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Woolsey's Buried in Long Island, NY Cemeteries

Long Island Burial Places

It came as a surprise to me that some of the Ancient Burial Grounds on Long Island are still being used and are open to the public.

Most of the early Woolseys are buried on Long Island. Is there anyone living close by who could investigate these cemeteries and take pictures, and transcribe names, etc.

What is really available from these cemeteries? Does anyone know?

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has an interest.

Sincerely, Wilford W. Whitaker

Queens County

Prospect Cemetery, Queens County, New York, begun in 1640, Beaver Road off Jamaica Avenue, one of Long Island's oldest Cemeteries, Jamaica, New York. 11432. [Accessible to the public]

1. George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell, our Immigrant Ancestors:
  • George Woolsey - died in Jamaica, 17 Aug 1698.
  • Rebecca Cornell - was buried in Jamaica, 5 Feb 1713, aged 91 years.
    ISSUE: Sarah, George, Thomas, Rebecca, John, Mary, [William & Mary].
  • REF: Town Records of Jamaica, L. I., Vol. 1 pp 35,36, 39; New York 5:13; 6:28; NY Dutch Baptisms, 1:27; Thompson's History of Long Island, 2:437.

2. Thomas Wiggins and Rebecca Woolsey, daughter of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell
  • Prospect Cemetery at Jamaica, Long Island, New York. FHL Film # 017713. p. 86. Thomas Wiggins d 1728, ye 9 Dec (rest not readable).
  • Ladd, Horatio Oliver, THE ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF GRACE CHURCH, Jamaica, New York. The Shakespeare Press. New York. 1914. p. 287.
    • Buried Thos Wiggins xber 12, 1728 at Jamaica. [In those days, March was the first month of the year, so "xber" would be the 10th month ("x" = 10) or December.]
    • Rebecca Wiggins 8ber 19, 1731 at Jamaica. [ "8ber" would be 8th month or October]

Old Jamaica Cemetery, North of Jamaica, Long Island, New York

3. Captain George Woolsey, Jr. II, son of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell
  • Capt. George Woolsey [Jr.] - Old Jamaica Cemetery, North of Jamaica, Long Island, New York
  • Captain George Woolsey and Hannah Van Zandt, son of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell
    Elting, Clarence J. "Ulster County cemetery Inscriptions." 1941. FHL film #017128, item near the beginning of film. Glen Cove (Dosoris), L. I., NY - Old Burial Grounds in the vicinity of Glen Cove. "Woolsey Burial Grounds. Doson's. Copied in Oct 1867. J. T. Bonne. Here lies interred The Body of Capt. George Woolsey Who was born in New York Oct ye 10th 1652 & Departed this life Jany ye 19th 1740/1 in ye 90th year of his age. (Red Stone)

    CORR: Dyane McIndoe [email protected] I have recently photographed and transcribed the Woolsey Burial Ground in Glen Cove, NY.
    I have added the information to Find A Grave.
    Here is a link to the listing
    I've also worked on Fort Hill, Youngs, Prospect and many others. You can search within that site for those cemeteries or for individual people.
    Dyane McIndoe

    4. Thomas Smith and Rachel ________'s daughter Hannah Smith md George Woolsey III
    • Klett, Joseph R. GENEALOGIES OF NEW JERSEY FAMILIES. From the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey. Volume 1. Families A - Z. Pre-American Notes on Old New Netherland Families. "The Smith Family of Bedford, NY and Maidenhead, NJ" by Lewis D. Cook, F.A.S.G. p. 751 ff. "Jasper Smith, Jr. married about 1725 Keziah Smith, d/o "Mr." Thomas Smith of Jamaica, L.I. She died 2 Nov 1779, aged 77 years per gravestone inscription with her husband's. [Keziah Smith Smith's children are then listed.] N.B. Mr. Thomas Smith d. 12 Oct 1722 in his 70th yr. (grave stone, Prospect Cem., Jamaica, Long Island). Thomas Smith and his wife Rachel also had a daughter Hannah Smith who married Capt. George Woolsey III (b 1682), who went to New Jersey.

    5. John Woolsey and Abigail _______, son of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell
    • John Woolsey - Old Jamaica Cemetery, North of Jamaica, Long Island, New York
    • Woolsey, Robert M. THE WOOLSEY FAMILY --- A Genealogy in the form of annotated Family Charts. 1939-1969 The NYG&B Society. 2.121. John b. Jamaica, (Long Island), N.Y. Res. there to as late as 1711. 83(Jan 1874) Id. M.R.Ruble, May 1968. 84 p3. Editor's note: John Woolsey (1661-1729) is said to be buried in a "Woolsey Family Cemetery in Jamaica" 84; is there or was there such a thing? This page seems to me (Robert M. Woolsey) to be somewhat conjectural." [14 Jan 1970].

    6. Mary Woolsey, young daughter of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell
    • Mary Woolsey died bef 1673, probably buried in the Jamaica Cemetery.

    7. William Woolsey, young son of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell
    • William Woolsey died bef 1686, probably buried in the Jamaica Cemetery

    8. Charles Williamson and Mary Woolsey, daughter of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell
    • Mary Woolsey died after 1731, possibly in Jamaica, but not known, nor her husband Charles Williamson.

    Grace Church Graveyard (1730), 155-24 90th Avenue, Jamaica.
    Woolsey may be buried here also. [This churchyard is open to the public.]

    Suffolk County

    Old Burying Ground (1703), Main Street, Huntington, Suffolk, Long Island, New York.
    Some of the Woolseys must be buried here. It is possible that John Woolsey & Abigail ______are buried here. [See above]

    Nassau County

    Youngs Memorial Cemetery (1658), Cove Road, Oyster Bay.
    Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President (1858-1919), is buried here

    Fort Hill Burying Ground (1668), Simcoe Street, Oyster Bay.

    Dosoris Cemetery, Glen Cove, Oyster Bay

    Kings County

    Green Wood Cemetery
    Woolseys are buried here.

    New Town, Long Island

    Friends' Cemetery
    William Hallet and Sarah Woolsey, daughter of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell

    Westchester County

    Union Cemetery, Bedford
    Thomas Woolsey and Ruth Baylis, son of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell

    Thomas Woolsey buried in the Old Bedford Cemetery and moved to Union Cemetery
    Ruth Baylis buried in the Old Bedford Cemetery, not known if she was moved.