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Capn' Massicots' Transcriptions on the Web  
Capt. William MASSICOT's Descendants TRANSCRIPTIONS

Transcribed this 11th day of September in the year 2000 By Wendy L. Mayfield  Transcribed with errors as found within text.
Copies of this and other articles can be obtained at the Enoch Pratt Free Library:-Baltimore Reference Desk Churches-Baltimore-Sailors Union Bethel

Baltimore American 24 Apr 1910

Unique among the places of worship in Baltimore, in that its origin began on board a merchant ship, is the Sailors’ Union Bethel, at Cross and Covington streets, Rev. Henry NORRIS, pastor, which was recently reopened for services after undergoing extensive improvements and repairs.  This “Ship Church,” as it was called in the first years of its inception, and is still spoken of today, is under the jurisdiction of the Methodist Episcopal Association, and has an interesting history.

 Away back in 1846 a number of merchants whose business interests were closely identified with the shipping industry of the port, then entirely carried on in the sailing craft that made Baltimore’s name familiar in every port and every clime saw the necessity of providing a place where the men who manned these white-winged messengers of commerce would be attracted to attend divine worship on Sunday.  It was also within the scheme of the promoters that at the same time the proposed sailors’ place of worship should be daily a haven of refuge for the mariner while ashore.

 The plan quickly took shape and revolved around the idea that the men whose days were mostly passed in sailing the seas would be more likely to go where they would feel perfectly at ease than in a stately edifice on terra firma, which in those days, and even now, begets in the mariner a feeling of shyness—not because he is less God-fearing but because of his antipathy to the formalities and conventionalities usually attendant upon church worship.  Let a crowd of sailors entry any of our churches today for the purpose of participating in divine worship and the amount of solicitude that would be extended in their behalf by the membership, with the well meaning intention of making them comfortable, would have the opposite effect.  Jack would be thrown into a state of confusion,
feeling both abashed and ridiculous.  He would leave the church, vowing never to go again, and also take away with him the impression that he had been patronized.  The sailor man dislikes being “fussed over,” and is careful to “lay far off shore’ from those he concludes are apt to act in any way that his sensitiveness interprets to be patronizing.


 Thus it was that the idea of the “Ship Church” was adopted, and which has resulted in the Sailors’ Union Bethel.  The ship William Penn, a storm-tossed and battered hulk, lying dismantled of lofty spars in the harbor of Baltimore, was purchased and converted to the cause of inducing the men of the sea to worship the living God.  For more than a generation her snow-white canvas wings had carried her on errands of commerce all over the world.  Into every port where trade was to be found she poked her nose and dropped her anchor, and now it seemed fitting thing that in her old age she should be the haven where the sons
of Neptune could meet and join in the worship and veneration of Him who controls the deep.

 Moored to an old pier at Light and Lee streets during the years 1846 to 1852, she was known as the ‘Ship Church William Penn.”  The fame of the floating church became known over the universe, and many of the sailors who attended Sunday worship were foreigners who in their travels had heard of this “Ship Church.”

 Her skipper, Capt. Samuel KREAMER, who, when the vessel was converted into a church, was appointed minister, had on four different occasions conducted voyages around the world.  Each time the course followed was around Cape Horn, and on all four voyages not so much as a spar was lost.  So far back as records show no vessel has been known to sail around the Cape without losing something.  Spars and rails have been carried way time and time again, and the sailor after sailor has been washed overboard.


 When the ship was purchased by the merchant association Captain KREAMER was ordained and made the first pastor.  The William Penn was covered
over like a house and resembled our notion of what Noah’ Ark looked like.  The purpose was to bring vividly before the minds of the sailors that while on voyages they should be true to their Sunday worship.  Great work was done in this way and hundreds of sailors were converted.  A great number of them became ministers in time, but out of the whole, only one survivor remains.

 At every service the boat was taxed to its utmost capacity, the services becoming popular with the sailors.  The deck of the ship was the floor of the church, benches being arranged on each side, occupying half of the floor space.  The stern of the ship was entirely devoid of benches, and that space was used by those sailors who were too timid to take seats.

 In 1852 the ship was condemned and wrecked in the harbor off Locust Point.  A church was then built on the south of Lee street, near Light, by the Rev. Mr. KREAMER, in which services were conducted until 1867, when it was sold and another church was built on Hill street near Charles.  This latter edifice is now known as Christ English Lutheran Church, of which Rev. Dr. L. M. ZIMMERMAN is pastor.  The Lee street church building still stands, however, and is used as a store.  While occupying the Hill street church a number of the members left and started other church in the immediate vicinity.  Four years later the Hill street church was sold and the present edifice at Cross and Covington streets was erected in 1873.

 The only two surviving members of the old floating church are Rev. Samuel JOHNSON, 80 years old, of South Baltimore, and Mr. John JONES, of
East Baltimore, both of whom were present at the reopening services.  Rev. Samuel JOHNSON is the oldest member of the Local Preachers’ Association, and several months ago celebrated his eightieth birthday.  He was converted by Rev. Dr. KREAMER a few months after the floating church was founded.

 During the course of the improvements, which cost near $2,000 and which consumed three weeks services were held in the Friends Mission on Light street.  The interior and exterior of the church was repainted; the interior repapered; the pews varnished; new carpets laid and a large and appropriate panting, “The Rock of Ages,” has been placed on the wall back of the pulpit, directly above which hangs a miniature three-masted ship resembling the once floating church.

 The reopening services on March 20 were conducted by ex-Mayor Thomas G. HAYES at 11 o’clock.  Mr. HAYES used as his theme the “Benefits of a
Church to Community,” and drew a vivid picture of how the church grew from an old merchant vessel, with only a few members, to the present edifice with nearly 500 in the community.  In brief Mr. HAYES went over the history of the church.  During the service the church was crowded to the doors.  Following Mr. HAYES’ address, ex-State Senator Charles M. JONES, one of the converts of the late Dr. KREAMER, spoke on the working of the “Ship Church” as he saw it.

 At 4 o’clock in the afternoon an experience meeting was held.  Rev. Kenneth G. MURRAY’, pastor of South Baltimore Station Methodist Episcopal Church conducted the meeting, and Rev. Samuel JOHNSON told of the conversions made on the “William Penn.”  At the evening service held at 8 o’clock  ex-Congressman Charles R. SCHIRM made an address and congratulated the members of the church on the pretty edifice they now occupy.

 During the reopening services several old and interesting pictures of the ship William Penn lying at her moorings and of the old churches were shown.  They were the property of the survivors of Dr. KREAMER, who are now living in Washington, D.C.  The pictures, which were painted by the pastor, were presented to the church.

(Presume that the following article is also from the Baltimore American as it is on the same page as the previous.)

News-May 3, 1910

 While several churches in Baltimore have had electric signs of “Welcome” placed over their entrances and some have erected other outward sings to attract the people to services, it remained for the Sailors’ Union Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church, Cross street near Covington, to have a flag raised on its edifice.  This is done as the pastor Rev. H. E. NORRIS, says, to instill patriotism into the sailors who attended services at the church.

 Flags have been raised on Sunday schools, church halls and other buildings connected with a church, but neve in the history of any church in Maryland has a pole been placed on the church from which the Stars and Stripes will flutter.

 The flagpole was contributed by a ship-builder and is being placed in position today.  On Thursday evening the flag, which was given by the Mayflower Council of the Daughters of America, will be raised.  Miss Miss C. McCAULLAY will unfurl the flag.  The address will be made by Ex-Congressman Charles R. SCHIRM.

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(Copyright Caroline Gewin snail mail 16 Mar 2000)
"We don't know much about the Massicot's.  I found a note I made in talking to ..Marie M. Gewin.  She said her father Robert Massicot was a first class machinist in Baltimore.  His parents were Robert Massicot and Margaret Brown Massicot.  She didn't know much about these grandparents.

    Mom (Marie Gewin) loved to tell about her aunt Prossie Massicot Leary who married Thomas Leary.  Thomas Leary became president of the Southern Railway Express and they were well to do.  Mom said they had three homes (one was in Baltimore and the other was in New York & I don't know about the third one.).  They had a full staff of servants in each household.  They often traved on the train and had their own rail car.  I have a rhinestone medallion worn by "Uncle Thomas" at the New Orleans Mardi Gras as king - it reads "Rex 1905"

    Aunt Prossie Leary was a sister to mom's grandfather Robert Massicot.  Her mother died and she was raised in New York by 2 unmarried aunts from her mothers family.  She was six weeks old and the two aunts were Sullivans and raised her in the Catholic Faith.

    Aunt Prossie and Uncle Thomas never had children and were very kind to mom's family.  They gave mom a very nice large wedding.  Her father had died, leaving her mother a widow and most people were poor because of the depression."

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 Dr. Marie M. FRAIN, Dr. Marie M. FRAIN MEDICAL HISTORY PAPERS ((never published)), Wendy Lee Massicot Mayfield
Soc Sec # 213-20-0493
Robert Massicot
PATERNAL GRANDFATHER:                                                                                              Died as a young man from pulmonary TB.   
                                                                                                                                                Residence Baltimore, Md. Frenceh; a teacher.
Margaret Apfel Massicot 
PATERNAL GRANDMOTHER:                                                                                             Died of old age, Baltimore Md. German,  Housewife.

                                                                                                                                                 temperament Route Agent for So. Express Co; Owned drug
                                                                                                                                                 store; Bank director-Columbus Ga.  2/21/44
EDITH M. WIEST:                                                                                                                   died old age Baltimore, Md. 
                                                                                                                                                 Housewife.  Mother of two children one of whom 
                                                                                                                                                 died with TB of Liver.                                 
(PAUL this was crossed off) MASSICOT:                                                                               died Diabetes and old Age    Maryland.
Margaret Massicot Schmidt:                                                                                                     Died Cancer of Breast and   
                                                                                                                                                senility Baltimore Md.  Age 69
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN RICHMOND:                                                                                 Died GENERALIZED ARTERIOSCLEROSIS ENGLISH 
                                                                                                                                                 Coronary Age 79 ATLANTA 
                                                                                                                                                 GA. 6/17/1922
LOUISA THOMPSON MOORE RICHMOND:                                                                      Died 76 PNEUMONIA* Aged 
                                                                                                                                                 _8/31/31_  ENGLISH Pneumonia ATLANTA GA.
IDA ROSAMOND RICHMOND:                                                                                            DIED_78_ 
                                                                                                                                                 ATLANTA GA 8/18/1952  
                                                                                                                                                 GENNERALIZED ARTERIOSCLEROSIS
CHARLES EDMOND RICHMOND:                                                                                       DIED _72_    
                                                                                                                                                  ATLANTA GA  MARYLAND 12/20/48
                                                                                                                                                  GLIO BLASTOMA MULTIFORME BRAIN
LULA LIDA RICHMOND MASSICOT                                                                                   DIED @ 91_ TOWSON  
                                                                                                                                                   MD. 6/23/1970 ARTERIOSCLEROSIS
WILLIAM LEARY MASSICOT                                                                                                DIED  @63_ FLORIDA7/4/1969
                                                                                                                                                    RUPTURED ANEURISM BRAIN 
DR. THEODORE G. KERSHAW                                                                                               DIED Jan^26 1933
                                                                                                                                                    PULMONARY TB  age  
GEORGE STEPHENS FRAIN                                                                                                    DIED March^16 1957
                                                                                                                                                     SARCOMA   Bone age 59 + Generalized 

CHILDREN OF DR. FRAIN: Removed to protect the living
CAUCASIAN; Female born Decatur Ga., Nov 4, 1904; widow BAHA'I FAITH;PHYSICIAN and PSYCHIATRIST; GRADUATED IN medicine 1930.  Licensed in 11 states.  Employed Richmond State Hosp. Richmond Ind. Home Address:  918 WEST AV N. AUGUSTA S.C.Retired Feb 25-1972(5)  1975
PHYSICAL ILLNESSES: Measles, Mumps, Chicken-pox, Scarlet Fever; Malaria; Fracture Colles right Arm 1930 Cholecystectomy; Appendectomy; Omentocoele Repair; Repair Abdominal Hernia; Breast (left) Carcinoma removed 1970-Oct; Jan 9 1985 Eye Implant-Rt. Failed.
CATAMENIA ;  Age ten, irregular for several years; very little pain, moderate flow; 3 days duration  Quit-age 46
HABITS: No Alcohol; no smoking; no dope. Allergies-none      Blood Type A+

WENDY L. MAYFIELD faithfully transcribed this on 7 August 2000, from the preceding image." These of several documents were among the possessions left at the Edgwood Baha'i Community in New Mexico, they were sent to my by Mrs. Effie RASCHEL, Marie's personal representative. States that he died as a young man from Pulmonary TB, his residence wes in Baltimore Md., and he was French, and a Teacher.

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`W, Faith Church (Protestant) Article Margaret APPEL MASSICOT. 
"Mrs. Margaret MASSICOT After an illness of several months, Mrs. Margaret MASSICOT died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Otto SCHMIDT, Baltimore Md., on Mar. 12, at the age of 73 years.  In early life she was received by confirmation into the fellowship of St. Paul's German Church, under the pastorate of the late Dr. MARCUS BACHMANN, who afterwards officiated at her marriage to Mr. ROBERT MASSICOT.  Five children were born to them, two sons, and three daughters, of whom four, all of them married, remain, with their families to mourn the departure of Grandmother MASSICOT.   In 1890, an infant daughter died, and three years later, at the early age of 39, the father followed the child into the unseen world, thus leaving the widowed mother in sole charge of the remaining four young children and responsible for their Christian upbringing.  To that responsibility Mrs. MASSICOT addressed herself with exemplary Christian fortitude, and with a devotion and fidelity that were truly admirable and successful. Within a few months after the founding of Faith Church in the neighborhood of their residence, Mr. and Mrs. MASSICOT identified themselves with it, under the ministry of Dr. A.S. WEBER, who at Mrs. MASSICOT's funeral declared that through the 35 years following there was no one more loyal and useful that this humble widow.  The reason for the transfer of their membership from one congregation to another, was her desire to give the advantages of an English Sunday School to her children, and her husband the privilege of worshipping in a Church whose preaching he could understand.  He was of French antecedents.  The outcome proved the wisdom of the step the mother decided to take.  Her husband, all of whose relations belonged to another branch of the Church, very soon became a communicant of the Protestant Church, as did her children in the course of the years that followed.  This was a source of not a little satisfaction to Mrs. MASSICOT's mother-heart-to see her entire family, like herself, vitally related to the Saviour and actively engaged in forwarding the interests of His Church.  In early manhood one son became a deacon in the congregation; the other an active worker in Sunday School and a leader in young peoples work.  One daughter's husband became an elder in the Church and the other's husband a deacon, both of them coming from other than Reformed communions.  And while all this was no doubt largely due to the mother's fine, unobtrusive Christian character, it must not be supposed that her personal religious influence was restricted to her family circle.  Her consecrated life counted for much in the Church, in the community, among her friends and neighbors.  Her humble, consistent, child-like devotion to the Lord was an inspiration to all who came in touch with her.  It won their interest in the Church, and silently led them to seek the peace, the joy and the comfort which were radiant in her beautiful life.  Her example wielded a constant and growing spiritual power.  She was regularly in her place at public worship, never absent at the celebration of the Holy Communion, all through the years helpfully and self sacrificingly active in the missionary society and in other forms of good work.  She was intelligently interested in the enterprises of the Church at large, and unfailingly ready to do what
she could do to promote the coming of the Kingdom of her Lord.  Her's was a blessed and joyous and fruitful Christian career.   Mrs. MASSICOT will be greatly missed by her pastor and by all who were associated with her for so many years in Faith Church.  She will not be forgotten by them.  They will cherish the memory of her and her abounding services in the years to come.  By her children and grand children she will, of course, be even more greatly missed, particularly in the family group in which in these later years she received the most gracious and tender attentions to the very last.   Funeral services were conducted by her pastor, Dr. CHARLES. E. WEHLER, with the assistance of Dr. A. S. WEBER, on Mar. 15, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. SCHMIDT, with whom she made her home the past 22 years.  "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into joy of thy Lord."    -W.".

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49. Death Certificate of Paul W. MASSICOT (MSA No. CM1132 Baltimore City Health Department Bureau of Vital Statistics Cert# G 14322), Maryland State Archives, 350 Rowe Boulevard, Annapolis, MD 21401, Toll Free 800-235-4045, Fax 410-974-2525. "Baltimore City Health DepartmentCertificate of Death Registration No. G 14322Place of Death: Baltimore City, Maryland(b) Street Address:  1412 Woodall St. (c) Hospital or Institution: ---
(d) Length of Stay in Hospital or inst. (yrs., mos, or days): 24(e) Length of stay in Baltimore (yrs., mos., or days): 4 yrs. 2. Usual Residence of Deceased:(a) State: Md. (b) County:(c) City or Town: Baltimore Md. (d) Street No: 1412 Woodall St. (e) Citizen of forgien country?  -- (Yes or No)If yes, name country3. Full Name:  Paul W. MASSICOT(b) If veteran, name war: --(c) Social security Account No.: 253-28-22694 Sex: Male5: Color or race: White6: (a) Single, married, widowed, or divorced: Married(b) Name of husband or wife:  Lula L. MASSICOT(c) If Alive give age: ___ years7 Birth date of deceased (mo., day, yr): January 18-18808 Age: Years: 64 Months: 01 Days: 3If less than one day __hr __min9 Birthplace:  Baltimore, Md. 10. Usual Occupation:  Guard11. Cocoa(sic) Cola Syrup Co.Father:12 Name: Robert MASSICOT13 Birthplace: Baltimore Md.Mother:14 Maiden Name:  Margaret APPEL15 Birthplace: Baltimore Md. 16 (a) Informant: Mrs. Lula L. MASSICOT(b) Address: 1412 Woodall St. 17 (a) Cremation) (b) Date thereof: 2-220-1944(c) Cemetery or cremoratory: Loudon ParkLocation: Baltimore Md. 18. (a) Funeral Director:  Flyszer & Fleming(b) 1426 Light St. 19 (a) Feb. 22, 1944 (b) Huntington Williams M.D.Medical Certification:20. Date of Death Feb. 21 19_44_ at 3. P._M.21:  I certify that death occurred on this date above stated; that I attended deceased from _Dec. 1. _ 19_43_ to 2-21- 19_44_ and that I last saw h_im_ alive on 2-20_19 _44_Imediate Cause of death: Coronary Thrombosis (Duration 1 Day)Due to : Chronic Myocardial Degeneration (Duration 1 mos.)  22. If death was due to external causes, fill in the following: ___23. Signature A. S. SOLLOD M.D.Address 203 E. Fost Ave. Date Signed 2-21-44.".

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61. Death Certificate of Lula L. MASSICOT (MSA No. s1488 Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Division of VitalRecords Certificate # 08530), Maryland State Archives, 350 Rowe Boulevard, Annapolis, MD 21401, Toll Free 800-235-4045, Fax 410-974-2525. "Maryland State Department of HealthDivision of Statistacal Research and Records, 301. W. Preston Street,Baltimore 1, MarylandCertificate of Death 085301 Place of Deatha. County, Baltimore Marylandb. City or Town, Towsonc. Length of Stay in 1b __d. Name of Hospital or Institution:  Pressbyterian Home of Md.2. Usual Residence: a. Maryland b. ___c. City or Town: Baltimore 21230d. Street Address: 1412 Woodall Streete. Is residence on a farm: No3. Name of Deceased:  Lula L. MASSICOT4. Date of Death (month day year) June 22 (2 is written over with a 3),19705 Sex: Female6. Color or Race:  White7. Married, Widowed, Never married, Divorced:  Widowed8. Date of Birth:  Jan. 17, 18799. Age (in years at last birthday) 91yrs10. a Usual Occupation: Housewife10b. Kind of Business or Industry:  at Home11. Birthplace:  South Carolina12:  Citizen of What Country:  USA13.  Fathers Name:  Benjamin F. RICHMOND14. Mothers Maiden Name:  Louisa T. MOORE15. Was Deceased ever in Armed Forces: NO16 Social Security Number: 219-12-707617. Informant:  Howard B. STOCKSDALE-2 E. Lexington St.18. Cause of Death:  Part 1 Death Was Caused by (a) Inanition (onset anddeath) 1 Month(b) Due to: Generalized Arteriosclerosis (onset and death) YearsPart II Other significant causes:__19. Was autopsy performed: NO20a. Accident was underlying or contrubiting cause of death: __20b. Describe how injury occured: ____20c. Time of Injury: ___20d. Injury occurred at work, not at work: ____20e. Place of injury: ___20f. City, County, State:____21. I certify that I attended the deceased from 6/23/ 19_70_, that Ilast saw the deceased alive on _, and that death occurred at 7:25PM fromthe causes and on the date stated above.
22a: Signature:  Donald. L. SOMERVILLE M.D. Attending Phys.22b. 6/24/7023a. Burial, Cremation, Removal:  Cremation23b. Date Thereof:  June 25. 7023c. Name of Cemetery or Crematory:  Greenmount Crematory23d. Location: Baltimore, Maryland24. Funeral Director's Signature: H. Sander & Sons, Inc., Baltimore, Md.25.a. Rec'd by Registrar: June 26, 197025b. Registrar:  Illegible:.".

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18. Marie Mildred Massicot, The Family History Pages of Marie Mildred Massicot, Wendy Lee Massicot Mayfield, PSC 1 Box 798, APO AE 09009, e-mail:[email protected] or wendyma, http://pweb.interquest/~mayfieldk/index.h. "Records that Robert Massicot died as a young man of Pulmonary TB, in Baltimore MDRecords that Margaret Appel died of old age, housewife, German, Baltimore MDRecords that Edith Massicot Wiest, died of old age, date of death also 24 Nov 1963, died of old age, housewife, mother of two children one of whom died with TB of liver.Records that Robert Massicot son of Robert and Margaret , Diabetes Mellitus Also, dob listed as 10 Oct 1878, also old ageRecords that Paul William Massicot, Died of Coronary Thrombosis, age 64.  Explosive temprament, Rout Agent for So. Express Co.  Owned Drug Store, Bank Director Columus, Muscogee Co., GARecords that Margaret Massicot Schmidt died Carcinoma Breast, metastasis to bones., died of cancer of Breast, and senility at 69 years of ageRecords that Lula Lida Richmond Massicot, died of old age, died JE 23 1970, Arterosclerosis at 91 yearRecords that William Leary Massicot, died of Ruptured  Aneurysm of Brain died at age 63, Florida, 4 Jul 1969(According to other chart, dian born 24 Apr 1943) Records that Dian Massicot Frian,was living  610 W. Buena Vista Apt 3, N. Augusta SC 29841 Premature Bith At Homestead FLRecords that RICHMOND, Benjamin Franklin, died of Coronary born 22 Oct  (overstrike date year) died 17 Jun 1922 at 79 years of age, Atlanta GA." These Family History Pages were compiled by Marie Mildred Massicot before her death in 1988.  The list medical, death, relationship and other information she thought might benefit the family research.

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