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I am a second-generation Norwegian American who has been fortunate to obtain a collection of Scandinavian immigrant obituaries from a neighbor, family scrap-books and family biographies from Wisconsin. The list will continue to grow as I will be adding deceased off-spring and spouses.

I welcome e-mails and your comments, conflicting documentation and most importantly obituaries from your own family and old scrap books. This site hopes to serve everyone and will improve with the contributions of information from you, the family historian.

If you would like to get in contact with others who are researching the same names, I will gladly forward your information to others who may possibly be your relatives.

Good luck to all familiy history lovers who search this site and are documenting their family legacy!
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Currently, over 2,000 complete obituaries online. You can search the obituaries in three ways. Click below for the letter beginning the surname of the deceased, use the Rootsweb search engine or the search engine below to look for all surnames that might occur within the obituaries.

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Good Luck and Good Hunting
Ha det godt og Fint Jakten = Norwegian
Held og lykke og Artig Jagt = Danish
Ha det god och Fint Jakten = Swedish