Descendants of George II Woolsey (1652-1739)

Descendants of George II Woolsey (1652-1739)

CAPT. GEORGE II WOOLSEY (GEORGE "JORIS"3 , GEORGE SR2 , WILLIAM WOLSEY1), ) was born October 10, 1652 in Flushing, Long Island, New York, and died January 9, 1740 in Dosoris, Long Island, New York. He married HANNAH (Possible last name VAN ZANDT but not documented!) 1678 in Jamaica, Long Island, New York. She was born Abt 1655.

Baptism: October 12, 1652, Old Dutch Church, New Netherland
Burial: Old Jamaica Cemetery, Jamaica, Long Island, NY
Source of Information 1: Wilford W Whitaker Capt. George Woolsey and his wife Rebecca, resided for a time with his son Rev. Benjamin at "Dosoris", the estate which came into the possession of the Woolsey family about 1693 as the dowry of Rev. Benjamin's wife Abigail Taylor. Before this time it had been owned by only two white men since its purchase Nov. 24, 1668, from Agulon, Areming, Gohan, Nothan, Yamalamok and Chogloman, chiefs of the Matinecock Indians.

"Dosoris" located two miles north of Glen Cove, L.I. It was there Rev. Benjamin Woolsey built a church, and preached in it gratuitously for many years, and for all who came a distance to hear him a free dinner was prepared. Many descendants of this family are living in the vicinity today but years ago this beautiful estate passed from their control, though it still retains the name "Dosoris" (dos Uxoris, the wife's dowry) given to it by Rev. Benjamin Woolsey. The Woolsey burial ground located upon this estate is reserved to the family forever. (From the pages of "Family of George Wood Woolsey & Sarah Nelson" by Hester Woolsey Brewer, 1939. Other sources of information: "Mathers Refugees 1776.)

1999 March 16, from Wilford W. Whitaker:
The following was received 1 Jul 1998 from Harry Macy, Editor of the NYG&BR: New York Public Library, Rare Books and Manuscripts Division James Riker Papers, Memoria vol. 30, p. 187. "Extracts from an old manuscript book formerly belonging to Capt. William Hallett of Newtown (who died in 1729 age 81) and now in possession of one of his descendants, Marvin R. Briggs of New York, 1851." An Acount of the agees of Mr George Woolseys George Woolsey was born in New York October ye 10 1652. October ye 12 he was baptized in ye Dutch Church - Mrs Newton godmother

2000 Sept 14, from Wilford W Whitaker
I have a microfilm I purchased from Yale Library (along with pertinent Woolsey Family papers) on the following: George Woolsey, Jr. (1652-1740) was known as Captain George Woolsey, and he was captain of militia from Jamaica, Long Island, New York.

I have a microfilm copy from Yale Library of "Captain George Woolsey's Accounts 1603-1703 of a general store in Jamaica, Long Island, kept by Capt. Geo. Woolsey (52 pp), continued by his grandson Melancthon Taylor Woolsey (1720-1758) (p. 53-83), followed by personal accounts - 1759 - 1766-1770) of the latter's wife Rebecca (Lloyd) Woolsey (1718-1796). This record contains little genealogical data, but is extremely interesting in adding more light to their daily lives.

Also, I purchased from Yale Library, pertinent Woolsey family papers that do contain some family data. I am in the process of researching those papers and making a card index of the microfilm in order to write a little more about their daily lives.

Capt. George Woolsey [Jr.] - Old Jamaica Cemetery, North of Jamaica, Long Island, New York. Captain George Woolsey and Hannah Van Zandt, son of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell.

Elting, Clarence J. "Ulster County cemetery Inscriptions." 1941. FHL film #017128, item near the beginning of film. Glen Cove (Dosoris), L. I., NY - Old Burial Grounds in the vicinity of Glen Cove. "Woolsey Burial Grounds. Doson's. Copied in Oct 1867. J. T. Bonne. Here lies interred The Body of Capt. George Woolsey Who was born in New York Oct ye 10th 1652 & Departed this life Jany ye 19th 1740/1 in ye 90th year of his age. (Red Stone)

  1. GEORGE III WOOLSEY, b. 1682, NY - Jamaica, Long Island; d. 1761, NJ - Hopewell Township, Hunterdon, Mercer; m. HANNAH SMITH, New York.

  2. DANIEL WOOLSEY, b. Abt 1685; m. MARY WARD VAN VOLZEN, 1741, New Jersey.
    MILITARY: Revolutionary War

    From Wilford Whitaker:
    As you know, I am trying to gather as much information as I can and "document" the WOOLSEY family. I think I am making good progress, though not as quickly as I would like. The following record gives us an earlier Daniel WOOLSEY that has not shown up in the family records:

    Collections of the New York Historical Society for the year 1893. Publication Fund Series. New York. Printed for the Society. 1893. p. 105-106. ABSTRACTS OF WILLS - Liber 8:196. Will of Hope Carpenter. I, Hope Carpenter, of Jamaica in Queens County, being somewhat infirm in body, I leave to my wife Mary Carpenter one-half of all that my land with house and orchard which lyeth at Hopewell in West Jersey, and all my moveable estate during her life or widowhood. To eldest son Hope Carpenter, 10 shillings, second son Asmun Carpenter one-third of my land that lyeth at Hopewell in West Jersey, bounded west by Thomas Burroughs and George Wooley [sic]. Third son Hezekiah Carpenter one-third of the same land, and to my fourth son John, the remaining third, of my said land bounded east by
    Samuel Fish, with my house and orchard thereon, after the death of my wife. I leave to my only daughter Hannah Carpenter, 100 Pounds, etc. Dated 8 Jan 1712. Witnesses: Deborah Ward, DANIEL WOOLSEY, Nehemiah Smith. Proved 13 May 1713. John Muirhead of Hopewell in county of Burlington, New Jersey, principal creditor has purchased all the rights of the children in the estate.

    George Woolsey, the Immigrant, and Rebecca Cornell
    George Woolsey, Jr. and Hannah Van Zandt
    George Woolsey, III and Hannah Smith Daniel Woolsey
    to Hopewell, Burlington, New Jersey Of Jamaica, Long Island, NY

    The above George Wooley is George Woolsey III, son of George Woolsey, Jr. and Hannah Van Zandt [By the way, does any have have actual proof that this Hannah's maiden name was actually Van Zandt? I have a deed in which George Woolsey, Jr.'s wife was named Hannah, but her maiden name was not
    given.] George Woolsey III md Hannah Smith (d/o of Thomas Smith) and they were among the earliest settlers of Hopewell, Burlington County, New Jersey.

    Now the name I am actually concerned with here is DANIEL WOOLSEY, one of the above witnesses to Hope Carpenter's will.

    The will was made and witnessed 8 Jan 1712, which means that DANIEL WOOLSEY must have been about 21 by that date, and would have had to have been born before 1691.

    DANIEL WOOLSEY could have been a son of Thomas or John Woolsey, but I have tentatively assigned him as a son of George Woolsey, Jr. and Hannah Van Zandt because of the above will, which mentions George Woolsey III (in that case a brother) and because George Woolsey III named one of his sons Daniel (born about 1724).

    Not very good reasoning, I acknowledge, but remember, no one else has mentioned this DANIEL WOOLSEY before, at least that I have been able to find.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, or perhaps documents that could throw some light on this individual, DANIEL WOOLSEY, born about 1685, and in 1712 was still living in Jamaica, Long Island, New York?

  3. REV BENJAMIN WOOLSEY, b. November 19, 1687, NY - Oyster Bay, Jamaica; d. August 14, 1756, NY - Dosoris, Glen Cove, Long Island; m. ABIGAIL TAYLOR, August 11, 1710, NY - Newtown, Long Island; b. Abt 1693; d. March 29, 1771, CT - Stamford, Fairfield.

  4. LIEUT JOSEPH WOOLSEY, b. Abt 1691; m. DEBORAH COLES, 1718.
    Elting, Clarence J. "Ulster County cemetery Inscriptions." 1941. FHL film #017128, item near the beginning of film. Glen Cove (Dosoris), L. I., NY - Old Burial Grounds in the vicinity of Glen Cove. "Woolsey Burial Grounds. Doson's. Copied in Oct 1867. J. T. Bonne.
    Here lies the
    Body of L't.
    Joseph Woolsey
    Who de'cd March
    ye 2d 1749/50
    aged 58 years.
    (Stone of Red Sand Stone)

  5. SARAH WOOLSEY, m. JOHN WOOLSEY, 1712; b. 1691, NY - Jamaica, Queens; d. November 1751, NY - Bedford, Westchester. Burial: Old Bedford Cem, Bedford, New York
    WILL: Left will in Bedford naming wife, Sarah, son Gilbert, brothers William Jonathan and Richard Woolsey.

    NOTE: LDS records AFN: 9V5N-B1
    John and Sarah lived in Jamaica, Long Island, and died in Bedford, Westchester, New York.

    Burial: Old Bedford Cem, Bedford, New York
    Family Reseacher: Richard Alan Mingus
    Family Researcher: Eleanor Birkel Woolsey
    Source of Information: Wilford Whitaker



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