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Allotment of Meadow to the Early Families of Jamaica, Long Island

Allotment of Meadow to the Early Families of Jamaica, Long Island

Wilford Whitaker

The Wiggins family on Long Island is a most interesting family and of course, the Woolseys are interested because Thomas Wiggins, Jr. married Rebecca Woolsey, d/o our Immigrant Ancestors George 'Joris' Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell.

I am enjoying a most fruitful correspondence with Cate Ludlum and have encouraged Woolsey family descendants to help with the Prospect Cemetery restoration. Yes, she is working hard to restore this ancient cemetery, the final resting place of our ancestors.

The Jamaica Town records are quite helpful, and the original Grace Church records (although they start later than I would have hoped for) and the Reformed Dutch Church records (also later) and the Prospect Cemetery records are all helpful. I am working on the Land Transactions, also.

I have the following which is the allotment of Meadow to the early families of Jamaica, Long Island.


Frost: Jamaica Town Records. p. 209. Date as given 12 May 1679 - but this must be a date the record was copied into a later book, the original record may have been made as early as 1649 and certainly not later than 1663.

There being a sertain quantety of Medow Lying upon the farther Easte neck soe called it was concluded that it should be devided to every of those hearafter mentioned acordeing to theire quantety of acres of Medow as it was given them by the Towne as an alotment and being it would prove somthing defecult to devide it to every one perticularly by themselves it was ordered because some had 20 some 15 som ten and some five acres of Medow to theire Lot that they should be soe copeled together that they that had not a twenty acre might have another joyned with him that might make him a twenty acre Lot and soe them two to devide the share acordeing to their Right

[Then follows a list of the original grantees]

Captain Carpentor 20 acres

Then these men hereafter named two of them have a right to a twenty acre share

Thomas Smith 20 Henery Townsend 20 Joseph Thurston
John Lynas 20 John Rodes senior 20 William Foster John Man 20
Nathaniell Denton 20 John Baylis senior Nath Lynas 20
Joseph Smith 20 Moris Smith John Wood 20
John Everit 20 Sam Smith Sam Barker 20
Mesr William Hallot 20 Mest Prudden Alexsander Smith 20 Edward Higbee sein 20
Cap Newton John Baylis juneor 20 Nicolas Everit 20 Thomas Wiggens senior 20
John Speagler 20 Daniell Denton 20 Sam Deine James hindes 20
William Ruscoe 20 Wait Smith Zachariah Mills 20
Joseph Holsteads 20 Henery Foster Rich Jones 20 Benjamin Coe 20
Abell Gale Fulk Davis 20 John Oldfield 20 Sam Davis Nehemiah Smith 20
Samuell Mathews 20 Tho Okley John Hanson 20 John Rowlifsons 20
Sam Mills John Ludly 20 Robardt Ashmans 20 George Mils 20

The Medow being devided into soe many parsels as there are 20 acre Lots and numbered by 1 2 and 3 and soe one the Inhabitants did cast Lots where they should be for theire own right and allsoe for what they did purchas of theire neighbours and soe it was that Nathaniell Denton did drawe for his owne Joseph Smiths and John Everits rightse which fell to be in number as followeth:

Mesr Coe 28 Samuell Smith 14 Sam Deine 29

N D number: 1 and 32 and 34

Thomas Wiggens 21 Mesr Baylis 11 Mesr Woolsey 13
Mesr Prudden 17 Hen Townsend 26 Capt Newton 20
Sam Davis 5 Ed Higbee 31 William Foster 2 and 24
John Rowlifson 23 Tho Okley 8 John Skidmore 27
William Ruscoe 22 Fulk Davis 30 Capt Carpentor 16
Benjamin Coe 19 Sam Mils 18 Thomas Smith 10
George Mills 15 John Rodes 25 Wait Smith 36
Moris Smith 12 John Oldfield 6 Joseph Thurston 3
Sam Mathews 7 Mest Ashman Daniell Whitehed and Henery Foster 14
Nicolas Everit 33 William Smith Number 35   

  Wilford Whitaker