Upper Canada

Land Book C

Linda Herman has transcribed the list of land petitions in Land Book C, which covers a large number of early loyalists and settlers in the late 1700s. The transcriptions are included in several separate pages due to their large size. The first sections aren't indexed, and cover some of the applications made in 1796. The 1797 petitions are in the form of a book with an index to the names included. On behalf of all researchers looking for early records of the settlers of Ontario, I would like to thank Linda for her generosity in sharing this resource.

Note: The actual petitions will often contain a great deal of information on the person applying. You should get a film of the petitions if you find your ancestor listed here.

To learn more about these petitions, read the very informative articles by Brenda Dougall Merriman, CGRS, CGL, that are at the Global site.

The National Archives of Canada hold the majority of petitions for crown land in Upper Canada. The Upper Canada Land Petitions (NAC Series RG 1, L 3) can be borrowed on microfilm from the National Archives of Canada. Take this direct link to the page regarding these petitions.

1796, Early 1797 Land Petitions

Land Petitions, Upper Canada Land Book C

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