Unknown) and Joseph Lawrence
Noah Lawrence b. 3 Jun 1796

Joanna (Unknown) Cook (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joanna (Unknown) Cook was the daughter of Abraham (Unknown). Joanna (Unknown) Cook married Wing Kelley, son of Elisha Kelley and Lydia Braley, on 6 May 1792 at Bellingham, MA.

Last Edited=20 Aug 2005

Johana (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1837

     Johana was born at (Unknown), NY, circa 1837. She married Smith Herrick Wing after 1860.

Last Edited=13 Nov 2003

Josephine (Unknown) (F)
b. 5 September 1911, d. 29 March 1967

     Josephine (Unknown) married Benjamin Arthur Wing, son of James Franklin Wing and Anna Laurie McConnell. Josephine (Unknown) was born on 5 September 1911. She died on 29 March 1967 at poss. death of Benjamin, at age 55.

Last Edited=30 Aug 2005

Josephine L. (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1850 and 1851

     Josephine L. (Unknown) married Robert D. Gifford, son of Gideon Gifford. Josephine L. (Unknown) was born between 1850 and 1851 at 29 1880, Rhode Island.

Last Edited=20 Sep 2005

Child of Josephine L. (Unknown) and Robert D. Gifford
Robert Gifford b. bt 1879 - 1880

(last wife) Josephine May (Unknown) (F)
d. after May 1921

     (last wife) Josephine May (Unknown) married Chillingsworth Crosby Wing, son of Capt. Josiah Wing and Mercy Foster Crosby Hurd, in 1917? At poss. Sacramento, CA. (last wife) Josephine May (Unknown) died after May 1921.

Last Edited=22 Dec 2004

Juanna [?] S (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1818 and 1819, d. 18 February 1846

     Juanna [?] S (Unknown) married William G. Wing, son of Allen Wing Jr. and Sophia Gilman. Juanna [?] S (Unknown) was born between 1818 and 1819 at calc from age on gs. She died on 18 February 1846 at of Belgrade, Kennebec, Maine. She was buried after 18 February 1846 at Woodside Cemetery, Belgrade, Kennebec, Maine.

Last Edited=24 May 2005

Judah (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=6 Nov 2004

Child of Judah (Unknown) and Nathan Leach
Alice Leach+

Judith (Unknown) (F)

     She married Caleb Hanson. Judith was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Judith (Unknown) and Caleb Hanson
Abigail Hanson

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Wing Family of America, Inc.
Raymond T. Wing

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