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A family reunion for the descendants/relatives of Sampson and Sarah Nichols will be held on July 15, 2001 at the farm purchased by John Nichols in 1907 in Iuka, Marion Co., Illinois. This farm is located on Underpass Road, south of Route 50, east of Iuka. Below is a list of the known ancestors of Sampson and Sarah (Harrison) Nichols.

* William Nichols b. 2/10/1794 in Virginia, d. 12/21/1879 in Nodaway Co., Missouri, m. Nancy East 1/6/1819 in Adams Co., Ohio

* Nancy East b. 11/18/1802 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia, d. 3/18/1885 in Nodaway Co., Missouri

* Vincent Harrison b. 1801, d. 7/25/1857 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana, m. Nancy Keith in 1830

* Nancy Keith b. 1/13/1811, d. 5/20/1848 in Barholomew Co., Indiana

* Isaac East b. 1776 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia, d. 8/29/1830 in Locust Grove, Adams Co., Ohio, m. Joyce Pemberton on 12/16/1799 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia

* Joyce Pemberton b. 1/17/1780 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia, d. about 1858 in Adams Co., Ohio

* Walter Keith m. Mary Creamer on 5/5/1796 in Berkeley Co., Virginia

* Thomas East b. about 1745, d. 9/1797 in Henrico, Virginia, m. Obedience East

* Obedience East b. about 1749 in Charlotte, Virginia, d. 4/1805

* William Pemberton b. 1/30/1748 in Maniken Town, Culpepper Co., Virginia, d. about 1823 in Locust Grove, Franklin Twp., Adams Co., Ohio, m. Rhoda Luck in 6/1775 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia

* Rhoda Luck b. 10/24/1755 in Pittslyvania Co., Virginia, d. 1/1/1845 in Locust Grove, Franklin Twp. Adams Co., Ohio To hear more about the reunion, please click on the link at the bottom of this page entitled Reunion Page.

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