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Agatha Woolsey (1814-1866)

Descendants of Agatha Ann Woolsey (1814-1866)

AGATHA ANN9 WOOLSEY (JOSEPH8 , RICHARD7 , THOMAS6 , RICHARD5 , THOMAS4 , GEORGE "JORIS"3 , GEORGE SR2 , WILLIAM WOLSEY1) was born January 18, 1814 in KY - Fishing Creek, Lincoln (Pulaski), and died June 04, 1866 in UT - New Harmony, Washington. She married JOHN DOYLE LEE July 23, 1833 in IL - Randolph, son of RALPH LEE and ELIZABETH DOYLE. He was born September 06, 1812 in IL - Kaskaskia, Randolph, and died March 23, 1877 in UT - Mountain Meadows, Washington.


Photo: Photo: Wilford Whitaker writes, "Here is a photo that I thought was a photo of Abigail Schaeffer Woolsey, wife of Joseph Woolsey. It was on an old tin-type and McKnight of CA has almost convinced me that tin-type (1856) was too late to be of Abigail. So, it must be a photo of Abigail Schaeffer's daughter Aggatha Woolsey, wife of John D. Lee, but she must have looked much like her mother. Here is a photo of a much younger Aggatha. - WWW

Burial: June 05, 1866, UT - New Harmony, Washington, Utah
Family Researcher: Carolyn Gibbons
Source of information:

At the above website was recorded the following:
"John was tried and a shot after being found guilty of causing the massacre at Mountain Meadows in southwestern Utah. After his trial he was transported back to Mountain Meadows for his execution which as the author of the article stated was probably another attempt to arrange the stage props for the final tragedy, a last effort to break his will.
During his last statement he remained calm; he spoke clearly; he asked only that his executioners center his heart and not mutilate his body. Five simultaneous shots rang out. He fell back into the coffin upon which he sat and died without a struggle. He was buried in the cemetery at Panguitch where a simple shaft marked his grave.

Today his published diaries have brought him before the world in his true light as a man of great ability and integrity, and above all, a man of deep and true loyalty to his Church. Perhaps others of his records may be found in future years to shed light upon the tragic period which is still clouded, but it is likely that, if found, those will only increase the stature of the man who now stands as a lonely, tragic figure, one of the great among the builders of the western empire."

Following message from Valerie:
"I have discovered that I am related to these WOOLSEYS, and to John D. LEE, who built "LEE'S FERRY" on the Colorado River in Northern Arizona, near the Utah border, a place I've visited many many times. This is also where I spent my honeymoon.

See a picture of this wonderful place at

Lee's Ferry is recognized as being the beginning of the Grand Canyon. All mileages along the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon are based on Mile 0 at Lee's Ferry.

Another photo of John D. Lee is at this website

Lee's Ferry is named for John D. Lee, who was instructed by Brigham Young, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to build a ferry across the Colorado River above the Grand Canyon. Lee moved part of his family (two of his nineteen wifes and a number of children) to the area in 1871 and in the year following began construction of the ferry. The ferry operated until 1928, when a bridge was finally constructed across the Colorado River at Marble Canyon.

Children of AGATHA WOOLSEY and JOHN LEE are:
    i.   WILLIAM OLIVER9 LEE, b. July 03, 1834, IL - Vandalia, Fayette; d. September 05, 1835, IL - Vandalia, Fayette.
    ii.   ELIZABETH ADELINE LEE, b. April 08, 1836, IL - Lucky Creek, Vandalia, Fayette; d. April 16, 1838, IL - Lucky Creek, Vandalia, Fayette.
    iii.   SARAH JANE LEE, b. April 08, 1837, IL - Lucky Creek, Vandalia, Fayette; d. April 16, 1837, IL - Lucky Creek, Vandalia, Fayette.
2.   iv.   SARAH JANE LEE, b. March 03, 1838, IL - Lucky Creek, Vandalia, Fayette; d. March 27, 1915, UT - Panguitch, Garfield.
    v. JOHN ALMA LEE, b. August 26, 1840, IL - Nauvoo, Hancock; d. September 11, 1881.
    vi. MARY ADELINE LEE, b. August 24, 1842, IL - Nauvoo, Hancock; m. (1) DON CARLOS SHURTZ, August 23, 1857, UT; m. (2) MARCUS H DARROW, January 01, 1858, UT.
    vii.   JOSEPH HYRUM LEE, b. July 12, 1844, IL - Nauvoo, Hancock; d. April 25, 1932, UT - St George, Washington; m. (1) MARY ELIZABETH WOOLSEY, January 28, 1880, UT; b. January 12, 1848, IA - Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie; d. April 29, 1899, AZ - Tuba City, Coconino; m. (2) CATHERINE CLARISSA WOOLSEY, January 28, 1880, UT - Kanosh, Millard; b. February 15, 1864, UT - Cedar City, Iron; d. October 17, 1934, OR - Portland, Multnomah.
        More About JOSEPH HYRUM LEE:
Burial: April 27, 1932, UT - St George, Washington

Burial: May 01, 1899, AZ - Tuba City, Coconino

Burial: October 20, 1934, OR - Portland, Multnomah
Christening: June 1864, UT - Cedar City, Iron
    viii.   HEBER JOHN LEE, b. August 15, 1846, NE - Nebraska Territory (Winter Quarters); d. 1847, NE - Nebraska Territory (Summer Quarters).
    ix.   JOHN WILLARD LEE, b. October 11, 1849, UT - Big Cottonwood, Utah; d. October 07, 1923; m. LUCINDA MARGARET CLARK.
    x.   LOUISA EVELINE LEE, b. October 16, 1860, UT - Big Cottonwood, Utah; d. September 04, 1932; m. WILLIAM PRINCE.
    xi.   SAMUEL GULLEY LEE, b. May 26, 1853, UT - New Harmony, Washington; d. March 04, 1897; m. REBECCA ANN ALEXANDER.
    xii.   EZRA TAFT LEE, b. May 14, 1856, UT - Fort Harmony, Washington; d. September 19, 1925; m. ANNIE E HAMBLIN.

SARAH JANE10 LEE (AGATHA ANN9 , JOSEPH8 , RICHARD7 , THOMAS6 , RICHARD5 , THOMAS4 , GEORGE "JORIS"3 , GEORGE SR2 , WILLIAM WOLSEY1) was born March 03, 1838 in IL - Lucky Creek, Vandalia, Fayette, and died March 27, 1915 in UT - Panguitch, Garfield. She married (1) GEORGE M UNDERWOOD. She married (2) CHARLES WAKEMAN DALTON December 31, 1852 in UT - Parowan, Iron, son of SIMON COOKER and ANNA ANNABELLE. He was born July 10, 1826 in PA - Wysox, Bradford, and died June 18, 1883 in UT - Beaver, Beaver.

Burial: March 29, 1915, UT - Panguitch, Garfield

    i.   JOSEPH HEBER10 DALTON, b. September 13, 1850, UT - Cedar City, Iron; d. February 23, 1930, AZ - Phoenix, Maricopa; m. NANCY LEE, January 26, 1882, UT - St George, Washington; b. January 22, 1850, UT - Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake; d. February 27, 1931, AZ - Phoenix, Maricopa.
        About JOSEPH HEBER DALTON: Burial: 1930, AZ - Phoenix, Maricopa.

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