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Woolsey Genealogy Website

Provided by
Wilford Whitaker
Carolyn Woolsey Wilkerson

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Woolsey Myths
by Wilford Whitaker

This website is devoted to generally cited "facts" about the WOOLSEY family throughout the United States, that remain "facts" despite evidence to the contrary. Not all of these MYTHS can be proven wrong, but in all cases the preponderance of the latest evidence indicates an alternative explanation. Of course, evidence is often discovered after the myths were originally formed that leads us to correct the myth. - Wilford Whitaker

  The Woolseys are descended from and/or are related to Thomas Wolsey, Lord Cardinal.
  The name Woolsey (Wolsey), Woosley and Wolseley are interchangeable & related.
  The Woolsey family is entitled to a coat-of-arms.
  The Woolseys are from Ireland. (and) The Woolseys are from Wales.
  The parents of George Woolsey are Rev. Benjamin Wolsey & ___ Hooks, of Rotterdam and America.
  George Woolsey was baptized in the St. Lawrence Church in Yarmouth, Norfolk.
  George Woolsey came to Plymouth Colony in America in 1623.
  George Woolsey was an apprentice to Isaac Allerton, of the first Mayflower.
  George Woolsey & Family Land Records in and around Jamaica, Queens County, Long Island, NY
  George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell only had seven children.
  Captain George Woolsey, (Jr.), son of George & Rebecca had two wives.
  Amos Woolsey (about 1784-1860), is said to have first married a Phebe Briggs

To all interested Woolsey descendants:

Over the years, there have been hard-working, dedicated researchers who have freely shared their research and family lines with the family. Some of the results of this research we have put on the Woolsey Website in order to make them more available to others. As I have studied the Woolsey files, I am struck with the notion that this family history research is much like studying forensics files. We are trying to find the truth.

My wife enjoys "Forensic Files" and that program with a female Medical Examiner. She enjoys watching the facts emerge and how they relate to one another. Those programs are a little too mundane for me and I like something with more "pizazz" and excitement. My taste runs to "CSI" and "NCIS" for forensic drama.

I believe the Woolsey Family Researchers fit into these dramas very well. They are assiduous in collecting data, from multiple sources, then meticuously examine each bit and process it accordingly, then postulate a certain outcome, based on the facts they have examined.

So, although we do not have a highly skilled forensic scientist like Abby, (who my daughter dressed up as for Halloween, not the "Marilyn Monroe" character, but as the "forensic scientist") with all her delightful quirks, we do have highly skilled ladies who painstakingly search out the census records, marriages and births of their ancestors and add to the general knowledge, such as the late, lamented Val Buchanan (God Rest Her Soul) who took on the task of bringing her Woolsey line to fruition, which she did over a period of several years and then shared her findings with us.

And we do not have a geeky (read hacker) Agent Timothy, we are blessed with several men who are working hard to complete their Woolsey connections, for example, Jeff Miller and Gary Putnam, who have taken on the task of identifying all the Richard Woolseys and Daniel Woolseys in New York State before 1800, a daunting task, and one in which they are making considerable headway.

I have not run across a young man with arrested development and powerful hormones that has trapped a grown man within the confines of a teenage mindset, such as special agent De Nozzo, but every once in a while, we hear from teenagers who are working on such projects as Woolseys in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War and other family projects.

And we like to think we have found several older gentlemen, with a great deal of knowledge and the willingness to share it, along with the ability to verbalize that knowledge and experience, such as the delightful Dr. Ducky. So, on the Internet we can all come together in our own "laboratory" and share insights, discoveries, and ideas.

One thing we all have in common is the desire to discover the TRUTH regarding the lives of our Woolsey (and related) ancestors. And also the desire to find where our family fits into the mainspring of American Life. Where were they when some of the momentuous decisions were made in the passage of time? What was their role in the colonization of America? The settlement of the frontiers? What was their role in the events leading up to the Revolutionary War? Some responded with the Patriots and Revolutionaries and supported the break-up with Great Britain, while others responded with new loyalty to the British Crown and became known as Loyalists.

What did they think of the dire consequences preceeding the Civil War? How did they respond when the call to arms was made? Again, some responded to the call of the South and fought for the right of states to seceed and to keep slavery a state's issue, while others responded to the call of the Union and fought to maintain the Union and to abolish slavery. But each responded according to the dictates of their own conscience.

And Woolseys and their descendants have responded to every call since for militia and military service. And part of our task has been to know where each fit into the overall grand scheme of things. So, may we suggest that you continue to research and look for all the "good things" you can find. And continue to share them with all of us. Thank you for your great help and continued interest. Best wishes.

Sincerely, Wilford W. Whitaker

Favorite Quote:
"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage - to know who we are and where we came from. - Alex Haley.

Articles of Interest

by Wilford Whitaker

Momma - A short story of Abigail Schaeffer Woolsey by Wilford W Whitaker - submitted to Sons of the Utah Pioneers

Thomas Woolsey, Pioneer by Wilford W Whitaker - submitted to Sons of the Utah Pioneers

Records of Interest

by Wilford Whitaker

  On A Personal Note
  Woolsey Chronology
  Woolsey Coat of Arms
  Woolsey, George Sr.
  Tjaerts Wolcy 1616 - 1698 (George "Joris" Woolsey)
  George Wolsey Records
  Woolsey Burying Grounds
  John Woolsey of England, Maryland, and Hempstead, Long Island, New York
  Woolsey Manor, Maryland
  Thomas Woolsey (1805-1897)
  Abigail Schaeffer Woolsey (1786-1848)
  Woolsey First Names
  What's In A Name - Derivation of Surnames and of the Woolsey name.
  Dutch Naming Patterns
  Primary Source
  Researching Woolsey Wills in Norfolk England
  Places in Norfolk, England
  Extracts from the Journal & Diary of Richard I. Woolsey, of Milton, Ulster, NY
  Woolsey's Lost in Ohio
  Wilford Relaxing
   Forty-Niners - Woolsey's & The Rush for Gold
  Woolsey Mansions

Wilford's Funnies

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  Dutch Humor & Music
  My Friend Saul
  The Census Taker

Behind the Scenes

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  Wilford Whitaker & Willy's Wizened Wizards Website
  Carolyn Woolsey Wilkerson - Webmaster
  Steven Alsip
  James Woolsey
  AusChuck's Home Page
  Frank Mitchell & The Sloan Connection
  Heather's page by Heather Blair




  Burial Places George "Joris" Woolsey and Immediate Family
  Cemetery - burial places for the family & descendants of Joseph Woolsey (1771-1839)
  Cemetery Stories
  Crawford County, Missouri, Cemetery
  Herkimer County, New York, Cemeteries
  Monroe County, New York, Cemeteries
  Old Town Cemetery, Newburgh, New York
  South Perinton Cemetery, New York
  Suffork County, New York, Cemeteries
  Ulster County, New York, Old Gravestones and Cemetery Inscriptions
  Caney Branch Cemetery, Greene County, Tennessee
  Oak Hill Cemetery, Janesville, Wisconsin

  Fayette County, Iowa
  Rock County, Wisconsin
  Walworth County, Wisconsin

  Deeds Research - Wilford Whitaker
  Sharon, Litchfield, Connecticut, Deeds
  Fayette County, Iowa, Deeds
  Franklin County, Illinois, Deeds
  Morgan County, Illinois, Deeds
  Crawford County, Missouri, Deeds & Probates
  Bedford, Westchester County, New York, Deeds
  Cayuga County, New York, Deeds
  Columbia County, New York, Deeds & Probates
  Delaware County, New York, Deeds
  Dutchess County, New York - Abstracts of Deeds
  Dutchess County, New York Probate Packets - Loose Papers Files From Surrocate Office
  Herkimer County, New York, Deeds
  Macomb County, New York, Deeds
  New York City, New York, Conveyances/Deeds
  New York Province Deeds
  Onondaga County, New York Deeds
  Orange County, New York Deeds
  Putnam County, New York Deeds
  Saratoga County, New York Deeds
  Suffolk County, New York Deeds
  Ulster County, New York Deeds
  Ulster County, New York Deeds (1685-1850) Ancient Roads, Patents & Land Grants
  Westchester County, New York, Deeds
  Wyoming County, New York, Deeds
  Rock County, Wisconsin, Deeds and Probates
  Walworth County, Wisconsin, Deeds

  Land Records of the Woolsey Family in and around Jamaica, Queens County, Long Island, New York
  Allotment of Meadow to the Early Families of Jamaica, Long Island
  Greene County, TN, Real Estate Conveyances
   South Carolina Land Records

  New York City, New York, Mortgages

  George Woolsey - First Fireman and Militia Man of New Amsterdam
  George "Joris" Woolsey - Military Service
   Smyth County, VA, - Revolutionary Patriots
  Woolsey's in New York Military Service   Woolsey's in Andersonville Prison
  Dutchess County, New York, Woolseys
  Genealogical Data From Inventories of New York Estates 1666-1825

  Herkimer County, New York, Probates
  New York Province Probates
  Orange County, New York, Probates
  Ulster County, New York, Probates
  Westchester County, New York, Probates

  Tax Assessment List for the County of Ulster, 1716/7

  Suffolk County, New York Session Book

  England Wills
  Norfolk County, England Wills [from 1360 to 1650]
  Early Long Island, New York, Wills
  New York State Will - Testors Index
  New York City Wills
  Kings County, New York Wills
  Orange County, New York, Wills
  Rhode Island Wills
  Ulster County, New York, Probates and Wills
  Ulster County, NY, Will Testators
  Virginia Wills
  Westchester County, New York, Wills

  Woolsey Mansions
  Woolsey Bible Records
  References to Woolsey Family Bibles & Bibles with Woolsey References
  Family Bible Records of John "Sweet Hollow Giant" Woolsey (1761-1850)
  Family Bible Records of Samuel Woolsey (1776-1845) Bible Records
  The Woolsey, Teed and Brisco Bible of Colechester
  Bible records of Henry Woolsey 1796 - 1870
  The family Bible of Lyda and Vola Padgett
  God, A Hundred Years and A Free Will Baptist Family
  Three Weeks at Gettysburg
  Reminiscence of a Civil War Nurse
  Supernumerary, or the Lights and Shadows of the Itinerancy
  To Young To Travel Abroad
  Moving On by Elmo M Woolsey
  Library of Wilford Whitaker
  Greene County, Tennesse Record Books
  Greeneville, Greene, TN - T Elmer Cox, Historical & Genealogical Collection
  Genealogical Glossary

  Postcards by Lillian Woolsey Hunter - Artist
  Bottle-Cap World by Clarence and Grace Woolsey - Artists
  Doctor Clinton N Woolsey
  Photos by R P Whitaker - Photographer
  Reverends and Ministers in the Woolsey Family

  Woolseys and Ships

  Woolsey's of Sonoma, California
  Woolsey's of Ione, Armador, California
  Help - Finding Woolsey's in California
  Places with the Woolsey Name
  Census Taker

  CENSUS - ODDS & ENDS    Institution for the Blind, Jacksonville, Morgan, Illinois - 1860 June 18
   Sacramento Diety 4th Ward
   Utah State Prison, Sugar Precint, Salt Lake City, Utah - 1900 June 4
  Morgan County Jail, Jacksonville, IL - 1860 June 18
  Sapulpa, Creek, Oklahoma, Children's Home
  FREEDOM   They Signed the Declaration of Independence
  Ol Glory Reigns
  American Immigrants
  Freedom, A Treasure - by Wilford Whitaker

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