World War One (World War I, WWI or "The Great War") and wars involving the United States

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The American Flag with 48-stars in 1918.   World War One (World War I, WWI or "The Great War")   The American Flag with 48-stars in 1918.
and wars involving the United States

Unknown Soldier acquired on eBay

Unknown Soldier acquired on eBay

This web site is dedicated to the many under appreciated soldiers of all wars (or military service) whose photos, letters home to loved ones, uniforms, etc. are being auctioned off for profit because they are unknown or unwanted by their families. Please make an effort to find out about your relatives' military service and honor them by documenting it and by preserving it for future generations.

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Table of Contents:

"Doughboy" Army Service Hat iconEssentials

Doughboy iconFAQs, Frequently Asked Questions and Useful resources for researching your relatives military service

Doughboy iconData on U.S. Army Divisions during World War I

Doughboy icon"American Decorations and Insignia of Honor and Service" by Robert E. Wyllie from National Geographic Magazine - December 1919, Volume XXXVI, Number Six; pages 502 - 526.

Doughboy iconAwards, Decorations, Campaign & Service Medals

Doughboy iconLinks of Interest

"Doughboy" Army Service Hat iconThe Wars

Doughboy iconSpanish American War (just images at this point - Images of the Spanish-American War: Heroes, Leaders, Maps, Ships, Uniforms, and Weapons

Doughboy iconWorld War I, World War I (1914 - 1918)

WWI - Louisiana - Soldiers in Supplement of Volume III added.

Louisianans who were winners of the Distinguished Service Cross, DSC Nov. 7, 2003

Veterans (all wars) of Bogalusa and Washington Parish, Louisiana

Doughboy iconWorld War II, World War II (1941 - 1945)

Doughboy iconWar on Terrorism (Sept. 11, 2001 - current)

"Doughboy" Army Service Hat icon Symbols of Patriotism

Doughboy iconAmerica - the words of the song with nice an American flag graphic. "America" is also referred to as "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" and was written by Samuel F. Smith.

Doughboy iconOther Patriotic Songs (and Poems)

Doughboy iconThe Pledge of Allegiance

Doughboy iconOath of Allegiance Sept. 13, 2003

Doughboy iconThe Star-Spangled Banner - A Patriotic Song by Francis Scott Key (written in 1814) with a 1918 musical score. This is the national anthem of the United States. The song is about the Star-Spangled Banner (1795-1818), a version of the United States flag which had only 15 stars and 15 stripes ( red and 7 white). The Star-Spangled Banner (1795-1818) is also referred to as the "15 Odd Star Flag."

Doughboy icon3D American Flag Screen Saver at Microsoft

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