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Sarah (Unknown) (F)
d. before 1880

     Sarah (Unknown) married William Holway, son of William Holway and Mary Libby. Sarah (Unknown) died before 1880 at of Machias, Washington, Maine.

Last Edited=13 Oct 2005

Children of Sarah (Unknown) and William Holway
6 unnamed children Holway
Frank Holway b. bt 1861 - 1862
Martha Holway b. bt 1864 - 1865
Fred Holway b. bt 1867 - 1868

Sarah (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=21 Oct 2005

Child of Sarah (Unknown) and Thomas Snow 2d
Otis S. Snow b. bt 1819 - 1820

Sarah (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1845 and 1846

     Sarah (Unknown) married Cyrus Armstrong Wing, son of Charles Bacon Wing and Theodosia Armstrong. Sarah (Unknown) was born between 1845 and 1846 at 34 1880, (now Canada).

Last Edited=24 Oct 2005

Children of Sarah (Unknown) and Cyrus Armstrong Wing
Charles Wing b. bt 1869 - 1870
Herbert Wing b. bt 1870 - 1871
George L. Wing b. 27 Jan 1874, d. 7 Jun 1961
Henrietta Wing b. bt 1876 - 1877

Sarah (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=4 Nov 2005

Child of Sarah (Unknown) and John Allen
Phillip Allen+ b. c 17 Sep 1782, d. 12 Oct 1859

Sarah (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1820, d. 15 December 1881

     Sarah (Unknown) married Thomas White, son of Job White and Amy Gifford. Sarah (Unknown) was born circa 1820. She died on 15 December 1881.

Last Edited=10 Nov 2005

Sarah (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=16 Nov 2005

Child of Sarah (Unknown) and Eli Hudson
Celia Hudson+ b. 1 Sep 1790, d. 4 Sep 1858

Sarah (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=16 Nov 2005

Child of Sarah (Unknown) and Robert Wilson
Nancy Wilson+ b. b 1 Mar 1818

Sarah (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=16 Nov 2005

Child of Sarah (Unknown) and Nehemiah Dodge
Ezra Dodge b. Oct 1810

(1st wife) Sarah (Unknown) (F)
d. before 1819

     (1st wife) Sarah (Unknown) married Ezra Gifford, son of Humphrey Gifford and Sarah (Unknown), in 1810 at Hope Twp, Northumberland, Ontario, (now Canada). (1st wife) Sarah (Unknown) died before 1819.

Last Edited=25 Jun 2005

(2nd wife) Sarah (Unknown) (F)

     (2nd wife) Sarah (Unknown) married Alonzo Snow, son of Jonathan Snow and Lydia Hammett, between 1860 and 1870.

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[poss.] Sarah (Unknown) (F)

     Sarah was born.

Last Edited=29 Apr 2005

Child of [poss.] Sarah (Unknown) and [poss.] Benjamin Devol
John Devol+ b. 24 Jul 1784?

[poss.] Sarah (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=22 Aug 2005

Child of [poss.] Sarah (Unknown) and [prob.] John Rowe
Mary Rowe+ b. Jan 1797, d. 29 Apr 1885

[prob.] Sarah (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=29 Nov 2004

Child of [prob.] Sarah (Unknown) and Barnard Handy
prob 3 sons Handy b. bt 1790 - 1800

[prob.] Sarah (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=11 Jul 2005

Child of [prob.] Sarah (Unknown) and Samuel Burgess
Albion Burgess+ b. bt 1854 - 1855

Sarah A. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1818

     Sarah A. (Unknown) was born in 1818 at Vermont. She married Seneca Wing M.D., son of Matthew Wing (II) and Keziah Jenkins, before 1850.

Last Edited=14 Jun 2004

Sarah A. (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1854, d. 14 February 1902

     Sarah A. (Unknown) married Chester H. Olmsted, son of George Washington Olmsted and Mary (Unknown). Sarah A. (Unknown) was born circa 1854. She died on 14 February 1902.

Last Edited=7 Aug 2005

Sarah A. W. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1839

     Sarah A. W. (Unknown) married William Congdon Taber Jr., son of William Congdon Taber and Hannah Tucker Sherman. Sarah A. W. (Unknown) was born in 1839.

Last Edited=24 Oct 2005

Sarah B. (Unknown) (F)
d. 4 March 1895

     Sarah was born. She married Zaccheus Goddard in 1859. She died at Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine, on 4 March 1895.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Sarah B. (Unknown) and Zaccheus Goddard
Caro Eva Goddard b. 9 Nov 1865

Sarah B. (Unknown) (F)

     She married James T. Pierce. Sarah was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Sarah B. (Unknown) and James T. Pierce
Esther Sale Pierce+ b. 6 Sep 1864

Sarah (Unknown) Borden (F)

     She married John Earle. Sarah was born.

Last Edited=24 Oct 2003

Children of Sarah (Unknown) Borden and John Earle
John Earle
Mary Earle b. 4 May 1722
Patience Earle+ b. 2 Sep 1724
Joseph Earle b. 25 Jan 1730
Lydia Earle b. 2 Aug 1732

Sarah (Unknown) Bowles (F)
b. 12 January 1756, d. 18 March 1820

     Sarah was born on 12 January 1756. She married Jashub Wing at Rochester, Plymouth, MA, on 22 December 1818. She died on 18 March 1820.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Sarah C. (Unknown) (F)
d. after 1923

     She married Lemuel Whitcomb Wing. Sarah was born. She died after 1923.

Last Edited=12 Sep 2004

Children of Sarah C. (Unknown) and Lemuel Whitcomb Wing
Benjamin Stephen Wing b. 5 Feb 1863
Arthur Lemuel Wing b. 28 Nov 1866, d. 24 Dec 1866

Sarah E. (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1848 and 1849

     Sarah E. (Unknown) was born between 1848 and 1849 at 31 1880, Massachusetts. She married Clarence W. Burgess, son of Elijah Burgess and Betsey L. Wing, circa 1873.

Last Edited=28 Jul 2005

Child of Sarah E. (Unknown) and Clarence W. Burgess
Annie W. Burgess b. bt 1874 - 1875

(1st wife) Sarah F. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1854, d. 26 November 1893

     (1st wife) Sarah F. (Unknown) married Herbert Francis Wing, son of Franklin Wing and Mary Coffin Magoon. (1st wife) Sarah F. (Unknown) was born in 1854. She died on 26 November 1893 at Providence, Providence, RI. She was buried at Pocasset Cemetery, near Cranston, Providence, RI.

Last Edited=7 Nov 2004

Children of (1st wife) Sarah F. (Unknown) and Herbert Francis Wing
Louis Wing
Louisa Wing
Adelbert Wing
Archie May Wing b. c 1882, d. bt 1942 - 1943
Guy Duncan Wing+ b. 4 Jan 1885, d. 10 Mar 1947
Louise Wing b. bt 1893 - 1894, d. 1912

Sarah (Unknown) Gross (F)

     Sarah was born. She married Israel Lombard at Truro, Barnstable, MA, on 4 December 1806.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Sarah H. (Unknown) (F)

     She married Saul Jones. Sarah was born.

Last Edited=16 Jan 2003

Child of Sarah H. (Unknown) and Saul Jones
Lucy T. Jones

Sarah H. (Unknown) (F)
b. April 1833

     She married Nathaniel Freeman Nye. Sarah was born in April 1833.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Sarah H. (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1831

     She married [prob.] Caleb Ridgway (III). Sarah was born at (Unknown), NJ, circa 1831.

Last Edited=17 Dec 2003

Children of Sarah H. (Unknown) and [prob.] Caleb Ridgway (III)
Sallie Ridgway b. c 1859
Richard Ridgway b. c 1864

Sarah (Unknown) Hammon (F)

     She married Benjamin Hyland. Sarah was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Sarah (Unknown) Hammon and Benjamin Hyland
Benjamin Hyland Jr.+ b. 21 Feb 1755

Sarah J. (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1826 and 1827

     Sarah J. (Unknown) married Jacob Wing, son of [poss.] Capt. Jacob Wing. Sarah J. (Unknown) was born between 1826 and 1827 at 23 1850 33 1860 40 1870 53 1880, Pennsylvania.

Last Edited=10 May 2005

Children of Sarah J. (Unknown) and Jacob Wing
Frederick Wing b. c Jan 1850
Mary Wing+ b. 1852
William Wing b. bt 1853 - 1854, d. bt 1860 - 1870
Albert G. Wing b. 1856
Charles Wing b. 1859
Robert Charles Wing+ b. Jun 1862

Sarah Jane (Unknown) (F)

     Sarah was born. She married Gustavus Storer.

Last Edited=28 Feb 2003

Child of Sarah Jane (Unknown) and Gustavus Storer
Arthur W. Storer+ b. 21 Apr 1869, d. 1935

Sarah Judy (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=10 May 2004

Child of Sarah Judy (Unknown) and Albert Stone
Rollin Stone+ b. 25 Feb 1883, d. 12 Apr 1963

Sarah L. (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=21 Jul 2004

Child of Sarah L. (Unknown) and Samuel W. Woodward
Amherst D. Woodward+ b. bt 1810 - 1811

Sarah M. (Unknown) (F)
b. 24 July 1816

     She married Hiram Raymond. Sarah was born at of Wayne, Kennebec, Maine, on 24 July 1816.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Children of Sarah M. (Unknown) and Hiram Raymond
John S. Raymond+
George Billington Raymond b. 11 Feb 1839

Sarah May (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=23 Oct 2004

Child of Sarah May (Unknown) and Stephen A. Swift
Hannah H. Swift+ b. 20 Sep 1847, d. 30 Nov 1931

Sarah N. (Unknown) (F)

     Sarah N. (Unknown) married Leonard J. Spooner, son of Creighton Spooner and Rowena Jones.

Last Edited=18 May 2005

Child of Sarah N. (Unknown) and Leonard J. Spooner
Charles Leonard Spooner b. 21 Apr 1880

Sarah R. (Unknown) (F)

     She married Robert Seaman. Sarah was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Sarah R. (Unknown) and Robert Seaman
Willet H. Seaman+ b. c 1829, d. 21 Apr 1902

Sarah (Unknown) Sollows (F)

     Sarah was born. She married Lemuel Crosby Jr. after 1822.

Last Edited=4 Jul 2004

Shirley (Unknown) (F)
d. 1981

     Shirley (Unknown) died in 1981 at cancer.

Last Edited=25 Apr 2004

Silence (Unknown) (F)

     She married Allen Simmons. Silence was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Silence (Unknown) and Allen Simmons
Nancy Simmons+ b. 18 Feb 1802, d. 18 Sep 1873

Sophia (Unknown) (F)
b. December 1857

     Sophia (Unknown) was born in December 1857 at NY. She married Joseph M. Hopkins, son of Joseph H. Hopkins and Maria (Unknown), circa 1874 at Brooklyn, King, NY.

Last Edited=22 Dec 2004

Children of Sophia (Unknown) and Joseph M. Hopkins
Mary Hopkins b. c 1874
Joseph M. Hopkins b. Nov 1877
Charles A. Hopkins b. 31 May 1880
Eva A, Hopkins b. Oct 1895

Sophia N. (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=29 Oct 2005

Child of Sophia N. (Unknown) and Josiah Curtis
Hannah T. Curtis+ b. c 1833, d. 6 Jan 1888

Sophronia (Unknown) (F)

     She married Abner Maynard. Sophronia was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Sophronia (Unknown) and Abner Maynard
Maria Maynard+ b. 10 Jul 1823, d. 22 Aug 1860

Stella (Unknown) Lasher (F)

     Stella (Unknown) Lasher married James M. Horton, son of Henry C. Horton and Angelica M. Lord, on 3 March 1892 at Amsterdam, Montgomery, New York.

Last Edited=8 Mar 2005

Susan (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1777, d. 1814

     Susan was born circa 1777. She married Enoch Wing circa 1810. She died in 1814.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Susan (Unknown) and Enoch Wing
Melinda Wing+ b. 20 Aug 1812, d. Apr 1888

Susan (Unknown) (F)

     She married Enoch Wing. Susan was born.

Last Edited=21 Jan 2003

Susan (Unknown) (F)

     She married John D. Vanderhuyden. Susan was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Susan (Unknown) and John D. Vanderhuyden
Derrick J. Vanderhuyden+

Susan (Unknown) (F)

     She married Samuel Lounsbury. Susan was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Susan (Unknown) and Samuel Lounsbury
Hannah Lounsbury+ b. c 2 Jul 1806, d. 31 Jul 1870

Susan (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1790

     Susan was born circa 1790. She married Charles Silvester at of Scituate, Plymouth, MA, circa 1812.

Last Edited=17 May 2004

Children of Susan (Unknown) and Charles Silvester
Enoch Silvester b. 31 Jan 1814
Joseph Silvester b. 25 Feb 1816
Elvira Silvester b. 29 Jul 1820
Francis Silvester b. 16 Nov 1823
Warren Silvester b. 16 Dec 1826
George Silvester b. 4 Feb 1828
Mary Ann Silvester b. 21 Sep 1831

Susan (Unknown) (F)

     Susan was born. She married Thomas Paine circa 1792.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

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