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Wing Family of America, Inc. - Person Page 18

Wing Family of America, Inc.
Descendants of Matthew & Mary Wing of Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Person Page 18

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Judith (Unknown) (F)
b. 15 August 1752, d. 29 July 1846

     Judith was born on 15 August 1752. She married William Wing on 12 April 1772. Judith (Unknown) died on 29 July 1846 at age 93.

Last Edited=7 Mar 2005

Children of Judith (Unknown) and William Wing
Sarah Wing+ b. 23 Aug 1773, d. bt 1850 - 1853
Hannah Wing b. 9 Jun 1781
Elizabeth Wing b. 15 Apr 1784
Anna Wing b. 11 May 1787
Mary Wing b. 14 Aug 1790, d. 24 Sep 1845
Jacob Wing+ b. 6 May 1793

Judith (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=24 Feb 2005

Child of Judith (Unknown) and Joshua Hutchins
Elizabeth Hutchins+ b. 1809, d. 1854

Julia (Unknown) (F)
b. 1804, d. 25 November 1830

     She married Squire Chase. Julia was born in 1804. She died on 25 November 1830.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Julia (Unknown) (F)

     She married Artemas Chase. Julia was born.

Last Edited=16 Nov 2003

Child of Julia (Unknown) and Artemas Chase
Phoebe Chase+

Julia (Unknown) (F)
d. 1924

     Julia (Unknown) married Fuller Wing circa 1870. Julia (Unknown) died in 1924.

Last Edited=24 Jun 2005

Children of Julia (Unknown) and Fuller Wing
Carrie Wing b. bt 1870 - 1871
Esther Wing b. bt 1872 - 1873
Albert Wing+ b. 3 May 1872, d. 1 Oct 1935
George H. Wing+ b. Mar 1875, d. bt 1904 - 1910
Belle Wing b. Nov 1884

(2nd wife) Julia (Unknown) (F)
b. 1854, d. 1938

     (2nd wife) Julia (Unknown) was born in 1854. She married Fred Enos Abbott, son of Daniel Witham Abbott and Esther A. Ricker, after 1911. (2nd wife) Julia (Unknown) was buried in 1938 at Village Cemetery, Strong, Franklin, Maine. She died in 1938.

Last Edited=9 Jun 2005

Julia A. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1827

     Julia A. (Unknown) was born in 1827 at Ohio. She married Sylvester Spooner, son of Elisha Spooner and Eliza Punderson, circa 1849 at Ohio.

Last Edited=17 May 2005

Children of Julia A. (Unknown) and Sylvester Spooner
Joseph W. Spooner b. 1850
Elisha T. Spooner b. 1852
Hattie Spooner b. 1864

(1st wife) Julia A. (Unknown) (F)
b. 13 February 1889, d. September 1978

     (1st wife) Julia A. (Unknown) married Charles E. Wing, son of William H. Wing. (1st wife) Julia A. (Unknown) was born on 13 February 1889 at Creed, Colorado. She died in September 1978 at of Durango, Colorado, at age 89.

Last Edited=22 Aug 2005

Julia E. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1818

     Julia E. (Unknown) married Rossiter Howard, son of John Ellis Howard and Lydia King. Julia E. (Unknown) was born in 1818 at New York.

Last Edited=9 Mar 2005

(2nd wife) Julia F. (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1831 and 1832

     (2nd wife) Julia F. (Unknown) was born between 1831 and 1832 at 48 1880, New York. She married Samuel Wing Sackett, son of Oliver Sackett and Esther [Hester] Wing, before 1880.

Last Edited=25 Jul 2005

June (Unknown) (F)
d. circa January 1989

     June was born. She died circa January 1989.

Last Edited=5 Nov 2003

Karen (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=26 Jan 2005

Child of Karen (Unknown) and Antone Ronning
Jennie Ronning+ b. 14 Feb 1909, d. a 1988

Katherine (Unknown) (F)
d. after 1641

     She married John Briggs. Katherine was born. She died after 1641 at Sandwich, PC.

Last Edited=18 Aug 2005

Child of Katherine (Unknown) and John Briggs
Sarah Briggs+ b. c 1635, d. 26 Mar 1689

Katherine (Unknown) (F)

     Katherine was born. She married William Dungan Jr. before 1746.

Last Edited=3 Nov 2003

Child of Katherine (Unknown) and William Dungan Jr.
Nathan Dungan+ b. 1747, d. a 1805

Katherine (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=12 Jul 2005

Child of Katherine (Unknown) and Ferdinand Wittich
Amelia Wittich+ d. b Feb 1917

Keziah (Unknown) (F)

     She married William Wood Jr.. Keziah was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Keziah (Unknown) and William Wood Jr.
Susanna Wood+ b. 23 Aug 1733, d. 3 Jul 1787

Keziah (Unknown) (F)

     She married Enoch Hoag. Keziah was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Keziah (Unknown) and Enoch Hoag
John Hoag "Jr."+

Keziah (Unknown) (F)

     She married Eben Holmes. Keziah was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Keziah (Unknown) and Eben Holmes
Alice Holmes b. c 1806

Keziah (Unknown) (F)
b. 1688, d. 20 April 1764
Pop-up Pedigree

     Keziah was born in 1688. She was the daughter of [poss.] Deborah Skiff. She married Edmund Freeman (IV) at Sandwich, Barnstable, MA, in 1706. She died at Mansfield, Windham, CT, on 20 April 1764.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Keziah (Unknown) and Edmund Freeman (IV)
Edmund Freeman (V)+ b. 30 Sep 1711

Keziah (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=27 Jan 2005

Child of Keziah (Unknown) and Richard Horton
Jonathan Solomon Horton+

Kristina Lovisa (Unknown) (F)

     She married Johan Magnus Nelson. Kristina was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Kristina Lovisa (Unknown) and Johan Magnus Nelson
John N. Nelson b. 12 Jun 1884

Laura (Unknown) (F)
b. 1843

     She married Lewis Curtis Luce. Laura was born in 1843.

Last Edited=9 Jun 2005

Laura (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=10 Sep 2004

Child of Laura (Unknown) and Earl L. S. Siekley
Ivy May Siekley+ b. 28 Apr 1883

Laura (Unknown) (F)
b. November 1853

     Laura (Unknown) married Oscar M. Penn(e)y, son of Admiral Nelson Penn(e)y and Orpha Mayhew. Laura (Unknown) was born in November 1853 at Louisiana.

Last Edited=7 Mar 2005

Children of Laura (Unknown) and Oscar M. Penn(e)y
Frank Penn(e)y b. May 1879
Fannie Penn(e)y b. Nov 1880
Lillie Penn(e)y b. Oct 1884
Louise Penn(e)y b. Feb 1888

Laura (Unknown) Davignon (F)
d. before 1941

     Laura (Unknown) Davignon was born at of No. Troy, Vermont. She married Loelleon Lincoln Monteith, son of John Monteith and Harriet Merilda Wing, on 24 September 1935 at of No. Troy, Vermont. Laura (Unknown) Davignon died before 1941.

Last Edited=9 May 2004

Laura (Unknown) Edmonds (F)
d. 4 August 1875

     She married Joseph Wing. Laura was born. She died on 4 August 1875.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Lavina (Unknown) (F)

     She married Michael Francisco. Lavina was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Lavina (Unknown) and Michael Francisco
George Francisco

[poss.] Lavina (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1837 and 1838

     [poss.] Lavina (Unknown) was born between 1837 and 1838. She married Dr. William James Wing, son of Matthew Wing and Elizabeth Woolley, before 1861.

Last Edited=7 May 2004

Lavina (Unknown) Derbyshire (F)
b. circa 1770, d. 1835

     Lavina was born circa 1770. She married Jedediah Wing before 1827. Lavina (Unknown) Derbyshire died in 1835 at Glen Buell Cemetery, Elizabethtown, Leeds, ONT.

Last Edited=7 May 2004

Lavinia (Unknown) (F)

     Lavinia (Unknown) married Samuel Almond Wing, son of Stephen M. Wing Jr. and Jane Cowen.

Last Edited=9 Nov 2004

Child of Lavinia (Unknown) and Samuel Almond Wing
Perley Thomas Wing+ b. 9 Mar 1872, d. 1912

Lelah E. (Unknown) (F)
d. before 1900

     Lelah was born. She married Lemuel L. Wing. She died before 1900.

Last Edited=2 Mar 2005

Children of Lelah E. (Unknown) and Lemuel L. Wing
Gertrude Wing
Myrtle Wing
Carrie Wing

Lena (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1840

     Lena (Unknown) married Simon\Seymour Horton, son of William W. Horton and Ruanna White. Lena (Unknown) was born circa 1840.

Last Edited=8 Mar 2005

Lencilia? M. (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1838 and 1839

     Lencilia? M. (Unknown) married James Lombard, son of Calvin Lombard and Eunice Chapman. Lencilia? M. (Unknown) was born between 1838 and 1839 at 31 1860, Maine.

Last Edited=22 Aug 2005

Children of Lencilia? M. (Unknown) and James Lombard
Louisa L. Lombard b. bt 1856 - 1857
Edwin E. Lombard b. bt 1859 - 1860
Charles H. Lombard b. bt 1861 - 1862
James W. Lombard b. bt 1864 - 1865
Loring S. Lombard b. 1 Oct 1867
Octavia Lombard b. Mar 1870

Levina (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=18 Apr 2004

Child of Levina (Unknown) and Alexander Blevins
Sarah Catherine Blevins+ b. 10 Mar 1853, d. 13 Jan 1957

Lillie (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=28 Oct 2004

Lizzie (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=26 Jan 2005

Child of Lizzie (Unknown) and John Adams
Mary Susan Adams+ b. 19 Apr 1911, d. 28 Jun 2000

Lois (Unknown) (F)

     She married Joshua Tompkins. Lois was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Lois (Unknown) and Joshua Tompkins
Barbara Tompkins+

Lois (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=9 Aug 2005

Child of Lois (Unknown) and David Noonan
[poss.] Abigail Noonan+ b. 7 Apr 1778, d. 21 Jan 1865

Lois A. (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1798

     She married Nathaniel Sprague Spooner. Lois was born circa 1798.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Lottie R. (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1859

     Lottie was born circa 1859. She married Charles W. Morey before 1880.

Last Edited=21 Aug 2003

Louisa (Unknown) (F)

     She married (Unknown) Grinnell. Louisa was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Louisa (Unknown) and (Unknown) Grinnell
Mary A. Grinnell b. c 1829

Louisa (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1824

     Louisa was born at (Unknown), NY, circa 1824. She married David W. Wing before 1847.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Children of Louisa (Unknown) and David W. Wing
Leslie Wing
Mary Wing b. c 1847
Elnora Wing b. c 1853
Marcellus Wing+ b. c 1855
Elton Wing b. c 1858

Louisa (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1832

     She married William H. Sisson. Louisa was born circa 1832.

Last Edited=24 Jul 2003

Child of Louisa (Unknown) and William H. Sisson
Lillie Sisson b. c 1867

Louisa (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=28 Jun 2004

Child of Louisa (Unknown) and Edgar Beverage
Cora E. Beverage b. Aug 1869, d. a 1900

Louisa S. (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1851, d. 5 July 1898

     She married William E. Chandler. Louisa was born circa 1851. She died on 5 July 1898.

Last Edited=19 Aug 2005

Child of Louisa S. (Unknown) and William E. Chandler
Ida Mae Chandler+ b. 25 Sep 1882, d. 14 Apr 1962

Louisana (Unknown) (F)
b. September 1830

     She married an unknown person . Louisana was born at (Unknown), Maine, in September 1830.

Last Edited=28 Jun 2004

Child of Louisana (Unknown)
Isadora Granger b. Apr 1856, d. a 1916

Louise (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1815, d. 28 November 1849

     She married David Lincoln. Louise was born circa 1815. She died on 28 November 1849. Her body was interred at Brewster, Barnstable, MA, at Lower Road Cemetery.

Last Edited=29 Nov 2003

Louise (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1843

     Louise (Unknown) married William Mott, son of Hiram Mott and Selina Ann King. Louise (Unknown) was born circa 1843 at SCOT.

Last Edited=18 Oct 2004

Lovina (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=21 Dec 2004

Child of Lovina (Unknown) and Edson Witherall
Emma Marcella Witherall b. 29 Jun 1854, d. 1 Jul 1875

Lovisa A. (Unknown) (F)

     She married Capt. Reuben Cahoon Kenney. Lovisa was born.

Last Edited=5 Jun 2005

Child of Lovisa A. (Unknown) and Capt. Reuben Cahoon Kenney
Lovisa Emily Kenney+ b. 1840, d. 1919

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