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Woolsey Burying Ground


Dosoris, Glen Cove [near Oyster Bay], or Musketa Cove, Queens County (now Nassau County, since 1899), Long Island, New York. Location: (1900) Junction of Dosoris Lane and Locust Valley Road, near Glen Cove.

Rev. Woolsey was interred in a private burying ground located on a knoll about 200 rods northeast of the Dosoris residence (Dosoris Lane and Lattingtown Road) where sixteen years earlier his father had been buried. Dr. Epher Whitaker a century or more later found the burying ground a grove of locust trees while Dr. Benjamin Woodbridge Dwight of Clinton, N.Y., a descendant, describe Dosoris as being in a most "forlorn and forbidden state."

At the extreme north of Glen Cove, Long Island, its water frontage facing the Connecticut shore, is a large tract of land still called Dosoris, as named by the Rev. Benjamin Woolsey when he received it with his wife, Abigail Taylor, as her portion; Dosoris, from "Dos moris," [sic - s/b Dos uxoris] meaning "wife's dowery." This name, given as long ago as 1736, has never been changed nor merged into Glen Cove, of which village it now forms a part.

The Headstone of Captain George Woolsey

Here lies interred
The Body of Capt.
George Woolsey
Who was born in New
York Oct ye 10th 1652
& Departed this life
Jany ye 19th 1740/1 in ye
90th year of his age.
(Red Sand Stone)

The Headstone of Rev. Benjamin Woolsey

Sacred to the Memory of the
Rev. Mr. Benjamin Woolsey
In the United Character of the gentleman
The Christian, The Divine,
Shone with distinguished lustre
And Adorned every station of Public &
Private life with Dignity and Usefulness
Early devoted to the work of the Gospel Ministry
Endowed with the gifts of Nature and Grace
He employed his Superior Talents
With Fidelity and Zeal.
After a shining course of Distinguished Labour
To Promote the Cause of true Religion
He exchanged the Ministry of the Church
Militant on earth for the Rewards of the
Church Triumphant in HEAVEN.
August 13th AD 1759 age 69.

[From other sources, this death date should read 1756. See note below.]
The Headstone of Lt. Joseph Woolsey

Here lies the
Body of L't.
Joseph Woolsey
Who de'cd March
ye 2d 1749/50
aged 58 years.
(Stone of Red Sand Stone)

[Lt. Joseph Woolsey married Deborah Coles, b. 29 Oct 1696, Oyster Bay, d. 5 Sep 1776, Matinecock (Oyster Bay) and is buried in the Frost Burying Ground. She must be related to the Coles below.]


[editor's comments in square [ ] brackets]
(Genealogy files for the Persons listed below can be found at Descendants of George Woolsey Sr.)

BUTLER,John d. 07 Jan 1814 - age 80 years [ father-in-law of Nathaniel Coles?]
COLES, Butler b. 05 Apr 1797 d. 01 Mar 1840 - s/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth Coles [John Butler Coles?]
COLES, Elizabethb. 05 May 1767 - d. 15 Mar 1838 [d/o John Butler?]
COLES, Hannahd. 17 Jan 1828 - age 90 years - wife of Nathaniel Coles [Hannah Woolsey?]
COLES, Nathanield. 07 Jan 1814 - age 80 years
COLES, Nathanielb. 23 Mar 1763 - d. 10 Mar 1824
COLES,Nathanielb. 18 Mar 1795 - d. 10 May 1843 - s/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth Coles [General?]
COLES, Nathanielb. 07 Dec 1824 - d. 20 Mar 1867
COLES, Sarahd. 18 May 1799 - age 87 years - wife of Wright Coles
GREEN, Mary Colesd. 07 Apr 1826 - age 58 years - d/o Nathaniel & Hannah Coles
GRIFFITH, Robertd. 12 Jul 1781 - age 63 years
REYNOLDS, Johnb. 07 Dec 1728 - d. 29 Oct 1750
UNDERHILL, Amosd. 20 Nov 1812 - age 31 years
UNDERHILL, Benjamind. 10 Jan 1778 - age 42 years - buried in New York City
UNDERHILL, Letitia Franklind. 28 Aug 1804 - age 66 years - w/o Benjamin Underhill - buried in NY City
UNDERHILL, Townsendd. 13 Feb 1799 - age 34 years - s/o Benjamin & Letitia Underhill
WOOLSEY, Abagail b. 13 May 1749 - d. 13 Nov 1753 [d/o Col. Melancthon Taylor Woolsey & Rebecca Lloyd]
WOOLSEY, Abby Howlandb. 27 Aug 1776 - d. 04 Mar 1833 [w/o George Muirson Woolsey]
WOOLSEY, Abby Howlandb. 16 Jul 1828 - d. 07 Apr 1893 [d/o Charles William Woolsey & Jane Eliza Newton]
WOOLSEY, Annb. 10 Mar 1737 - d. 14 Aug 1807 - wife of Benjamin Woolsey [Ann Muirson]
WOOLSEY, Ann Muirsonb. 10 Feb 1738 - 14 Aug 1807 - [w/o Benjamin Woolsey]
WOOLSEY, Benjamind. 20 Jan 1757 - age 6 years - son of Benjamin [Jr.] & Esther [Issacs] Woolsey
WOOLSEY, Benjamind. 09 Sep 1771 - age 49 years [s/o Rev. Benjamin Woolsey & Abigail Taylor]
WOOLSEY, Rev. Benjamind. 15 Aug 1759 - age 69 years [s/o Capt George II Woolsey & Hannah Van Zandt]
WOOLSEY, Charles Howlandb. 06 Jan 1863 (or 1868) - d. 9 Jul 1883 [s/o Capt. Charles William Woolsey & Arixene SouthgateSmith]
WOOLSEY, Charles Williamb. 24 Mar 1802 - d. 13 Jan 1840 - Lost in the Steamer "Lexington" on Long Island Sound [s/o George Muirson Woolsey & Jane Abigail Howland]
WOOLSEY, Elizabeth,b. 16 Jan 1753 - d. 30 Nov 1753 - daughter of Melancthon Taylor & Rebecca Woolsey
WOOLSEY, Estherd. 29 Mar 1756 - age 26 years [w/o Benj. Woolsey, Jr. d/o Ralph Isaacs & Mary Rumsey]
WOOLSEY, Georged. 02 Dec 1770 - age 7 years [s/o Benjamin Woolsey, Jr. & 2nd) Ann Muirson
WOOLSEY, Capt. Georgeb. New York City 10 Oct 1652- d. 9 Jan 1740 [s/o George Woolsey & Rebecca Cornell]
WOOLSEY, George Muirsonb. 14 Apr 1772 - d. 15 Jul 1851 [s/o Benjamin Woolsey, Jr. & 2nd) Ann Muirson]
WOOLSEY, Jane Elizabethb. 09 Nov 1801 - d. 22 Dec 1874 - wife of Charles William Woolsey [d/o William Newton & Jane Stuart]
WOOLSEY, Jane Stewartb. 07 Feb 1830 - d. 9 Jul 1891 [d/o Charles William Woolsey & Jane Eliza Newton]
WOOLSEY, John (M?)b. 10 Jan 1796 - d. 11 Jul 1870 [s/o William Walton Woolsey & Elizabeth Dwight]
WOOLSEY, Josephd. 02 Mar 1749 - age 58 years [s/o Capt George Woolsey & Hannah Van Zandt]
WOOLSEY, Malancthon Taylor --- (?) 1758 (Remainder not readable) [s/o Rev. Benjamin Woolsey & Abigail Taylor]


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  • New York Genealogical & Biographical Record. Vol. 48. Apr. 1917. p. 173. THE SALMON RECORDS. [p.52] 1756 ...g 14 Revd Mr. Benj = Woolsey at Kings Coict//71. [This record (--g 14 1756) may be more correct than his tombstone, as it was made at the time of his death. We don't know when the tombstone was laid down, but sometime after his death, probably in 1759. ww]
  • Elting, Clarence J. Ulster County cemetery Inscriptions. 1941. FHL film #017128, item near the beginning of film. Glen Cove (Dosoris), L. I., NY - Old Burial Grounds in the vicinity of Glen Cove. "Woolsey Burial Grounds. Dosoris. Copied in Oct 1867. J. T. Bonne.
  • Wood, Dr. Clarence Ashton. Op. Cit. Rev. Benjamin Woolsey of Dosoris. "In 1760 Nathaniel Coles bought Dosoris, paying Melancthon 4,000 pounds for his shares and Benjamin 3,600 pounds. Thereafter the property was bequeathed to John Butler Coles and General Nathaniel Coles."

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