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Wing Family of America, Inc. - Person Page 361

Wing Family of America, Inc.
Descendants of Matthew & Mary Wing of Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Person Page 361

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Samuel Edwards Dean (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Samuel Edwards Dean was the son of Micah Dean and Bethiah Tripp.

Last Edited=11 Nov 2005

Child of Samuel Edwards Dean
Herbert Dean

Sara Jane Dean (F)

Last Edited=24 Oct 2005

Child of Sara Jane Dean and George Milford Taylor
Andrew Simeon Taylor b. 18 Jul 1859, d. 21 Jan 1892

Sarah Dean (F)

     She married Jacob Williams. Sarah was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Sarah Dean and Jacob Williams
Hannah Williams+ b. 24 Mar 1777, d. 2 Jun 1830

Sarah Dean Lull (F)
b. 22 December 1794
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah was born on 22 December 1794. She was the daughter of Reuben Dean and Catherine Belding. She married Daniel Spooner (III) in 1834.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Seth Dean (M)
b. 10 March 1795
Pop-up Pedigree

     Seth Dean was born on 10 March 1795 at Hardwick, Worcester, Massachusetts. He was the son of Paul Dean (II) and Elizabeth Ruggles. He married Alpeda Smith on 14 November 1826.

Last Edited=16 Nov 2005

Children of Seth Dean and Alpeda Smith
Paul Dean b. 7 Aug 1828
Omar Dean b. 22 Dec 1831
Lila Dean b. 20 Jan 1833

Sila Maria Dean (F)
b. 9 November 1823, d. 22 November 1871
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sila Maria Dean was born on 9 November 1823. She was the daughter of Joel Dean and Elizabeth King. Sila Maria Dean married David Thomas on 25 November 1839. Sila Maria Dean died on 22 November 1871 at age 48.

Last Edited=24 Feb 2005

[poss.] Silence Dean (F)

     Silence was born. She married Asa Holway at Taunton, Bristol, MA, on 23 April 1797.

Last Edited=29 Apr 2005

Children of [poss.] Silence Dean and Asa Holway
[poss.] Asa Holway (II)+ b. bt 1796 - 1797
[poss.] Seth Holway+ b. bt 1802 - 1803
[poss.] Daniel Holway b. bt 1803 - 1804
[poss.] Thomas Holway b. bt 1805 - 1806

Susannah Dean (F)
b. 11 July 1756

     Susannah Dean was born on 11 July 1756.

Last Edited=8 Nov 2005

Children of Susannah Dean and Zaccheus Marshall
Henry S. Marshall+ b. 3 Apr 1792, d. 16 Apr 1853
Israel Z. Marshall+ b. 14 Aug 1796, d. 13 Jul 1873

Walter P. Dean (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Walter P. Dean was the son of Joseph N. Dean and Lydia Cleaver.

Last Edited=7 Nov 2005

Willard Dean (M)
b. 16 January 1815
Pop-up Pedigree

     Willard Dean was born on 16 January 1815. He was the son of Paul Dean (III) and Catherine Fuller.

Last Edited=16 Nov 2005

William W. Dean (M)
b. January 1860
Pop-up Pedigree

     William W. Dean was born in January 1860 at Edinburgh, Saratoga, New York. He was the son of Alonzo Dean and Judith Horton.

Last Edited=8 Mar 2005

Austin Deane (M)
d. September 1849
Pop-up Pedigree

     Austin was unmarried. Austin was born. He was the son of Chauncey Deane and Electa Wing. He died at Louisville, St. Lawrence, NY, in September 1849.

Last Edited=25 Aug 2003

Chauncey Deane (M)
d. circa 1827

     Chauncey was born. He married Electa Wing circa 1825. He died circa 1827.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Children of Chauncey Deane and Electa Wing
Walter Deane
Austin Deane d. Sep 1849

Lavina Deane (F)

     She married Abiathar Richmond. Lavina was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Lavina Deane and Abiathar Richmond
Mary Richmond+ b. 27 Dec 1787, d. 5 Aug 1858

Mildred Cushman Deane (F)
b. 10 March 1894, d. 24 December 1956

     Mildred Cushman Deane was born on 10 March 1894 at New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts. She married Lawrence Potter Wing, son of Hon. Herbert Wing and Elizabeth Davis Potter, on 11 June 1917 at New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts. Mildred Cushman Deane died on 24 December 1956 at Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, at age 62.

Last Edited=17 Jan 2005

Child of Mildred Cushman Deane and Lawrence Potter Wing
Richard Lawrence Wing Ed.D.+ b. 11 Jul 1918

Susanna Deane Rogers (F)
b. circa 1634, d. before 1701
Pop-up Pedigree

     Susanna was born at Plymouth, PC, circa 1634. She was the daughter of Stephen Dean(e) and Elizabeth Ring (Cooke). She married Stephen Snow at Eastham, PC, on 28 October 1663. She died at of Eastham, Barnstable, MA, before 1701.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Children of Susanna Deane Rogers and Stephen Snow
Ebenezer Snow+ b. a 1663, d. 9 Apr 1725
Hannah Snow+ b. 2 Jan 1666, d. 23 Jun 1737
Micajah Snow+ b. 22 Dec 1669, d. a 5 Dec 1753
Bethia Snow+ b. 1 Jul 1672, d. b 31 Jul 1734

Walter Deane (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     He died at Elyria, OH. Walter was unmarried. He was the son of Chauncey Deane and Electa Wing. Walter was born.

Last Edited=25 Aug 2003

Mabel Dear (F)

Last Edited=26 Jan 2005

Child of Mabel Dear and Peter Weis
Mabel Anna Weis+ b. 9 Sep 1906, d. a 1990

Daniel Dearborn (M)
b. circa 1747

     Daniel was born circa 1747. He married Elizabeth Chase in 1787.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Elizabeth Dearborn (F)

     Elizabeth Dearborn was buried at Riverside Cemetery, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Maine. She died at cancer. She married Dewey Putnum Wing, son of Capt. Clifford Edwin Wing and Charlotte P. Carville, on 27 March 1921 at he of Cape Elizabeth, she of Portland, Cumberland, Maine.

Last Edited=1 Apr 2005

John C. Dearborn (M)

Last Edited=8 Jul 2005

Child of John C. Dearborn and Amanda F. (Unknown)
Mabel Frances Dearborn d. 25 Oct 1881

Mabel Frances Dearborn (F)
d. 25 October 1881
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mabel Frances Dearborn was the daughter of John C. Dearborn and Amanda F. (Unknown). Mabel Frances Dearborn was born at of Canton, Oxford, Maine. She married Windsor H. Wyman, son of Elisha Smith Wyman and Matilda K. Barstow, on 14 April 1880 at of Peru, Oxford, Maine. Mabel Frances Dearborn died on 25 October 1881 at of Peru, Oxford, Maine.

Last Edited=8 Jul 2005

Nick Eugene DeArman (M)
b. 18 October 1930, d. 1 July 1950

     Nick Eugene DeArman was born on 18 October 1930 at Port Arthur, Jefferson, Texas. He died on 1 July 1950 at Raceland, Louisiana, at age 19.

Last Edited=17 Feb 2005

William Claude DeArman (M)

Last Edited=17 Feb 2005

Conrad Deatz (M)

Last Edited=26 Jan 2005

Child of Conrad Deatz and Mary Margaret Townsend
Katherine Louise Deatz+ b. 3 Aug 1884, d. 11 Mar 1973

Katherine Louise Deatz (F)
b. 3 August 1884, d. 11 March 1973
Pop-up Pedigree

     Katherine Louise Deatz was born on 3 August 1884 at Rock Port, Missouri. She was the daughter of Conrad Deatz and Mary Margaret Townsend. Katherine Louise Deatz married John Alexander Sinclair, son of John Holmes Sinclair and Mary Francis Wing, on 24 December 1910. Katherine Louise Deatz died on 11 March 1973 at Jetmore, Hodgeman, Kansas, at age 88.

Last Edited=2 May 2005

Child of Katherine Louise Deatz and John Alexander Sinclair
John Holmes Sinclair+ b. 18 May 1917, d. 29 May 1999

Mabel M. DeBates (F)
d. before 1992

     Mabel was born. Her body was interred at Montrose, McCook, SD. She married Stanley Andrew Davenport at (Unknown), on 30 January 1932. She died at (Unknown), SD, before 1992.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Albert DeBernardi (M)

     Albert DeBernardi married Kate Ann Thompson, daughter of John H. Thompson and Anastasia Wing.

Last Edited=17 Oct 2004

[poss.] Alice DeBois (F)

     She married [poss.] Henry Winn. Alice was born.

Last Edited=26 Apr 2005

Child of [poss.] Alice DeBois and [poss.] Henry Winn
Henry Winn+

Julina Debsnire (F)

Last Edited=3 Feb 2005

Child of Julina Debsnire and Artemas Chase
Esther Jane Chase b. 11 Nov 1833

Michael DeCarlo (M)
b. 18 November 1897, d. 9 August 1973

     Michael DeCarlo was born on 18 November 1897 at Waterbury, CT. He died on 9 August 1973 at age 75.

Last Edited=1 Nov 2004

Alan Decker (M)
b. 12 May 1922, d. 6 January 1972

     Alan Decker was born on 12 May 1922. He died on 6 January 1972 at age 49.

Last Edited=10 Apr 2005

Caroline L. Decker (F)
b. 13 June 1825, d. 14 November 1888

     Caroline was born at Phipsburg, Maine, on 13 June 1825. She married Cyrus Wing circa 1840. She died at Eustis, Franklin, Maine, on 14 November 1888. Her body was interred at Eustis, Franklin, Maine, at Flagstaff Cemetery.

Last Edited=1 Apr 2005

Children of Caroline L. Decker and Cyrus Wing
Steward Wing+ b. 1 May 1841, d. c 1930
Warren Wing+ b. 13 Feb 1843, d. 9 Oct 1925
Nancy M. Wing b. 2 Mar 1845
Helen M. Wing+ b. 28 Feb 1847
Flora M. Wing b. c May 1850, d. 8 Oct 1872
Elmer W. Wing b. 9 Feb 1863, d. 15 May 1870

Frederic Decker (M)
b. 10 November 1881, d. 8 September 1952

     Frederic Decker and Florence Wray Woodruff had (an unknown value) children. Frederic was born on 10 November 1881. He married Florence Wray Woodruff at home of her parents, Oxford, Butler, OH, on 26 April 1906. Frederic Decker died on 8 September 1952 at age 70.

Last Edited=17 Jul 2005

Juliette Decker (F)

     Juliette Decker was buried at Mandarin Cemetery, Jacksonville, Duval, FL. Juliette was born. She married William Wallace Wing.

Last Edited=4 Nov 2004

Children of Juliette Decker and William Wallace Wing
Charles W. Wing+ d. b 1961
1 other child Wing
Asa Moffett Wing+ b. 10 Jun 1879, d. May 1963
Alabama Beatrice Wing+ b. 29 Jun 1880, d. a 1963
"Centenniel" Wallace Wyville Wing+ b. c 1880, d. b 1963

Una Decker (F)

     Una Decker married Arthur C. Bingham, son of Charles H. Bingham and Sarah Ellen Wing, on 16 March 1905.

Last Edited=8 Oct 2004

Virtue Decker (F)

     She married Seth Burgess. Virtue was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Children of Virtue Decker and Seth Burgess
Laoma Burgess+ b. 23 Aug 1816, d. 11 Jul 1862
Betsey Burgess+ b. 19 Aug 1820, d. a 1870

Virtuous Decker (F)

     She married Seth Burgess. Virtuous was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Virtuous Decker and Seth Burgess
Melinda Burgess+ b. 1821, d. Apr 1889

Catherine deCoba (F)
b. 1793, d. 1880

     Catherine was born at (Unknown), NY, in 1793. She married John Fletcher circa 1815. She died at Preston Twp., Wayne, PA, in 1880.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Children of Catherine deCoba and John Fletcher
John E. Fletcher b. 1817, d. a 1870
Almira Fletcher+ b. 1821, d. 12 Oct 1906
Philander Fletcher b. 23 Feb 1823, d. a 1880
Ruth Fletcher b. c 1825, d. c 1826
Solon Fletcher b. 1827, d. a 1860
Nancy Fletcher b. c 1829
Joseph Fletcher b. 1830, d. a 1860
Lucy Fletcher b. c 1831, d. c 1831
Lucy L. Fletcher b. 1833, d. a 1880
Sally A. Fletcher b. 1838
Laura Amanda Fletcher b. 1842

Harriet Dedrich (F)
b. 26 March 1807
Pop-up Pedigree

     Harriet Dedrich was born on 26 March 1807. She was the daughter of William Dedrich and Mary Hammet.

Last Edited=23 Jun 2004

Children of Harriet Dedrich and Zeno Kelley Wood
William Tilson Wood b. 20 Jul 1829
Louisa Almy Wood b. 1834

William Dedrich (M)

Last Edited=23 Jun 2004

Child of William Dedrich and Mary Hammet
Harriet Dedrich+ b. 26 Mar 1807

Elizabeth Dedrick (F)

     She married Joseph R. Pike Deacon. Elizabeth was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Elizabeth Dedrick and Joseph R. Pike Deacon
Elizabeth Pike+ b. 1773, d. 24 Jun 1825

Joseph Deets (M)

Last Edited=10 Nov 2004

Child of Joseph Deets and Sally D. (Unknown)
Maria Deets+ b. 1821

Maria Deets (F)
b. 1821
Pop-up Pedigree

     Maria was born at (Unknown), NJ, in 1821. She was the daughter of Joseph Deets and Sally D. (Unknown). She married Oren Z. Wing circa 1842.

Last Edited=12 Sep 2005

Children of Maria Deets and Oren Z. Wing
Rhetta C. Wing b. 20 Feb 1843
Angeline B. Wing b. 6 Nov 1846
Clarissa Wing b. 1 Feb 1851
Thompson Rhodes Wing+ b. 8 Dec 1853, d. a 1911

Anna Degnan (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna Degnan was born at ENG. She was the daughter of Bernard Degnan and Dinah (Unknown). Anna Degnan married Almon H. Durfee, son of Horace Durfee and Elizabeth Trask, on 17 October 1867.

Last Edited=13 Jun 2004

Bernard Degnan (M)

Last Edited=13 Jun 2004

Child of Bernard Degnan and Dinah (Unknown)
Anna Degnan

Delia Bridget Degnan (F)
b. 3 April 1861, d. 28 July 1942
Pop-up Pedigree

     Delia Bridget Degnan married Harmon Miller, son of Robert Miller and Azubah Ann Sheldon. Delia Bridget Degnan was born on 3 April 1861. She was the daughter of Michael Degnan and Mary Lynch. Delia Bridget Degnan died on 28 July 1942 at age 81.

Last Edited=28 Oct 2004

Child of Delia Bridget Degnan and Harmon Miller
Hughson Patrick Miller+ b. 7 Mar 1890, d. 3 Apr 1973

Michael Degnan (M)

Last Edited=28 Oct 2004

Child of Michael Degnan and Mary Lynch
Delia Bridget Degnan+ b. 3 Apr 1861, d. 28 Jul 1942

Mary F. DeGrasse (F)

Last Edited=26 Aug 2004

Child of Mary F. DeGrasse and Jacob Asher Pells
Olive G. Pells+ b. 6 Apr 1844, d. 6 Aug 1910

(Unknown) Degreenier (F)
d. 4 November 1918
Pop-up Pedigree

     (Unknown) Degreenier was the daughter of Annie M. Wing. (Unknown) Degreenier died on 4 November 1918 at cod: influenza pandemic.

Last Edited=11 May 2004

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