W. W. Butcher's Canadian Newspaper Directory, 1886.

In presenting my Newspaper Directory, I first apologize for so much delay in its publication. It was intended to be issued early this year, but much delay was caused in corresponding repeatedly for necessary information from newspaper publishers, which, even now, is still imperfect. It was found also to be a work that ran so largely on sorts that it was necessary to purchase entire new type, and having done so I have now fully decided to publish it annually. This being my first experience in the publication of a newspaper directory, I need make no further apology, and trust it will be found useful to those in whose hands it may fall, and have no doubt it gives as full and correct information as any American Directory, as far as Canadian papers are concerned. It is the only regular Newspaper Directory published in Canadam which will be carefully revised and issued annually. Yours respectfully, W. W. Butcher, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. December, 1886. NOTE- I have included flags where the newspaper mentioned is available as images at Paper of Record. Visit my reference page for more details. I will attempt to keep this designation up to date, but cannot guarantee that.
Of the 13 papers which insert advertisements published in British Columbia, 4 are daily, 3 semi-weekly, and 6 weekly. Published Established KAMLOOPS, Yale District. Inland Sentinel, Thursday, 1880 NANAIMO, Vancouver District. Free Press Wed. & Sat. 1874 NEW WESTMINSTER, New Westminster District. British Columbian Wed. & Sat. 1863 Mainland Guardian Wed. & Sat. 1863 PORT MOODY, New Westminster District. Gazette Sat. 1883 VANCOUVER, Vancouver District. Herald Friday 1886 VICTORIA, Victoria District. British Colonist Morn. ex. Mon. 1859 British Colonist Friday 1859 Evening Post Eve. ex. Sun. 1882 Standard Morn. ex. Sun. 1870 Standard Wed. 1870 Times Eve. ex. Sun. 1884 Times Friday 1884
There are 12 papers which insert advertisements published in the Northwest Territories, all of which are weekly. Published Established BATTLEFORD, Saskatchewan District. Saskatchewan Herald Friday 1878 CALGARY, Alberta District. Herald Weekly 1883 Tribune Saturday 1886 EDMONTON, Albert District. Bulletin Saturday 1879 FORT QU'APPELLE, Assiniboia District. Progress Friday 1885 Vidette Thursday 1884 LETHBRIDGE, Alberta District. News Friday 1885 MACLEOD, Alberta District. Gazette Tuesday 1882 MEDICINE HAT, Assiniboia District. Times Thursday 1885 MOOSOMIN, Assiniboia District. Courier Thursday 1885 PRINCE ALBERT Times and Saskatchewan Review Friday 1882 REGINA Leader Thursday 1883
Newspapers are published in 10 counties of this province. Cities, towns and villages in which papers are published number 16, of which one designated by an * is a county seat. Of the 28 papers which insert advertisements, 3 are daily, 23 weekly and 2 monthly. Published Established BIRTLE, Marquette Co. Observer Friday 1884 BRANDON, Brandon Co. Mail Thursday 1882 Sun Thursday 1882 EMERSON, Manchester Co. International Thursday 1878 Southern Manitoba Times Thursday 1881 GLADSTONE, Marquette Co. Age Friday 1883 MANITOU, Dufferin Co. Mercury Friday 1885 MINNEDOSA, Dufferin Co. Tribune Friday 1886 MORDEN, Dufferin Co. Manitoba News Friday 1884 NEEPAWA, Marquette Co. Register Thursday 1884 PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Marquette Co. Manitoba Liberal Friday 1883 Tribune-Review Friday 1879 RAT PORTAGE, Kewatin District. Progress Saturday 1880 [This is present day Kenora, Ontario. bmartin] ST. BONIFACE, Selkirk Co. Manitoba (French) Thursday 1872 SELKIRK, Lisgar Co. Record Saturday 1882 STONEWALL, Rockwood Co. News Saturday 1883 VIRDEN, Dennis Co. Advance Thursday 1885 WINNIPEG*, Selkirk Co. Commercial Thursday 1882 Manitoba Free Press Morn. ex. Sat. 1874 Manitoba Free Press Friday 1872 Manitoban daily 1885 Manitoban Thursday 1885 Northwest Review Saturday 1885 Sun Eve. ex. Sun. 1880 Sun Wednesday 1880 Siftings Saturday 1885 Can. Pacific Railway Register Monthly 1882 Nor'-West Farmer and Manitoban Miller Monthly 1882
Newspapers are published in 47 Counties of this Province. Cities, towns and villages in which papers are published number 183, of which 39 designated by an * are county-seats. Of the 457 papers which insert advertisements published in the Province, 39 are daily, 1 tri-weekly, 4 semi-weekly, 342 weekly, 3 bi-weekly, 14 semi-monthly, 53 monthly, and 2 quarterly. Published Established ACTON, Halton Co. Free Press Thursday 1875 ALEXANDRIA, Glengarry Co. Glengarrian Friday 1885 ALLISTON, Simcoe Co. Herald Thursday 1870 ALMONTE, Lanark Co. Gazette Friday 1867 Times Thursday 1882 ALVINSTON, Lambton Co. Fair Play Thursday 1882 Reporter Friday 1882 Free Press Thursday 1885 AMHERSTBURG, Essex Co. Echo Friday 1874 Western Herald Friday 1884 ARNPRIOR, Renfrew Co. Chronicle Friday 1879 Can. Missionary 1883 The Homaepathic News 1st each Month ARTHUR, Wellington Co. Enterprise Thursday 1865 AURORA, York Co. Aurora Borealis Friday 1877 Banner Friday 1861 AYLMER, Elgin Co. Elgin Hawkeye Thursday 1885 Express Friday 1873 AYR, Waterloo Co. Recorder Thursday 1880 BARRIE*, Simcoe Co. Examiner Thursday 1863 Gazette Wednesday 1867 Northern Advance Thursday 1852 BEAMSVILLE, Lincoln Co. Independent - see Grimsby BEAVERTON, Ontario Co. Express Friday 1881 BEETON, Simcoe Co. Canadian Bee Journal Wed. World Thurs. 1883 BELLEVILLE*, Hastings Co. Astrum Alberti 1883 Canadian Patriot Wed. 1885 Ontario (daily of Chronicle) eve. 1870 Chronicle (weekly of Ontario) Fri. 1834 Intelligencer eve. 1867 Intelligencer Thurs. 1834 BERLIN*, Waterloo Co. Evangeliums Panier (German) Semi-monthly 1879 Gospel Banner Semi-monthly 1878 Journal (German) Thurs. 1859 Lutherisher Friedensbote (Ger.) Monthly 1883 Lutheriches Volksblatt (Ger.) Semi-monthly 1870 News eve. ex. Sun. 1878 News Thurs. 1878 Telegraph Fri. 1852 BLENHEIM, Kent Co. News Fri. 1873 BLYTH, Huron Co. Advocate Thurs. 1884 BOBCAYGEON, Victoria Co. Independent Fri. 1870 BOTHWELL, Kent Co. Times Thurs. 1875 BOWMANVILLE*, Durham Co. Canadian Independent Semi-monthly 1854 Canadian Statesman Thurs. 1854 West Durham News Fri. 1874 Sun Thurs. 1883 BRACEBRIDGE, Muskoka District. Free Grant Gazette Fri. 1872 Muskoka Herald Thurs. 1878 BRADFORD, Simcoe Co. South Simcoe News Thurs. 1866 Witness Thurs. 1879 BRAMPTON*, Peel Co. Conservator Fri. 1874 Peel Banner Fri. 1868 Times Fri. 1854 BRANTFORD*, Brant Co. Canadian Forester Monthly 1880 Courier Eve. ex. Sun. 1871 Courier Fri. 1834 Expositor Eve. ex. Sun. 1872 Expositor Fri. 1872 Golden Rule and Bible Reflector Semi-monthly 1881 Iconoclast and Paedo Baptist Semi-monthly 1882 Telegram eve. ex. Sun. 1879 Telegram Fri. 1869 BRIGHTON, Northumberland Co. Ensign Fri. 1870 BROCKVILLE*, Leeds Co. Evening Recorder eve. 1873 Monitor Fri. 1854 Recorder Thurs. 1820 Times eve. 1882 Times Fri. 1882 BRUSSELS, Huron Co. Post Fri. 1873 BURFORD, Brant Co. Times Thurs. 1885 BURKS FALLS, Muskoka Co. Arrow Fri. 1885 CALEDONIA, Haldimand Co. Grand River Sachem Wed. 1855 CAMPBELLFORD, Northumberland Co. Herald Thurs. 1873 News Fri. 1886 CANNINGTON, Ontario Co. Mirror Fri. 1885 Ontario Gleaner Thurs. 1870 CARLETON PLACE, Lanark Co. Central Canadian Thurs. 1876 Herald Wed. 1830 CAYUGA*, Haldimand Co. Haldimand Advocate Fri. 1868 CHATHAM*, Kent Co. Banner Wed. 1864 Gazette (Colored) Fri. 1885 Planet Mon./Wed./Fri. 1851 Planet Thurs. 1851 CHATSWORTH, Grey Co. News Thurs. 1885 CHESLEY, Bruce Co. Enterprise Wed. 1877 CLINTON, Huron Co. Huron News-Record Wed. 1878 New Era Fri. 1865 Journal and Humorist Monthly 1882 COBOURG*, Northumberland Co. Acta Victoriana Montly 1876 Sentinel-Star Thurs. 1828 World Fri. 1864 COLBORNE, Northumberland Co. Express Thurs. 1866 Northumberland Enterprise Wed. 1881 COLDWATER, Simcoe Co. Investigator Fri. 1882 COLLINGWOOD, Simcoe Co. Bulletin Thurs. 1870 Enterprise-Messenger Thurs. 1856 COMBER, Essex Co. Independent Thurs. 1883 CORNWALL*, Stormont Co. Freeholder Fri. 1846 News Thurs. 1883 Reporter Sat. 1876 CREEMORE, Simcoe Co. Advertiser Thurs. 1886 DESERONTO, Hastings Co. Tribune Fri. 1883 DRAYTON, Wellington Co. Times Wed. 1885 Vidette Fri. 1886 DRESDEN, Kent Co. Times Thurs. 1872 DUNDALK, Grey Co. Herald Thurs. 1882 DUNDAS, Wentworth Co. Standard Thurs. 1874 True Banner Thurs. 1857 DUNNVILLE, Monck Co. Gazette Thurs. 1852 Reform Press Wed. 1873 DURHAM, Grey Co. Chronicle Thurs. 1867 Grey Review Thurs. 1878 DUTTON, Elgin Co. Enterprise Thurs. 1881 EGANVILLE, Renfrew Co. Enterprise Wed. 1878 ELMIRA, Waterloo Co. Advertiser Thurs. 1882 ELORA, Wellington Co. Express Thurs. 1858 EMBRO, Oxford Co. Courier Wed. 1880 ERIN, Wellington Co. Advocate Thurs. 1880 ESSEX CENTRE, Essex Co. Argus Fri. 1878 Liberal Fri. 1885 EXETER, Huron Co. Reflector Thurs. 1878 Times Thurs. 1873 FENELON FALLS, Victoria Co. Gazette Sat. 1873 FERGUS, Wellington Co. Advocate Wed. 1885 News-Record Thurs. 1858 FLESHERTON, Grey Co. Advance Thurs. 1881 FOREST, Lambton Co. Free Press Fri. 1879 GALT, Waterloo Co. Dumfries Reformer Thurs. 1848 Reporter Fri. 1847 GANANOQUE, Leeds Co. Journal Fri. 1883 Reporter Sat. 1872 GEORGETOWN, Halton Co. Herald Thurs. 1865 GLENCOE, Middlesex Co. Transcript Thurs. 1870 GODERICH*, Huron Co. Huron Signal Fri. 1848 Star Fri. 1866 GORE BAY, Algoma District Manitoulin Guide and Gore Bay Enterprise Fri. 1877 GORRIE, Huron Co. Howick Enterprise Sat. 1878 Vidette Fri. 1885 GRAVENHURST, Muskoka District Muskoka Banner Fri. 1881 GRIMSBY, Lincoln Co. Independent (also at Beamsville) Thurs. 1885 GUELPH*, Wellington Co. Herald eve. ex Sun. 1871 Herald Thurs. 1847 Mercury and Advertiser Eve. ex Sun. 1867 Mercury and Advertiser Thurs. 1854 HAGERSVILLE, Haldimand Co. Times Sat. 1884 HAMILTON*, Wentworth Co. Portfolio Monthly 1876 Evening Times eve. ex Sun. 1850 Times Thurs. 1850 Spectator morn./eve. ex Sunday 1848 Spectator Thurs. 1848 Ancient Forester monthly 1882 Canadian Live Stock Journal monthly 1883 Palladium of Labor Sat. 1883 Canadian Labor Templar Monthly 1884 British Lion monthly 1881 HANOVER, Grey Co. Post Thurs. 1881 HARRISTON, Wellington Co. Tribune Thurs. 1872 HASTINGS, Northumberland Co. Observer Fri. 1885 Star Wed. 1878 HUNTSVILLE, Muskoka District Forester Fri. 1877 INGERSOLL, Oxford Co. Chronicle & Canadian Dairyman Thurs. 1854 Oxford Tribune Thurs. 1873 Sun Wed. 1881 JARVIS, Haldimand Co. Record Thurs. 1879 KINCARDINE, Bruce Co. Bruce Reporter Thurs. 1886 Review Fri. 1863 Standard Thurs. 1879 KINGSTON*, Frontenac Co. British Whig eve. ex. Sun. 1849 British Whig Thurs. 1834 Canadian Freeman Wed. 1885 Canadian Missionary monthly 1883 Queen's College Journal semi-monthly 1873 News eve. ex. sun. 1851 Chronicle and News Thurs. 1810 KINGSVILLE, Essex Co. Reporter Fri. 1876 LEAMINGTON, Essex Co. Post Thurs. 1874 L'ORIGINAL*, Prescott Co. Advertiser Thurs. 1868 News Thurs. 1876 LINDSAY*, Victoria Co. Canadian Post Fri. 1857 Victoria Warder Fri. 1856 LISTOWEL, Perth Co. Banner Fri. 1866 Standard Fri. 1878 LONDON*, Middlesex Co. Advertiser morn./noon/eve. ex. Sun. 1863 Western Advertiser Fri. 1863 Free Press morn./eve. ex. Sun. 1851 Free Press Thurs. 1845 Speaker eve. ex. sun. 1886 Speaker Fri. 1886 Catholic Record Fri. 1878 Grand Trunk Railway Bulletin daily 1879 Echo Fri. 1880 Canadian Entomologist Monthly 1869 Canadian Wheelman monthly 1883 Farmer's Advocate and Home Magazine monthly 1866 Independent Forester monthly 1880 Masonic Tablet monthly 1881 LUCAN, Middlesex Co. Enterprise semi-montly 1883 LUCKNOW, Bruce Co. Sentinel Fri. 1873 MADOC, Hastings Co. North Hastings Review Thurs. 1877 MANITOWANING, Algoma District Manitoulin Expositer Sat. 1879 MARKDALE, Grey Co. Standard Thurs. 1875 MARKHAM, York Co. Economist Thurs. 1856 Sun Thurs. 1881 MEAFORD, Grey Co. Mirror Fri. 1882 Monitor Fri. 1868 MIDLAND, Simcoe Co. Free Press Thurs. 1882 MILLBROOK, Durham Co. Messenger Wed. 1857 MILTON*, Halton Co. Canadian Champion Thurs. 1859 Reformer Thurs. 1885 Sun and Halton News Thurs. 1878 MINDEN*, Haliburton Co. Echo Tues. 1885 MITCHELL, Perth Co. Advertiser Thurs. 1885 Advocate Fri. 1862 Recorder Fri. 1874 MORRISBURG, Dundas Co. Courier Fri. 1862 Dundas County Herald Thurs. 1875 MOUNT FOREST, Wellington Co. Confederate and Examiner Thurs. 1866 Representative Thurs. 1885 NAPANEE*, Lennox Co. Beaver Sat. 1869 Canadian Casket Fri. 1871 Express Fri. 1861 Standard Sat. 1854 NEW HAMBURG, Waterloo Co. Canadischer Volkesblatt (German)Wed. 1854 Independent Thurs. 1878 NEWMARKET, York Co. Era Fri. 1852 North York Reformer Fri. 1876 NIAGARA FALLS, Welland Co. World Semi-weekly 1885 Review Fri. 1879 NORWICH, Oxford Co. Gazette Thurs. 1877 NORWOOD, Peterboro Co. Register Thurs. 1865 OAKVILLE, Halton Co. Star and Independant Fri. 1873 OMEMEE, Victoria Co. Herald Fri. 1878 ORANGEVILLE, Dufferin Co. Dufferin Advertiser Thurs. 1867 Dufferin Post Thurs. 1879 Sun Thurs. 1860 ORILLIA, Simcoe Co. Canadian Workman monthly 1879 News-Letter Fri. 1884 Packet Fri. 1870 Times Thurs. 1867 ORONO, Durham Co. News Thurs. 1885 OSHAWA, Ontario Co. Ontario Reformer Fri. 1871 Vindicator Wed. 1851 OTTAWA*, Carleton Co. Canada (French) daily 1879 Canadian Militia Gazette Tues. 1885 Canada Gazette (Official advertisements only) Canadian Mining Review monthly 1883 Citizen morn. ex. Sun. 1864 Citizen Mon./Thurs. 1844 Courrier de Hull Thurs. 1879 Dominion Sanitary Journal monthly 1874 Free Press eve. ex. Sun. 1869 Free Press Mon./Thurs. 1870 Journal eve. ex. Sun. 1885 Man monthly 1874 Official Postal Guide quarterly 1874 Sun eve. ex. Sun. 1884 Universal Penman monthly 1878 Woman's Journal monthly 1884 OWEN SOUND*, Grey Co. Advertiser Thurs. 1862 Grange Bulletin montly Times Thurs. 1853 Co-operator montly 1881 PAISLEY, Bruce Co. Advocate Thurs. 1864 PALMERSTON, Wellington Co. Telegraph & Wellington & Perth Gazette Thurs. 1876 PARIS, Brant Co. Brant Review Thurs. 1879 Star-Transport Wed. 1850 PARKDALE, York Co. News Thurs. 1881 PARRY SOUND*, Parry Sound District. North Star Fri. 1874 PEMBROKE*, Renfrew Co. Observer Fri. 1856 Standard Fri. 1873 PENETANGUISHENE, Simcoe Co. Herald Thurs. 1881 PERTH*, Lanark Co. Courier Fri. 1834 Expositer Thurs. 1861 PETERBORO*, Peterboro Co. Canada Lumberman 1st./15th. of month 1880 Canadian Agriculturist monthly 1883 Canadian Florist and Cottage Gardener monthly 1885 Evening Examiner eve. ex. sun. 1847 Examiner Thurs. 1847 Evening Review eve. ex. sun. 1879 Review Fri. 1852 Times morn. ex. Sun. 1885 Times Wed. 1872 PETROLIA, Lambton Co. Advertiser Fri. 1863 Topic Fri. 1879 PICKERING, Ontario Co. News Fri. 1881 PICTON*, Prince Edward Co. Gazette Fri. 1836 Times Thurs. 1855 PORT ARTHUR (Thunder Bay), Algoma District Herald eve. ex. Sun. 1882 Herald Wed. 1880 Sentinel eve. ex. Sun. 1882 Thunder Bay Sentinel Fri. 1875 PORT COLBORNE, Welland Co. Banner Thurs. 1884 PORT DOVER, Norfolk Co. Maple Leaf Fri. 1874 PORT ELGIN, Bruce Co. Busy Times Thurs. 1877 Free Press Fri. 1870 PORT HOPE, Durham Co. Canadian Craftsman & Masonic Record monthly 1867 Guide eve. ex. Sun. 1878 Guide Fri. 1831 PORT PERRY, Ontario Co. North Ontario Observer Thurs. 1857 Standard Thurs. 1866 PORT ROWAN, Norfolk Co. Spirit of the Age 1874 PRESCOTT, Grenville Co. Leeds & Grenville Independent Wed. 1885 Messenger Fri. 1855 Telegraph Fri. 1847 RENFREW, Renfrew Co. Mercury Fri. 1871 RICHMOND HILL, York Co. Liberal Thurs. 1878 York Herald Thurs. 1859 RIDGETOWN, Kent Co. East Kent Plaindealer Thurs. 1877 Standard Thurs. 1880 RODNEY, Elgin Co. Chronicle Fri. 1882 Mercury Thurs. 1884 ST. CATHARINES*, Lincoln Co. Evening Journal eve. ex. Sun. 1860 Journal Thurs. 1824 News eve. ex. Sun. 1872 News Thurs. 1872 Canadian Horticulturist 1st. month 1878 ST. MARY'S, Perth Co. Argus Thurs. 1857 Journal Thurs. 1876 ST. THOMAS*, Elgin Co. Journal eve. ex. Sun. 1881 Southern Counties Journal Thurs. 1859 Times morn. ex. Sun. 1871 Times Thurs. 1873 SARNIA*, Lambton Co. Canadian Wed. 1857 Observer Fri. 1854 Sun Sat. 1884 SAULT ST. MARIE*, Algoma District. Algoma Pioneer Fri. 1874 SEAFORTH, Huron Co. Huron Expositor Fri. 1866 Sun Fri. 1880 SHELBURNE, Dufferin Co. Economist Thurs. 1883 Free Press Thurs. 1875 SIMCOE*, Norfolk Co. Argus Fri. 1885 British Canadian Wed. 1861 Norfolk Reformer Thurs. 1858 SMITH'S FALLS, Lanark Co. Independent Fri. 1883 SPRINGFIELD, Elgin Co. Argus Fri. 1885 STAYNER, Simcoe Co. Sun Thurs. 1877 STIRLING, Hastings Co. News-Argus Fri. 1879 STOUFFVILLE, York Co. Advance Fri. 1879 STRATFORD*, Perth Co. Advertiser Thurs. 1880 Beacon Fri. 1854 Canadische Kolonist Wed. 1863 Herald Wed. 1862 Times Wed. 1876 STRATHROY, Middlesex Co. Age Thurs. 1866 Western Dispatch Wed. 1862 TARA, Bruce Co. Leader Thurs. 1881 TEESWATER, Bruce Co. News Fri. 1874 THORNBURY, Grey Co. News and East Grey Review Thurs. 1886 Union Standard Thurs. 1873 THOROLD, Welland Co. Post Fri. 1875 TILBURY CENTRE, Essex Co. Times Thurs. 1884 TILSONBURG, Oxford Co. Liberal Thurs. 1877 Observer Fri. 1863 TIVERTON, Bruce Co. Watchman Thurs. 1873 TORONTO*, York Co. Advertiser Sat. 1870 Berean Leaf monthly 1868 Berean Leaf quarterly Budget monthly 1881 Canada Citizen Fri. 1881 Canada Educational Monthly monthly 1879 Canada Independent Canada Lancet monthly 1868 Canada Law Journal bi-weekly 1855 Canada Presbyterian Wed. 1872 Canada School Journal semi-monthly 1877 Canadian Baptist Thurs. 1854 Canadian Breeder and Agricultural Review Fri. 1884 Canadian Grocer Semi-monthly 1886 Canadian Labor Reformer Sat. 1886 Canadian Law Times monthly 1881 Canadian Manufacturers and Industrial World bi-weekly 1882 Canadian Methodist Magazine monthly 1871 Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal monthly 1868 Canadian Poultry Review monthly 1877 Canadian Practitioner monthly 1876 Canadian Sportsman and Live Stock Journal Fri. 1874 Cassell's Family Magazine monthly 1879 Christian Guardian Wed. 1829 Commercial Traveller and Mercantile Journal monthly 1880 Cosmopolitan Shorthander monthly 1880 Dominion Churchman Thurs. 1875 Dominion Odd Fellow Fri. 1881 Evangelical Churchman Thurs. 1876 Evening Telegram eve. ex. Sun. 1876 Fireside Weekly Mon. 1885 Free Mason monthly 1881 Globe morn./eve. ex. Sun. 1854 Globe Fri. 1844 Grip Sat. 1873 Happy Days bi-weekly 1883 Home and School Supplement bi-weekly 1883 Irish Canadian Thurs. 1863 Kindergarten monthly 1885 Ladies' Journal monthly 1879 Mail morn./eve. ex. Sun. 1872 Mail Thurs. 1872 Merchant semi-monthly 1886 Merchant and Manufacturer monthly 1881 Monetary Times; Trade Review and Insurance Chronicle Fri. 1867 National Sat. 1874 News morn./eve. ex. Sun. 1881 Our Own Fireside monthly 1883 Overseer monthly 1885 Pleasant Hours (III) bi-weekly 1879 Presbyterian Review Thurs. 1884 Railway Life Thurs. 1885 Rouge et Noir monthly 1879 Rural Canadian and Canada Farmer monthly 1877 Sentinel and Orange and Protestant Advocate Thurs. 1874 Silent Nation semi-montly 1885 Sunbeam bi-weekly 1880 Sunday School Banner monthly 1868 Tribune Wed./Sat. 1874 Truth Sat. 1868 Varsity Sat. 1880 Week Thurs. 1883 World morn. ex. Sun. 1880 TOTTENHAM, Simcoe Co. Cardwell Sentinel Wed. 1865 TRENTON, Hastings Co. Advocate Fri. 1870 Courier Thurs. 1866 TWEED, Hastings Co. Herald Thurs. 1886 UXBRIDGE, Ontario Co. Guardian Fri. 1872 Journal Thurs. 1869 WALKERTON*, Bruce Co. Bruce Herald Thurs. 1860 Bruce Telescope Fri. 1869 Glocke (German) Wed. 1869 WALLACEBURG, Kent Co. Herald Fri. 1884 Valley Record Thurs. 1871 WATERFORD, Norfolk Co. Star Thurs. 1874 WATERLOO, Waterloo Co. Canadischer Bauernfreund (German) Fri. 1850 Chronicle Thurs. 1857 WATFORD, Lambton Co. Guide-Advocate Fri. 1875 WELLAND*, Welland Co. Deutscher Telegraph (German) semi-monthly 1885 Lutherisches Volksblatt (German)semi-monthly 1882 Telegraph Fri. 1863 Tribune Fri. 1857 WHITBY*, Ontario Co. Chronicle Fri. 1856 Gazette Sat. 1862 Our Own Fireside monthly 1883 Sunbeam monthly 1878 WIARTON, Bruce Co. Echo Fri. 1879 WINDSOR, Essex Co. Clarion Sat. 1885 Courrier d'Essex (French) Sat. 1884 Le Courrier de l'Ouest (French) Fri. 1884 Essex Record Fri. 1860 Essex Review Fri. 1878 Oxford Standard Thurs. 1886 Le Progres (French) Thurs. 1881 WINGHAM, Huron Co. Advance Thurs. 1873 Times Fri. 1869 Vidette Fri. 1884 WOODSTOCK*, Oxford Co. Oxford Standard Thurs. 1886 Evening Standard eve. ex. Sun. 1886 Sentinel-Review Fri. 1854 Times Fri. 1854 WOODSVILLE, Victoria Co. Advocate Thurs. 1876 WYOMING, Lambton Co. Gazette Wed. 1882
Newspapers are published in 24 Counties in the Province. Cities, towns and villages in which papers are published number 30, of which 15 designated by * are county seats. Of the 126 papers which insert advertisements published in the Province, 22 are daily, 3 tri-weekly, 67 weekly, 1 bi-weekly, 1 semi-monthly, and 25 monthly. Published Established ARTHABASKAVILLE, Arthabasca Co. L'Alpha (French) Thurs. 1880 L'Union des Cantons (French) Sat. 1866 ATHELSTAN, Huntingdon Co. Sun Wed. 1885 AYLMER*, Ottawa Co. Times Wed. 1855 BEAUHARNOIS, Beauharnois Co. Drapheau de Beauharnois (French) Fri. 1884 BEDFORD*, Missisquoi Co. Times Thurs. 1878 BRYSON*, Pontiac Co. Equity Thurs. 1883 Pontiac Advance Thurs. 1872 CHICOUTIENNE. Le Saguenay (French) Tues. 1882 COATICOOK, Stanstead Co. Observer Sat. 1870 COWANSVILLE, Missisquoi Co. Observer Thurs. 1870 FARNHAM, Missisquoi Co. Press de Farnham Fri. 1884 FRASERVILLE, Temiscouata Co. Jour (French) Fri. 1884 HULL, Ottawa Co. Dispatch Thurs. 1880 Messager des Campagnes Thurs. Vallee d'Ottawa (French) morn. ex. Sun. 1884 Le Courrier (French) Thurs. 1881 HUNTINGDON*, Huntingdon Co. Farmer's Advocate Thurs. 1883 Canadian Gleaner Thurs. 1863 JOLIETTE*, Joliette Co. La Gazette de Joliette (French) Tues./Fri. 1866 L'Observateur (French) Wed./Sat. 1884 LACHUTE*, Argenteuil Co. Watchman (French) Fri. 1877 LA MALBAIE, Charlevoix Co. L'Echo des Laurentides (French) Thurs. 1884 LEVIS*, Levis Co. Annales de la Bonne Ste. Anne de Beaupre monthly 1873 Hebdomadaire (French) Thurs. 1882 Quotidien (French) eve. ex. Sun. 1879 LOUISEVILLE, Maskinonge Co. Le Courier (French) Thurs. 1877 MAGOG, Stanstead Co. News Fri. 1855 MONTMAGNY, Montmagny Co. La Sentinelle (French) 1883 MONTREAL*, Montreal Co. A. B. C. Railway & Steamboat Travellers' Guide monthly 1880 Agriculteur Canadian (French) monthly 1886 Aurore (French) Thurs. 1886 Battersby's Dominion Guide monthly 1875 Canada Medical and Surgical Journal monthly 1871 Canada Medical Record monthly 1863 Canadian Colonist monthly 1886 Canadian Journal of Fabrics monthly 1883 Canadian Magazine of Science and Industrial Arts monthly 1873 Canard (French) Sat. 1877 Church Guardian Wed. 1879 Colonisateur Canadian (French) monthly 1880 Dairyman monthly 1884 Educational Record monthly 1881 Englishman's Journal monthly 1886 Etendard (French) morn./eve. ex. Sun. 1883 Etendard (French) Thurs. 1883 Family Herald and Star Wed. 1869 Gazette morn. ex. Sun. 1778 Gazette Fri. 1778 Herald Thurs. 1810 Herald and Commercial Gazette morn. ex. Sun. 1810 Illustrated Journal of Agriculture monthly 1879 Insurance and Finance Chronicle monthly 1881 International Railway & Steam Navigation Guide monthly 1884 Journal d'Agriculture Illustre (French) monthly 1879 Journal d'Hygiene Populaire (French) semi-monthly 1884 Journal of Commerce Fri. 1875 Law Reports monthly 1885 Legal News monthly 1878 Lower Canada Jurist monthly 1857 Minerve (French) morn. ex. Sun. 1826 Minerve Thurs. 1826 Monde (French) morn. ex. Sun. 1867 Monde (French) Fri. 1857 Monde Illustre (French) Sat. 1884 Moniteur de Commerce (French) Fri. 1880 Montreal Law Reports Fri. 1885 Northern Messenger bi-weekly 1866 Patrie eve. ex. Sun. 1879 Peuple (F) Sat. 1880 Post eve. ex. Sun. 1877 Presbyterian Record monthly 1876 Presse (French) noon/eve. 1884 Protestant Pillar monthly 1880 Revue Canadienne (French) monthly 1863 Shareholder and Insurance Gazette Fri. 1879 Star eve. ex. Sun. 1869 Tribune (French) Sat. 1880 True Witness Wed. 1850 Union Medicale du Canada (Fr) monthly 1872 Witness eve. ex. Sun. 1860 Witness Wed. 1846 ORMSTOWN, Chateaugay Co. Courier Thurs. 1872 QUEBEC*, Quebec Co. Ami des Campagnes (Fr) Fri. 1883 Canadien Morn. ex. Sun. 1808 Canadien (French) Tu./Thurs./Sat. 1808 Chronicle Fri. 1846 Courrier du Canada (French) eve. ex. Sun. 1856 Cultivateur (French) Thurs. 1874 Electeur (French) eve. ex. Sun. 1880 Electeur (French) Thurs. 1879 Evenement (French) eve. ex. Sun. 1867 Evening Mercury eve. ex. Sun. 1805 Journal de Quebec (French) Morn. ex. Sun. 1842 Journal de Quebec Tu./Thurs./Sat. 1842 Journal des Campagnes (French) Thurs. 1875 Morning Chronicle Morn. ex. Sun. 1846 Nouvelliste (French) eve. ex. Sun. 1876 Saturday Budget Sat. 1870 Telegraph eve. ex. Sun. 1875 Verite (French) Sat. 1881 RICHMOND*, Richmond Co. Guardian Fri. 1857 Times and Richmond Co. Record Fri. 1878 ROCK ISLAND, Stanstead Co. Stanstead Journal Thurs. 1845 ST. HYACINTHE*, St. Hyacinthe Co. Courrier de St. Hyacinthe (Fr.) Tu./Thurs./Sat. 1853 Courrier de St. Hyacinthe and Journal d'Agriculture Fri. 1866 Union (French) Wed./Sat. 1879 Union (French) Fri. 1873 ST. JOHNS*, St. Johns Co. Franco-Canadien (French) Wed. 1860 News and Eastern Townships Advocate Fri. 1848 STE. ANNE DE LA POCAITERE, Kamouraska Co. Gazette des Campagnes (French) Thurs. 1861 SHERBROOKE*, Sherbrooke Co. Examiner Fri. 1878 Gazette Fri. 1833 Pionnier (French) Thurs. 1866 Progres de l'Est (French) Tues./Fri. 1883 Progres de l'Est (French) Fri. 1883 SOREL*, Richelieu Co. News Sat. 1879 Sorelois (French) Tues./Fri. 1879 STANBRIDGE EAST, Missisquoi Co. Missisquoi Record Fri. 1885 THREE RIVERS*, St. Maurice Co. Cultivateur (French) Weekly 1875 Ere Nouvelle (French) Tues./Fri. 1884 Journal des Trois Rivieres (F.) Mon./Thurs. 1865 Liberte (French) Morn. ex. Sat. 1884 VALLEYFIELD, Beauharnois Co. Progres (French) Thurs. 1878 WATERLOO, Shefford Co. Advertiser Fri. 1855 Journal (French) Thurs. 1881
Newspapers are published in 7 Counties in this Province. Cities, towns and villages in which papers are published number 13, of which one designated by an * is a county seat. Of the 40 papers which insert advertisements published in this Province, 5 are daily, 2 tri-weekly, 2 semi-weekly, 26 weekly and 5 monthly. Published Established ALBERT, Albert Co. Maple Leaf Thurs. 1880 BATHURST, Gloucester Co. Courier Wed. 1885 CHATHAM, Northumberland Co. Miramichi Advance Thurs. 1874 World Wed./Sat. 1882 World Thurs. 1882 FREDERICTON, York Co. Capital Tue./Thurs./Sat.1880 Capital Wed. 1880 Gleaner Tue./Thurs./Sat.1884 Gleaner (York) Wed. 1884 Maritime Farmer Wed. 1879 N. B. Reporter Wed./Sat. 1844 Temperance Journal Thurs. 1883 University Monthly monthly 1881 GRAND MANAN, Charlotte Co. Island Press Thurs. 1883 MONCTON, Westmoreland Co. Times Morn. ex. Sun. 1877 Times Wed. 1868 Transcript Daily ex. Sun. 1882 Transcript Wed. 1882 Argus 1883 NEWCASTLE, Northumberland Co. Union Advocate Wed. 1867 SACKVILLE, Westmorland Co. Argosy monthly 1874 Chignecto Post Thurs. 1856 ST. ANDREW'S, Charlotte Co. Bay Pilot Thurs. 1878 ST. JOHN*, St. John Co. Globe eve. ex. Sun. 1861 Globe Wed. 1858 Sun Morn. ex. Sun. 1878 Sun Wed. 1879 Telegraph Morn. ex. Sun. 1869 Telegraph Wed. 1862 Religious Intelligencer Fri. 1854 Messanger and Visitor Wed. 1836 Canadian Record monthly 1882 Trade Reporter monthly 1884 Youth's Visitor monthly 1879 ST. STEPHEN, Charlotte Co. Enterprise Wed. 1884 St. Croix Courier Thurs. 1865 SHEDIAC, Westmoreland Co. Moniteur Acadien (French) Thurs. 1865 WOODSTOCK, Carleton Co. Carleton Sentinel Sat. 1837 Enterprise Wed. 1884 Press Thurs. 1881
Newspapers are published in 15 Counties of this Province. Cities, towns and villages in which papers are published number 22, of which 9 designated by an * are county seats. Of the 53 papers which insert advertisements published in the Province, 5 are daily, 3 tri-weekly, 2 semi-weekly, 33 weekly, 1 semi- monthly, and 8 monthly. Published Established ACADIA MINES, Colchester Co. Week's Doings Wed. 1885 AMHERST, Cumberland Co. Gazette Fri. 1866 Maritime Sentinel Thurs. 1871 ANNAPOLIS*, Annapolis Co. Spectator Fri. 1882 ANTIGONISH, Antigonish Co. Aurora Wed. 1881 Casket Thurs. 1852 BADDECK, Cape Breton, Victoria Co. Island Reporter Thurs. 1884 BRIDGETOWN, Annapolis Co. Monitor Wed. 1873 BRIDGEWATER, Lunenberg Co. Lunenberg County Times Wed. 1883 DIGBY*, Digby Co. Courier Fri. 1874 HALIFAX*, Halifax Co. Acadian Recorder eve. ex. Sun. 1813 Acadian Recorder Mon./Wed./Fri. 1813 Morning Chronicle Morn. ex. Sun. 1864 Citizen and Evening Chronicle eve. ex. Sun. 1863 Morning Chronicle Tue./Thur./Sat. 1844 Nova Scotian Sat. 1825 Morning Herald Morn. ex. Sun. 1875 Evening Mail eve. ex. Sun. 1878 Morning Herald Tue./Thur./Sat. 1875 Weekly Herald Wed. 1875 Critic Sat. 1884 Presbyterian Witness Sat. 1848 Royal Gazette Wed. 1791 Wesleyan Thurs. 1849 Dalhousie Gazette semi-montly 1867 Buds and Blossoms monthly 1876 Nova Scotian Journal of Agriculture Sat. 1825 Philatelic Courier and Stamp Collector's Journal, Eng. and Foreign Quarterly 1881 KENTVILLE*, King's Co. Western Chronicle Wed./Sat. 1873 New Star Fri. 1884 Canadian Science Monthly monthly 1882 Rural Home monthly 1885 LIVERPOOL*, Queen's Co. Advance Wed. 1878 Times Fri. 1876 LUNENBERG*, Lunenberg Co. Progress Wed. 1878 NEW GLASGOW, Pictou Co. Eastern Chronicle Thurs. 1840 Plaindealer Wed. 1870 Maritime Presbyterian monthly 1881 NORTH SYDNEY, Cape Breton Co. Herald Wed. 1872 PICTOU*, Pictou Co. Colonial Standard Tues. 1859 News Fri. 1882 PORT HOOD, Inverness Co. Referee Wed. 1882 STELLARTON, Pictou Co. Trades Journal Wed. 1880 SYDNEY*, Cape Breton Co. Advocate Thurs. 1872 TRURO, Colchester Co. Colchester Sun Wed. 1871 Guardian Tues. 1879 WINDSOR, Hants Co. Clarion Thurs. 1885 Courier Tues. 1885 Hants Journal Wed. 1867 King's College Record monthly 1879 WOLFVILLE, King's Co. Acadian Athenaeum monthly 1874 Acadian Scientist 1883 YARMOUTH*, Yarmouth Co. Herald Wed. 1833 Times Wed./Sat. 1883
Newspapers are published in 2 Counties of this Province. Cities, towns and villages in which papers are published number 2. Of the 8 papers which insert advertisements published in the Province, 2 are daily, 7 weekly. Published Established CHARLOTTETOWN, Queen's Co. Examiner Eve. ex. Sun. 1877 Examiner and Island Argus Fri. 1847 Herald Wed. 1862 Patriot Eve. ex. Sun. 1881 Patriot Thurs. 1861 Protestant Union Thurs. 1885 Royal Gazette Sat. 1791 SUMMERSIDE, Prince Co. Journal Thurs. 1865 P. E. I. Agriculturalist Thurs. 1882 Pioneer Tues. 1876
There are 8 papers which insert advertisements published in Newfoundland- 2 daily, 1 tri-weekly, 1 semi-weekly, and 5 weekly. Published Established HARBOR GRACE Standard Sat. 1859 ST. JOHN'S Evening Mercury Eve. ex. Sun. 1882 Evening Telegram Eve. ex. Sun. 1880 Patriot and Terra Nova Herald Mon. 1863 Royal Gazette Tues. 1807 Temperance Journal Weekly 1868 Terra Nova Advocate Tue./Thur./Sat. 1876 Times Wed./Sat. 1832 TWILLINGATE Sun Thurs. 1880