Some 1886 Marriages in Canada.

From - The Dominion Annual Register For the Twentieth Year of the Canadian
Union, 1886.  Edited by Harry James Morgan.

1886 Marriages ---------- January
6. At Ottawa, Mary Louisa, dau. of Dr. J. A. Grant to Mr. J. A. Cochrane 7. At Toronto, Miss Sara Schreiber to Mr. E. F. B. Johnston, Depy. Atty Gen'l of Ont. 9. At Niagara Falls, Miss Helen E. Wyatt, Hamilton, Ont. to Mr. Geo. A. Smith of Peterboro, Ont. At Ottawa, Miss Bella Cunningham to Mr. A. P. Low 12. At Montreal, Miss Hermine Beaudry to Mr. P. E. Leblanc, M.P.P. for Laval At St. Johns, P. Q. Josephine, dau. of Hon. F. G. Marchand, M.P.P., to Mr. Raoul Dandurand Miss Jane A. D. McDowell to Mr. Harry D. Leitch, of Wingham, Ont. 13. At Stratford, Ont., Florence, dau. of the Hon. Chas. Clarke, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, to the Rev. J. A. Ballantyne, B. A., Pastor of Knox Ch., London South 16. At Brome, P. Q., Miss Elizabeth I. Hunter to the Rev. Jas. Carmichael, jr., of New Glasgow 21. At Toronto, Miss Edith M. Morphy to Mr. Edward H. Morphy 22. At Cobourg, Ont., Miss Laura G. Hague to Mr. Chas. S. B. Fairbanks 26. At Montreal, Marguerite Catharine, dau. of Mr. J. X. Perrault, to Mr. Joseph Henri Masson At Owen Sound, Ont., Miss Hattie Maude de Burg to Mr. J. Payne, Montreal At St. Zotique, P. Q., Miss Eugénie Duckett to Mr. L. C. Tassé of St. Stanislas 27. At London, Ont., Diana Louisa, dau. of Archdeacon Marsh, to Mr. M. A. Gilbert, of St. Thomas, Ont. 29. At Owen Sound, Ont., Mr. J. Payne, Montreal, to Hattie Maude De Burgh, 3rd. dau. of Dr. J. S. Moffett, and grand-dau. of Sir Andrew Moffett, Bart.
2. At Lakefield, Ont., Miss Amy H. Barlee to Geo. B. (of Minnedosa, Man.) eld. s. of Maj. Gen. G. T. Hilliard, (retired), Madras Staff Corps. 4. At Inverness, P.Q., Miss Georgina Roe to Jno. E. Eckersley; 8. At St. Fran´┐Żois de Beauce, P. Q., Miss Marie Caroline Blanchet to Mr. T. Corriveau 9. At Dublin, Irel., Katharine Eleonora, dau. of Archdeacon Palmer to Richard Hy. Handcock 10. At Collingwood, Ont., Miss Annie Melville to Mr.John H. Armstrong, C. E. 17. At Hamilton, Ont., Miss Jennie M. Varey to the Rev. S. J. Hunter At Truro, Eng., Margaret Anne Whitaker to Mr. Haughton Lennox, Barrie, Ont. 17. At Toronto, Thos. Stephens, 2nd s. of Capt Hy. Williams to Helena, (Lily) 2nd dau. of Wm. Hague, Esq. 24. At Montreal, John Elder, W. S., Edinburgh, Scot., to Mary Robertson, eld. dau. of Alex. Henderson, Montreal 25. At Picton, Ont., Miss May Sawyer to Mr. J. W. Johnson, of Belleville At London, Ont., Mabel, dau. of Judge Elliott to Mr. Hy Vincent Greene, of Toronto
3. At Toronto, Miss Catharine F. Barnhart to Mr. John Bryce McMurrich, of Oswego, N.Y. 6. At Winnipeg, Emily Enjalbert, dau. of late Hon. and Revd. T. P. Hodge to Mr C. Acton Burrows, Deputy Minr of Agriculture, Man. 8. At Toronto, Juliette, youngest dau. of late Jean Héuard, Marquis d'Ervieux, of Rennes, Bretagne, France, to Mr. Jno. C. Smith 11. At Brantford, Ont., Miss Clara Wilkes to the Rev. Walter T. Currie, Toronto 16. At Peterborough, Ont., Miss Clara Cluxton to the Rev. S. B. Angell 17. At Kingston, Ont., Catharine Frances dau. of Col. Hewett (R. E.), C. M. G., Commandant R. M. C., to Mr. Arthur W. Grasett At Moosomin, N. W. T. Miss Elizabeth H. Watson to Mr. Richard de W. Waller 23. At Toronto, Lily, youngest dau. of Hon. Mr. Justice Burton to Jas. Robert Bain, of Winscales, Harrington, Cumberland, Eng., younger son of Sir Jas. Bain, Glasgow 25. At Toronto, Miss Mary J. Graham-Bell to Mr. Frederick Montague de la Fosse 30. At Montreal, Miss Edith Maggie Macfarlane to Mr. Emmerson Geo. Hart, Gananoque, Ont.
7. At Toronto, Miss Minnie Lois Mumford to Mr. E. H. Duggan 14. At Montreal, Miss Charlotte Fairbairn to the Rev. James McCaul, B. A. 15. At Montreal, Miss Mattie Matthews to Dr. H. L. Reddy 21. At Montreal, Miss Eda May Ross to Mr. Chas. W. M. Simpson, of Ingersoll, Ont. 28. At Orillia, Miss M. Williams to Mr. C. Ross, C. E. 29. At Hamilton, Miss Maggie Leslie to Dr. R. R. Wallace
1. At Montreal, Miss Mary Louise Ferrier to Mr. J. A. M. Alley, of Toronto 4. At Waterloo, P. Q., Miss Mary Stevens to Mr. Thomas F. McIlwraith, Hamilton At Ottawa, Ont., Bertha, dau. of the Hon. John Costigan, Minister of Inland Revenue, to Capt. L. D. C. Forster Bliss 5. At Bury, P. Q., Miss Ellen Katherine Martin to Rev. W. C. Bernard At Beaverton, Ont., Miss Florrie Young to Mr. Frank Madill M.P. 6. At Toronto, Miss Mary Beresford Fauquier to Mr. Percy W. Strickland 11. At Lachine, P. Q., Miss Gertrude Brock to Mr. Jas. P. Dawes At Montreal, Miss Mary Carsley to Mr. Fred. Hague At Belleville, Miss Minnie A. Scott to Dr. M. M. Tucker, Orono, Ont. 18. At Montreal, Miss Marie Edesse Elmina Rodier to Dr. E. A. Poitevin 25. At Halifax, N. S., Frances Mary, dau. of Jas. Thomson, Esq., Q. C. to Capt. W. A. Chauncy, Princess of Wales Own (Yorkshire) Regt. 26. At Toronto, Miss Maria Lee to Mr. Wm. C. Crowther 28. At Boston, Mass., Capt. K. Gamble, late R.A., to Martha D'Arcy, dau of the late Hon. H. H. Killaly, of Toronto 29. At London, Ont., Miss M. A. A. Bryant to Wm. Ellis, Esq., C. E., St. Catharines, Ont.
1. At Quebec, Miss Josephine Shehyn to Mr. B. A. Scott, Chicoutimi, P. Q. At Berthier-en-haut P. Q., Miss Ada Maud Austin to Mr. Chas. D. Hanson At Ottawa, Miss Charlotte H. Robertson to Mr. Clarence W. Treadwell 2. At Toronto, Miss Elizabeth Joan McLean to J. H. Ferguson, Esq. Miss Isabel Kerr Brydon to Mr. J. A. McCarthy At Waterloo, (P.Q.,) Miss Marion Robinson to Mr. Hy E. Williams At Parkhill Ont., Miss Ida E. Taylor to Mr. F. H. S. Ames, Brigden At Quebec, Miss Eliza LeMoine to M. Chas. Panet Angers 3. At Toronto, Miss Ada Helen Winstanley to Mr. A. J. W. McMichael At Quebec Miss Charlotte Elizabeth Torre to Mr. Andrew Alex Allan, Montreal At Niagara, Ont., Miss Mary Helena Paffard to Mr. Archibald C. Billups, of Worcester, Eng. 5. At Gilbertsville, N. Y., Mrs. J. Armstrong Murray to Thos. Swinyard, Esq., Hamilton Ont. At Nanaimo, B. C., Miss Kitty Shepherd to Mr. D. W. G ordon, M. P. 10. At Hamilton, Miss Mathilde Sutherland to Revd. A. F. Burt 14. At Montreal, Miss Charlotte Ann Masson to Mr. J. Antonio Beaudoin, Joliette, P. Q. 16. At Montreal, Miss Augusta M. Ross to Mr. Donald Ross-Ross At London, Ont., Miss Ada Marion Whately to Mr. C. C. Going At Toronto, Emily, youngest dau. of Capt. R. D. Stupart, R. N. to Prof. Jas. Galbraith, School of Practical Science At Winnipeg, Miss Tilla Brecker to Mr. E. G. Graham, Brampton 17. At Edinburgh, Scot., Miss Daisy Halliday to Dr. Jas. D. Helmeken, Vancouver B. C. At St. Catharines, Ont., Miss Elizabeth Warburton Kelty to Mr. Geo. A. Robinson, Ottawa 18. At Montreal, Miss Josephine Dominica Gwilt to Mr. J. V. Callcut 23. At Toronto, Miss Edith Hooper Eddis to Mr. R. W. Gambier-Bonsfield, Montreal At Goderich Ont., Miss Marion F. Dickson to Wm Proudfoot, Esq. At Montreal, Miss Florence A. Jordan to Revd Fred Archibald, B. D. 24. At Montreal, Miss Grace L. Swaw to N. L. Trenholme, Esq. At Kingston, Ont., Miss Minnie Macpherson to Dr. H. Beaumont Small, Ottawa, Ont. 25. At Detroit, Mich., Miss Amy Fraser to Mr. Theodore Arnold Haultain 29. At Guelph, Ont., Miss Clara Stevenson to Mr. C. W. Harrington, Bradford, Pa. At Brantford, Ont., Miss Margaret C. Thomson to Dr J. Y. Bown At Brighton, Ont., Miss Lulu Lockwood to Dr. Rob. H. Arthur At Montreal, Miss Ethel Robinson to Revd. R. L. Macfarlane, of Villa Grove, Col.
6. At St. Grégoire, P. Q., Miss Corrine Dorais to L. B. Panneton, Esq., Sherbrooke, P. Q. 7. At Three Rivers, P. Q. Marie Louise, dau. of Hon. Mr. Justice McCord to Dr. William Maguire, New Carlisle, P.Q. 12. At Kentville, N. S., Miss Bertha Blanchard to Revd. J. H. Chase 14. At Three Rivers, P. Q., Miss Marie-Louise Balcer to Mr. Isidore Thibaudeau Jr. 20. At the British Consulate, Brussels, Miss Caroline R. Foote, of Montreal to Mr. R. N. Smyth, London, Eng. 21. At Grand Valley, Miss Mary M. Lewis to Revd. R. T. W. Webb, Garafraxa, Ont. At Picton, Ont., Miss Mary B. McCullough to Rev. H. E. F. Ostrom 22. At Cacouna, P. Q., Miss Elizabeth Smith Brown to Rev. Jno. Mackie, M. A. 24. At Montreal, Miss Rose Desormiers to Dr. M. G. Chaffers 26. At Montreal, Miss Maggie Renouf to Mr. W. H. Turner 31. At Richmond Hill, Ont., Miss Bertha Rose Johnson to Mr. Emile d'Aubigny Heinemann
4. At Kingston, Ont., Miss Martha Burritt Merrick to Lt. J. B. Cochrane, R. M. C. 11. At Dover, Eng., Miss E. J. Ritchie to Mr. Wm. W. Deblois, Annapolis Royal, N. S. 12. At Prince Albert, N. W. T., Kathleen Jessie dau. of the Rt Rev. John McLean, Lord Bishop of Saskatchewan, to Rev Ronald Hilton, Ft. McLeod 12. At Yarmouth, N. S., Miss Martha Boyd to Dr J. S. Morton 17. At Toronto, Kathleen Beatrice, dau. of S. J. Van Koughnet Esq., Q.C., to Rev. Canon Machray, Winnipeg At Winnipeg, Miss Maggie Inglis to Mr. F. F. Kerr
1. At Morristown, N. Y., Miss Julia Frances Morris to Mr. Edwyn Evans 8. At Elmbank, Ottawa, Ont., Alison, dau. of Thos. McKay, Esq., to Mr. R. G. Meikle, Lachute 9. At Llandudno, Wales, Miss Rosa Morris Morgan to Chas. W. Carpenter, Richmond, P. Q. 14. At Vaudreuil, P. Q., Miss Marie C. G. Harwood to Louis J. R. Hubert At Perth, Ont., Mrs. E. H. Curtis to Wm. Lees, Esq. M.P.P. 16. At St. Hyacinthe, P. Q., Miss Lizzie Buckley to Mr. Jules Laframboise 22. At Shediac, N. B., Miss Cordelia Scovil to Mr. T. S. DesBrisay, Bathurst, N. B. At Halifax, N. S., Janet, eld. dau. of Wm. Duffus, Esq., to Capt. J. C. Middlemiss, R. E. 26. At St. Hyacinthe, P. Q., Blanche dau. of Hon. Justice Sicotte, to Mr. H. Pagnuelo 28. At Halifax, N. S., Frances, youngest dau. of Hon. A. G. Jones, to Hamlet Bannerman, of Lytham, Lancaster, Eng. 30. At Halifax. N. S., Cordelia Florence, only dau. of Hon. Justice Smith, to Capt. A. T. Swaine, Royal Irish, Rifles
5. At North Bay, Ont., Miss Charlotte Cormack to Mr. Phil. D. Gordon, Pembroke, Ont. 5. At Grenfell, N.W.T., A. C. Faulkner, 2nd s. of the late Col. H. Dornberg Faulkner, Madras Army to Miss A. E. C. Wallis 6. At Toronto, Miss Frances L. Todd to Mr. H. V. Payne 12. At Montreal, Miss Katharine Sophia Bagg to Rev. Canon W. L. Mills, B. D. 18. At Bermuda, Arabella, 2nd dau. of W. C. Drury, Esq., of St. John, N. B., to Capt. Arthur Cecil Curtis, R. N., of H. M. S. Canada 26. At Moncton, N. B., Margaret Louise, 2nd dau. of T. E. Kenny, Esq., of Halifax, N. S., to Major Geo. Will, R. A. 28. At Montreal, Miss Emma Shearer to Dr. Casey A. Wood At Victoria, B. C., Miss Lellie Williams to the Rev. W. G. Dowler, B.A.
3. At Châteauguay Basin, P. Q., Miss Annie Reid to Mr. J. Fullerton At Ottawa, Miss Mary Froude Wise to Mr. W. Middleton 9. At Toronto, Miss Alice Maude Mary Armstrong to Mr. H. D. Ellis 10. At Brantford, Ont., Miss Annie Ross to Dr. H. B. Burdett, St. Paul, Mn. 28. At Winnipeg, H. E. Macdonell, 2nd s. of Col. A. A. Macdonell, of Loch Garry, to Ethel Charlotte, youngest dau. of Lt. Col. J. B. Taylor, of Winnipeg At Stellerton, N. S., Emmie, dau. of Jno. Rutherford, Esq., to Rev. Morris Taylor, eld. s. of the late Genl. Regnell Taylor 30. At London, Eng., Leila, eld. dau. of Hon. Justice Henry, of Ottawa, to Lt. Col. R. I. Ward, Commanding 2nd Batt. Scottish Rifles
1. At Montreal, Miss Helen E. Crawford to Mr. Edwin Wells At Montreal, Miss Jessie Fisher Ritchie to Mr. Robt. D. Savage 2. At Halifax, N. S., Margaret (Mrs. Jack), dau. of Lt. Gov. Richey, to Major D. North, B. A. 9. At Ottawa, Evelyn Cornelia, dau. of Richard Pope, Esq., to Mr. J. M. Gordon, Winnipeg 18. At Bath, Eng., Laura, relict of W. H. Scovil, Esq., of St. John, N. B., to Major Jas. Wall, R. A. 21. At Halifax, Miss Frances Georgiana Stairs to Mr. E. S. Twining 28. At Port Greville, N. S., Miss Grace M. Pettis to Rev. J. M. C. Wade 29. At Burlington, Ont., Miss Carolina Alberta Pense to Mr. Henry De Quincy Sewell, Port Arthur