Towns and Villages in Oxford County -Part 1.



This village is prettily situated on the banks of the River Thames, about five miles west of Woodstock, and on the line of the Great Western Railway, of which it is a station. It is in the midst of a rich Agricultural district, being surrounded by splendid cultivated farms. There is ample water power in its vicinity, for mills and factory purposes. The London and Hamilton Macadamized Road passes through the Village. It has a daily mail, and contains two Churches-Episcopal and Presbyterian, other denominations use the School House. It also contains a flouring and grist mill, two saw mills, foundry and machine shop, two blacksmith shops, a wagon and carriage factory, fanning mill factory, vinegar factory and tannery, four hotels, five general stores, tin shop, and cabinet shop beside other representations of the various mechanical trades. During the last summer this village suffered a serious loss in the destruction by fire of a large and extensive barrel factory, where a number of operatives were kept employed. The proprietors design its re-creation. Population 400. Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c. ALLEN, ELI, farmer Courtnay, Charles, shingle AMES, ENOS, repairer and dealer manufacturer in clocks DARK, JOHN, farmer Appleton Richard, laborer Davis, Joseph W., stove merchant, Ashelby, William, laborer bds. Oxford House Beath, Robert, pedlar Deas, James, farmer Black, William, blacksmith DICKIE, JAMES, wagon maker, Bowie, John, laborer n. side river BREMBNER, ALEX, toll keeper Ditchburn, Robert, carpenter BURTON, GEORGE, shoemaker DOWNING, THOS., lime dealer Carrall, Dennis, farmer Downs, Zina, carpenter CARRALL, IRA, farmer Drake, Ira, shingle maker CARRALL, REUBEN, shoemaker Eddie, Joseph, weaver Case, Harrison, carpenter ELSEY, MRS., merchant Chalcroft, John, farmer Ernest, Hiram, farmer Clemonadale, Nathaniel, blacksmith Fairbairn, James, grocer Collier, Benjamin, plasterer Fisher, Augustus, plasterer COLLIER, JAMES, proprietor Fitzgerald, Wm., laborer Oxford Hcruse Gilchrist, J. D. fanning mill maker Cook, Silas, gentleman Greig, George, farmer CORBIN, JAMES, M. D. Grey, James, sawyer Harper, Wm., baker MOORE, HENRY J., post master HART, A., dealer in dry goods, Moore, W. S., gentleman groceries and general Muirhead, David, iron founder, North merchandize Oxford Hay, George, gentleman Munro, Angus, laborer Henry, John, shoemaker NELLES, E. A., merchant Henry, John, tailor Nelles, H. W., gentleman HENRY, WARREN, shoemaker and tanner OXFORD HOUSE, Jas. Collier, prop. Hill, Wm., wagon maker Pelton, Samuel, prop. Royal Exchange HOOK, Wm., miller Phelps, Joel, teamster Karn, James, Railway Hotel PHELPS, URIAH, blacksmith Lovering, James, butcher PHELPS, URIAH, vinegar factory McCombs, Hiram, farmer PLATTS, JOSEPH, Cricketers Hotel McDonald, John, merchant REID, JOHN, tin shop McDonald, Thomas, clerk at John RICH, JNO. G., M. D., res at Oxford McDonalds House McFee, Donald, tailor ROSS, GEO., general merchant McLean, Robert, millwright Ryan, Joseph, tailor McLEOD, FINLAY, blacksmith Shearer, Wm., laborer McNAMES, ABRAM, shoemaker Slater, John, tailor McNeil, James, mason Thomas, James, miller at Hooks McVee, Angus, laborer THOMSON, ROBT., iron founder MARTIN, CALVIN, J.P. Ultay, John P., laborer Martin, C. D., farmer Wals, Alexander, millwright Martin, C. S., farmer Wiley, Richard, laborer Martin, Earl D., carpenter Williams, Aaron, laborer Martin, Harry F., gentleman Williams, Abel, shoemaker Mason, Charles, miller Williamson, Charles, laborer Millar, David, farmer Wilton, Richard, farmer MILLAR, THOS. D., wheat merchant Woodman, W. B., night porter, G.W.R.W.
A Post Office in the township of East Zorra, established about 1860, on 16th Lot, 9th Concession. Mails are received at 10 a.m., on Wednesdays and Saturdays and dispatched at 8 a.m. same days. Distance from Woodstock 9 miles. JOHN FORBES, Jr., General Merchant and Postmaster.
A Post Office in the township of West Zorra, on the 25th Lot, 4th Concession. Mails received on Tuesdays and Saturdays, at 10 a. m., and dispatched same day at 5 p. m. Distant from Embro, 5 1/2 miles; from Woodstock, 14 miles. John Innes, Postmaster and General Merchant Robert R. Sutherland, Teacher J. Rose, Clerk with J. Innes
A Post Office in the township of Dereham, on the line of the Dereham, Ingersoll, and Dorchester Gravel Road, 13 miles from Ingersoll, and 22 miles from Woodstock. Mails are received on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 12 noon, and dispatched same time. The village contains a school, one church, (N. C. Methodist), one general store, one carriage and wagon factory, one plow factory, two blacksmith shops, a saddlery aud harness shop, and a shoe shop. Ewen McDiarmid, Postmaster.
New Connection Methodist Chapel; built A. D. 1859; cost $1,100; dimensions 34x46; No. can be seated, 300. Rev. HENRY WILKINSON, Pastor. Worship held in same church by Episcopal Methodists, Rev. Mr. Graham.
School Section No. 12; on con. 1O, lot 22; No of pupils, 125; average, 75. Name of Teacher, Abraham Shoreland Harris. Andrews, Charles, carpenter McSHERRY, GEO., blacksmith shop, Brown, Ovid P., saddlery and shoe shop and plow maker Brown, Samuel Nelson, harnessmaker Pearson, Simon, shoemaker Fursman, John, carriages, wagons, Royal Exchange, A. D. Glover, buggies, and sleighs proprietor Hall, John, carpenter Scott, Alex., apprentice blacksmith Helmka, Henry, carpentcr and builder Sponenburg, William, carpenter and McDIARMID, EWEN, dry goods, groceries, builder crockery, hardware, &c. Thompson, Irving, blacksmith
This is a post village situated in the 1st Concession of the township of North Norwich, and on the line of the projected "Woodstock and Lake Erie Railway." Had this line of railway been completed, it would have advanced the growth of the village considerably. This section of the County was first settled by one Aaron Corbin, about fifty years ago. It is distant from Woodstock, 11 miles, and from Ingersoll, 13 miles. It is located amongst highly cultivated farming lands. It has a triweekly mail, (on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays). Contains two churches, viz: one Christian, and one Baptist. The Union School Section No. 3, North Norwich and East Oxford is here situated, with an average attendance of 70 pupils. It has one good hotel, two stores, and workshops.
Burgessville Lodge, No. 249; organized in 1858. Meetings held every Saturday evening, in Good Templars Hall. M. Mellon, W. V., J. Corbin, W. T., E.W. Burgess, W. S., D. Wallace, W. F. S., B. Emigh, W. M., James Halow, S. Almas, Christopher, carpenter O'NEILL, EDWARD, proprietor of Burgess, E. W., blacksmith Franklin House Burgess, E. W., J. P. Sears, Wm., boot and shoe maker Code, John, watch maker SNYDER, L. C., agent for nursery Coultson, James, carpenter Snyder, Philip, carpenter Doxsie, Adam, boot and shoe maker Spencer, Dennis, carpenter Edmonds, J. P., pumpmaker THOMSON, JOSEPH, tailor FRANKLIN HOUSE, EDWARD O'NEILL, Thomson, Smith, butcher proprietor Thrall, John H., M. D., surgeon and Griswold, Harvey, carpenter physician Harris, John, hostler, Franklin House WALLACE, DAVID & THOMAS, HAZLOW, JAMES, blacksmith general merchants Johnston, Adam, wagon maker WALLACE, DAVID, postmaster NICHOLS, Rev. SYLVANUS, Christian Watson, Isaac, pump pedler
Situated three miles north of Ingersoll, at the present terminus of the Ingersoll, North Oxford and West Zorra gravel road. It contains a store, hotel, and blacksmith shop. Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c. Campbell, James, farmer McDONALD, ROBERT, farmer, and Gilmore, Wm., grocer prop'r Campbell's Corners Hotel McDonald, Alexander, farmer Willard, George, farmer
Is a post village in the Township of Blenheim, and situated on Smith Creek, 18 miles distant from Woodstock. It is extensively supplied with water power, and contains flouring, grist and saw mills, a woollen factory, carding machine, tannery, and shoe shop, general stores, blacksmith, wagon maker, and carpenter establishments, and a good hotel. It has a daily mail. Population about 300. For alphabetical list of residents, see appendix
Is a small village situated midway, between Ingersoll and Beachville, on the London & Hamilton Road, which passes through it. It contains a tannery, flouring mill, brick yard, and two blacksmith shops. Its Post Office address is Ingersoll. Population about 100. Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c. Amermans, Isaac, laborer Johnston, Thomas, carpenter Ayers, ---, brickyard Johnston, Wm., laborer BAIN, ALEX., flouring mills McLeod, Thomas, well digger Bain, Ora, miller Lowes, Joseph, farmer CARRICK, ANDREW & CO., tanners McNames, Amos, farmer and curriers Mossip, James, blacksmith CLARK, MONTAGUE J. W. Myers, John, tanner Cross, Eli, farmer Perkins, Nelson, carpenter and builder Deuel, W. S., blacksmith Phelps, Sylvester, laborer Fish, John T., jobbing shop Richards, John, farmer Fowler, John, gardener Roberts, Wm. tanner Harris, Squire R., farmer Sharp, Wm., currier Hebener, Daniel, trader Smith, Jesse Marshall, carpenter Hopkins, Samuel, tanner Stonehouse, George, farmer Johnston, James, laborer Thomas, Charles, currier Johnston, Levi, carpenter Walton, Robert, blacksmith shop
A post Village in the Township of Blenheim, with post office located on 24th Lot, 12th Concession. It has a daily mail, received at 10 a.m., and despatched at 10 a.m., from Hamburg to Plattsville. It contains one Church, viz: the Canada Presbyterian, a school, one store and blacksmith shop. There is a society called the "Potentior Temple", which was organized on 25th September 1861, and meets on Friday evening at Chesterfield. Beard, Goerge, Post master and general merchant Craigie, Archibald, assistant post master and salesman Henry, Hugh C., school teacher McKie, Robert, blacksmith shop Robertson, Rev. Wm., minister of Canada Presbyterian Church
Organized September 25, 1861. Meets Friday evenings at Chesterfield. W. C. T., John Caldon W. C., Robert Pettigrew W. V., Jane Dalgleish W. D. M., Ellen Thompson W. S., John Henderson W. R. H. S., Margaret Dalgleish W. T., William Dalgleish W. L. H. S., Margaret Oliver W. F. S., Alexander Harvie P. W. C., Robert McKie W. M., Andrew Little T. D., Robert McKie W. I. G., Jannet Thompson T. O. G., Thomas Stewart W. A. S., Jannet Allan P. O. adress, Chesterfield
A port Village in the Township of Dereham, and situated on the Ingersoll and Dorchester Gravel Road. It is distant from Woodstock, 20 miles, from Ingersoll, 11 miles, and from Port Burwell 18 miles. It has a tri-weekly mail, and contains two stores, two wagon shops, two saw mills, (doing an excellent business,) and a shoe shop, with a good hotel. There are two Churches, viz: the Canada Presbyterian, built in 1857, at a cost of twelve hundred dollars, and a Wesleyan Methodist, built in 1861 and cost $950. There is also a Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 648, organized 22nd September, 1855, also a Good Templars Society, under the name of the "Culloden British A. O. of G. T., organized 18th November, 1858. Two Physicians reside in the village. Population about 200.
Mails received, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 12 a. m., and dispatched at 2 p.m. Malory McKenzie, Post Master.
Built A.D. 1857, cost $1200, size 3O x 48, seats 400.
Built A.D. 1861, cost $950, size 3O x 50, can seat 400. Name of minister, Rev. Mr. Reed.
(Organized Sept. 22nd, 1855.) Time of the meeting, first Friday on or after each full moon, at 7 1/2 a.m. Post Office address, Culloden. Richard Bolton, W. M. Abraham S. Harris, Secretary Charles Conrad, D. M. William Lothian, Treasurer
(Organized November 18, 1858.) Meets on Tuesday evenings at Barne's House.
W. C. T., John Hall W. D. M., Sarah Richison W. V., Mrs. Hall W. A. S., Thomas Smart W. S., James Smart W. R. H. S., Mrs. Freedy W. T., Benjamin Hopkins W. L. H. S., Nancy Bolton W. F. S., Andrew Smart P. W. C. T., Benjamin Freedy W. M., William Spoonaburg D. T., Benjamin Hopkins Barnes, W. G., tailor Lancaster, D. H., M. D., graduate of BEACH & CARNEY, blacksmith shop, homeopathic board Toronto, C.W. carriages, buggies, and LEEDER, ASAPH, M.D. waggons made to order Beach, Jacob B., (of Beach & Carney) LOTHIAN, WM., shoemaker blacksmith and wagon maker Lund, Geo., carpenter Bolton, Abraham, head sawyer in McARTHUR, RIAL, prop. Culloden Bolton's mill house Bolton, James, engineer McDonald, Alex., blacksmith BOLTON, RICHARD, proprietor, McDONALD, SAMUEL, M.D. west mill, steam saw mill Bower, Henry, sawyer McKenzie, Mrs. Mallory, post mistress Brunt, Mrs. and general store Brembner, James, foreman and sawyer National Hotel, B. Courser, proprietor Outly, Henry, teamster Brown, B. P., medical student Palmer, Silas, cabinet shop Carney, H. W., (of Beach & Carney), Phillips, Hugh, laborer blacksmith and wagon maker Rath, John, carpenter and builder Conrad, Charles, cabinet maker Silverthorne, Geo., carpenter Courser, B., prop, National hotel SMITH, DUNCAN, merchant Creech, Thomas, wagon maker SMITH'S STEAM SAW MiLL, CULLODEN HOUSE, Rial McArthur, J. Smith, proprietor proprietor Staples, Francis, foreman, steam Dillon, Matthew, boot and shoe shop saw mill Dillon, Richard, carpenter and builder Staples, Robt., sawyer steam saw mill Duggan, Alex., engineer TAYLOR, CHAS., blacksmith shop, Gain, Fred., apprentice blacksmith waggons, carriages and buggies GRANT, JOhN, dry goods, groceries, made to order crockery and hardware Tynan, Michael, blacksmith Hodgins, Stephen, head sawyer steam White, Charles, blacksmith saw mill. Wright, John, teamster Jones, Michael, innkeeper Wright, William, teamster
Situated on the 13th. lot, 18th. concession, of the Township of East Zorra. David and Israel Dean, proprietors.
A post village in the township of Blenheim, on the line of the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway, 18 miles from Woodstock. This village was laid out on the completion of the railroad line. The sale of lots in this place was very rapid, and although but comparatively of a recent date, it soon became a village of some pretensions. A large grain and mercantile business is carried on, and the railroad facilities now afforded this section of the county by the B. & L. H. R. W., cannot fail to make Drumbo a village of considerable importance. The country surrounding it is very rich and fertile-the farms are all well improved. The village, during the present summer, was almost entirely destroyed by fire, and the loss to merchants and others was very serious, however, the village is nearly rebuilt, and that with a much better class of buildings. Its business was only interrupted a few days. The enterprise of its business men received no check by their severe losses, but rather incited them to greater exertions. It has a daily mail, and the second Division Court is held here, and contains ten stores, a good foundry, machine shop and planing mill, blacksmith, wagon, shoe, cabinet, harness, and carpenter shops, several agencies, good hotels, and has three churches and an excellent school. Population, 700.
Mails daily. From the West at half past 1 o'clock, and from the East half past 2 o'clock, and despatched at same time. Received from New Hamburg and intermediate offices, half past 12 o'clock, and despatched at half past 3 o'clock. James McKenzie, postmaster.
Built A. D. 1860; cost $1,OOO; dimensions, 36x50; No. that can be seated, 300. Name of Minister, Rev. George Patton; residence, Dumfries.
Built A. D. 1857; cost $800; dimension, 30x44; No. that can be seated, 200. Name of Minister, Rev. Wm. Bee; residence, Drumbo.
Built A. D. 1861; cost $1200; dimensions, 36x48; No. that can be seated, 250.
(Organized A.D. 1858-18th August) Meets Wednesday on or before full moon, each month, at Masonic Hall. P.O. address, Drumbo.
W. Bro. S. D. Brown, W. M. Alex. Murray, S. W. Thomas Cowan, J. W. Francis Motheral, Chaplain J. B. Rounds, M.D., Treas. James McKenzie, Sec. Wm. Motheral, S. D. John B. Capron, J. D. George Veitch, D. of C. Lewis B. Cole, I. G. Charles H. Slawson, Tyler.
(Organized 1854) Held in village of Drumbo.
Fergus Anderson, President Francis Burgess, Vice President Francis Williamson, Sec. and Treas.
David Bastedo Adam Oliver Arthur Tew William Patton John Irving Thomas Cowan Edward Bocher
(Organized 28th day of November, 1861) Time of meeting-Friday, in the Masonic hall. P.O. address Drumbo.
W. C. T., Francis Burgess W. V., Jane Passmore W. T., Robert Smith W. S., W. H. Berney F. S., Thomas Huggins W. M., Robert Seott I. S. G., John Lennon O. S. G., William Patello A. S., Jacob Daniels D. M., Marion Prentis R. H. S., Thomas Passmore L. F. S., Annie Lennon P. W. C. T., James Fraser
Concession 7, Lot 11; No. of pupils, 110; average, 72. W. H. Berney, Teacher. Bailey, Charles LANDON, W. H., Clerk of Division Bailey, Wm., watchmaker and jeweler Court Bawtinhimer, ---, farmer Lapresse, Augustine Baldwin, Robert, shoe shop Leach, Richard J., laborer Barr, Greville E., cabinet shop Lennan, John, well digger Bastendorf, ---, tailor Lockhart, Wm., porter Berry, Mrs. McCaffry, Thomas, carpenter BROWN, A. H., tannery McCarty, David, laborer Brown, C. C., currier McCarty, James BROWN, CHARLES, ashery McKENZIE, JAMES, druggist, post master, BROWN, S. D., Drumbo Foundry &c. Montteal Telegraph Office Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway, McPherson, A. W., painter G. Stephenson, station master MANN, R. S., merchant, general Burgess, Francis, farmer assortment Burgess, John L., farmer Markle, Abraham, farmer Burton, John, shoemaker Markle, A. S., blacksmith shop Burton, John, boot and shoe maker Campbell, Josiah Markle, Walter CENTRAL HOTEL, P. M. SNYDER, MARTIN, EDWIN, butcher shop Proprietor Millar, Abraham Chipman, John, tinsmith Miller, Oliver, carriage and wagon shop Clark and Roseburgh, (John E. Clark & MUMA, HENRY, J. P., land agent, Hiram. H. Roseburgh,) cabinet notary public, commissioner, &c. shop Muma, Charles Andrew, salesman Clark, Robert Muma, Jacob W., salesman Claus, Stewart Muma, Nelson, carpenter Conliff, Alex., stone mason Munroe, George Connell, A. C., prop'r Southern Hotel MURRAY, ALEX. general merchant Courtney, James H., bricklayer, plain Narracong, J. H., painter and ornamental plasterer Peck, Almon, carpenter and joiner DANIELS, JACOB , saddlery, harness, &c. Pollock, John, bakery DICKSON, ROBERT, dealer in clothing and Puckridge, Charles, apprentice shoemaker merchant tailor Rickert, C. J., moulder Famelia, Wm., farmer ROBINSON, ROBERT, proprietor FAY & DEMARS, (J. S. Fay & Steven House W. L. Demars,) hotel keepers ROGERS, JAMES, blacksmith shop, Fisher, Maitland carriages and wagons made to Fraser, James A., salesman order Foster, Robert, saddler ROUNDS, J. B., M. D., graduate of Givey, W. H. Victoria College, Toronto Glover, Joseph Gray, S. L., painter Schofield, Jas., apprentice blacksmith Gray, Thomas Seaton, John, salesman Greenfield, James, carpenter Shannon, Chambers, blacksmith Griffeth, Done, gcntleman Skillings, Jas., shoemaker Griffeth, Isaac, farmer Smith, Alex., farmer and teamster HARRISON, GEORGE, shoe shop SNYDER, PETER M., proprietor of Hazel, James, contractor Central Hotel Hazel, John, carpenter Southern Hotel, A. C. Cornell, prop'r Herbert, Samuel STEPHENSON, GEORGE, station HILL, R. T., groceries, crockery, master hardware, wines and liquors THOMAS, HENRY J., groceries and HUTTON, JOSEPH A., dealer in general tobacco, &c. merchandise Vanderway, Wm., teamster Ireland, Robert, teamster Kenney, Alonzo, teamster
A Post Office station in the Township of East Oxford, and also a Station of the Great Western Railway, distant about four miles from Woodstock. The well known saw mills called the "Eastwood mills" which is a very extensive establishment worked by a powerful steam engine, and a custom grist mill, are here located. The Ingersoll and Brantford Plank Road goes through this Village. Population about 150. Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c. ARKELL, GEO. general merchant KELLOGG, REV. STEPhEN B., Belton, Peter, black smith Church of England Bigly, Daniel, laborer Lamport, Herry, farmer BURROWS, R. W. & Co., steam saw mill McCallum, James, J. P., farmer McDougall, James, engineer McElheran, Joseph, farmer Bush, Wm., farmer Meadows, Reuben, farmer Carney, Thos., laborer Nunn, Wm., teacher Cromwell, Nathan, teamster Palmer, Henry, carpenter Danbrook, Wm., farmer PHELAN, DANIEL, innkeeper English, Alex., laborer Phelan, John Fisher, John, shoemaker Robinson, John, blacksmith Gleeson, Patrick, laborer Rork, Michael, laborer Gleeson, Thos., farmer Shaw, John, shoemaker Hale, Henry, shoemaker Smith, Geo. farmer Harris, James, farmer Stamp, R. R., overseer Hyde, Wm., farmer VANSITTART, HENRY, gentleman JACK, JOHN T., merchant
This thriving Village has a Post Office station, and an Incorporated Municipality comprising the East halves of lots numbers eleven and twelve in the 4th Concession, and the West halves of lots eleven and twelve in the fifth Concession of the Township of West Zorra. It is pleasantly situated six miles from the Governor's Road, and nine miles from Woodstock. Its Municipal Administration is carried on by a Village Council, presided over by a Reeve, who is at present John Short, Esq. The Courts of the third Division are here held, of which Donald Matheson, Esq., J. P., is the clerk. The Village has excellent hydraulic power for mill purposes, and contains three flouring and grist mills, and one saw mill, a woollen factory and tannery. Its general business consists of several mercantile stores, and workshops in the various branches of trade and industry, with a good brick built hotel, at which the "West Zorra Agricultural Society" meets, having their show ground on the large green opposite the hotel. There are five Churches in the village, viz: Canada Presbyterian, (better known in connexion with the "Free Church of Scotland," a large and substantial structure of brick, with a handsome spire, recently erected by the congregation at a cost of $9,000, and of which the Rev. Donald McKenzie is the highly respected pastor; another connected with the Old Established Church of Scotland, two Methodist Churches and a Baptist. There are also two Schools, at which the attendance of pupils in 1862, numbered one hundred and seventy seven. The North Oxford and West Zorra Gravel Road passes through the Village. Population as by census taken in 1861, five hundred and fifty one, (being 284 males, and 267 females).
Mails received from Beachville at 2 o'clock P.M., and despatched daily. From Stratford Tuesdays and Fridays at 6 P.M., and despatched at 9 A.M., serving Brooksdale and Fairview. D. Matheson, Esq., Postmaster.
Third Division Court held six times a year. The Division is composed of West Zorra and East Nissouri; place of meeting, Town Hall. Clerk, D. Matheson, Bailiff, Franklin Folden.
John Short, Reeve Councilmen- D. R. McPherson, James Adams, John Gunn, Alex McKay, John Fraser, Clerk, George Adams, jr., Treasurer. Place of meeting at the Temperance hall, first Thursday of every month, at 7 o'clock, P.M.
West Zorra Presbyterian Church, in Embro, buiit in 1861, size 55 x 80, cost $9,000, number that can be seated is 1200. Minister, Rev. Donald McKenzie, Glenness. Presbyterian Church of Canada, in Connection with the Established Church of Scotland, built, in 1834, cost $2,400, number that can be seated, 700. Minister Rev. William Miller. Methodist Episcopal Church, built A.D., 1853, cost $583, size 30 x 40, number that can be seated, 250. Minister, Rev. B. Bristol. Wesleyan Methodist, place of worship in time Old Temperance Hall. Minister, Rev. George Kennedy. Regular Baptist Church, built 1862, cost, $700, size 33 x 43, number that can be seated 250. Minister, Rev. George Wilson, who has also charge of the West Oxford Church.
The Embro School is now under the charge of John G. Rose, as Principal and Miss McDonald as assistant. No of pupils in Mr. Roses department, 115, Miss McDonald's 62, total 177. Average attendance, Mr. Rose's department 70, do in Miss McDonald's department, 28, Total, 98.
United Brethren, Friendly Society of West Zorra. (Organized February 1859) Located in Embro, time of meeting, first Friday of every quarter. Post Office address, Embro.
G. M. M., Donald Sutherland G. W. S., Alexander McKay G. W. C., William Geddes G. W. T., David Ross Through mistake, the names of the officers of this society were printed under Embro. The Society is a Township organization. The Grand Worshipful Master very kindly informed us of the mistake.
(Organized April 1st, 1859) Post Office address, Embro.
M., Isaac Wallace D. M., John Blair Sec. L. H. Swan, M. D. T., John Rutherford G., Kenneth Mann 1. Com. James Barclay 2. Com. E. Cody 3. Com. W. Huggins 4. Com. William Jameson 5. Com. James Campbell
(Motto) Clann'nan Gaidheal an guaillibh a cheile. Embro Highland Society, organized the 18th day of March, A.D., 1856, by John McKay, President, and James S. Munro, Rec. & Cor. Secretaries. Charter transferred from London Society, England, and Hamilton Society, C. W., September 1st, A.D., 1856, to Embro Society. The Society holds four quarterly Meetings in the year, namely, on the 2nd Monday of February, May, August, and November, and a directors meeting every first Monday of each month, at 8 o'clock, p.m., and the Annual Meeting on the 2nd Monday of February in each year, for the election of office bearers for the ensuing year, fourteen in number, five at least to have a conversational knowledge of the Gaelic language to serve from the day of election till the annual meeting of the following year- the gathering of the Society takes place in (September), each year at Embro. John McKay, President JAMES S. Munro, Rec. & Cor. Sec's.
(Organized August 5th, 1859.) Meets on Friday evening at the Temperance Hall, Adam's Buildings.
W. C. T., Robert Murray W. F. S., Alex. McAuley W. V., Anna Powell W. I. G, Jesse Munro W. C., James Henderson W. R. H. S., Catharine Laycock W. T., Hannah McDonald W. L. H. S., Jane Elbec W. M., Geo. Campbell W. O. G., John McDonald P. W. C. T., John Fraser
EMBRO TEMPLE, No. 242, I. O. OF G. T.
(Organized July, 1858.)
W. C. T., L. H. Swan, M.D. W. O. G., George Gordon W. V., Elizabeth Callahan W. C., Rev. Wm. Bristol W. S., George Adams W. A. S., Elizabeth Anderson W. F. S., Thomas Huggins W. R. H. S., Ann Brewer W. T., Ellen Ross W. L. H. S., Flora Sutherland W. M., Wm. Anderson T. D., James Adams W. I. G., Barbara Ross Representative, L. H. Swan
(Organized August 5th, 1859.) P. O. address, Embro.
W. C. T., Robert Murray P. W. C. T., John Fraser W. V., Ann Powell W. F. S., Alex. McAuley W. C., James Henderson W. I. G., Jesse Munro W. S., Jas. Munro W. O. G., John McDonald W. T., Hannah McDonald W. R. H. S., Catharine Laycock W. M., Geo. Campbell W. L. H. S., Jane Elbec
The Company numbers 55 privates.
Isaac Wallace, Captain Hugh Ross, Ensign Neil Matheson, Lieutenant L. H. Swan, M. D., Surgeon
Hugh Matheson, Col. Sergeant; Alex. McKenzie & Wm. Ross, Sergeants. Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c. Adams, George, shoemaker Graham, Hugh, grocer ADAMS, JAMES, shoe shop and Grant, Wm., tailor shop furniture wareroom Gunn, Alex., farmer Adams, Robert, shoemaker Gunn, Alex., laborer Anderson, Mrs. Gunn, Hugh, laborer Brewer, Charles, ambrotype artist Gunn, James, shoemaker Brewer, James, bakery Gunn, John, farmer BRISTOL, Rev. B., E. M. Henderson, James A., tannery Brophey, Michael, lightning rod agent HODGKINSON, JOHN, farmer CALLAHAN, G., general merchant Innes, John, farmer Campbell, James, carpenter and joiner Jamieson, Wm., miller Cody, Elijah, clerk Knott, Wm., miller DENT, JOHN, merchant Laycock, Joseph, prop'r Embro Mills DENT, JOHN D., J. P. LODGE, JOHN O., farmer DENT, R. R., gentleman Loucks, Daniel, millwright DUNCAN, GEORGE, M. D. McAulay, Alex., clerk McAulay, Angus, blacksmith DUNCAN, JOHN, farmer McDONALD, ANDREW Embro Hotel, Asa Saunders McDonald, Alex., carpenter Embro Mills, Joseph Laycock, propr. McDonald, Charles, general workman EMBRO WOOLLEN FACTORY, McDonald, Colin, wagon shop John McDonald, sr., proprietor McDonald, David, carpenter Ferguson, George, laborer McDonald, Daniel, blacksmith FRASER, JOHN, dry goods, groceries, McDonald, Donald, prop. N. Embro Hotel FRASER, JOHN, conveyancer, &c. McDONALD, JOHN, bakery GAMMOND, HENRY, Albion Hotel McDONALD, JOHN, Woollen Factory Geddes, Robert, plasterer McDonald, John, general workman Geddes, Wm., wagon shop McDONALD, MISS, teacher Gordon, Wm., laborer McDONALD, R. & SON, blacksmith Munro, Daniel shop Munro, Donald McDonald, Roderick, carpenter and Munro, James, carpenter joiner Munro, James S., tailor McKAY, ALEX., blacksmith shop Murray, Donald, carpenter McKAY, ANGUS, grocery Murray, James, stone mason McKay, Angus, carpenter and joiner Murray, John, grocery McKay, Evander, painter Murray, Wm., carpenter and joiner McKAY, JOHN, livery stable North Embro Hotel, Donald McDonald, proprietor McKay, John, tailor shop NORTH EMBRO MILLS, JOHN SHORT, McKAY, JOHN, wagon maker proprietor McKay, Wm., plasterer, Ross, David, carpenter McKenzie, Alex, shoemaker ROSS, GEORGE, blacksmith and McMicken, Alex., laborer wagon maker McNEILL, JAMES, shoemaker RUTHERFORD, JOHN, shoe shop McNeill, Neil, shoe shop Sanders, Asa, Embro Hotel McPHERSON, D. R., boot and shoe SHORT, JOHN, proprietor, North store, and fire insurance agent Embro Mills Mann, Alex., clerk STRAUBEL, CHARLES F., saddler Mann, James, dry goods and groceries shop Mann, Kenneth, clerk Sutherland, John, shoemaker MATHESON, DONALD, J. P., post SUTHERLAND, W. E., cabinet maker master undertaker and upholsterer Matheson, George, farmer SWAN, L. H., M. D. Matheson, George, farmer Tate, Donald, carpenter and joiner Midgley, George, shoemaker Thorn, John Henry, carpenter & joiner MIDGLEY, WILLIAM, boot and WALSH, WM., cooperage shoe maker WHITE, KENNETH, tinware and Miller, George, stone mason stoves MILLER, Rev. WM., Baptist White, Nicholas, farmer
A Post Office Station, located on Lot, 1st Concession of the Township of West Zorra. George Purdy, Postmaster.
On the Ingersoll and Port Burwell plank and gravel road, three miles from Ingersoll. Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c. Brown, John, shoemaker Lewis, Benjamin, cooper Carroll, Patrick, wagon maker Mayberry, Richard, blacksmith FARMER'S EXCHANGE, Stephen Sando, Mayberry, Richard Jr., wagon maker proprietor Sando, John, butcher Hill, Alva, physician and accoucheur WISEMAN, GEORGE, farmer
This village was at one time called Springville. It is a post office situated in the township of West Zorra. It contains a church, (Presbyterian) built in 1857, and cost $3000, and seated for five hundred, a school, with an average attendance of 60 pupils, saw, flouring, and oatmeal mills, general stores, shoe, carpenter, cabinet maker, wagon and other work shops. Mail tri weekly, received Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 3 p. m., and despatched at 12 noon, to Lakeside. The village is distant from Woodstock, 20 miles; from St. Mary's, 6 miles; from Stratford, 16 miles, and from London, 32 miles. Population about one hundred.
Built A. D., 1857; dimensions, 60x40; cost $3000; No. that can be seated., 600. Manse in connection; dimensions, 30x40. Minister, Rev. William Meldrum.
HARRINGTON TEMPLE I. O. of G. T., No. 338.
(Organized March 29th, 1859.) Meets on Tuesdays, at the School House. P. O., Harrington.
D. T., John Pitt W. O. G., R. Meldrum W. C. T., Hugh Munro, jr. W. C., Rev. Wm. Meldrum W. V., Mrs. Braby W. A. S., Wm. Munro W. S., R. Paigh D. M., Sister M. McLeod W. F. S., H. Heron L. H. S., Mrs. Prockter W. T., Sister E. Hutchinson R. H. S., Mrs. Meldrum W. M., G. Matheson P. W. C. T., Robert Parsons W. I. G., Sister E. Matheson Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c. Dellar, Wm., laborer Lawrie, Thompson, tailor DEMOREST, D. L., post master and LUSTED, THOS. wagonmaker saw mill owner McKay, James, mason GRIGG, GEO., prop., Harrington McKenzie, John, laborer Hotel MELDRUM, REV. WM., Presbyterian HARRINGTON MILLS, Richard Church Paige, proprietor Morris, Matthew, cabinet shop HARRINGTON OAT MEAL MILL PAIGE, RICHARD, prop., Harrington Sutherland & White, proprietors Mill Harris, John, carpenter and joiner PAIGE & LUSTED, general blacksmiths HAZELTON, LEWIS, painter and wagon makers HERON, ROBERT, tailor shop Honck, George, cabinetmaker Parsons, Robert, teacher HUTCHINSON & SON, general Reid, Donald, shoe shop merchant Ridley, John, farmer Hutchinson & Son, shoe shop ROSS, HUGH, general merchant Johnston, Levi, chairmaker Sutherland, Alex., cabinet maker Kenny, Thomas, laborer SUTHERLAND & WHITE props., Knight, Thomas, cooper shop Harrington Oat Meal Mill
This very flourishing village, formed of parts of the townships of West and North Oxford, is situated on a rising eminence on the banks of the eastern branch of the river Thames, in the midst of some of the finest rural scenery in the County, and surrounded by rich farming lands. It is distant 10 miles west from Woodstock, from Hamilton 60 miles, from London 20 miles, from Windsor 129 miles, and from Port Burwell, on Lake Erie, 32 miles. The village was incorporated by Act of Parliament 12th Victoria, cap. 81, and Proclamation of 12th September, 1851, (date of Incorporation, 1st January 1852), with the following corporate limits:- "Commencing on the southerly bank of the river Thames, in the boundary line between lots numbers 17 and 18, in the broken front concession of the township of West Oxford; thence along the said boundary line between lots 17 and 18 in the broken front concession, and the boundary line between lots 17 and 18 in the first concession south easterly to the middle of the depth of the said first concession; thence along the middle of the depth of the said first concession, south-westerly, to the boundary line between lots numbers 22 and 23; thence along the said boundary line between lots numbers 22 and 23, north-westerly to the south-easterly bank of the River Thames; thence along the south easterly bank of the said river, with the stream, to a point in prolongation of the boundary line between lots numbers 8 and 9, in the said concession, and the prolongation thereof northerly, to the northery limit of the allowance for road between the 3rd and 4th concessions of the township of North Oxford; thence along the northerly limit of the allowance for road between the 3rd and 4th concessions, easterly to the easterly limit of the allowance for road between lots numbers 12 and 13 southerly, to the north-westerly bank of the said river Thames, up the stream, to a point in prolongation of the aforesaid boundary line between lots numbers 17 and 18, in the broken front of the township of West Oxford; thence across the said river to the place of beginning." During the last decade the progressive advancement of the village has been remarkable, equally as regards population, commercial importance, and the extension of its occupied area. By the census returns for 1861, it is shown that it has outnumbered double its population in 1851 by about 200, having increased from eleven hundred and ninety in the latter year to two thousand seven hundred and fifty six in the return for 1861. Its general aspect has greatly improved in the same period by the erection of a very superior class of public and private buildings, and other improvements which have been steadily going on within the municipal boundary; consequently its growth and prosperity in the various branches of industry and commerce has been considerably enhanced. Ingersoll has now a handsome and commodious Town Hall and Market House, (surmounted by a neat belfry and spire), substantially built of brick. There are also several fine large blocks of two and three story brick edifices for business purposes, on the principal streets, which would be a credit to places of greater pretentions, with large first class Hotels. The law and medical professions are well represented in the village. There is a weekly newspaper, (the oldest in the County), published in it, principles, Reform-and issued on Tuesdays, of which Mr. J.S. Gurnett is the editor, proprietor and publisher. The London and Hamilton road passes through the village, and it is reached in all directions by other good plank and gravel roads. It has an excellent market for the sale of produce, &c. &c., which is largely attended. From its eligible situation, its easy accessibility both by rail and roads, and the facilities thereby afforded for the transportation of goods, &c., Ingersoll bids fair to become the most important mart of business and commerce in the County. The staple business and industrial trade of the village and neighbourhood is in wheat and sawn lumber. It is well supplied with manufacturing facilities,- having unlimited water power in its immediate vicinity, which at present give power to two grist and two flouring mills, (one of each belonging to R. H. Carroll and J. R. Benson), by whom an extensive business is done in the manufacture of flour for the Montreal and export markets, and an oatmeal mill named the "North Star Mill," carried on by Mr. J. Stewart. Besides these there is a large flouring mill impelled by steam, belonging to the "Oxford Steam Flour Company". It also contains a steam saw mill, fanning mill manufactory, sash, door and blind factory, with two planing and one flooring machine, belonging to Adam Oliver, Esq., who carries on business as a large general builder, lumber merchant, mill and factory owner, employing 24 men, and having a 30 horse power engine in operation. Ingersoll has also another sash, door and blind factory, with two planing and one flooring machine, of which Messrs. John Christopher and Brothers are proprietors, who have also a very extensive business as builders and lumber dealers, with 14 men in their employment, working a 16 horse power engine. It likewise contains 2 large foundries, one carried on by W. Eastwood, in which he manufactures threshing, reaping and mowing machines, agricultural implements, &c., having 30 hands in his employment, and a 12 horse power engine in active operation. Mr. Eastwood's establishment turns out work to the annual value of twenty five thousand dollars; the other foundry is that of J. & S. Noxon, who do a large business as founders and machinists, and manufacture all kinds of machinery in iron and wood work-grain separators, reapers and mowers, to the extent in value of twelve thousand dollars yearly. There are also several carriage and wagon factories, furniture, pail and tub steam factories, an extensive tannery, (carried on by Mr. Thomas Brown), blacksmith, carpenter, cabinet maker, and painters' shops, and a brewery. Besides these it has numerous excellent stores, comprising dry goods, grocery, hardware, crockery, drug, stationery, and boot and shoe stores. There are two Banks, viz: agencies of the Commercial Bank of Canada, and the Niagara District Bank, with several insurance agencies. The village also contains eight churches, viz: one Church of England, two Presbyterian, one Roman Catholic, two Methodist, and two Baptist. Two mails daily from the West, and three from the East. Present population about three thousand, and increasing rapidly. Its municipal government is administered by a Village Council, presided over by a Reeve. The fifth Division Courts are held in the Town Hall.
Meet in Council Chamber, Town Hall. Meetings first Monday in each month. Adam Oliver, Reeve Darius Doty, Deputy Reeve R. A. Woodcock, Clerk Edwin Doty, Treasurer James McDonald, Assessor Wm. Featherston, Collector John Galliford, Councillor Arthur O'Connor, do. Robert McDonald, do
Situated south-east corner, King and Thames Streets. Office hours, 8:30 a.m., to 6 p.m., except Sundays. Two mails daily from the West, and three from the East, by Railway. Joseph Thirkell, P. M.
Situated on King Street West. It is a frame building, and the oldest church in the Village. Seated for 325. Pastor Rev. Johnstone Vicars Churchwardens-John Gilliford and Augustus Crawford
KNOX'S CHURCH (Presbyterian Church of Canada)
On St. Andrew's Street, east of Thames Street, a substantial brick structure, with spire, built in 1847, at a cost of $4000. Seated for 500. Rev. John Straith, Minister Donald Wallace, Chairman of Managers Joseph Barker, Clerk of Kirk Session
---- CHURCH (Presbyterian Church of Canada)
Situated on Charles Street West. This is a substantial brick building, erected at a cost, of two thousand dollars, and capable of seating three hundred persons. Rev. Archibald Cross, Minister
Situated on Charles Street, on a rising ground; a frame erection, and built in 1841, since which it has been enlarged. Originally cost $1500, and seated for 300. Rev. James Gilray, Minister It is managed by five Trustees
John Elliott, sen., Chairman John McDonald, Alexander Bain, Nathan P. Allen and John Bennet Robert McDonald, Recording Steward
On Oxford Street, made of brick, and built in 1855. Cost about $2,500. Seated for 500. Rev. Thomas Cleghorn and Rev. Mr. Stafford, Ministers J. M. Dutton, Secretary to Board of Trustees
Situated on Albert, off King Street; a brick building, and erected in 1857. Cost $1000; seated for 450. Rev. W. C. Beardsall, Pastor John Bowers, Clerk
This is a large and substantial frame building, with a spire, situated on John Street. Services every second and fourth Sunday in the month. Rev. Lewis Griffa, Minister. It is expected by the year 1863, to have an assistant clergyman at Ingersoll. There is a good School (Separate) in connection with the Church, with about an average attendance of 40 pupils, under the charge of Miss Eliza Higgins, a first class teacher.
Rev. Mr. Whopper, Minister Henry Duke, Managing Director
Stated meetings Tuesday on or before the full moon. Meet in Masonic Hall, Taylor's Block, Thames Street. W. M., Elisha Hall S. D., James Chambers S.W., John Wells J. D., --- Sherlock J. W., George Allen I. G., Alvin Hill Treas, Mark Ollerenshaw Tyler, G. B. Brice Sec., John Poole
ST. JOHN'S LODGE, NO. 68, G. R. C.
Regular meetings, first Thursday on or before the full moon. Meet in the Masonic Hall, Taylor's Block, Thames Street.
W. M., R. A. Woodcock Sec., Abel Bristol P.M., J. Galliford S. D., John Heatherington S. W., Thomas Bowers J. D., H. Woodhouse J. W., W. J. Allison I. G., Thos. Hanlyn Treas., John McDonald Tyler, John Lawrence
This Lodge was organised in 1855, and now numbers 25 members. Meets on Monday evenings, at Odd Fellows' Hall, west side Thames Street. N. G., Thos. Venton Warden, A. F. McDonald V. G., James McIntyre Conductor, A. N. Christopher Sec., Abel Bristol I. G., J. Begg F. S., H. H. Ross O. G., W. C. Bell Treas., James McDonald
Meetings, first Wednesday in each mouth. Rev. G. Kennedy, Worshipful Master
Number of volumes, about 1000. Joseph Barker, Librarian, King Street.
Agency at Ingersoll. A. H. Campbell, Agent. Office hours, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Agency at Ingersoll. C. E. Chadwick, Agent. L. A. Clark, Accountant. Office hours, 10 a.m., to 3 p. m.
Depository of the Religious Tract and Book Society. Agent, Geo. Dennis, Thames Street. Rev. W. C. Beardsall, President of Committee of Management. O. B. Caldwell, Secretary. Has a good circulation throughout the Village.
There are several Schools in the Village, in connection with the different denominations. The principal and public one, styled the Union School, being the Common and Grammar Schools united, is an excellent institution. It is a handsome two story brick, with ample play grounds, well fenced. Average attendance, 180. John Wells, Head Teacher; F. Atkins, 2nd Teacher; Samuel Schell, 3rd. Teacher; Sarah Hovendon, 4th. Teacher.
This society was organized in 1862, and is composed of ladies and gentlemen of good musical taste and talent. Meetings for practice, every Wednesday evening, at the residence of E. Robinson, James Street.
E. Robinson, President and Conductor Thos. H. Rawlings, Treasurer Dr. Thomas Bowers, Vice President James Sutherland, Secretary
Organized in 1862. Meets for practice every Friday evening, at 7 o'clock; rooms in rear of CHRONICLE Office. The society is composed exclusively of instrumental performers.
A. S. Getfield, President and Conductor James Sutherland, Treasurer Thomas Venton, Vice-President Thos. H. Rawlings, Secretary
P.W.C.T., Bro. E. Barry W.C., Rev. W. C. Beardsall W. C. T., Bro. T. Crawford W. M., Bro. A. Clunn W. V. T., Sister M. Henderson W. D. M., Sister E. Clunn W. S. Bro. W. Sherman W. I. G., Sister F. Cleman W. T., Sister I. Tower W. O. G., Bro. J. R. Taft W. F. S., Bro. M. Aldrich
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Abbs, James, cooper, Queen BAILEY, JAMES, laborer, res. Carroll Abbs, John, cooper, Queen ADAIR, SAMUEL, bartender, Adair's BAILEY, JAMES, laborer, Charles Hotel BAILEY, DANIEL & GEORGE, ADAIR'S HOTEL, John Adair, prop. carriage and waggon manufactures North Thames cor. King and Carroll Adair, John, carpenter, Mutual BAIN, ALEX, miller and farmer, Adair, Josepb, carpenter, cor. Carnegie Bainbridge, William, carpenter, res. and Thames Thames Adams, Edward, painter, King Baker, William, gentleman, North Thames Addison, Barrus, laborer Balmer, Thomas, merchant, Thames Adkins, James, dealer in stoves and Ballentine, Letitia, Widow, n. Queen agricultural implements, King Barber, Robert, apprentice at D.& G. Adkins, James, shoemaker, Carroll Bailey's Adkins, Henry, painter, Carroll BARKER, JOSEPH, bookkeeper at ALDRICH, L. MARVIN, Compositor Joseph Browett's Chronicle office BARKER, EDWARD, boot and shoe Allen, G. W., mechanic, Queen manufacturer, north side Allen, Mrs. Mary, res Carroll King bt. Carroll and Thames Allethorn, John, gentleman, N. Queen Barker, Wm., senr., Thames north on E. limits ALLISON, W. J., butcher, stalls, 1 & 2, BARRACLOUGH, T. H., Montreal Market house, res. Catharine boot and shoe store, Thames AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY Office, cor King & Thames, Bartlett, George, (col.) laborer Edwin Doty, agent BEARDSALL, REV. W. C., regular Armour, David, sawyer, n A. Oliver Baptist, res. 2 miles south ANDERSON, JOHN, Commission agent of village grain merchant, store at Beavius, Washington, laborer, Hall Railway Depot, res. N. Thames Bedford, Francis, laborer, Cherry Anderson, John, carpenter at Bedford, John, gunsmith, Charles, J. Christopher & Bro. res. Cherry ANGLO AMERICAN HOTEL, Wm. Douglas, Bell, James, carpenter and builder, prop, cor. Carroll and Queen cor. Mill and Queen Bell, Robert, cabinet maker, bds King Badden, Geo., apprentice at Morgan & Bell, William, carpenter, Market Badden Bent, Levi, shoeshop, cor. Thames BADDEN, JAMES, (of Morgan & Badden), and Charles res., Cherry. Bent, Miss Elizabeth, teacher of Bailey, George, laborer, Cherry private school, Carroll Bent, John, boot and shoe store, Brown, John, shoemaker at Brown & res King Galliford's Berrie, Edward, shoemaker, res. Dunn Brown, John, blacksmith at Morgan & Berry, James, conveyancer, res Thames Badden's BERRY, JOHN, cooper, res Thames BROWN, THOMAS, tanner and dealer in Berry, John, cooper, King west leather, hides and oil, shoe BERRY, WILLIAM, tailor and renovator findings, &c, north side King cor. King and James near cor. Mill Brown, Wm., carpenter at Eastwood's Bixel, M., (L. & M. Bixel) Charles BROWN & GALLIFORD, boot and shoe Bixel, Leonard, (L. & M. Bixel,) res manufacturers, King cor. King west Mill BIXEL, L. & M., maltsters and brewers, BURKART, ANSELM, wholesale dealer in Charles Wines, liquors, cordials Blair, John, laborer, res. A. Oliver and syrups, Thames n. Andrew BOGART, WM. C., fanning mill maker, King, east BURKART, WM., agent for A. Burkart BOLES, JOHN, merchant tailor and clothier, Thames BUCHANAN, JAMES, tinsmith and Bordley, Stephen, barber, at Owen's stove dealer, Thames BORLAND, EDWARD, painter at BUCHANAN, JOHN, dealer in coal oil Morgan & Badden's and Lamps, and manufacturer BOWERS, JOHN, bookeeper at of tinware, King Eastwood's Buckley, Richard, porter at Daly House BOWERS, THOMAS, M.D., office BUTLER, PETER, plasterer, Hall n. and res Thames, opp. Eastwood's P. B. Road foundry Byrne, James, harness maker, King BOWES, JOHN, dentist, Thames Byrne, Thomas, harness maker and saddler, King Bowman, John, bartender at Hearn's Cain, Thomas, grocer, Thames Royal Hotel, res Queen Cairns, Richard, tailor at Cowie's, res Brander, William, cooper, Queen Cherry BRADY, JAMES, prop., Mansion CALDWELL, O. B., drugs, medicines House, and auctioneer cor King books and stationery, King and Thames CAMPBELL, A. H., accountant BRADY, JOHN, prop. Royal Exchange Commercial Bank, res Thames south west cor. Thames Campbell, Elspet, widow, Carnegie and Charles Campbell, George, res J. Campbell's, Brice, Caleb, laborer at Noxon's George foundry CAMPBELL, JNO., gent'man, George Bristol, Abel, superintendent hardware CAMPBELL, HOMER, grocer, King department, at John McDonald's Campbell, Homer, moulder at Eastwood's Broderick, Harry M., machinist at bds King Noxon's foundry CANADA LANDED CREDIT CO., Broderick, James H., machinist at C. E. Chadwick, agent Noxon's foundry Canfield, David, farmer, Carnegie Brooks, John, laborer, north Thames CANFIELD, JAMES, law student with Browett, Abraham, harness maker, at J. McCaughey McDonald's, res King CANFIELD, STEWART, clerk fifth BROWETT, JOSEPH, dealer in dry Division Court, King goods, groceries, hardware, Carnegie, William, farmer, Carnegie &c., Browett's block, King Carnegie, Mrs. Isabella, Carnegie east of Thames BROWN, GEORGE, carter, Catharine Carroll, A. H , harness maker at McDonald's BROWN, JAMES, baker and confectioner, CARROLL, D. W., M.D., Office corner Thames King and Carroll CARROLL, DANIEL, gentleman, Comstock, Henry, machinist, Ossian King east of Carroll Terrace CARROLL, DANIEL, feedstore and Conrad, J., prop., Commercial Hotel, resturant, King Thames Carroll, Francis G., book keeper at Cook, Simeon, merchant, Anne Carroll's Mill, Queen, bds. Cook, Wm., carriage maker, at Morgan R. H. Carroll & Badden's CARROLL'S HOTEL, cor King and Couse, George, laborer, G.W.R., Hall, Carroll P. B. Road Carroll, John, G.W.R. Hotel Cowie, James, merchant tailor, Thames CARROLL, REUBEN H., prop. Carroll's CRAGG, CHARLES, saddler and Mills, cor Queen and Carroll harness maker, north east CASSWELL, EDWIN, with Joseph Browett cor. King and Thames Craig, John, wood turner, cor. George Cavanagh, Mrs., saloon, Charles and Catharine CHADWICK, CHARLES E., agent Crawford, George E. S., carpenter, Niagara District Bank, and north Thames insurance agent, Thames Crawford, George, (J. B. Crawford & CHAMBERS, JAMES, law student Co.,) res. Carroll with T. Clark Crawford, J. B. (J.B. Crawford & Chapman, J. M., chemist and druggist, Co.,) res. Hall King, res. West Oxford Crawford, John, carpenter and joiner, Charters, Wm., tailor at Wm. Berry's at A. Oliver, bds. Thames CHILDS, JAMES, teamster, res., Crawford, Lambert E., medical student King west at Dr. Springer's CHRONICLE NEWSPAPER, Crawford, Thomas, moulder at BOOK & JOB PRINTING OFFICE, Eastwood's, res. Charles Thames, over Wallace's CRAWFORD, J. B., & Co., merchants, Store, J. S. Gurnett, prop. Thames Clark, Geo. F., cabinet maker, King Crellen, Mary, widow, west Oxford CLARK, HUGH, manufacturer of Cronk, David, carpenter, King Hiram and dealer in furniture and CRONK, W. M., carpenter, shop and undertaker, King res. Queen Clark, Joseph, tailor at Cowie's, res. Cronk, William, engineer at J. Cherry Christopher & Bros. res. Charles Clark, N. S., clerk at Balmer's, bds. CROSS, REV. ARCH., Presbyterian Royal Hotel minister, res. Charles CLARK, THOMAS, barrister at law Cross, Thomas, laborer, King Hiram Taylor's Block, Thames CROTTY, HENRY, J. P., farmer and CLARKE, G. A., M.D., phyician and dealer in real Estate, surgeon, Daly House north Victoria Clunn, Augustus, ladies' shoemaker, Crotty, Richard, farmer, north Thames Cherry Cunningham, Peter, carpenter and Clunn, Augustus, carpenter at joiner, Carnegie Eastwood's CUTHBERT, WM., soap and candle Clunn, Edward, shoemaker, at maker, Charles J. McCorkindale's DALY, A., proprietor Daly House Clunn, Philip, shoemaker at corner King and Oxford J. McCorkindale's DALY HOUSE, corner King and Oxford, Cobben, Charles, stone mason, Ossian A. Daly, proprietor Terrace, Ingersoll and David, John, laborer, King Thamesford Gravel Road Davidson, David, clerk at John Colclough, James, clerk at Balmer's Anderson's, north Thames Colons, James, laborer, G.W.R., Queen Davie, Robert, laborer, G.W.R., Union Colmer, W. G., clerk at Crawford's Davis, William, carpenter, Oxford Comiskey, Edward, carpenter, north Delany, Wm, A., blacksmith with Thames D. & G. Bailey Dempster, James, carpenter G.W.R., Fagan, Ann, Widow, grocery and res. north Queen commission store, Queen Denman, Job, engineer with Eastwood, FAGAN, ROBERT, carpenter, Queen res. King Hiram Fallon, Matthew, blacksmith at Devlin, John, shoemaker at Dutton's, Eastwood's bds. J. Brady's Hotel William Faulkner, Charles Henry, blacksmith, Devlin, John, shoemaker with Veetch, G.W.R., Carnegie res. William Farnsworth, John, wood worker DEVLIN, A. P., law student with T. Noxon's foundry Clark, boards at Royal Exchange Fawcett, Thomas, gentleman, John Deuel, Miss Caroline, private school Fawcett, Thomas, carpenter at Adam teacher, corner Wonham & Innes Oliver's, John Deuel, Riley, farmer, corner Bell and FAWKES, T. F., watchmaker and Wonham jeweler, Thames DINGWALL, ALEX., manufacturer of and FERGUSON & KERR, dry goods, groceries, dealer in furniture, King clothing, &c., Thames Donelly, Daniel, tailor at Boles', res. Ferguson, Alex., clerk F. & K. corner George and William Ferris, Thomas, gentleman, Cherry DOUGLAS, WM., proprietor Anglo- FETHERSTON, WM., cabinet maker and American Hotel, corner Carroll undertaker, n.e. cor. of and Queen Thames and Charles DOTY, DARIUS, res. Victoria Finch, Mrs. Sophronia, tailoress, DOTY, EDWIN, agent American Express north Queen Co., off corner King and Thames FINLAY, MATTHEW, proprietor Livery Stables, Charles bet. Oxford Dugiud, Robert, laborer, Carnegie and Thames DUNDAS, EDWARD, constable, res. Finlayson, Hugh, laborer, Victoria corner Catherine and Thames FITCH, LEWIS R., agent for Clover Dundas, E., medical student with street Rochester nurseries, Dr. Scott res. Thames DUNN, JOHN, boot and shoe shop Fitzmorris, Rich'd, wagon maker, King DUTTON, J. M., shoe and leather FLETCHER, WILLIAM, grocer and dealer, Thames provision merchant, north Thames Dutton, Joseph N., shoemaker, Carroll FOLDON, FRANK, bailiff, res. Thames Dyke, Mrs. Jane, widow, Oxford Forbes, Donald M., clerk at O.B. Dynes, Richard, laborer, north Cathcart Caldwell's Forbes, H. G. O., cabinet maker, Anne Dynes, John, sr., King Forsyth, George, moulder at Noxon's Dynes, Wm., laborer, William foundry Driscoll, John, clerk with J. D. Lyon Forsythe, William, laborer, King Foster, Geo., blacksmith shop, Thames EASTWOOD, WM., iron founder and Fowler, James, carpenter, res. Queen machinist, Thames near Carroll Ecker, Michael, carpenter, William Foy, William, painter at Adam Oliver's, Edmund, Mary, widow, Carnegie res. Union Edwards, Edward, tanner, Mill Frizelle, Catharine, widow, Catharine Edwards, Elijah, carpenter, east King Frizelle, John, laborer at T. Brown's ELLIOTT, JOHN, gentleman, John Frizelle, Wm., plasterer, res. Water ELLIOTT, J. N., grocer, Thames Galliford, James, clerk at T. Brown's ELLIOTT, NOAH, blacksmith, farrier, GALLIFORD, JOHN, (Brown and Galliford), & veterinary surgeon, Thames res. King, w. of Oxford near Railway Station Galliver, Henry, carpenter and joiner, ELLIOTT, SEALY, A., butcher in at A. Oliver's market, res. Queen, near Mill Gardner, William E., carpenter, Elliott, Richard, laborer, Oxford Catharine Ely, John, teamster, res. Canterbury GETFIELD, ALEX. S., carriage and fancy Ewart, William, clerk, s. Thames painter at D. & G. Bailey's Getman, A. K., clerk at O'Connor's, HALL, CHARLES P., watchmaker and bds. W. Getman's, north Thames jeweler, Thames, res. Oxford Getman, Warner, shoemaker, north Thames HALL, ELISHA, J. P., farmer, east Gibson, Joseph, blacksmith, Hale King GIBSON, JOSEPH, dealer in fruit Hall, James, laborer, Catharine and toys, Thames Hamilton, John, foreman miller, GIBSON, JOSEPH, jr., fruit and toy Carroll's mills, res Queen shop, south Thames Hamlyn, Thomas, carpenter, G. W. R., Gilbreth, G., clerk at N. Waite's John Gilchrist, F., clerk at Robbs, Carroll Harmon, Edward, broom maker, Catharine Gilchrist, John, cooper, res. Thames Harnden, Charles, chair maker and GILRAY, Rev. JAS., M.E., Cherry painter at Dingwall's Gleeson, John, shoemaker, at Looby's Harper, Charity, widow, sewing and Goble, Benjamin, res. Charles washerwoman, Hall Goble, Henry, carpenter and joiner, HARRINGTON, E. S. Spt G.W. H'tl Charles HARRIS, Rev. JOHN, Baptist, res. Goble, John, wagon and carriage maker, King Charles HARTFORD NIRE INSURANCE Goble, Ezra, blacksmith, res. Charles CO., C. E. CHADWICK, Agent Goble, John, res. Charles Hayes, Solomon, apprentice at D. and Goble, Robert, carpenter and joiner at G. Bailey's A. Oliver's Hayward, William, house painter, east GORDON, ALEXANDER, merchant King tailor, clothier, and dealer in Hayward, William, Jr., clerk at gentlemen's furnishing goods, Shrapnell's King HEARN, H., proprietor Royal Hotel GORDON, DONALD, tailor at A. Gordon's Henderson, John, shoemaker at Brown Gordon, James, clerk at D. Wallace's and Galliford's, res. Cherry Gordon, Margaret Agnes, private Henley, William, laborer at A. Oliver's school for children, Carnegie res. King Gorham, Aaron, farmer, res. Catharine Hempswell, Joseph, farmer, John Gorham, James, clerk at John McDonald Henderson, Edward, foreman laborer & Co's G. W. R., John Grace, Patterson, head sawyer at Adam Henderson, John, shoemaker at Brown Oliver's, res. Queen and Galliford's Graham, John, well digger, Henry Henderson, Samuel, harness maker at Grant, Alex., tailor at Cowie's, bds. McDonald's, res. Thames Anglo American Hotel HENDERSON, THOMAS, machinist at Grant, Charles, joiner, bds. Royal Eastwood's Hotel Hext, John, wagon maker at D. and GRANT, JAMES M., carpenter and G. Bailey's joiner, bds. Royal Hotel HIGGINS, CHAS P., (Ollard & Higgins) Greig, Michael, laborer Catharine Thames Greenaway, Isaac R., shoemaker at Higgins, Miss EIizabeth, teacher R. C. Barker's School, north Thames Greenaway, James, currier at Higley, Nelson, res. James Rowley GRIFFA, Rev. LEWIS, Pastor R. C. HILL, Major ChARLES, bds. Daly Church, John House GURNETT J. S., editor and proprietor Hillman, Thos., laborer, north Thames of Ingersoll Chronicle, Thames Hillman, Thomas, tail sawyer at A. Oliver's, bds. Thames Guthrie, Robert, tailor, res. Thames Hillman, Wm., farmer, north Thames Hadden, David, laborer, Oxford Hogan, Patrick, at Eastwood's, Haining, Robert, at D. Wallace's Carnegie Holmes, H. D., laborer, Hall, P. B. KENNEDY, L. D., painter, glazier, Road and paper hanger, King near Hombly, Wm., blacksmith at Wallace's Thames Hopkins, Samuel, teamster, Queen Kennedy, Michael, farmer, cor. Harris estern limits and Hall HOME INSURANCE CO., New York, Kennedy, Miss, dressmaker, King C. E. Chadwick, agent Kennedy, Peter, proprietor Harp and Howe, Patrick, shoemaker at Dutton's Crown, cor. King and Oxford Hovenden, Mrs. Sarah, widow, King Kennedy, Richard, switchman G.W.R. Hovenden, Thomas H., salesman at Catharine White's Kenney, Thomas, laborer, Carnegie HOYT, J. J., M.D, off King, near P.O., Kenney, Wm., blacksmith, King Hiram res. Mill, below King Kerr, Daniel, wagon and carriage Hubbert, Henson, laborer, n. Queen, maker, Thames on eastern limits Kerr, Daniel, jr., clerk at Ferguson Huffman, Napoleon Bonaparte, fanning & Kerr's mill pedler at A. Oliver's, Kerr, Hugh, (Ferguson & Kerr), bds. Charles Thames Hull, Robert, carpenter and joiner at Kerr, John, carriage maker at Daniel J. Christopher and Brothers Kerr's Hull, Samuel, at J. Christopher and Kerr, Miss, milliner and dress maker, Brothers Thames HUNTER, GEORGE F., commission Kingsbury, Thos., apprentice at merchant, Insurance agent Morgan & Badden's Huntsman, James, medicine dealer, Kinney, Stephen W., harness maker at Thames McDonald's Huntsman, Wm. V., school teacher, Knechtel, Daniel, shoemaker at Bent's, King res. Charles Husband, Thomas, blacksmith KNEESHAW, ROBERT, agent, chemist and Jackson, Peter, laborer, Oxford druggist, Thames James, John, cooper, Charles Jeffrey, Jacob, laborer, west King Kydd, James, shoemaker at Barraclough's, Jiggeus, Henry, clerk, res.over P. O. res. south Queen Johnson, Burr, laborer, Hall Laa, John, laborer, Helen, off Montreal JUDD, ERASTUS T., Wood & Judd, res. cor. Anne and Oxford Lacey, Michael, shoemaker at Dennis', Kearns, John, warehouseman at D. M. Thames, res. east King Robertson's, Victoria Lockey, David, shoemaker at Brown Keating, Mrs. Ann, grocery and fancy and Galliford's store, Queen Lampart, E., watchmaker at Hall's Keating, John, bricklayer, Carnegie Lawrence, Alex., laborer, res. Carroll Keating,, Robert, boot and shoe store, Lee, E. K., clerk at Crawford's King Keating, Simeon, plasterer, Queen LEIGH, JOHN, builder and contractor, KEITH, WM. P., proprietor Thames Commercial Mills, Mill Leonard, James, apprentice at D. & G. Keith, Chas., miller, Commercial Mills Bailey's Kelly, Daniel W., boot and shoemaker, Lovings, Edwin, teamster at A. Oliver's John Lovings, Henry, teamster, east Cherry Kelsey, Rufus M., cooper, King Lovings, James, blacksmith at Elliott's Kemp, Mrs., King Little, J. C., clerk at O'Connor's KEMP, THEOPHILUS, painter, fancy Logee, S. P., pump, straw cutter, and goods, toys, and restaurant, lightning rod maker, factory King, bet. Mill and Thames and res. south Queen KENNEDY, NEIL, book agent, bds. Looby, James, boot and shoe shop, Canterbury Thames LYON, L.D. grocer and hardware McKenzie, Geo., railroadman, Canterbury merchant, cor. Thames and King, res. west King McKenzie, John, laborer, Catharine McBurnie, John, carpenter and joiner McLeary, John, warehouseman, Carnegie at J. Christopher and Brothers McCarthy, Cornelius, gentleman, McLeod, William, writing master, Catharine res. Queen McCARTHY, J. F., M.D., res Oxford McMillan, James, salesman at D. White's McCaskill, Mrs. Ellen, res. Water McMurray William, ashery, res. Charles McCAUGHEY, JAMES, L.L.B., barrister at McVenn, Andrew, ambrotypist, res law, off Thames, res. Carroll Hall, P. B. Road McCAUGHEY, S. G., law student with McSloy, Matthew, laborer, Metcalfe James McCaughey Macanley, Elizabeth, widow, Metcalfe McCorkindale, John, boot and shoe Macanley, Michael, laborer, Metcalfe maker, Thames near cor. King Macniven, Hope, auctioneer and McCourt, Peter, stone mason, Hall, commission agent, Thames P. B. Road Macniven, Mrs, millinery and mantle McCrae, H. L., lumber merchant, store, Thames Victoria MADGWICK, ELIAS H., carriage McCrum, James, shoemaker at Brown trimmer, King and Galliford's MANSION HOUSE, Jas. Brady, prop McDONALD, A. F., harness manufacturer cor. King and Thames and saddlery, Thames Martin, Joseph, Oxford Matheson, Angus, carpenter & joiner, McDonald, George, wagon maker at at A. Oliver's D. and G. Bailey's Matheson, John S., shoemaker and McDONALD, JAMES, dealer in hats, constable, res. Catharine caps and furs, west side Thames MAXWELL, JOHN, printer, Chronicle office north of Pomroy's Block McDonald, John, laborer, G. W. R., Mealy, Frank, shoemaker at T. H. Carnegie Barraclough's, Oxford McDonald, Peter, King Mealey, Johnston, laborer McDONALD, ROBERT, cor Charles Meginity, Robert, pensioner and and Oxford laborer, King Hiram McDONALD JOHN & CO., dealers in hard- Mercer, Alexander, carpenter ware, groceries, dry goods, MERIDAY, GEO., laborer, King west paints, oils, glass, &c., Caledonia Buildings, Thames Merigold, Arthur, planing mill at McDowell, James, laborer, Hall, A. Oliver's P. B. Road Merigold, Edward, gentleman, King McDOWELL, WILLIAM, Market west Clerk, res Town Hall Middlemass, Alex., laborer McFarlan, John, blacksmith, Victoria Millar, Matthew, tailor at Boles McFarlan, William, blacksmith, Montgomery, Daniel, superintendent Victoria dry goods dept at John McGoffin, Mrs., north Thames McDonald & Co's McGOVERN, JNO, comp'tor, Cronicle Mooney, Nickolas, blacksmith shop, office rear of Mansion House McHenry, John, plasterer, Victoria Moore, Thomas, carpenter and joiner at McINTYRE, JAMES, manufacturer A. Oliver's and dealer in furniture and Moore, Mary, widow, Carnegie undertaker, King Moore, Peter, tailor at Bole's McIntyre, Joseph, laborer, Catharine Moran, Edward Henry, harness maker McKenzie, Donald, laborer, Metcalfe at Cragg MORELAND, J. D., manufacturer of OLLARD & HIGGINS, attorneys washing machines, King and solicitors, office Thames Morgan, David, carpenter and joiner at OLLERENSHAW, MARK, dealer in groceries A. Oliver's, res Oxford wines, liquors and cigars and MORGAN, JOHN, (Morgan & Badden), agent for W. & J. Carling, res. Canterbury city brewery, London, market MORGAN & BADDEN, wagon and square carriage manufacturers, cor O'Neil, William, laborer, south Queen, King and James on e. limits Morrison, Miss Diana, res. King Orr, William, carpenter, King Hiram Morrison, Wm., carpenter and joiner, OWENS, A., barber shop, Thames at A. Oliver's Morrey, J. F., at Eastwood's, res. Owens, Thomas, ostler, Daly house Moershfelter, Jacob, clerk post office Paine, C. C., travelling agent for Munroe, George, head sawver at A. Logee pumpmaker, Oxford Oliver's Paine, David, gentleman, Carnegie Munroe, George, schoolteacher, bds. Paine, Thos. L., salesman at D. White's Oxford Parkhouse, James, carpenter at Munroe, John, foreman, carpenter at Eastwoods, res Hall, P.B. Road A. Oliver's, res. Henry PARKHURST, CHARLES, carding Munroe, John, foreman at A. Oliver's, and fulling mills, Queen, res. res. Bell south Queen Murdoch, James, wagon and carriage PARKHURST, JAMES, at Charles maker, Thames south of King Purkhurst Murdoch, Matthew J., wagon maker, at Parsons, John, at T. M. Smith's James Murdoch's Patterson, John, clerk, Daly House Murphy, D. & Co., grocers Peirce, Josiah, cooper, Hall, res. King Murray, William, King Hiram east Nelson, Charles, blacksmith at Pelton, Daniel, clerk, north Thames Eastwood's, res. John Pelton, Maria, north Thames Nivens, Henry, miller at William P. Pelton, Phoebe, widow, north Thames Keith's Perkins, George E., clerk at Jos. Noe, Louis, confecfionery, toys and Browett's fancy goods, Thames Peterson, Samuel, grocer and eating NOXON, JAMES & SAMUEL, iron founders house, Thames and machinist, manufacturers Phillips, George, blacksmith, of reapers and mowers, G. W. R., Catharine separators, &c., Thames south Pickard, Elias, house carpenter, of King north Queen O'CONNOR, A., grocer and grain dealer, Pickard, Hiram, carpenter and builder, Thames res. Oxford O'Connor, H., merchant, Thames Pickard, James, brewer at Bixel's O'Hanley, Angus, currier at T. Brown's Piner, George, laborer, Tunis O'Hanley, Neil, laborer, Hall Pool, Anna, Spinster, Jura Lane O'Hanley, Neil, porter at O'Connor's POOL, HENRY, moulder at Eastwood's O'Hanley, Malcolm, laborer, Hall, res. Carnegie P. B. Road Pool, Amelia, spinster, Jura Lane OLIVER, ADAM, builder, contractor Poole, Samuel snr., res. Tunis and general dealer in lumber, Poole, Samuel jr., general merchant &c., res. Victoria res. Thames Oliver, Andrew, driver at Finlay's Potter, Jonathan, sawyer at Adam Oliver, Robert, painter, Bell Oliver's res. Thames OLiver, Robert, carpenter and joiner Procter, George, carpenter and joiner, A. Oliver's, res. Victoria at J. Christopher's & Bros. Proctor, George, carpenter north Ross, George, salesman at John Cathcart McDonald & Co's. Proctor, John P., carpenter, cor. ROSS, GEORGE, lumber and coal Catharine and George merchant, yard and res. Victoria Proctor, John, foreman, Ingersoll ROSS, HUGH H., salesman at Balmer's section, G.W.R., bt. King Hiram and Carnegie Ross, Mary, widow, dress maker, PUDDEFOOT, GEORGE, hair dressing and Carnegie billiard saloon, Daly House, Ross, William, engineer at A. Oliver's, res. north Thames res. south side Victoria ROSS, WM., millwright and civil Putnam, George, grocer, Thames engineer, Canterbury Quirk, George M., sawyer and engineer Rowley, James, tin pedler, res. Oxford at McKay's Ryan, John, shoemaker at Brown and Quick, Sarah Jane, widow Galliford's, res Carroll RAWLINGS, THOMAS H., cabinet maker Sanders, Aaron, barber, Thames res. King cor Water Schofield, Flora, widow, dress maker, Reid, Alexander, clerk at Balmer Cherry Reid, Colin, carpenter at A. Oiiver's Scofield, Henry, blacksmith shop and res. Mill res. King Reid, Colin, carpenter and joiner, at Shofield, Oscar, apprentice to Hugh A. Oliver's, res. Henry Clark, cabinet maker, bds Clark's. Relfe, Charles, engineer at A. Oliver's Scott, H. H., physician, surgeon, &c., Rennett, Mrs.A. M., res Charles Thames Richardson, John, carpenter and joiner Sheedy, Roderick, laborer, Cashel at A. Oliver's Sharp, Richard, res Oxford Riley, Jane, widow, tailoress, Cherry Sharp, Thomas A., fanning mill pedler Robb, A., general merchant, Thames at A. Oliver's, res Cherry ROBERTSON, D. M., dealer in produce and SHELL, DANIEL, gentleman, King lumber, south side Victoria, SHELL, SAMUEL, teacher in Union adjacent to G.W.R, Depot school Robertson, Wm., clerk at Kneeshaw's Shebrecer, Martin, at Christopher & bds. Victoria Bros, res King Robertson, W. S., clerk at D. M. Sherman, Jonathan, cooper, King Robertson's, Victoria Sherman, William, cooper shop, Charles Robinson, Charles, laborer at Sherman, Wm., cooper, Charles A. Oliver's, bds Inkerman Sherman, William, cooper, King west ROBINSON, EPHRAIM, steam furniture SHARPNELL, G. J., grocer, Thames factory and undertaker, King Sinclair, James, at J. Buchanan's 1st door east of Jarvis Hall Slater, George, tailor, res Cherry Roche, R., Thames SLATER, THOMAS, merchant tailor Roduhurst, William, clerk at Walley's Thames Roddy, John, tailor at J. Bole's, res Smith, Andrew, groceries, tobacco and Oxford cigars, King, bt Mill and Thames ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Smith, George, farmer John Smith, John, boot and shoemaker, King ROMAN CATHOLIC SEPARATE Smith, Lovina, widow, dress maker and SCHOOL, John, Miss Higgins, tailoress, Catharine in Thames teacher SMITH, T. M., prop, Great Western Ross, Donald, farmer, cor. Catharine Hotel and livery stable, cor. and George Victory and James Ross, Donald, moulder at Noxon's Smith, Thomas, ashery, Charles foundry Smith, William, butcher, Oxford Ross, Donald, planer at Oliver's steam Snelgrove, Abraham, painter, res Mill saw mill, Carnegie Snowdon, William, laborer, Hall Sparrow, James, tailor at Slater's, Veetch, William, boot and shoemaker, Oxford Thames, res. Metcalfe Sparrow, W., tailor at Slater's, res. VENTON, JOHN, operator in Telegraph Oxford offices Railway depot, bds. SPRINGER, WM, M.D., office King, with S. Venton, Hall Browett's Block, res same Venton, Stephen, Hall VENTON, THOMAS, operator in Stewart, Francis, tailor, Queen Telegraph office, Railway depot, Stimson, G. G., grocer, Thames bds. with S. Venton, Hall Stimson, J. D., grocer, Thames VINE, JAMES, notary public, conveyancer, STUART, JOHN, flour and feed store commissioner Queen's Bench, and proprietor North Star Mills, land and general agent, office bt Mills and Thames Caledonia buildings, Thames Sutherland, Alexander, laborer, King Waite, Edward B., Thames, s of King Hiram east side Waite, Howlin, teamster at J. Sutherland, Ebenezer, carpenter and Christopher & Brothers joiner, at A. Oliver's Waite, John, carpenter and joiner SUTHERLAND, HUGH, book keeper J. Christopher & Brothers at A. Oliver's Waite, Nelson, grocer, McCarthy's SUTHERLAND, JAMES, publisher and block, Thames, res. Oxford compiler of Provncial County Walker, Angus, tanner at T. Brown's Gazetteers, and Directories, WALKER, JOHN, cooper, shop and office, Thames res. Queen Swayze, Nelson, gentleman, on Ingersoll Walker, Joseph, house painter, &c., and Thamesford Gravel Road cor. Catharine and George Swayze, William, gentleman, Thamesford WALKINGTON, SAMUEL, teller Gravel Road Commercial Bank Taft, Joseph, agent Rochester WALLACE, DONALD, hardware merchant, Nurseries, bds Ann Thames, res. Queen TAYLOR, JOSEPH, fish and fruit merchant, King near Market, WALLACE, JAMES, blacksmith, res. King east corner Thames and Queen, res. THIRKELL, JOSEPH, Postmaster, Carroll P.O. cor. King and Thames Wallace, James, laborer, Metcalfe Thompson, Mrs., widow, washerwoman, Walley, George W., importer of crockery Cherry King Thompson, John, copper smith, bds Walsh, Henry, medical student at Mansion House Dr. Scott's TOWER, J. N., fruit tree agent, Moore Walsh, Henry, teacher, north Oxford Bro., Rochester, N.Y., Hall, Walsh, Michael, law student with P.B. Road McCaughey Tripp, Moses E., medical student at Walsh, Thomas, teacher, north Oxford Dr. Spinger Walton, Luke, second miller, Carroll's Tutty, James, farmer, at H. Crotty's, mills, bds. with R. H. Carroll Victoria WARNOCK, JOHN, machinist at Turner, Cornelius, carpenter and joiner Eastwood's, res. Charles at A. Olivers WASHINGTON, ALEXANDER, Turner, George, corner Thames and laborer, Carnegie Catharine WATERS, GEORGE, horse farrier, TURNER, JAMES & BROTHERS, res. Thamesford road stoves and tinware, King WEBSTER, GEORGE H., cabinet Turner, Jeremiah, carpenter at maker, King opposite Daly House Eastwood's, Thames TUTTLE, A. T., bds. Daly House WHITE, DAVID, importer and dealer Vance, Robert, baker and confectioner, in dry goods, carpets, Thames groceries, boots and shoes, Vannater, James, res. Charles cor. King and Mill Whittaker, Jas., pumpmaker, Queen Wood, Benjamin, clerk at Shrapnell's Whittaker, John, pumpmaker, Queen WOOD, WM. A., res. Anne Wilford, William, laborer, King Solomon Wood, Wm. G., (Wood & Judd), res. Duke Williams, George, woodworker Noxon's WOOD & JUDD, Railroad contractors Foundry WONHAM, W. G., P.L. Surveyor and Williams, Thomas, laborer, Carnegie County Engineer, res. corner Williams, Wm., farmer, King Hiram Oxford and Anne WILLIAMSON, JAMES, agent for WORTH, H., butcher Market House, Alex. Dingwall, manufacturer res. Oxford corner Catharine and dealer in furniture, King WORTH, JOHN, butcher in Market, Wilson, Robert, laborer, Carnegie res. Oxford corner Catharine WOODCOCK, RALPH A., dealer in books YOUNG, MISS SUSAN, teacher private and stationery, and general school, Carroll news depot, P. O., corner Young, Robert H., harness maker, Thames and King Queen
A post village in the township of East Zorra, and situated on the eastern bank of the river Thames, and eastern boundary line of the townsship. The surrounding country is chiefly a sandy loam, and extremely fertile. The village contains one store, one church, one grist mill, two hotels, two blacksmith shops, a wagon an carriage shop, cooper shop, and four lime kilns. Population 200.
Mails despatched on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 9 o'clock, a.m., and received at 4 p.m. Robert Lindsay, Postmaster.
Built A.D. 1853; cost $600; dimensions, 30x50; number that can be seated, 200. Minister, Rev. Andrew Tolmie.
On 17th concession. Minister, Rev. John Gerrie; residence, Innerkip.
On 16th concession, East Zorra. Pastor, Rev. Michael Doyle.
Union School Section No. 10, Innerkip. Number of pupils, 147; average, 60. James Bell, Teacher.
Organized May 22nd, 1858. Meets on Wednesday evening, at Temperance Hall. P. O. address, Innerkip.
W. C. T., William Davidson O. S. G., John Gould W. V., Sarah Ann Vincent D. M., Augusta Pelton W. S., Thomas O. Burpee A. S., Harriet Doyle W. C., Rev. Michael Doyle R. H. S., Emily Vincent W. T., Elizabeth Laing L. H. S., Anzonette Swan W. F. S., James Bello P. W. C. T., Jinks Pelton W. M., James Pelton T. D., James Pelton I. S. G., Abigail Pelton
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Adams, Benjamin, stone mason Burpee, Thomas O., farmer Adams, Henry, apprentice shoemaker Callan, James, blacksmith Barney, Henry, carpenter Callan, John, lime manufacturer Begg, Mrs. Callan, Patrick, lime kilns Bell, James, teacher CLEMENT, W. D, M.D., graduate Bowman, John, mason of Toronto University Bowman, Thomas, mason Culver, Clark, carpenter BROWN, A. L, carriages, wagons, and DAVIDSON, WILLIAM, boot and buggies, and general jobbing shoe store Brown, Miss Day, James, gentleman DEAN'S MILLS, grist and saw mill LINDSAY, ROBERT, general merchant David Dean and Israel Dean, proprietors McDonald, Alex., blacksmith shop DOYLE, MICHAEL, res. Innerkip McGILL, JOHN & MICHAEL CALLAN, lime kilns Edwards, Richard, tailor shop McKay, Alexander Ross, carpenter and FARMERS' HOTEL, Innerkip, Thos. joiner Hopkins, propreetor McKAY, HUGH, prop'r, Rae Arms Hotel GERRIE, Rev. JOHN; res. Innerkip McPhie, John, mason Gould, John, carpenter and joiner Rowel, Daniel, teamster Greaves, Jeremiah, farmer Silver, John, apprentice shoemaker Gunn, John, gardener Silver, William, shoe shop Harwood, Henry, shoemaker SWAN, JOHN, gentleman HOTSON, GEORGE, cooper and patent Teeple, Alanson, surgeon dentist churn manufacturer Town, Edward, plasterer Innerkip Mills, grist, oat and saw Turner, George, carpenter and joiner James Shand, occupant Vincent, Charles, farmer King, Ellis, painter WALKER, J. R., M.D., graduate of King, James, painter Michigan University Laing, John, carpenter Wallace, William, farmer Lee, Mrs. White, William, laborer
A Post Office of East Nissouri, on the tenth concession, and seventeenth Lot. Mails are received tri-weekly, viz: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at noon, and dispatched at same time. William Murray, general merchant.
A Post village of East Nissouri, situated on 26th lot, 13th concession. In the vicinity of Lakeside is a very beautiful Lake, with an area of about one hundred and ten acres. The surrounding coutry is well improved, and has a gently undulating surface. It contains a store, saw and grist mills, brick yard, tin shop, blacksmith shop, shoe shop, and an hotel. H. Fred Sharp, postmaster and general merchant.
LAKESIDE ORANGE ASSOCIATION (Organized 18th March, 1858)
Time of meeting second Wednesday of each month at David Sturgess, 25th lot, 11th concession. W. M., William Bates. 1st Com. Wm. Wilson D. M., Mathew Wilson. 2nd Com., Donald Lamont Sec., David Sturgess 3rd Com., Richard Ross Treas., Arthur Blanarhassett 4th Com., Mathew Bates
Alphabetical List of Professions Trades, &c.
Brazier, George, carpenter and joiner Murphy, Charles Burdick, Enoch, blacksmith shop SHARP, H. FRED., dealer in dry Eshelby, Richard, wagon shop goods, groceries, hardware, LAKESIDE HOTEL. John Lee crockery, boots and shoes, proprietor and ready made clothing. LAKESIDE MILLS, James Ingersoll, Sharp, H., clerk with H. F. Sharp proprietor Shrubsole, Thomas & Brother, brickyard LEE, JOHN, proprietor Iakeside Hotel Stevens, Peter. shoe shop Sweeney, Henry, teamster
Two miles west from Norwichville, contains an hotel, blacksmith shop, and shoe shop. Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c. Buckrail, James, blacksmith Thompson, Wm., shoemaker Hilliker, Lewis, prop'r Hilliker's Inn Continue to Part Two.