Towns and Villages in Oxford County -Part 2.

A Post Office of the Township of Dereham, seven miles from Ingersoll. It contains two Churches, a school, one store, one large wagon and carriage factory, two blacksmith shops, two shoe shops, and an inn.
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
BODWELL, E. V. J. P., general Movar, C. merchant MYLES, ROBERT, wagon and carriage Bonser, Geo. hotel keeper maker Comfort, Andrew, laborer Newton, C. S., shoemaker Doonan, Thos. shoemaker Roperts, Stephen, painter Duffy, John, blacksmith WOODARD, JESSE S., postmaster Henry, Francis, blacksmith Woodard, Jesse W., clerk
Situated on the 6th Concession, 8th Lot, of the Township of Blenheim one mile and a half from Drumbo. Wesley Howell, flouring mill Archibald Hughton, miller John Rose, cooper shop
A Post village of Blenheim Township, on the 2nd Lot, 2nd Concession, and near the South Eastern corner of the County. The Village was first settled in 1812, and one time it bid fair to become quite an important place. The first grist mills in this section of the country at that time were here in operition, and new settlers from a distance of 40 miles, came to "Mudge Hollow," to mill. The name was changed to that of "Canning" about 1842, and a post office under that name was established in 1850. Mr. Alchin in 1850 became the proprietor and principal real estate owner in the Village. It now contains a United Brethren Church, built at a cost of $450, and seated for 200 persons; a good Common School, with an average attendance of 60 pupils; a large tannery, woolen factory, flouring mill, saw mill, wagon and blacksmith shop, one store and a tavern.
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Arthington, ----, teacher Galloway, John, wagon maker Bailey, Samuel, farmer Harris, George, tanner CAMERON, THOS., currier Lee, Robert, spinner at J. Munro CANNING HOTEL, R. Pierce, prop. McFarland, David, weaver at J. Munro Fray, John, painter Martin, Charles, butcher shop Galloway, David, wagon shop Munro, James, carder at J. Munro MUNRO, JOHN, woollen manufacturer Specht, Frederick, weaver at J. Munro Taylor, W. H., trader Palmer, Edmund, shoe shop Turner, A. J., blacksmith shop Palmer, Edward, shoemaker Wetherwax, Andrew, boot and shoe Parry, Henry, shoemaker manufacturer Raines, Mrs., postmistress WILLIAMSON, JAMES N., tanner RICHARDSON, GEORGE, general and currier dealer in dry goods, groceries, &c. Wood, Alva, saw mill proprietor Richardson, Alex., clerk at George Wood, Joseph, sawyer Richardson Wood, Wilkes, sawyer Sayright, William, weaver at J. Munro WRIGHT, THOMAS, miller, and Sherrick, Rev. Mr., United Brethren flour merchant, prop'tor, Simpson, James, miller at T. Wright's Canning mills
A Post Office of the Township of North Norwich, situated on the 4th Concession. It contains a store, blacksmith and wagon shop,-distant four miles from Norwichville and 13 miles from Woodstock. GARY, AUGUSTUS, postmaster HARDY, MICHAEL, merchant Henderson, Henry, blacksmith Sexton, James, wagon maker
A Post Office of the township of East Nissouri, on the eighth lot, fourteenth concession, (town line), established about five years. Joseph Howes, postmaster.
A flourishing post village of the township of North Norwich, 17 miles from Woodstock; 18 miles from Ingersoll, and 25 miles from Brantford. It contains three churches, a large school, a Massonic Lodge, literary society, a Bible society, two Brass Bands, a number of stores, two large wagon and carriage factories, numerous other workshops, mills, and two foundries. It is situated in the midst of one of the richest and most fertile sections of country in Westeern Canada-surrounded by farms in the highest state of cultivation. Population 800.
St. John's Lodge, No. 104 Stated communications every Wednesday on or before full moon, at Masonic Hall.
W. M., John A. Tidey, jr. S. W., A. P. Miller
A neat frame building, built at a cost of $800. Rev. William Donald, Minister.
Built of frame, at a cost of $700. Rev. Solomon Snider, Minister.
A neat and elegant brick structure, erected in 1861, at a cost of $3,500. Rev. E. Peake, Minister, assisted by the Rev. John N. Hewitt.
Meets every Thursday evenings at 8 o'clock, p.m. in Tidey's Building. Hugh McKee, President, Joseph Bearss, Vice President, A. P. Miller, Secretary.
Depositary-John A. Tidey, jr. President, John McKee
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Adams, Henry J., harness shop Carlton, Mathew, shoemaker Addison, Wm., Cabinet Maker and Carter, Samuel, carriage maker undertaker Catton, Henry, grocer Anderson, Edward, shoe shop Cheswell, Daniel, shoemaker with Allen, John, baker with Bleakley Hand & Co. Avey, Charles, brick and tile maker Cheswell, Wm., shoemaker with Hand Avey, George, carpenter and Co. Bagnell, Humphrey, cabinet maker Clark, Fredrick W., travelling agent Bardley, Robert, painter Clifford, Charles, cabinet shop BARR & CO., (James Barr, George Clifford, Daniel, cabinet maker Barr, Alex Watson), iron Coker, Wm., clerk, Stroud's Hotel founders and machinists Collins, Charles, painter with Barrett, Wm., baker and confectioner W. S. Scarf with Bleakley Congdon, Joseph P., laborer BEARD, GEO. L., M.D., surgeon &c. Cook, Ephraim, M.D., coroner and Bearss, Joseph, wagon maker agent for marriage licenses Beaton, Wm., laborer Crane, Stockton, carpenter and joiner BLEAKLEY, GEORGE, wholesale DYKEMAN, A., carpenter and joiner baker and confectioner Dickson, Benjamin, apprentice with Brown, John, prop'r Fountain Head McCaulay & Campbell Hotel Donald, Daniel, carpenter and joiner Brown, Robert, cooper DONALD, Rev. W. M., Canada Bryant, Wm., shoe maker with Hand & Co. Presbyterian BUNGAY, GEORGE W., harness shop DOUGLAS, JOHN, tanner and currier Duncan, John, bookeeper BUNGAY, LEWIS F., stoves and tinware Duncan, Charles, laborer Eagor, George, apprentice with Cameron, Duncan, mason McCaulay & Campbell CAMERON, JAMES, mason Emigh, Aaron, apprentice with Walker CAMPBELL, JOHN, (McCaulay and Co.) Folston, John, shoemaker Fonnan, George, apprentice with Bungay Pugsley, Josiah, cabinet maker with Addison FOSTER, MORGAN & CO., general Rawlings, Richard, wagon maker with merchants W. S. Scarff Gentle, Walter, brick maker Robinson, R. W. F., school teacher George, W. H., tailor Robinson, W. A., shoemaker Graham, Alexander, tinsmith Roddy, David, tailor shop Gray, Joseph, carpenter Russell, John, blacksmith with Scarff Green & McCausland, (James Green, SACKRIDER, CHAS., general merchant E. McCausland), gen'l merchants Hagerman, David, farmer Sackrider, Conwell, farmer HAKIN & WOOD, shoe shop Sackrider, Linderman, laborer HAND & CO., (Wm. Walter, and Sackrider, Nehemiah, gentleman John Hand,) shoe manufacturers Scarff, Thomas, trimmer with Scarff and tanners SCARFF, WM. S., carriage and wagon Harp, Elijah M., laborer manufacturer Huntington, G., ironfounder and Sloan, James, laborer patentee Smiley, James, tinsmith with Bungay Jennings, Solomon, bailiff 4th Division Smith, Wm. L., laborer Court SMITH, WM. L, clergyman Kelley, E. L., clerk with Sackrider SNELL. N., proprietor Elgin House Kenney, Daniel, jr., chair maker SNYDER, SOLOMON, clergyman Knowls, Chas., tanner with Hand & Co. Stevens, Alfred, cabinet maker with Lane, Henry, harness maker Addison Leatherby, Robert, apprentice with Stevens, Hance, joiner Bleakley Stevenson, David, carpenter Lewis, Wm. H., watchmaker and STEVENSON, JAMES, carpenter photographer and joiner McCAULAY & CAMPBELL, carriage Stewart, John, blacksmith with Scarff and wagon makers Stover, Enoch, farmer McCaulay, W. H., butcher Stroud, Henry, clerk with Foster, McCLELLAN, WM., general merchant Morgan & Co. Stroud, William, gentleman McClellan, ----, clerk Strode, John and William, butchers McKEE, THOMAS, painter and glazier SUTTON, G. C., watchmaker and jeweller Mann, John, laborer Swartwout, Lorenzo, carpenter & joiner Mann, Thos., moulder with Barr & Co. Switzer, Amos, chair maker Miles, Benjamin, butcher Switzer, Tobias, millwright with Barr Miles, W. W., A. M., gentleman and Co. MILLER & CO., (David and Abraham P.) Tidey, Claudius, student with J. A. dealers in groceries Tidey sr. Moles, Edward, wagon maker with Tidey, George W., carpenter & joiner W. S. Scarf TIDEY, JOHN A., Sr., P. L. S., Montross, Joshua, wagon shop conveyancer, &c. MOORE, GILBERT, postmaster, res. TIDEY, JOHN A., Jr., druggist and North Norwich stationer Muir, John, appren. with Hand & Co. Tidey, Joseph A., school teacher Nicholson, Peter, apprentice with Tinney, John, laborer Addison Vanvalkenburgh, Trueman, laborer PALMER, H. N., dentist and goldsmith VanWinklin, Perry, apprentice with Addison PEAKE, Rev. E., Wesleyan Minister WALKER, GEORGE, cabinet ware rooms PITCHER, SENECA, general merchant WALLACE THOMAS, J. P. Poldon, Wm., blacksmith shop WEBSTER, Rev. THOMAS, Clergyman Potruff, Andrew, millwright Whitfield, Asaph, clerk with John A. Wilson, Stephen, wagon shop Tidey Wood, Edward, moulder Will, Joseph, shoe shop Williams, Michael, blacksmith with Yates, John F., tailor Barr & Co. Zimmerman, Philip
A Post Village of the Township of South Norwich, situated on the Otter Creek, 20 miles from Woodstock, 20 miles from Simcoe, and 26 miles from Brantford. It has a large trade in sawn lumber, and farm produce, and contains eight stores, two Churches, Church of England,-a frame building erected at a cost of about one thousand dollars, and the Evangelical Association, a frame building erected at a cost of six hundred dollars. It also contains a flouring and grist mill, four saw mills in the vicinity; A woollen factory, an iron foundry, a waggon and carriage factory, a large cooperage, and a large school, well attended and under the charge of first class teachers. Population 700.
Meets at the Masonic Hall, on Thursday on or before the full moon of each month. P. O., Otterville.
W. M., John Wood Sec. Jarvis Goodwin P. M., Charles Lewis S. D., William Fonnan S. W., Robert Mann J. D., Wm. Parker J. W., Ambrose Wilcox I. G., James Leadbeater, Jr. Treas., A. Durkee Tyler, Peter M. Weaver
TEMPERANCE OTTERVILLE Division Sons of Temperance, No. 257
Meets on Saturday, every two weeks at 7 p.m., at the Temperance Hall.
W. P., A. Durkee W. V. S., Andy McLim P. W., H. A. Titus C., John Hilliar W. S., Elias Bowerman Assist. C., Joseph Stuart Sec., James Kay I. S., Augustus Parson Assist. Sec., Edward Creton O. S., John McFarland Treas., William Griffin Chaplain, John Foy
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Appley, Sylvester, Laborer CLEVELAND, JOHN F., prop., Baker, C. R., laborer Otterville livery stables Britain, M. J., shoemaker at Durkee Comfort, Stephen BULLOCK, EDWARD, mill owner Conklin, Wm., druggist Bullock, James E., ashery Cook, C. D., prop., Exchange Hotel Burgar, Mary, grocery and liquor store Cooper, John, carpenter and joiner Burnham, J. V., constable CORNELL, WILLIAM, gentleman Carder, D. D., clerk at Carder's Courtlandt, H. N., school teacher Carder, F. A., agent at Carder's gore Creaghton, Edmond Alex., shoemaker steam mill Creaghton, William, shoe shop CARDER, G. W., M. D. Cromwell, R. B., merchant Carder, J. M., farmer Cromwell, J. C., clerk CLARK, E. B., ambrotype artist Davis, James, laborer Cleveland, John, prop. Cleveland House Delong, Theodore, laborer DURKEE, ASA. J.P., tanner and McFarlane, Donald, blacksmith currier McFarlane, John, blacksmith shop Durkee, Melbourne McLIM, WM., foreman at Asa Durkee's Durkee, Warren, harness maker McPhee, John, cooper at Furlong Eggmann, Henry, mason McPHEE, NEIL, laborer ERB, N. & A., carding and fulling Maddison, Mattthew, miller mills Mann, R. S., tailor Erb, Henry, farmer MATTESON, J. P., prop, Otterville Erb, J., farmer Hotel Erb, Joseph, farmer Middleton, Arthur, gentleman Erb, Samuel, gentleman Mitchell, James, carpenter Fleak, H. C., M. D. Morris, Robert, harness maker at Forbes, George, cooper at Furlong Durkee's Foy, John, shoemaker Norton, Luke, cooper Frank, George, laborer Palmer, H., ambrotypist Frank, William, tinsmith Parson, Augustus, wagon maker FURLONG, JOHN, Otterville cooper shop PARSON, WM., wagon and carriage maker Goodwin, Andrew, clerk at Goodwin's Penrose, Jesse, carpenter Goodwin, H. W., tailor Reavely, George, clerk at Schooley's GOODWIN, G., dealer in dry goods Sable, John, laborer groceries, &c. Salmon, John, M.D. Gould, Benjamin, farmer Scanlon, Wm., Wagon maker HELDEBRAND, JOHN F., cooper SCHOOLEY, E. M., merchant and HERMISTON, ANDREW, farmer postmaster Hillier, Thomas, pedler Shaw, Francis, mechanic HILLIKER & BUCK, (R. W. Hilliker & Stage, R. L., tinshop Robert Buck) iron founders and STEVENS, REUBEN C. A., cooper machinists STOVER, GILBERT, J. P. Hilliker, Henry, Carriage maker TALBOT, R, Reeve, South Norwich Hislop, Thomas, weaver TUTCHBURN, Robert, shoe maker Johnston, G. E., cooper Watts, John, clerk at R. B. Cromwell's Kitchen, Joseph, blacksmith Wilkinson, Rev. John, New Connection LEADBEATER, JAMES, senr., Methodist woollen factory Wills, Samuel, cooper Leadbeater, James, jnr. Wiltsee, Harrison, tanner and currier Leader, John, manufacturer of patent Wiltsee, Henry, tanner and currier siding WITTINGTON, REV. WILLIAM LEWIS, CHARLES, Township clerk Evangelical Association
Is a Post Office station, situated on the twelfth lot, fourth concession of the township of East Oxford, on the old stage road, and on the Woodstock and Norwichville mail route, and distant from Woodstock about 5 miles. There is a tri-weekly mail, viz: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The Town Hall, erected by the Township Council, is here located. It contains one store, a Wesleyan Methodist Church, built of brick, at a cost of $1,200- and a good school.
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
CRAWFORD, WM., blacksmith shop MONROE, Wm., wagon and carriage GARBUTT, WM., postmaster and maker farmer Noyes, Jacob, farmer GRISWOLD, H. C., merchant, and ROBB, ALEXANEER, teacher proprietor Oxford House Zion Church, (Wesleyan Methodist)
A thriving post village of the township of Blenheim, situated on the river Nith, or Smith's Creek, distant 18 miles from Woodstock, 4 miles from the Plattsville station of the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway, and 8 miles from Hamburg, a station of the Grand Trunk Railway. It contains three church organizations, two of whom have churches - The Church of England congregation meets at present in the school house, where services are held every alternate Sabbath, by the Rev. Mr. Clotworthy. The Wesleyan Methodists have a neat frame building, erected in 1853, at a cost of eight hundred dollars, and capable of seating three hundred persons-Rev. Messrs. Fear and Chalmers, of Washington, officiating. The German Lutheran Church, a frame structure, was erected in 1860, at a cost of five hundred dollars, and is seated for two hundred and fifty persons. There is a very good common school (sec. number 24) numbering 126 pupils, with an average attendance of 75 pupils, under the charge of Mr. Levi Master. Plattsville contains a very extensive woollen factory, owned by Warnock, Farrand & Co. They employ 40 operatives, have an engine of 40 horse power, three spinners, three sets of carding machines, twelve looms, six fulling mills, two raising gigs, one shearing machine, one napper, and have a capacity of finishing and turning out twelve hundred yards per week. It contains a very extensive cabinet, chair, and pail factory, the machinery being driven by a twenty-horse power engine, and employing about 15 hands. The factory is owned by N. Fried & Co. It has also a large foundry, owned by A. McArthur & Co., who employ a number of men, and manufacture mowing and reaping machines, and all kinds of agricultural implements. Beside these, it contains two flouring and grist mills-one of four, and the other two run of stones-a large tannery, saw and planing mills, wagon and carriage factories, blacksmith shops, boot and shoe shops, and numerous other workshops, two hotels, daily mail, two temperance lodges, and eight stores of various kinds. Population 500.
Mails received daily, at 10 a. m., and 5 1/2 p. m., and despatched at same time. Samuel Platt, postmaster.
Plattsville Excelsior Lodge, No. 114, B.A.O. Organized April, 1859. Meets on Tuesday evening.
W. C., Daniel Neal W. F. S., John O'Neal W. V., Jane Collins W. C., Mary Hall W. C., Samuel Rutherford W. I. G., Miss Wakefield P. W. C., Benjamin Shantz W. O. G., John Davie W. S., Roland Crockett D. G. W. C., David Kilborn
Organized February 1, 1861. Meets on Monday, at Temperance Hall.
W. C. T., James Hayward D. M., Anathers Armstrong W. V., Martha Hayward A. S., Jessie Oliver W. S., Ephraim Motheral W. C., William Burton W. T., Ann Ford R. H. S., Mary Spear W. M., William Potter L. H. S., Elizabeth Turnbull W. F. S., John Bird P. W. C. T., J. W. Brundle I. S. G., Mary Riddle T. D., William Motheral O. S. G., Joseph Kaufman
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Armstrong, Daniel, at factory Levan, Jacob, blacksmith shop, and Armstrong, Robert, at woolen factory general jobbing Avison, James, at woollen factory McAlpine, Hugh Fulton, horse-nail Baker, Hy, land proprietor maker Baker, Nelson, land proprietor McARTHUR, & CO., founders, and Battye, David, at woolen factory manufacturers of reapers, mowers Bird, John, wagon maker and agricultural implements BLENHEIM MILLS, flouring and grist and tannery, Samuel Platt, McLean, John, mason proprietor McLeod, Alexander, fireman BRITISH ARMS HOTEL, James McLeod, Hugh, turner Donald, prop'r MAPLE GROVE MILLS, Stauffer and Co. Brundle, J. W. & Bro., tin shop Bullock, Samuel, Laborer Mason, W. F., chair maker Burton, William, tailor shop Morcum, John, laborer Cadzaw, William, at woolen factory Callighan, John, at woolen factory MORISON, JOHN, M. D., graduate Cann, John, laborer of Dublin College Catzka, Andrew, boot and shoe maker MOTHERAL, WILLIAM, boot and shoe store Clapperton, Robert, carpenter Murray, William Clark, Douglas, cabinet maker Neal, Daniel, laborer Clemens, Moses, farmer Norfolk, Joseph, currier CLEMENS & VEITCH, (Aaron Clemens and O'Neil, John F., shoemaker George Veitch), general PLATT, SAMUEL, flouring mills merchants Plattsville House, Mrs. Phoebe Dodge Cramp, William, butcher shop Dany, John, laborer POPPLETON, Wm. H., book-keeper Dukes, Mrs. at woollen factory Fairgreeve, John, at woollen factory Quant, John, engineer Farrand, Walter J., (Warnock, Farrand Revel, John, mason & Co.) Reynolds, Alfred, tailor shop Ford, John, shoemaker Riddle, George, at woollen factory FORD, MICHAEL, boot and shoe Robinson, Wm., sr. manufacturer Saunders, James, at woollen factory Ford, Thomas, shoemaker Seigler, Isaac, cabinet maker Fralick, George S., at woolen factory Seip, William, shoe maker FRIED & CO., (Noah Fried and Allan Shupe, Jacob, cabinet maker Kauffnan), cabinet and chair Shupe, John, carpenter and joiner factory SMART, JOHN, general merchant GARDNER, PETER, fish dealer and assistant postmaster Gaunt, John, at woolen factory Sheare, Henry, laborer Gofton, Roger, farmer STAUFFER & CO., flouring mills GROSSE, ANDREW, shoemaker Taylor, John, blacksmith, and wagon Hayward, James, painter shop Hopkins, Richard, groceries, &c. Taylor, Thomas, carriage and wagon Holtz, John, tailor shop shop Jones, Henry, general trader THYNNE, ROBERT, drug store KILBORN, DAVID & CO., general merchants Turnbull, Ralph, at woollen factory Koffman, Joseph, turner Turnbull, William, at woollen factory Laraway, Edward, at woollen factory WARNOCK, FARRAND & CO., Larrimer, John, moulder manufacturers of woollen goods, Levan, Cyrus, apprentice saddler carding and fulling mills Levan, Samuel, pump shop, and jobbing Wesley, Joseph, at woolen factory Workman, Thomas, farmer
A Post Village and Station of Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway, in the townships of Blenheim and Blandford. It contains a large stave factory, lately erected by George Baird, who employs about 40 hands, the machinery is propelled by a twelve horse power engine. The Village also contains two general stores, blacksmith shop, saddlery and harness shop, two taverns,- distant from Woodstock, 13 miles, and 38 miles from Hamilton. Mail daily. Population 150. Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c. American Hotel, Wm. Cuthbertson, Jones, J.., pumper, B. & L. H. R. proprietor LOGAN, JOHN, saddler shop BAIRD, GEO., general merchant McAndrew, James, salesman B. & Lake Huron Railway, and Montreal Mowat, John, clerk Telegraph office OVERELL, J. C., general merchant COWAN, JOHN, prop. Barlow House Rowe & Hechling, shoe shop Scott, Alex., book keeper Doyle, Patrick, pumper and woodman SHARP, W. A., Express agent Ebenau, E., station master Smith, John, tailor Farrow, F. N., shoe shop Stein, Wm., carpenter Fraser, Alex., cutter Streets, Jarvis, section foreman, Green, S. S., salesman B. & L. H. R. Green, Wm., salesman WALDIE, ADAM, carpenter Hunter, Archibald, blacksmith Zingg, Jacob, blacksmith shop Hunter, James, blacksmith shop Zingg & Thompson, wagon shop
A Post Village of the Township of Blenheim, and Station of the Great Western Railway, 12 miles from Woodstock, and 39 miles from Hamilton. It contains several stores, a shingle and stave factory, three hotels, and several workshops. There are two Churches, viz: Church of England, built of frame at a cost of $800, and seated for 150 persons, Methodist Episcopal, a frame structure, erected at a cost of $1200, and seated for 300. Mail daily. Population, 400.
Mails received daily, J. G. Lindsay, P.M. S. Yale, Deputy P.M.
School Section number 17, Blenheim, 12th Lot, 2nd Concession, number of pupils 75, average 45, Thomas Bolsten, Teacher.
AlphabeticaI List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Bailey, Norton, blacksmith Murray, Daniel, porter, G.W.R. Bates, George, butcher shop Nagle, William, stone mason BEAMER, R. M., soap candle and Newcombe, Nelson, salesman potash manufacturer NOTT, HENRY, groceries and Bolster, Thomas, teacher manufacturer of boots and shoes Bugbee, Wm., carpenter and joiner Oldridge, Isaac, shoemaker Cheeswright, Fred., merchant tailor Oxford Hotel, Thomas R. Edwards, CLARK, DANIEL, M.D., graduate proprietor of Victoria College, Toronto PRINCETON HOTEL, Geo. Lavery, proprietor COWAN, THOMAS, Bailiff and Quirk, William, Wagon shop lumber merchant Seadorf, John, apprentice shoemaker DAVIDSON, JOSEPH, lumber merchant SCOTT, J. W., dry goods and groceries, crockery, hardware, &c. Davis, Jacob, blacksmith shop Shaw, Snowden, porter, G. W. R. Davis, Wm., Blacksmith shop Slawson, C. H., salesman DUNLOP, JOHN, baker STITT, ROBERT & JAMES, stave Elliott, Frederick R., wagon maker and shingle factory Fry, Miss Barbara, day operator at Swindle, Thomas, woodman, G.W.R. Telegraph office, G.W.R Swindle, John, woodman, G.W.R. Gibbins, George, brickmaker Thompson, Wm., blacksmith Gilmore, Robert, shoe shop Walpole, James, farmer Goodwin, Wright, night station master Watt, William, blacksmith shop and operator WHITINGTON, H., dry goods, Grant, Robert, plasterer grocories, crockery, hardware, Griggs, Charles, shingle maker liquors, watches, jewelry, Griggs, James, shingle maker lumber and shingles Griggs, William, shingle maker Winters, Henry, blacksmith shop Griggs, William, jr., shingle maker WOOD, G. C., station master, G.W.R. HAVILL, H. J. & H. S., carpenters Wood, William, engineer and builders, sash, door and WRIGHT, SAMUEL, M.D., graduate blind factory of Montreal L.C. college of HYMERS, F.W., carpenter and joiner surgeons LLOYD'S HOTEL, Jos. Lloyd, prop. McLEOD, CHARLES, blacksmith Yale, S., dry goods, groceries, Moore, James, pumper, G.W.R. crockery, hardware, &c.
A Post Village in the Township of Blandford, on the 12th Concession, and a Station of the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway. It contains one Church, and a store, two black-smith shops, shoe shop, tailor shop, and a tavern,-distant from Woodstock, 11 miles. Population about 100.
12 Concession, 6th Lot, Mails received Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at half past one o'clock, p.m., and despatched at half-past one o'clock, p.m. Walter S. Elliott, Postmaster.
Ratho Canada Presbyterian Church, built A.D. 1852, cost $800, dimensions 40 x 60, number that can be seated, 350. Rev. Andrew Tolmie, Pastor, res. 8th Concession, 9th Lot, Blandford.
Meets every Tuesday evening at Temperance Hall. P. O. address, Ratho.
W. C. T., John Morton W. O. G., Hugh Beard W. V., Christina Buchan W. R. H. S., Jesse Cauchron W. S., Henry Arnot W. L. H. S., Agnus Petecrow W. T., Mary Beard P. W. C. T., John McInnes W. F. S., Andrew Herbeson D. M., Margaret Beard W. M., John Davidson, jr. W. A. S., Margaret Couchron W. C., Joseph Petecrow T. D., Joseph Petecrow W. I. G., Eliza Robertson
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Alshine, Thomas, carpenter PEAT, THOMAS, farmer, Wood Andress, Peter, cabinet maker Side Hill BROWN, W., station master RATHO HOTEL, W. Hughes, prop. Cameron, Robert, blacksmith Robinson, James, teacher CURRIE & KERR, (John Carrie & Saunby, John, plasterer James Kerr,) blacksmith shop Hamilton, James, carpenter SMITH, WM., carriages, waggons and Hepworth, Joseph, shoemaker buggies made to order Kerr, George, tailor shop Waldie, Walter, blacksmith shop Kerr, James, shoe shop WILLIAMS, JOSEPH, general merchant McIntyre, John, blacksmith
A Post Village of the Township of Blenheim, and Station on the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway, distant from Woodstock, 18 miles, from Paris 8 miles. It contains a store, two Churches, a good School, Orange and Temperance Lodges, hotel and several mechanic shops. Mail daily. Population, 150.
Concession 5th, Lot 8th, mails received daily, viz; from west 1 19, from east 2 20, and despatched at same time. Joseph H. Laycock, P.M. Robert Scott, Deputy P.M.
Wesleyan Methodist Church, built A.D., 1861, cost, $1500. dimensions 30 x 40, number that can be seated, 200. W. Griffin, Paris, and P. Bartlett, Richwood, Pastors. Freewill Baptist Church, built A.D., 1850, cost $1000. dimensions, 28 x 38, Rev. Stepen Griffin, Pastor, res. Eastwood.
TEMPERANCE ORDER Richwood Temple, I. O. of G. T., No. 553
Organized 15 Dec. 1861. Meets on every Tuesday evening, at the Village. P. O. address, Richwood.
W. C. T., Matthew F., Ainslie W. O. G., Henry Munroe W. V., Barbara Brown W. R. H. S., Clarisa Lewis W. T., Emma Kennedy W. L. H. S., Mrs. Hall W. S., Robert McLean D. M., Caroline Rochester W. F. S., William Taylor W. A. S., William Brown W. M., Lyman Hall P. W. C. T., William Ogilvie W. I. G., Bessie Brown T. D., Robert Harris
LOYAL ORANGE LODGE Richwood Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 393
Meets at Richwood Exchange, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
W. M., James Hughson W. S., Marcus T. Douglass D. M., William Graham Tyler, Charles Hamilton
Richwood School, (Sec. No. 14,) Concession 5th, Lot 6th, number of pupils, 171, average 71. Robert McLean, Teacher.
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Bolston, John, carpenter Pickle, Charles, carpenter Hall, Lyman L., carpenter RICHWOOD EXCHANGE, John D. Hughson, Hughson, John D., hotel prop. LAYCOCK, JOS. H. P. M., Township Clerk and J.P. Scott, Robert, general merchant Munroe, Henry, shoemaker Taylor, William, shoe shop Ogilvie, William, tailor shop Thomson, John, blacksmith shop
A Post Village of the Township of Dereham, on the Ingersoll and Port Burwell Plank and Gravel Road, 4 miles from Ingersoll, 14 miles from Woodstock, and 25 miles from London. It contains a store, several workshops, and has a daily mail. Population 200.
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
BOON, WM., merhant & postmaster Lewis, C., cooper Bloor, Charles, shoemaker Mayberry, Franklin, blacksmith Fells, John, carpenter Mayberry, John, wagon maker Griffin, Rev. Stephen Miller, John Hogg, Charles Robinson, Patrick, teamster Idale, John, carpenter Russell, Thos, laborer Kennedy, James, carpenter Withey, Erastus, laborer
A Post Office of the Township of East Zorra, distant 5 1/2 miles from Woodstock, and situated on the 11th Concession, 14th Lot, on the Woodstock and Huron Gravel Road. Cross, Thomas, postmaster
A Post Village of the Township of South Norwich, distant from Woodstock 17 miles. It contains one store, pump factory, carriage and wagon shop, two blacksmith shops, boot and shoe shop, a tannery and one hotel. Mail daily. Population, 150.
Meets at Springford on Tuesday, on or before full moon in each month.
W. M., Gilbert Stover Sec. Stephen Comfort D. M., William Comfort Treas. George Leamons
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Anstice, Charles McFarland, Peter, blacksmith shop Anstice, Frederick McFarland, Alex., blacksmith Anstice, M. E. Merchant, James, gentleman BARNES, THOMAS, cooper Mudge, A. J., wagon maker Bell, Michael, farmer Mudge, Philip, carpenter and joiner Berss, Edmond, shoemaker and farmer Oatman, W., shoemaker Bowlby, T. A., farmer Russell, Windsor, clerk at Wilcox's Bowlby, George, farmer SIPLE, EZRA, prop. farmers inn Bowlby, Josiah, farmer Siple, Francis Bowlby, Watson, farmer Scriven, Samuel, tailor Cameron, Francis, M.D. Tracy, Thomas, laborer Chiswell, Samuel, tailor Van Buskirk, ---, farmer Cotor, William, shoemaker Walton, John Crossett, John, shoe maker Wilcox, A. L., merchant FISH, J. W. & J. D., pump Wilcox, Dyer, farmer manufacturers Wilcox, Cornish Graham, William, carpenter Woodard, Butsey, farmer Hall, William, pump maker Woodard, G. W., wheelright Jillard, James, laborer Woodard, Lucius, blacksmith
A post village of the township of West Oxford, on the Woodstock and Dereham gravel road, 5 1/2 miles south-west of Woodstock. It contains one church, two steam saw mills, one grist mill, several shingle makers, and one steam shingle factory, one store, one tavern, and a post office. Population 150.
TEMPERANCE Sweaborg Temple, No. 396, I. O. G. T.
Time of meeting, Wednesday, 8 p. m., Temperance Hall.
W. C., Orson McCarthy W. S., Joseph Withrow W. V., Warren Cody W. T., Mary Thornton W. F. S., James McLeod W. M., Robert Hall T. D., W. H. Doyle
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
ARNOLD, WM. Lester, Joseph, farmer BRAGG, WILLIAM, farmer McCalley, Hugh, shingle maker GARTH, JOHN, prop'r steam saw and McIntosh, John, miller grist mills McLEOD, JAMES, sawyer Chamberlin, David, cooper Manzer, Henry, laborer Chamberlin, Harrison, sawyer Manzer, John, farmer CHAMBERLIN, JOHN, farmer MANZER, VINCENT, laborer CROLY & MANZER, shingle Schram, Robert, laborer manufacturers TEETZEL, JOHN M., Sweaborg Hotel Cross, Erwin, sawyer CROSS, JAMES, sawyer WADDINGTON, RICHARD, shingle maker Doyle, Thomas, carpenter Eshelby, Robert, cooper White, Andrew, farmer Flood, James, laborer White, John, laborer Gee, Frederick, shingle maker Withrow, James, carpenter Goddard, George, blacksmith shop WITHROW, JOSEPH, proprietor Hall, Mrs. Mary Ann steam saw mill
A Post Village situated on the banks of the middle branch of the River Thames, and on the line of the Governor's Road, which passes through it, in the Townships partly of East Nissouri and North Oxford, distant from Woodstock, 14 miles, from London 14 miles, and from Ingersoll 5 miles. It is connected with Ingersoll and London by the Ingersoll and Thamesford Gravel Road, and also with St. Mary's by the road leading from it to St. Mary's. There is excellent water power in its immediate vicinity for mill and factory purposes, with good mill sites. It contains about half a dozen general stores, three blacksmith shops, two carriage and wagon factories, one woollen factory, a flouring mill, and a saw mill. There are three Churches, viz: Church of England, Presbyterian, and Episcopal Methodist, and a good Common School, well attended. There is also, an Orange Lodge, and a Lodge of Good Templars in the Village. The nearest Railway depot is Ingersoll. Mails tri-weekly. Population about 650.
Situated on Dundas Street, mails received and despatched Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 10 o'clock, a.m. Lawrence Whelan, Postmater.
St. John's Church of England, situated on Dundas Street, West. Rev. Wm. Brookman, Pastor. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Free Church, situated on Delatre Street, East. Rev. John Fraser, Pastor. Episcopal Methodist, situated on Delatre and George Streets. Rev. James Gilray, Pastor.
Situated in East Nissouri, part of the Village. Number of pupils, 150, average attendance, 79. Donald Sutherland, Teacher.
LOYAL ORANGE ASSOCIATION Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 990
Meets on Tuesday, monthly, on or before full moon, at the Orange Hall, Thamesford. P. O. address Thamesford.
W. M., David Judge S., Thomas Lougheed D. M., E. B. Surbey 1st Com., R. Johnson T., D. Quinn 2nd. Com., J. Brown
TEMPERANCE True Blue Temple, No. 121, I. O. U. T.
Was organized on the 26th of April, 1856. Meets on Monday night, in the Temperance Hall, Thamesford. P. O. Address Thamesford.
W. C. T., O. F. Shafer O. G., John Clark W. V., Atlanta Abbott W. C., Anson Abbott W. S., Martha McClellan W. A. S., Elizabeth Baker W. T., J. Sherlock D. M ., Acenith Sherlock W. F. S., W. F. Kelly R. H. S., Eliza Clark W. M., Alfred Gilray L. H. S., Jane Sherlock I. G., Cynthia Sherlock
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Baker, James, cooperage McCarthy, Joel Bigley, Mrs. McCarthy, N. C., dry goods and Boss, Wesley, laborer groceries Brock, John McKAY, JOHN, tailor shop Brock, Mrs. McLellan, John W., farmer Brown, James, weaver McMillan, Buchanan, carpenter Charlesworth, William McMurray, James, cabinet shop Cogswell, Erastus, painter and glazier Mabee, J. H., laborer Davidson, Andrew, blacksmith shop MARTIN, JOHN, general merchant Davidson, James, carriage and wagon Mills, J. T., Tinshop maker Morrison, Hugh, laborer Davidson, John, wagon maker, Dundas MORRISON'S HOTEL, Mrs. Morrison, Davidson, Robert, blacksmith shop proprietress DAWES, THOMAS, M.D. Neely, James, miller Day, Israel, laborer Orchard, Nathaniel, tin peddler DONALDSON, GEO., blacksmith, Orchard, Simon, laborer OLIVER, WM., butcher shop Dryding, David, tinsmith Parsons, John, laborer FODEN, O. B. F., druggist Royal Hotel, Peter Garner, prop. Fountain, James, carpenter Sears, Joseph, carpenter Garner, Peter, prop. Royal Hotel Shapland, Richard, laborer Gilray, Samuel, laborer SHAFER, O. F., general agent and Headrick & Shewan, boot and shoe patentee makers Size, George, shoemaker Hicks, Alex., farmer Size, J. G. V., shoemaker Hull, Hazzard, machine shop Stevenson, John, laborer JOHNS, JOHN, prop. Thamesford SUGDEN, JOHN, woolen factory mills, grist and saw mills and carding mill Johns, William, miller Surbey, Edward, shoe maker KEYS, JAMES, machine shop, Dundas SUTHERLAND, DONALD, teacher Leonard, Russel THAMESFORD MILLS, J. Johns, prop. LEFAIVE, EZRA, shoemaker and Tibbets, Alva, tannery potash manufacturer TEETZEL, WILLIAM, prop, Cross Linch, James, laborer Keys Hotel LOUGHEED, THOMAS, dry goods Urquhart, Donald, laborer groceries and commission Waterhouse, John, spinner merchant, &c. WHALEN, LAWRENCE, postmaster McCARTY, DAVID, boot and shoe WOODLAND, WM,, dry goods and maker groceries McCarthy, Elezar, contractor
A post village of the township of Dereham, situated on the Otter Creek, and on the Ingersoll and Port Burwell gravel road, distant from Woodstock 25 miles, from Ingersoll 15 miles, from Vienna 14 miles, and from Port Burwell about 18 miles. Lumber is the principal business of the place, in which there is a very extensive trade, and by the facilities afforded by the Otter Creek for propelling machinery and rafting lumber and timber to Port Burwell, Tilsonburg enjoys the largest trade in this branch of business of any other point in the County. Its general business consists of ten or twelve general stores, several saw and grist mills, a planing mill, foundry and machine shop, sash, blind, and door factory, pump factory, two washing machine factories, a shingle factory, and two turning shops, tannery, with shops of the various mechanical trades, such as carriage makers, cabinet makers, carpenters, painters, blacksmiths, tinsmiths, &c., and butchers and bakers. There are two hotels. The legal, medical and other professions are also well represented. The village likewise contains two churches, and one large common school, besides two private ones. It is favorably situated for business, and from the excellent hydraulic power which it possesses, sites are available for other mills and factories. Coal oil has recently been discovered in the neighborhood, and wells sunk, and it is expected that ere long the oil business will become a remunerating and staple one in the district. The village is rapidly progressing in growth and commercial importance. There is a weekly newspaper published in it, issued every Thursday morning, and having a good circulation, of which T. A. McNamara is the editor and proprietor. There are daily stages from Ingersoll and Port Burwell. Mails daily. Population about 850.
MASONIC King Hiram Lodge, No. 78, G. R. C.
Regular communications, Wednesday on or before full moon. Lachlan McLean, Secretary.
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
AULT, J. M. physician and surgeon McLaren, Duncan, lumberman AVERY, ORIN, foundry and machine shop McLEAN, LACHLAN, postmaster McNAMARA, T. A., editor and proprietor BAIN & WILCOX, general merchants Herald, and book, and job Barker, Watts, lumberman printing office Beaupen, Thomas, shoemaker MATHESON, WM., general merchant, Biork, N. F., tannery No. 13 Broadway Bonner, John Mathews, James, carpenter BOYCE MACAULAY, proprietor of MARETT, FRED., dry goods, millinery, North American Hotel crockery, &c. Marett, Mrs., millinery and dress goods Burke, H. C., carpenter NESBITT, W. E., conveyaneer, notary BURKE, R. H, manufacturer of tinware public, and township clerk and dealer in stoves NEWCOMB, SIMON BOLIVAR, attorney-at-law Calvert, W. J., watchmaker OLMSTEAD, R., general merchant Cameron, Daniel, lumberman O'NEIL, JAMES, innkeeper Carpenter, S. B. W., clerk Palmer, James, Sr. Chase, John Palmer, James, Jr., toll-gate keeper Clinton, James, carpenter Patton, Henry Colbourn, Erastus, laborer Pease, Lewis B. Cope, John, blacksmith Ranney, James Cowell, Lambert, laborer Sanderson, Courtland Cram, Angus, blacksmith. SCOTT, AARON H., patentee of new Crandall, Aaron, mason lever power Crandall, Charles, mason Shup, Frederick, laborer Crandall, Joseph P., mason Slaght, Silas, general merchant Crocker, J. W. STILLWELL, ---, hotel and stage Dalrymple, Robert, cabinet maker proprietor Darrow, George, blacksmith STONEHOUSE, EDWARD, attorney at law, Darrow, William, blacksmith and conveyancer Dewan, John, tailor Taylor, George, shoemaker FERGUSON, C.W. general merchant Taylor, Peter, shoemaker Foote, A. J. "THE HERALD," [weekly], T. A. Franklin, Benjamin, physician & surgeon McNamara, editor and proprietor Goodwin, Thomas Thompson, John, harness maker Gurnett, John, clerk TILSON, EDWIN D., lumber yard Graham, Mrs., select school and saw mills Gregg, James, laborer Tilson, George, gentleman Harris, Thomas, harness maker Tilson, George B., turner Harvey, William, carpenter Turner, Wm. E., tailor Hill, Charles Usher, William JACKSON, WM. T., livery stables VAN NORMAN, A., groceries, dry goods &c. JOY, SYLVANUS, M. D., physician and surgeon VAN NORMAN, BENJ., lumberman KELSO, DAVID, cabinet maker Van Norman, Johnson Kimpton, Mrs. Van Norman, Lewis B. Lighten, Thomas Watkins, Joseph Lunnen, William, watchmaker WEST, WILLIAM, general merchant, McDONALD, W., tailor and clothier Wheeler, Samuel, shoemaker McDonald, William Whittaker, John, pump maker McIntyre, Peter Wilson, Alexander, butcher McIntyre, R., tanner Wilcox , Reuben McIntyre, Sarah J. Wilson, William, laborer
A small Village of the Township of North Oxford, on the 4th Concession, 4th Lot, on the old stage road, 8 miles from Woodstock, containing one store, a grist and saw will, blacksmith and shoe shop. It also contains a Wesleyan Methodist Church, built of brick, erected in 1856, and cost $3,500, there is no resident pastor, the Rev. Mr. Lund of Woodstock officiates occasionally. The School has an average attendance of 45 pupils.
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Arnold, Thomas H., general merchant Galbraith, T. J., saw and grist mill Burdick, Samuel, blacksmith Kate, George, mason Clark, A., boot and shoemaker Dean, Solomon, engineer Pierce, Samuel, miller Dibble, David M., M.D., physician Tidey, Miss Martha, teacher and surgeon Vandecar, Israel D., mill owner
A Post Village of Blenheim Township, situated on north half of Lots 12 and 13, on the 12th Concession, and south half of 12 and 13, on the 13th Concession. The first survey was made by James Black, P.L.S., November 1851, for Arthur John Robertson, and Mr. Street of Niagara. It contains two stores, one Wesleyan Methodist Church, one School, average attendance, 75, one first class cabinet and chair factory, propelled by water power, also, one tannery, a wagon and two blacksmith shops, two shoe shops, and a tavern. Population about 100.
Wesleyan Methodist Church, erected in 1859, and dedicated 1st. January, 1860, was built at a cost of $2,500, and seated for 400 persons. Rev. Samuel Fear, and Rev. David Chalmers, Pastors. Trustees- James Watson, John Brundle, senr., Daniel Wakefield, Moses Reynolds, Wm. Baldwin, Abraham R. Stauffer, Elias G. Chamberlin, Andrew Oliver.
Organized on the 23rd May, 1859. Meets over Mr. Chamberlin's Store, every Monday evening. P. O. address Washington.
W. C. T., Joshua Brundle W. O. G., James Battye W. V., Eliza A. Chamberlin W. I. G., Margaret Thompson W. C., Nelson Reynolds W. A. S., Ann E. Thompson W. S., James Winterburn W. A. M., Martha Brundle W. F. S., Edward Boucher, Jr. W. R. H. S., Martha Johnson W. M., James Ritchie W. L. H. S., Emily Day W. T., Hannah Trouse W. P. W. C. T., Garhard Bretze W. D. G. T., E. G. Chamberlin
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Baldwin, Wm., farmer Harmer, Elijah, at Farmer's Inn Basted, Francis, boot and shoemaker Harmer, Henry, prop., Farmer's Inn Bingman, John, farmer Heil, Theobold Brundle, John, senr. Jacquemain, Wm., at Vogt & Gilles' Buchanan, Wm., farmer Johnson, John, farmer BURTON, E. L., turner at Vogt & Gilles' Kilder, Henry, cabinet maker at Vogt and Gilles' CHALMERS, REV. DAVID, McDONALD, WM., blacksmith and Wesleyan Methodist horse shoer CHAMBERLIN, ELIAS G., dealer Oliver, Andrew, cabinet maker at in dry goods, groceries, hardware, Vogt & Gilles' patent medicines, &c. Oliver, Andrew, carpenter and builder Dieble, Conrad, painter at Voght & Sherk, Levi, carpenter and builder Gilles' Simpson, Martin DUNN, JNO., cabinet maker at Vogt Stauffer, Christopher, farmer & Gilles' Thompson, John Q. A., shoe shop DUNN, WM., merchant and Deputy VOGT & GILLES, cabinet and chair postmaster factory FEAR, REV. SAMUEL, Wesleyan Vogt, George, (Vogt and Gilles) Fisher, Christian, cabinet maker WAKEFIELD, DANIEL, farmer Gammon, William, carriage and wagon and postmaster maker Walker, Robert, farmer Gilles Michael, (Vogt & Gilles) cabinet Wallace, William, painter manufacturer Wallis, James, blacksmith and horse Graham, John, carpenter and builder shoer Grahbuhl, David, upholsterer at Vogt WATSON, REV. JAMES, Methodist & Gilles
Situated on the 7th Concession, 19th Lot, of Blenheim. There is also a School Section number 12, half a mile from the Mills, with an average attendance of 40 pupils.
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
CAPRON, JOHN B., prop, Wind Herbert, William, laborer Fall Mills McCarty, Patrick, sawyer Dunn, Thomas, laborer Martin, Miss Jane, teacher Ferriby, Robert, teamster Westbrook, John, foreman at mill Flewgard, Edward, head sawyer
A Post Village of the Township of Blenheim on the 8th Concession, 8th Lot, and situated on the river Nith, 2 1/2 miles east of Drumbo, 20 miles from Woodstock, 10 miles from Paris, and 5 miles from Ayr. It was settled by Enos Wolverton in 1848, and the Village plat was surveyed in 1851 by Thomas Alchin, P. L. S-Now it contains two Churches,- Methodist, a frame building cost $400, and the Baptist, a frame, cost $600. The number of pupils at school average 40. Mail, tri-weekly.
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Alex, C., tailor Dawson, George, builder ALLISON, W. &. J., lumber dealers, Dawson, Thomas, farmer bds Meggs Hotel Dawson, William, farmer ANDREW, WM., oat meal mill Duffy, Hugh, laborer Armstrong, Wm., cooper Edgar, John, boot and shoe manufacturer Bain, Peter, millwright Bawtinhimer, Absolom, wagon maker England, James, saw mill owner BAWTINHIMER, CHRISTOPHER, Forsyth, Elijah, carpenter blacksmith and horse shoer Gear, Levi, teamster Brown, James, laborer GROVE, JOHN WM., sawyer Brown, John H., flax factory Halstead, David, lumber dealer Buckberry, Hugh, laborer Herman, Fred., (Kaiser & Herman) Burgess, Wm., laborer Hoggarth, David, farmer Chesney, Henry, cooper shop Honeyman, Eben, farmer Chesney, Robert, saw mill owner Hunt, Robert B., book agent CHESNEY & ENGLAND, saw mill KAISER & HERMAN, cooper shop proprietors Kaiser, John G., (Kaiser & Herman) COLE, L. B., merchant and postmaster Laughlin, John, at flax factory Lovett, John, school teacher Coulson, ---, ashery McKAY, WM., cooper at Kaiser & Currey, James, & Bros., grist mill and Herman's saw mill proprietors MALONE, WM., cooper at Kaiser & Davidson, Robert, laborer Herman's Dawson, Robert, laborer MEGGS, JOHN, prop., Meggs Hotel Dawson, Geo. W., farmer Milton, Isaac, carpenter Mitchell, Thomas, farmer Simpson, Samuel, farmer Mitchell, Wm., cooper Sipes, Henry, farmer MONTGOMERY, JAMES, cooper at Sipes, James, farmer Kaiser and Hannan's Standon, John, chairmaker Montgomery, James, cooper Trinneman, George & James, farmers Moxley, Wm., laborer Turner, Stephen H., cooper at Kaiser Orr, Alex., laborer and Herman's Phillips, Elijah, laborer Wallace, Abraham, farmer Printer, Robert, blacksmith WARNER, F., steam stave factory Reid, Richard, lumberman Wolverton, Enos, gentleman
Is the County Town and Judicial seat of the County of Oxford. It was incorporated as a town by Act of Parliament 19 and 20 Victoria, cap. 98 (date of incorporation, 1st January, 1857,) with the following corporate limits, viz: "Commencing on the northerly limit of Dundas street, at a point where a post has been planted at the south-west angle of lot number 18, in the 1st concession of the township of Blandford; thence in a northerly direction along the western boundary of the said lot, to the allowance for road between the first and second concessions of the said township of Blandford; thence continuing the same course to the northerly limit of the said road allowance; thence westerly along the said northerly limit to the river Thames; thence in continuation of the last mentioned course, across the said river to the water's edge, on the westerly bank thereof, to a point opposite the southerly bank of Cedar creek; thence along the water's edge of Cedar creek, on the southern side thereof, to the eastern limit of the allowance for road between lot number 21 in the first concession of the township of East Oxford, and the Gore between East and West Oxford: thence southerly along the said eastern limit to the southern limit of the allowance for road between the first and second Concessions of the said towmship of East Oxford; thence easterly along the said southern limit to a point opposite to the centre of lot number 18 in the first concession of the said township; thence on a line equi-distant from the eastern and western side lines of the said lot number 18, on a course about north 15 degrees 40 minutes west, to Dundas street; thence continuing the same course to northern limit of Dundas street; and thence westerly along the northern limit of Dundas street to the place of beginning." This town is one of the municipalities of the North Riding of Oxford, of which it also forms electorally a part. It is situated on an elevated land contiguous to and parallel with the Great Western Railway, and on the borders of the river Thames and Cedar creek, distant from Hamilton 48 miles, from Niagara Suspension Bridge 91 miles, from Paris 19 miles, and from London, C. W., 29 miles. It has a fine healthy location, and is the centre of a rich agricultural country, unsurpassed for beauty of landscape and fertility of soil, being surrounded by well stocked farms, tilled in a superior style, with farm buildings of the most improved description, while the villa-like residences of the respective owners betoken wealth and refined taste. It has increased in population during the last ten years by one thousand two hundred and fifteen, its nunber according to the census returns of 1861 being three thousand three hundred and twenty-seven, (one thousand, six hundred and forty three males, and one thousand six hundred and eighty four females), and that of 1851, two thousand one hundred and twenty one. Manufactures of various kinds and general commerce, but more particularly the buying, selling, and forwarding of wheat, form the principal business of the place. Its general business comprises numerous stores-wholesale and retail- workshops of the various branches of mechanical industry. Especial mention may be made of the Woodstock Iron Works, established in 1842, and owned and carried on by H. P. Brown, where stoves, threshing machines, plows, cultivators, mill gearing, tin and sheet iron ware, are manufactured, and material turned out of the annual value of $30,000. In this establishment there is a 10 horse power engine in operation, and 18 men employed. The Vulcan Iron Foundry, of which Copp and Brother are proprietors, (who have also a large wholesale and retail stove and tin establishment in Hamilton), is another very extensive establishment, with a 13-horse power engine, employing 24 men, and melting about 300 tons of iron per annum. This firm manufactures Stoves, agricultural implements, tin and sheet-iron ware. There is also a magnificent brick-buiit steam grist and flouring mill, five stories in height, erected at a cost of $40,000, and carried on by Eaton & Wood. It was set in operation in 1856, and is celebrated in the New York market for its superior brand of flour; it is capable of maufacturing 250 barrels of flour per day. Henry Frizelle owns and carries on a steam grist and flouring mill, situated on Dundas street, East Woodstock, where he manufactures 100 barrels a day. Another mill, by Clarke & Co., turns out 50 barrels a day. There is likewise an extensive barrel and stave factory, owned by Thomas J. Clark. In the manufacture of leather, Brown & Wilson, have a very extensive tannery, situated near Cedar creek on Mill street; this firm have been doing business over twenty years. Lately they suffered a very heavy loss by the destruction of their prenmises by fire. New buildings are, however, now erected. Another tannery is carried on by Wm. Wilson, on Burtch street, East Woodstock, who is doing a large business. There is also a Patent Medicine factory, of which Robert Stark, chemist and druggist, is proprietor, where $50,000 worth of medicine is annually manufactured. Also a large wholesale and retail book and paper warehouse, and extensive blsnk book manufactory and general book-bindery on Dundas street, West-End, and another bindery establishment on Graham street. In the immediate neighborhood of the town and on the London and Hamilton road, there is the best oil refinery in the Province, owned and carried on by the following gentlemen as a firm: Jordan Charles, James Kintrea, and William Spencer, turning out 400 barrels of refined oil per week. There is also an extensive brewery carried on by S. Collins. The principal buildings of the town are of brick. It possesses an excellent Town Hall with Market House underneath, and surmounted by a belfry and Weather guage. The Courts of Law are held in a large and commodious building situated on Hunter street, and the offices of the County Clerk, County Court, and Deputy Clerk of the Crown, and Division Court Clerk are in the same building. Close to the Court house, and located on the corner of Light and Hunter streets, is the Registry office for the County and County Treasurer's office, built at an expense of $3,200. In rear of the Court House is the new jail erected in 1854-5, at a cost of $26,000; during the last year an additional expenditure of $6,000 was made toward its improvement and more comfortable accommodation. The town also contains seven churches, viz: one Church of England, one Presbyterian, in connection with the established church of Scotland, three Presbyterian, formed of the union of the Free Church of Scotland and original United Presbyterian, one Wesleyan Methodist, one Regular Baptist, and a Roman Catholic Church, whose services are conducted in the Town Hall, pending the erection of their new church. The Canadian Literary Institute is located at the east end of the town, and has a very pleaant site on a rising ground, commanding splendid scenic views. It is a noble structure, (reflecting great credit on its architect, David White,) of three wings or compartments, surmounted by a handsome dome, having five large entrance doors, spacious halls and school rooms, with comfortable and well ventilated dormitories for the resident pupils, together with ample play grounds and all the "means and appliances to boot," for their healthy recreation and amusement. With the great advantages which it possesses coupled with the efficiency of its staff of Professors and Teachers, this educational establishment is rendered one of the best scholastic institutions in the western part of the Province. The present structure has been but recently built, and on the site of the original one, which was erected at a cost of about $30,000, but which was destroyed by a disastrous fire in January, 1861. The Institute is under the control of the Regular Baptist denomination. It has three different departments, viz; Primary, Higher, and Theological, the average attendance on which, consists of fully 100 students. The Primary school is attended by pupils over eleven years of age, who study the various branches of an ordinary English education. In the Higher Department, the students are prepared for the study of Theology, or, for matriculation in Arts, Law, or Medicine. The fees for attendance in these departments vary from $20 to $28 per year. In the Theological Departmemmt, attended by about 30 students, the tuition is gratis. Woodstock is a chief Station of the Great Western Railway. Stages run from the Town north, south, east and west.
Council meets second Monday in every month, at the Council Chamber, Town Hall. Mayor, William Wilson Reeve, Homer P. Brown Deputy Reeve, John M'Whinnie
ST. ANDREW'S WARD-Thomas Oliver, Jordon Charles, and James Hay ST. PATRICK'S WARD-William Scarff, John McWhinnie, and Henry Parker ST. GEORGE'S WARD-Homer P. Brown, Wm. Grey, and Henry Silvester ST. DAVID'S WARD-Thomas Cottle, Dr. John Turquand, and Robert N. Light ST. JOHN'S WARD-John Bain, F. B. Schofield, and John Beard TREASURER-Thomas Scott Messenger-John Harrison CLERK-John Greig Chief Constable-William Corrie
On Dundas Street, between Wellington and Victoria Streets. Office open from half past eight a.m., to six p.m, not open on Sabbath days. Mails twice each way, from East and West, daily. Charles de Blaquiere, P. M. George Weeks, Assistant, P. M. William Hargrave, Clerk.
Situated on Dundas Street, East, brick, built in 1833, cost twelve thousand two hundred dollars. Rev. William Bettridge, B. D., Rector. Church Wardens-John Beard and Charles de Blaquiere. John Beard secretary and Treasurer. John Deverall, Sexton.
Located on Delatre Street, brick, built in 1842, dimensions 44 x 64, cost $4800, seated for 400. Rev. Duncan McDiarmid, Rector and Moderator of Kirk, Session, Adam Gordon, Chairman of Board of Trustees. John Matheson, Sec. John Dingwall, Treasurer. Alexander Green, Sexton.
Situated on Finkle Street, brick, built in 1853, dimensions 30 x 54, cost $1000, seated for 250. Rev. William Inglis, Pastor. John Bain, Chairman of Board of Trustees. John Dick, Secretary. George White, Treasurer.
Situated on Elgin Street, brick, built in 1849, dimenrions 40 x 60, cost $6000, seated for 600, galleries and three sides round, and basement. Rev. W. T. McMullen, Pastor. Alex. McKay, Chairman of Board of Trustees. Andrew Jeffrey, Secretary. John Douglas, Treasurer.
Situated on Graham Street, brick, built in 1854, dimensions 40 x 70, cost $8000. Rev. William Stephenson, Pastor and Chairman (ex officio) of Board of Trustees. James Scarff, Financial and Recording Secretary. George Parr, sexton.
Situated on Adelaide Street, built of brick. No stated minister at present, supplied by Dr. Fyfe, and Rev. W. Stewart. James Cox, Church Clerk. C. Carryer, Treasurer. R. Godfrey, sexton.
Church in course of erection, cost of building about $1600, brick, services in the Town Hall at present, the third Sunday in the month, alternatively with East Oxford. Rev. Lewis Grifa, Preist.
Church Depository for Bibles, Testaments, Prayer and Hymn Books, Church Music, &c. in connection with the British and Foreign Church Society. Geo. Bowditch, Depositary.
The Committee hold their quarterly meetings at the Depository, in the months of April, July, October, and January.
President, Hon. George Alexander Treasurer, George Nasmyth Vice-President, Rev. Dr. Fyfe Sec. & Depositary, H. Nasmyth
Regular communications, Tuesday on or before full moon. Meets at the Masonic Hall, Dundas Street.
W. M., George Forbes S. D., John Hislop S. W., Roderick McKay J. D., Alex. Pelham J. W., John Chalmers Tyler, Henry Brown Treas., John Hay P. M., Alex. McCleneghan Sec., H. Bryant
Oxford Lodge, No. 76, G. R. C.
Regular communications, second Wednesday of each month. Meets at the Masonic Hall, Dundas street.
W. M., John Turquand Treas., C. W. Whitehead S. W., Francis Bell Sec., John G. McKay J. W., Robert W. Carrall Tyler, Henry Brown
Stated convocations, first Monday of the month. Election, first Friday in January. Meets at the Masonic Hall, Dundas street.
Officers of Chapter
Z., G. W. Whitehead J. S., J. Charles H., R. A. Woodcock Treas., H. P. Brown J., George Forbes Janitor, H. Brown E., W. F. Ross 1st Veil, F. Bell N., C. L. Beard 2nd Veil, Thomas Bowers P. S., R. W. W. Carrall Steward, Henry Hack S. S., J. Turquand " Alex. Pelham
John Lindsay, W. M. Deputy Master, Secretary, Treasurer, five Committeemen, Stewart and Tyler.
Meets each Wednesday evening at Lodge Room on Wellington street. Fifty members. W. C. T., George Hadskiss W. D. M., Helen Hewit W. V. T., Eliza Edwards W. I. G., Miss M. Pitman W. S., George Copp W. O. G., J. Kelly W. F. S., S. Stevens W. A. S., Maria Shaw W. T., Mrs. Stevens W. R. H. S., Miss M. Deverall W. M., J. Perry W. L. H. S., Eliza, Hadskiss
Night of Meeting, each Friday evening in Lodge Room on Wellington street. Forty five members.
W. C. T., Richard White W. C., Thomas Henry W. V. T., Mrs. Chambers W. M., Martin Barney W. F. S., J. Falconer W. D. M., Miss E. McLeod W. S., Nathan Bouchner W. O. G., J. Harrison W. T., Mrs. Frizelle W. I. G., Miss M. McLeod
Organized in 1859. Meets first Monday in every month, at James Ingesoll's office. Shares, £50, payable in monthly instalments of $1.00.
President, Wm. Grey Vice-President, Wm. Scarff
James Ingersoll James Martin Hugh Mckinnon F. B. Schofield George Forbes Martin Shiners Jonathan Martin John Gordon, Sec.
The subscription library was first established on the 12th February, 1835. The Library and Mechanic's institute were incorporated on the 28th. of June 1863. The libiary now numbers twelve hundred volumes, and is open on Monday evening from 7 to 8 o'clock, p. m., and on Saturdays from 1 to 3 p. m., at the Mechanics Hall, east side of Wellington street. Entrance fee, 50 Cents. Yearly subscription, $1.25.
President, Thomas J. Cottle Vice President, James Simpson
William Edwards John McWhinnie Roderick McDonald Andrew Jeffrey Thomas Oliver Thomas Henry John Dingwall, Corresponding Sec. William Wilson, Librarian John Greig, Sec. and Treas.
Organized 1861. Meet for drill twice a week, at the Town Hall.
Captain, Wm. S. Light Lieutenant, H. P. Brown Ensign, Robert Nimmo
Non Commissioned Officers
1st Sergeant, - McMullin 1st Corporal, V. N. G. Graham 2nd Sergeant, - Deverall 2nd Corporal, John Budd
The Grammar School was established in 1843. The present building was erected in 1848-Messrs. White & Dixon, contractors-at a cost of about two thousand four hundred dollars, and is situated on the corner of Hunter and Graham streets. The school has been under the charge of Mr. George Strauchan, the present efficient and much esteemed gentleman, over sixteen years. A thorough classical, mathematical, and higher English education can be here acquired. The number of pupils attending, varies from thirty five to fifty.
Offices on Dundas street, corner of Wellington. Edward Ambrose, agent; C. R. Turquand, teller; J. G. Eddington, accountant; J. E. Wetenhall, clerk. Office open from 10 a.m., to 3 p. m.
BANDS Woodstock Brass Band
Organized about 18 years ago. Seventeen members. Meet on Dundas street, opposite Woodstock Iron Works, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
Herr Straubel, Musical Director Thomas Scarff, Vice-President Wm. Adams, Leader Thomas Brooks, Secretary David Clyde, President Wm. Wilson, Treasurer
Organized March, 1862. Number of members, nine. Meet over Grant's shoe shop, East end, on Monday and Thursday evenings.
Thos. Snarey, President John Deverall, Vice-President and musical director Enoch Huggins, Sec. and Treas.
Young People's Christian Association, in connection with the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Regular meetings, every Monday evening from 1st of October to 1st of April, at 7 o'clock; from 1st of April to 1st of October. at 7:30 o'clock.
Organized August 1862-Number of members, 40; The object of the Association is Mutual Improvement. Meetings are held every three months in different parts of the County.
President, Robt. McLean Richwood; 1st. Vice-President, Rev. William Stephenson, Woodstock; 2nd Vice President, G. J. Fraser, Woodstock; Secretary and Treasurer, J. F. Cullen, Woodstock.
There are two very large and handsome school buildings in Woodstock - the one on the corner of Beale and Princes, and the other on the corner of Hunter and Delatre Streets,-these buildings were erected during the years 1853 and 54, at a cost of (land, fencing and buildings included,) ten thousand five hundred dollars. R. N. Light, A.M., Town Superintendent.
The Board of Trustees meet on the first Tuesday in each month. Chairman Thomas J. Cottle, Hon. Secretary, H. Silvester. Trustees-T. J. Cottle, J. Douglas, W. Scarff, S. Irvin, D. Peacock, H. Silvester, J. Bain, A. Munro, G. Gurnett, R. Hall.
Corner Beale and Princes Streets. Total number of pupils 450. Senior Boys' department, average attendance, 88. J. F. Cullen, Teacher, salary $500. Senior Girls' department, average attendance, 50. Miss Adams, Teacher, salary $280. Junior department, average attendance, 100. Mrs. Byer, Teacher, salary, $220, and Miss Scarff, $120.
Corner Hunter ad Delatre Streets. Total number of pupils, 400. Senior Boys' department, average attendance, 55. Alexander Dick, Teacher, salary $500. Senior Girls' department, - average attendance, 50. Miss Kennedy, Teacher, salary, $280. Junior Department, average attendance, 100. Miss Logan, Teacher, salary $220, and Miss Sutherland, $120.
Sentinel-A Weekly, established 1st January, 1854, by Hay & McWhinnie. In the same year Mr. Hay sold out his interest, and the paper was conducted until 1858 by John McWhinnie & Son; since that time by Robert McWhinnie-Mr. John McWhinnie as editor. Terms $1.50 per annum; Politics, Reform. The Times-A Weekly paper of large size, established March, 1855, published and edited by Alexander McCleneghan. Office, Dundas street, near corner of Graham street. The Times is the official paper of the County. Terms $1.00 a year. CANADIAN CONSERVATIVE-A Weekly Quarto sheet, established December 1862, by Alexander Hay and Stephen Lusted, as proprietors and editors: Office on the north side of Dundas street, opposite Caister's Hotel. Terms, $1.25 per annum in advance. Politics, Conservative.
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, &c.
Abbott, Hudson, carriage-maker, BARWICK, JOHN, insurance agent Vansittart Dundas Adams, Thomas, bricklayer, Grace Bass, Ethelbert, carpenter, Adams, Wm.,blacksmith, Railway res. Hunter Adams, Wm., cooper, res. Main BAYNE & McKENZIE, carpenters Addison, Barras, overseer, G.W.R W. and builders, rear of res. near Depot Dr. A. Scott's residence AETNA INSURANCE COMPANY BEATTIE, JOSEPH, grain merchant HARIFORD, Wm. Grey, agent Finkle Agroff, John, laborer, Mill BEARD, JOHN, fire and life insurance Allan, George, laborer, Chapel agent, Victoria, near Dundas Allan, Mrs., Huron AMBROSE, EDWARD, agent Gore BEARD, HENRY B., barrister-at Bank, cor. Dundas and law, office, corner Dundas and Wellington Vansittart Anderson, John, tailor, Bishop Benson, Thomas, livery stable, Dundas Anderson, Wm., miller, res. Park Row Bell, John, blacksmith Appleton, Mrs. res. Norwich Bell, John, blacksmith, Wellington Arblaster, Thomas, gentleman, Graham Bell, Thomas, machinist, Riddle ARNOLD, E. S., billiard saloon, Belshar, William, fanner, Mill Dundas Bendyshe, Nelson, farmer, Huron AUCHINLECK, SAMUEL, gentleman, Bent, Levi, carpenter, Cedar Chapel Avery, Mark, cooper, Adelaide BETTRIDGE, Rev. WM., B. D., Bagley, James, laborer, Mary Rector Church of England, Dundas BAIN, JOHN, cabinet manufacturer, Dundas, East End Beyer, Mrs., music teacher, res. Huron BARCLAY, JAMES, carpenter and BICKLE, JAMES, butcher shop, joiner, Winniett Dundas Barney, Maetin E., grocer and butcher Bickle, John, gentleman, Beale Dundas BICKLE JOHN, butcher shop, Dundas Barnes, Mrs., Adelaide BARREL FACTORY, Mill, Thomas BICKLE, JOSEPH, butcher shop, J. Clarke, prop. Dundas Barr, David, watchmaker and jeweler, BICKLE, ROBERT, butcher shop, Dundas street Dundas Biggins, William, carpenter and Burness, Miss E., teacher, res. Wilson builder, Wellington Burns, Matthew, teamster, Riddle Bird, Robert, groceries, liquors, and Burke, E. Photographer, Dundas crockery, Dundas Burwell, Richard, res. Woodstock Hotel BISHOP, WM., proprietor Woodstock Burwell, W., res. Woodstock Hotel Hotel, East End Burtch, Archibald, gentleman, Wilson Blake, Robert, laborer, Wilson Burtch, H. T., farmer, res. Wilson Bloomley, Mrs., grocery, Dundas Butler, William, laborer Bloomley, Edward, brewery, Finkle Caister, Caleb, senr, gentleman, res. Boosey, William miller, Finkle Brock Bonnamy, T. P., ornamental painter, CAISTER, CALEB, Caister's Hotel, &c., Adelaide Dundas BOWDITCH, GEORGE, dealer in Campbell, Angus, blacksmith, res. tinware, stoves, &c., Chapel Dundas Campbell, Angus, cooper, Main Bray, Mrs., James CAMPBELL, E. C., book and job Brearley, William, gentleman, Teeple printer, Times Brian, John, license inspector and Campbell, Gibson, book binder, bds. Constable, Wilson North American Brickerton, Ralph, carpenter, Dundas Campbell, John, laborer, Dundas BRIMACOMBE, Mrs. DOROTHY, CANADA LIFE INSURANCE CO., North American Hotel, corner John Beard, agent, office Dundas and Vansittart Victoria BRIMACOMBE, G. O., North CANADA LANDED CREDIT CO., American Hotel John Beard, agent, office Victoria BRITANNIA LIFE INSURANCE CANADA FARMERS' MUTUAL & STOCK CO., John Beard, agent INSURANCE CO., John Beard, agent Brooks, Mrs., Centre Cardns, William, wagon maker, Dundas Brooks, Thomas, saddler, Dundas Brooks, William, laborer, Huron CARRALL, HENRY, clerk in Brotchie, John, tailor, Adelaide Sheriff's office, res. Raglan and BROWN, A. B, & J. H. BRYANT, Park Row dentists, Dundas BROWN, H. P., prop. Woodstock CARRALL, JAMES, Sheriff of County Iron Works, Dundas of Oxford, res. West Woodstock BROWN, HENRY, gentleman, res. CARRALL, R. W. W., M. D., res. with H. P. Brown with James Carroll, Mill Brown, Mrs. J. G., seamstress res. Victoria CARROLL & BEARD, barristers at BROWN & WILSON, (Thos. Brown law, office Dundas cor. Vansittart and William Wilson), tannery and leather dealers, Dundas Carroll, Mrs, widow, res. Light Brown, William, switchman, res. CARRYER, C. C., saddlery, Dundas Dundas CHALMERS, JOHN, groceries, Brown, William, laborer, res. Dundas wines and liquors, Dundas Brownrigg, James, tin peddler, res. Chance, John, brickmaker, res. Hincks Edelaide Bruce, Robert, seed store, Dundas Chapman, Henry, wagon maker BUCHNER, NATHAN H., printer, CHARLES, JORDAN, collector of bds. Finkle Customs, and President Wood Budd, John, blacksmith, res. Mary Oil Refining Company, res. Burgess, Marenus, deputy clerk, res. Bixley and Hunter Brock CHERRY, JAMES, printer, Riddle BURGESS, SAMUEL, Auctioneer Clarkson, John, night station master, and Bailiff, res. Brock res. Perry CLARENDON HOTEL, J. B. Van Crane, John, surgical instrument maker Voorhis, proprietor, Finkle Dundas Crawford, James, carriage maker, res. Clarke, Alexander, salesman, bds. Simcoe Dundas Crawford, John, wagon maker, Princes Clark, Byron, blacksmith, Vansittart CRIPPS, GEORGE ROMAIN, book Clark, George, cooper, Dundas and job printer, Times Office Clark, James, salesman, Dundas Cromar, Mrs., res. Wilson Clark, John O., ambrotypist, Dundas Cromwell, George, thresher, Mill opp. Market Crosbie, James, tailor, Adelaide Clark, Patrick, grocery, Dundas CULLEN, JOHN F., principal teacher, CLARKE, LEVI, tin and sheet iron East End school, and professor of ware, Finkle penmanship Clarke, Walden, salesman, bds. Dundas Currie, William, mason, Mary CLARKE, THOMAS J., proprietor Dancer, Mrs., teacher, private school of steam barrel factory, Mill on Norwich Clark, William, carpenter, Delatre Dash, Charles, saddler Clear, Miss, millinery, Dundas Davidson, Alex., porter, G. W. R. W., Clement, Jas., wagon maker, Norwich res. Wilson Close, Henry, brickmaker, Chapel Davis, A. & R., (Anthony and Robert), CLOSE, JOSEPH, brickyard and tile painters, &c., Vansittart manufacturer, potash, soap and DAVIS, FREDERICK W., blacksmith candle works, Wilson shop and carriages, Wellington, Close, William, brickmaker, Wilson res. same Close, William, laborer, Hamilton Dease, William, salesman res. Riddle Clows, Leonard, laborer, res. Teeple de BLAQUIERE, CHARLES, post master, Code, James, student at Law, res. Dundas cor. Dundas and Light de BLAQUIERE, HENRY, gentleman, COGHILL, DONALD, boot and shoe Dundas manufacturer, Dundas Denman, Mrs., Princes COGHILL, JOHN, insurance agent Dent, Abraham, student at law, for the Western Insurance Co. Dundas &c., res. cor Primrose and Deverall, John, pensioner, Chapel Norwich Dickson W. P., carpenter and builder, Cole, Reuben, laborer, St. Mary's res. Buller Collins, Francis, laborer, Hincks DICKS, ALEX, principal west end school COLLINS, STEPHEN, brewery Dundas DINGWALL, JOHN, watchmaker Cooke, Sherman T., steward Canadian and jeweler &c., Dundas Literary Institute, Dobson, Joseph, brickmaker, res. at Institute Wilson Cook, Charles, grocery, crockery, wine Doherty, Mrs., dressmaker, res. Dundas and liquor store, East Dundas Donaldson, James, shoemaker, res. York COPP, GEORGE, printer, bds. Dundas DONALDSON, WM., meat market, Dundas COPP & BROTHER, vulcan iron foundry Dorgan, William, student at law Cormier, Joseph, shoemaker, Dundas cor. Dundas and Light CORRIE, WlLLIAM, chief constable DORMAN, JOSEPH, meat market, bds. Caister's Hotel Brock Couzens, Mrs., milliner, res. Nelson Doston, Thomas, barber shop, Dundas COX, JAMES, importer of dry goods Downey, John, carpenter and joiner, groceries, &c., and manufacturer Norwich of men and boys clothing, Douglas, D., saddler, Dundas Dundas DOUGLAS, JOHN, saddler, Dundas CRAIB & STEWART, (Peter Craib and Douglas, Mrs., Young Dyonisias Stewart, builders, Douglas, Robert, saddler, Dundas res. King Duggan, John, farmer, res. Bay Dundas, Edmond Nelson, medical student, Frizelle, James H., engineer, Dundas Dundas Fuller, David, carpenter, res. Dundas Dunn, James, farmer, Vansittart FULLER, MERRITT, proprietor Dunn, William, miller, res. Metcalfe Eldorado Hotel, Finkle Dunseith, Hugh, feed store, Dundas FULLER, TITUS, prop. Elgin Hotel, Eddington, J. G., accountant Gore Dundas Bank, Dundas Fury, Michael, grocery aud fruit store, Edgar, George, carpenter, Huron FYFE, R. A., D. D., Principal Canadian Edgar, Joseph, shoemaker, Dundas Literary Institute EDGAR, WILLIAM, saddlery and and harness, Dundas GAHAN, E. F., clerk division court, Edwards, N. R., blacksmith shop office, Court House, res. Edwards, William, painter, and general Vansittart decorator, Dundas Galloway, Andrew, carriage maker, Eden, Mrs. straw milliner, Vansittart Vansittart Eden, Thomas, boot and shoe store, Gamlin, William, laborer, Riddle Dundas Garbutt, Willian, tanner, Mill EGAN, JOHN, tinshop, Dundas Gardner & Rose, (William Gardner EGAN, MAURICE, carpenter, and Hugh Rose), blacksmiths, Buller carriage and wagon makers, Egan, Mrs., millinery, Vansittart Dundas Gayfer, Alfred, cashier at Parker and ELDORADO HOTEL, Merritt Fuller, Hoods, bds. Dundas proprietor, Finkle, opposite Gayfer, John, druggist, bds. Vansittart Market Gayfer, Henry, groceries and crockery, ELGIN HOTEL, T. Fuller, proprietor, Dundas Dundas Getman, Conrad, cooper, bds. Dundas Elliott, Archibald, cabinet maker, Giles, George, laborer, Huron Vansittart Godfried, Chormann, saddler, res. Elton, William, chair maker, Wilson Dundas Elton, Samuel, cabinet maker, Dundas GOLDTHORPE, A., merchant tailor, Elstone, George, mason, Wellington clothier, and prop. St. George's Evans, ---, weaver, Light Hotel Evans, E. P., shoemaker, Dundas GORDON, ADAM, grocery, crockery, Fantham, George, laborer, Burtch wine and liquor store, Dundas east Ferguson, Edward, barber shop, Dundas GORDON, JOHN, book keeper, Graham FIELD, G. C., M. D., homoeopathic physician, Dundas GORE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, Filey, Abraham, bricklayer, Finkle James Izard agent, Finkle, Alexander, student at law, res. office, Dundas Mill Gough, Mrs., millinery, second door Finkle, Henry J., student at law, w. of P. O., Dundas Dundas Gould, W. R., chairmaker, Wilson Finkle, Miss, Vansittart Grafenhorst, Edward, shoe shop, Fish, George, student at John Greig's, Dundas Bds. Mrs. Ross, Perry Graham, Arthur, farmer, Wilson Fisher, Samuel, painter, res. Nelson Graham, F. A., student at Fitch, Herman, student Canadian Miller's, bds. Dundas Institute, res. Anne GRAHAM, JOHN, prop'r Victoria Fitkin, William, teamster, Dundas House, Finkle FORBES, GEORGE, governor of Graham, Mrs., res. Dundas gaol, res. Light Graham, Murdoch, cabinet maker, Forbes, John, gentleman, Hunter Mary Forbes, William, turnkey, at jail Graham, V. N. G., res. Dundas Fraser, George J., night operator, Grant, Thomas, shoe shop, Dundas res. Bay Grass, Michael, laborer, York GRAY, GEORGE A., barrister, &c., Haskin, Samuel, student, bds. Bishop's res. east Dundas Hotel, Dundas Grey, George, carriage trimmer, HATCH., JOSEPH, grain merchant, Dundas res. Bay Grayson, ---, bds. Hicks Hatch, Mrs., Dundas Great Western Inn, Robert Raymer, Hatton, Thomas, butcher, Dundas Dundas Hawn, Mrs., York Gregory, Hanson, carpenter, and agent Hawkins, Henry, barber, Dundas for Victoria washing machine, Hay, Charles, salesman, Dundas Adelaide Hay, George, carpenter, Simcoe Green, Alexander, shoemaker, west HAY, JAMES, cabinet maker, &C., Dundas Dundas Green, William, agent for Brown, HAY, JOHN, boot and shoe manufacturer, Gillespie & Co., res. Graham corner Dundas and Light Green, William, shoemaker, Graham HAY, ROBERT, restaurant and oyster Green, William, teamster, Drew depot, Dundas cor. Graham GREIG, JOHN, attorney at law, off Hay, William, saddler, Dundas Dundas, opposite Woodstock Iron Heath, Charles, wagonmaker, Works Adelaide GREY, WILLIAM, fire and life Heath, George, blacksmith, Peel insurance agent, land agent, Heath, Jonathan, wagon maker, res. issuer of marriage licenses, Grace Dundas near Market Hedrey, Mrs., Adelaide Gunn, Alexander, carpenter, res. Henderson, John, cabinetmaker, Dundas Teeple Gunn, Hugh teamster, Dundas Hendrey, William, salesman, bds. GUNN, JAMES, groceries, crockery, Adelaide shelf hardware, wines and Henry, Thomas, grocer, Dundas liquors, Dundas West Henry, John, merchant, Princess Gunn, Lachlan, tailor Hext, Thomas, carriage finisher, Gunn, Robert, carpenter, Mill Simcoe Guppy, Edward, boot and shoe shop, Hext, Thomas, laborer, res. Railway Dundas HICKS, GEORGE A., prop'r Commercial Gurnett, Gabriel, saddler, Riddle Hotel Hadskiss, Hugh, turner, Chapel Hill, John W., miller, res. Dundas Hague, William, laborer, James Hill, Joshua, apprentice saddler, Hall, Robert, carpenter, Bay Dundas Hall, William, engineer, Brock Holmes, David, salesman, bds. Hamlyn, Allas, laborer, Teeple Victoria Hamlyn, John, carpenter, Teeple Holmes, James, salesman, Vansittart Handley, William H., salesman, bds. HOME INSURANCE COMPANY Caister's, Dundas OF NEW YORK, Wm. Grey, Agent Hankey, Victor, carriage shop, Dundas Hoskins, John, res. Woodstock Hotel Hardie, Peter, shoe shop, Dundas Huffman, Franklin, clerk Custom Hargrave, William, clerk, Peel house, bds. cor. Bexley & Hunter Harman, John, shoemaker, res. Dundas Huggins, Enoch, engineer, Adelaide Harp, Edwin T., Huron Hughes, James, carpenter, Riddle Harrison, John, cabinet shop, Teeple HUNTINGTON, HENRY, residence Harrison, John, bricklayer, Adelaide Woodstock Hotel HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE Hurst, George, merchant, res. Hincks COMPANY, John Beard, agent ILES, CHARLES, clerk Registry of Office Harvener, John, brickmaker, Dundas INGERSOLL, JAMES, register of Harwood, George, confectionery and the County of Oxford, bakery, Dundas res. Vansittart Inman, Joseph, shoemaker, res. Langstaff, Robert, shoe shop, res. Dundas Metcalfe International Grist and Flouring Mills, LANKTREE, Dr. W., vegetable Dundas east, Henry Frizelle, medicines, Dundas proprietor Lapenotiere, Edward, clerk, Dundas Irvin, Robert, salesman, bds. Riddle LAPENOTIERE, FRED. JOHN, Irvin, Samuel, carpenter and builder, attorney, and deputy clerk of the Riddle Peace, office, Court House, res. Izard, Miss C. H., telegraph operator, Dundas office, Dundas, opposite LAPENOTIERE, WILLIAM, attorney Brown's foundry and clerk of the Peace, IZARD, HENRY, teacher, office, Court House, res. Dundas Light Law, Thomas, shoe shop, Dundas IZARD, JAMES, auctioneer and general Leid, John, tinsmith, res. Reeve commission agent, telegraph LEWIN, CHARLES, chair maker office, Dundas, opposite and painter, Dundas Brown's foundry LIFE ASSOCIATION OF SCOTLAND, JAMES, WILLIAM, cooper, Oxford William Grey, agent JEFFREY, A. jr., hardware and coal, Lindlay, George, potash maker, res. Dundas Hincks Jenkins, Samuel, res. Woodstock Litchfield, Charles, tinsmith, res. Hotel Edward Jiles, Charles, laborer, Hamilton LIVERPOOL & LONDON FIRE & LIFE Jiles, Mrs., Hamilton INSURANCE COMPANY, Jiles, Philip, potash manufacturer, John Beard, agent Hamilton Johns, Solomon, cooper, Mill Loudon, Mrs., dressmaker, Dundas JOHNSON, JOHN, station master, Love, Thomas, cabinet maker, Hincks G. W R., res. at station house Loveland, Nathan, moulder, res. Johnston, Mrs., Dundas Winnett Johnston, Roderick, laborer, Dundas Lovering, William, moulder, res. JOLLY FARMER HOTEL, Daniel Matthew, Winnett proprietor Lovering, William, bakery, Dundas Jones, Walter, gentleman, res. Huron Ludington, Ezra, farmer, Teeple Kahn, Charles, dentist, Woodstock LUSTED, STEPHEN, (HAY and LUSTED, Hotel Canadian Conservative, Kellogg, Mrs., Oxford Dundas Kelly, Mrs., Grace Luxton, James, res. Woodstock Hotel Kennet, Isaac, laborer, Riddle Lyons, Timothy, gardener, Light KiIborn, W. F., photographic artist, McAllan, William, shoemaker, Teeple Dundas McBeth, Mrs., Young King, Thomas R., cabinet shop, McCabe, Patrick, cooper, bds. Dundas Vansittart McCLENEGHAN, ALEX., Editor King, William, veterinary surgeon, and proprietor Times, Dundas John KINTREA, JAMES, county treasurer, McCulloch, Donald, laborer, Simcoe deputy clerk of the crown, McCummins, Joseph, shoemaker, res. and clerk of the County Court, Simcoe res. corner Centre and John McCurrie, Mrs., Beale Kollmyer, Sovereign, manufacturer and McDonald, Alex., bricklayer, Winnett dealer in furniture, Dundas McDonald, Archibald, laborer, Winnett Lambert, Edward, grain merchant, res. Peel McDonald, Donald, laborer, Reeve Lanaway, James, laborer, Light McDonald, Donald, laborer, Hunter Lanaway, Joseph, carpenter, Light McDonald, James, shoemaker, Givins Lancaster, Stephen, apprentice black- McDonald, James, salesman, Dundas smith, res. Bay McDonald, Norman, laborer, Albert McDONALD, RODERICK, notary McLEOD, WM C., wholesale and retail public conveyancer, &c., Dundas dry goods and hardware, Dundas McGinnis, Donald, laborer, Givins McNaughton, Alex., salesman, res. McGregor, Gregor, shoemaker, Brock George McGregor, James R., salesman, McNaughton, Mrs., George Dundas McPherson, D., bakery, Dundas McGuinn, John, laborer, Delatre McVee, Alex., tailor, Dundas McInherney, Michael, moulder, Brock McWHINNIE, JOHN, editor weekly McInnis, Angus, laborer, Hunter Sentinel McIntosh, Alex., blacksmith, McWHINNIE, ROBERT & CO., Vansittart booksellers and stationers, Dundas McIntosh, Alex., plasterer, Dundas McWHINNIE, ROBERT, proprietor McINTYNE, JOHN, groceries, wines Sentinal, Dundas and liquors, Dundas Macklin, John, book keeper, bds. Dundas McKAY, ALEX., tailor, Dundas McKay, Andrew, grocery, Dundas Maddison, Mrs. F., res. Bay McKay, Angus, blacksmith shop, MANSION HOUSE, cor. Finkle and Dundas Main, Thomas Tallman, prop. McKay, David, carpenter, Winnett Marr, Joseph, laborer, Peel McKay, Donald, saddler, Dundas Malcolm, James, res. Victoria McKay, George, tailor, Dundas Marshall, John, collector, Brock McKAY, JOHN, American Express Marshall, William G., cooper, bds. agent, Dundas Finkle McKay, John, laborer, Dundas MARTIN, JAS., commission merchant McKay, John, shoe shop, Dundas Dundas McKay, John G., salesman, bds. Martin, Jonathan, bakery and Adelaide confectionery, Dundas McKay, Mrs., res. Buller Martin, Lycurgus F., medical student, McKAY, W.G., flour and feed store, res. Dundas Dundas Martin, Richard, constable, Winnett McKay, W. H., Bailiff, Princes MCKAY, RODERICK, tailor and MATHESON, GILBERT, proprietor clothing store, Dundas Farmer's Hotel, Dundas McKenzie, Alex., gentleman, bds. at Matheson, John, gentleman, Delatre M. Fuller's opp. Market Matheson, John, student at McKenzie, Angus, gentleman, Light D. G. Miller's, res. Mill McKenzie, Hector, shoemaker, Dundas MATHESON, JOHN, marble and McKenzie, Mrs. Hector, milliner, stone cutter, Dundas Dundas Mathew, Daniel, bricklayer, Riddle McKenzie, Hugh, salesan, Queen Mathew, Henry, bricklayer, Light McKenzie, Kenneth, salesman, Light Maycock, Joseph, painter, Dundas McKenzie, Mrs. Mary, boarding house, Mayer, Charles Edward, moulder, bds. Brock Adelaide McKenzie, Malcolm, student, Graham Maynard, William, gentleman, Wilson McKINNON, HUGH, & Co., dry Mead, Robert, salesman, bds. goods, crockery and groceries, Wellington hardware, Dundas Mechan, Edward, carriage maker, bds. McLean, Archibald, blacksmith, Chapel Delatre MERIGOLD, FRED., in Registry office, McLean, Hugh, bakery, Dundas res. Vansittart McLellan, John, cooper, bds. Finkle MIDGLEY, JOHN, shoe shop, Dundas McLellan, Alex., laborer, Bishop McLEOD, ALEX., shoemaker, Givina MIDGLEY, JOHN W., compositor McLEOD, ALEX., watchmaker and and pressman, Times office artist, Dundas Midgley, Thomas, shoemaker, Dundas McLeod, Roderick, currier, res. Mill MILLER, DAVID G., barrister, &c., NIAGARA DISTRICT FIRE INSURANCE office, Miller's block, Dundas COMPANY, R. McDonald, agent, Miller, Mrs., Reeve cor. Dundee and Victoria Milne, Thomas, book keeper, Nicholson, John, carpenter, Princes Wellington Nicholson, William, salesman, bds. MONTGOMERY HOUSE, George, Wilson Montgomery, prop. NIMMO, R., Montreal wholesale and Moore, James, blacksmith, Buller retail boot and shoe and leather MOREY, JOSEPH W., foreman store, opp. Market, Dundas Times office NORTH AMERICAN HOTEL, Mrs. Moorish, John, book keeper at D. Brimacomb, cor. Dundas and Warwick's, bds. Vansittart NORTH BRITISH & MERCANTILE, Moorish, Wm. H., salesman at FIRE & LIFE INSURANCE CO. OF Warwick's. EDINBURGH, Morrison, Alex., porter, Winnett John Coghill, agent Morrison, Matthew, carriage maker, OLIVER, THOS., Commercial Hall, Vansittart dry goods, Dundas Morrison, Samuel, laborer, res. Metcalfe ORMONT MILLS, EATON & WOOD, Morrow, James, laborer, Nelson (Andrew Eaton and Mosier, Matthew, cooper, Simcoe Charles L. Wood) flouring, Main Moulds, Edward, wagon maker, O'Rorke, James, groceries, Dundas Chapel Paddon, Edmund, clerk, Wilson Munro, Alex, millwright, Mill Paddon, George, farmer, Peel Munro, George, carpenter, Oxford Page, A. W., salesman, bds. Dundas MUNPO, WM., chairmaker, Dundas PARKER & HOOD, (Thomas H. Parker MUNRO, WM., laborer, and John D. Hood,) clothing, Delatre hats and caps, dry goods, Murray, Alex, farmer, Finkle carpets, &c., Dundas, opposite MURRAY & CO., (John Murray and Market Donald Douglas,) saddler shop PARKER & FAUQUIER, grain Dundas merchants, office Finkle Murray, Mrs., res. Metcalfe PARKER, JOHN, lumber merchant, Murray, Mrs., Light res. Simcoe MURRAY, ROBERT, carriage and Parker, George, farmer, Centre wagon factory, Parker, Robert, teamster, Simcoe Vansittart Parks, James, cooper, bds. Dundas Murray, Robert, contractor of roads, Parr, Mrs. millinery, Dundas Oxford Parish, Walter, tin pedler, Bay Murphey, Miss, res. Reeve Pascoe, Charles, carpenter, Mary Myers, Peter C., cooper, res. Perry Pascoe, George, butcher, Mary Napp, Joseph, teamster, Simcoe Paterson, A., assistant druggist, Riddle NASMYTH, GEO., merchant tailor, Paterson, John, pumper, G.W.R.W., Dundas cor. Bay and Carrall Nasmyth, Henry, at Geo. Nasmyth's Patterson, Mrs., Riddle NASMYTH, WILLIAM, groceries PATRIARCHE, HENRY G., ticket crockery, &c., agent, G.W.R.Y., res. Station Dundas Patrick, Samuel, carpenter, cor. NELLIS, J. H., attorney at law, Victoria and Grace Dundas Paine, Absolom, carriage maker, Perry Nellis, Elijah, gentleman, Dundas East PAYNE, WM., Sheriff's clerk, res. NEWTON & SMALLACOMBE, (A. Newton Vansittart and J. Smallacombe, Payne, William, laborer, Riddle tailor shop, Dundas Peach, Edwin, shoe shop, Dundas Peacock, Daniel, carpenter and builder REVELL & FLETCHER, attorneys Dundas at law, office Dundas PEIRSON, R. & W., grocery and REVELL, R. M., dentist, Dundas provision store, res. Dundas Peirson, Robert, J.P., res. Anna Rice, James, teamster, Heron Pelham, Alex., shoe shop, Dundas RICE, WM., prop, British Hotel, Penman, Daniel, gentleman, res. Mill Bay Pennington, George, turner and fitter, Richards, Daniel, bricklayer, res. res. Riddle Wilson Pennington, John, tailor, Teeple Richards, Donald, soap and potash Perkins, Deck, cooper, bds. Dundas manufacturer, Wilson Perkins, Philo, cooper, bds. Dundas RICHARDSON, HUGH, County Perry, Julius, cooper, Perry attorney, barrister &c., cor. Perry, Levi H., M.D., res. Brock Dundas and Light Peterson, John, cooper, Mill RICHMOND, D. C., hat cap and PETTIT, WILLIAM, confectioner, Dundas fur store, Dundas, opp. Market PHILIP, BYRON, law student, at Riley, Matthew, carpenter, res. Bay Carroll and Beard's Riley, Mrs., grocery, res. Dundas PHILIP, D. L., M.D., &c., Roberta, John, laborer, Givins Dundas ROBERTSHAW, JOHN, boot and PHILP, HART, at Parker and shoe maker, Dundas Hoods Robinson, David, salesman, Simcoe Place, Joseph, shoemaker Robinson, George, plasterer, Light POCOCK, STEPHEN, house, Robinson, John, teamster, Buller and ornamental painter, Bay Robinson, Joseph, groceries and Porter, James, day operator, G.W.R.W. hardware, Dundas res. Bay Robinson, Robert, plasterer, res. Powell, John, teamster, res. Dundas Adelaide Pratson, Wm., laborer, Light Rose, Alexander McKenzie, engineer, Pradget, William, commission agent Bishop merchant, Hunter Ross, James, cabinet maker, Simcoe PRINCE OF WALES' HOTEL, Ross, Alex., plasterer, Simcoe D. Hack, prop, Dundas, Market ROSS, ANDREW, Deputy Sheriff, Square Princes PROVINCIAL FIRE AND LIFE AND MARINE INSURANCE Ross, Frederick, salesman, Dundas CO. OF CANADA, R. McDonald, Ross, Hugh, carriage factory and agent, cor. Dundas and blacksmith shop, Dundas Victoria Ross, James, plasterer, Queen Quintin, Samuel, teamster, res. Ross, John, shoemaker, Vansittart Adelaide Ross, J. & R., groceries, Dundas west Quintin, Thomas, laborer Dundas Ross, Mrs., Perry Radcliff, Richard, student, res. Ross, William, gardener, Graham Hamilton ROSS & BIRD, barristers at law, Ralph, James, potash maker, res. office Dundas Hincks ROYAL FIRE & LIFE INSURANCE Rapson, James, blacksmith shop and CO. OF LONDON, John Barwick, carriage maker agent, office Dundas, Read, Samuel, salesman, bds. Dundas opp. Woodstock Iron Works Reed, Israel, saddle, Dundas Reed, Mrs., res. Wilson Rutherford, James, moulder, Dundas REID, W. A., groceries, hardware and Salford, William, hoop maker, res. crockery, Dundas Primrose Revell, George, bricklayer, Dundas Scarff, Frederick, salesman, bds. Perry REVELL, ROBERT, attorney at law Scarff, T. H., carriage trimmer Dundas at William Scarff's Scarff, J. S., carraige painter at Snelgrove, W. S., cabinet maker, Wm. Scarff's Dundas SCARFF, WILLIAM, carriage manufacturer, Soaers, Benjamin, copper, bds. Dundas and general blacksmithing Spinks, Charles, constable, res. Oxford cor. Perry and Simcoe SPINKS, RICHARD, printer, bds. Finkle Schram, John, cooper, Dundas ST. GEORGE'S HOTEL, David Goldthorp, SCOFIELD, F. B., sash and blind prop, Dundas factory, and Planing Mill, STARK, ROBERT, chemist and druggist, cor. Wilson & Cedar Dundas Scofield, Francis, machinist, Winniett STEPHENS, SAMUEL, groceries, Scofield, John, machiniet, Winniett, Dundas Scott, S. A., M.D., Vansittart Stewart, David, weaver, Oxford SCOTT & WHITE, Drugs and medicines, Stewart, Duncan, laborer, Dundas Dundas Stewart, Donald, laborer, res. Anna Scott, William, M.D., Dundas Stinson, Richard, salesman at Parker SCOTT, WM. & S. A., physicians, & Hood's, bds. Simcoe surgeous, &c., Dundas STOEVER, J, M., gentleman, res. Sharp, John, laborer, Burtch Primrose Sharp, Mrs., Dundas STRAUCHON, GEORGE, Principal Sharp, Mrs., res. Huron Woodstock Grammar School, SHAW, JOHN, graduate University res. Graham College, res. Dundas Sudworth, Abraham, shoe shop, SHAW, JOHN, watchman, G.W.R.W. Dundas, opp. Market res. near Cedar Creek bridge SUDWORTH, JOSEPH, shoe shop, Shaw, Thomas M., gunsmith, Dundas Dundas Shepherd, John A., druggist, Sudworth, William, shoemaker, res. bds. Wellington Finkle Shepherd, Mrs. M., res. Wellington Sullivan, George Washington, grocery SHERWOOD, JNO. W., bookbinder, Dundas Graham SULLIVAN, JAMES, blacksmith & Shinners, Martin, clerk at D. G. carriage maker, Norwich Miller's, res. Huron Sidney, George, cabinet maker, Dundas Sutherland, Alex., miller, Finkle Silcox, John, potash manufacturer, res. Sutherland, Alex, blacksmith, Hamilton res. Dundas SILVESTER, HENRY, gene'l agent Sutherland, Benjamin, shoemaker, and auctioneer, Canterbury Dundas SUTHERLAND, HECTOR, carpenter Simpson, James, turner, Riddle and joiner, res. Vansittart Simpson, Thomas, laborer, Riddle Sutherland, Hector, with Express agent Simpson, William, baggage master, res. bds. Dundas Peel Sutherland, John, carpenter, Delatre Smale, Jacob, engineer, Dundas Sutherland, Mrs. J., boarding house, Smale, James, shoemaker, res. Dundas res. Bay Smart, Thomas, teamster, Finkle Sutherland, Roderick, merchant tailor, SMART, W. L., solicitor and attorney, Dundas Simcoe Sutherland, Thomas, gardener, Light Smith, Alex., miller, Dundas Suttle, Henry, painter, res. Simcoe Smith, Andrew, general merchant, Swan, Robert, cooper, bds. Simcoe Dundas Sykes, George, finisher, bds. Adelaide Smith, Charles, well digger, Hincks TALLMAN, THOMAS, proprietor Smith, James, tailor shop, res. Dundas Mansion House Smith, John, butcher shop, Dundas Taylor, Charles, tinsmith, Vansittart Snarey, Thomas, moulder, Wellington Teeple, Mrs., res. Teeple Snelgrove, William, cabinet maker, Teeple, Nelson, blacksmith, Teeple res. Norwich Thompson, A. J., foundryman, Huron THE BRITISH AMERICA ASSURANCE Warren, John, teamster, res. Dundas COMPANY, James Izard, WATKINS, JAMES H., cabinet agent, office Dundas wares, Dundas THE EDINBURGH LIFE ASSURANCE Weakley, William, bricklayer & COMPANY, D. W. Ross, plasterer, Young agent, officer Dundas Webster, David D., salesman, bds. Thompson, George, plow maker, Huron Dundas Thompson, Thomas, bricklayer, res. Webster, Hugh, dry goods, and livery Victoria stable, Dundas THOMPSON, WILLIAM, pumpmaker, Webster, John, laborer, Oxford Bay Webster, William, farmer, Dundas Thompson, John, manufacturer of WEEKS, GEORGE, assistant post farm implements, Huron master Thornton, Jonathan, framer, Dundas WEEKS, HENRY, grocery & crockery Tisdale, John E., merchant, Centre store, Dundas Toop, John, tinsmith, Chapel Weeks, John, cabinet maker, Dundas Toop, Joseph, mason and bricklayer, Weeks, John, blacksmith, Railway Chapel Weeks, William, blacksmith, Bay Toop, Mark, apprentice blacksmith, Weir, Mrs., Bay res. Bay West, Henry, bricklayer, Edward Townsend, J., groceries, wines and West, William, laborer, Hincks liquors, Dundas WESTERN FIRE INSURANCE Turner, James, stone mason, Riddle COMPANY of Toronto, TURNER, JAS., compositor Times John Coghill agent office Wetherall, Francis, salesman, res. Turner, Joseph, laborer, Finkle Adelaide Turquand, C. R., teller Gore Bank Wetenhall, J. E., accountant, Gore agency, Dundas Bank, Dundas TURQUAND, JOHN, M. D., res. Whaley, William, laborer, Huron Dundas Whier, George, stone cutter Tye, Edward, cabinet maker, and builder, Queen Wellington White, Arthur V., salesman, res. Light VANSTON, CHARLES S., carpenter, WHITE, DAVID, clerk county council, res. Adelaide. office, Court House, res. Light Vanvalkenburg, John, cooper, Dundas VAN VOORHIS, J. B., proprietor White, David, salesman, res. Light Clarendon Hotel WHITE, G. & J., dry goods, &c. Vatcher, Stephen, baker, Sydenham VICHMANN, CHAS., tailor shop, White, James, carpenter and joiner res. Dundas res. Victoria VICTORIA HOUSE, John Graham, White, Richard, bricklayer, Princess proprietor, Finkle Whitehead, Charles, constable, corner Walker, Charles, moulder, bds. Buller and Graham Adelaide WHITEHEAD, CHARLES H., Walker, John, bricklayer, res. Dundas deputy register of County, res. Walker, Thomas, bricklayer, res. Vansittart Dundas WHITEHEAD, G. W., J. P., Walkinshaw, Mrs. M., teacher of conveyancer, notary public, and private school, Light commissioner for taking affidavits, Ward, Robert, carpenter, Mill Office, corner Light and Dundas, Warman, Barnard, farmer, Dundas res. Perry Warner, John, lumber merchant, res. Wilkinson, George, framer, Bay Delatre Wilkinson, John, miller, Bay WARWICK, WM., bookseller, Wilkinson, Robert, cooper, bds. stationer, bookbinder, and blank Vansittart book manufacturer, WILSON, GEORGE, dealer in grain, Dundas Vansittart Willis, Alfred, cabinet maker, Dundas WILSON, WILLIAM, blacksmith, Bay Wilson, James, watchmaker, res. Dundas WILSON, WM., boot and shoe WILSON & CO., (J. H. Wilson and manufacturer, and tanner, Dundas James Lakeman), cabinet shop Wood, Mrs., fancy store, Dundas Dundas Woodland, Thomas, laborer, Finkle Wilson, John, accountant, Dundas WOODSTOCK HOTEL, W. Bishop, WILSON, JOHN T., merchant tailor, prop'r, Dundas Dundas Woodstock Mills, gristing and flouring, Wilson, Owen, Vansittart Thomas Clarke, proprietor, Mill Wilson, Robert, cooper, bds. Dundas Wright, Hugh, blacksmith, Wilson Wilson, T. J., carriage maker, Wright, Mrs., Dundas res. Vansittart Yates, Joseph, laborer, res. Hincks WILSON, WILLIAM, carriage maker, Yokom, Jesse, cooper, Mill Vansittart Young, George, shoe shop, Dundas . Young, Henry, gentleman, Simcoe