Elmstone Hardwicke Volume 1 Part 2 Elmstone Hardwicke, Gloucestershire
Volume 1 Christenings Marriages & Burials 1564-1598

Part 2 - Marriages 1564-1597
The register book of the sayd parishe
Anno Dni 1564

Jhon Herberd was maryed to Ales Gynes 
8 August

Anno Dni 1565
Thomas Drynkewater was maryed to Maryon Stocke 
4 August

Anno Dni 1566

Anno Dni 1567
John Jynez and Edithe Lane were married 
4 November
Richardus Smythe and Margery Russell were married 
13 November
Rhize Phillipps and Anne Mason were married 
23 November

Anno Dni 1568
John Buccle and Alice Barne were married 
8 November
John Mason and Jone Dowdeswell were married 
25 October

Anno Dni 1569
Willm Hoggs and Anne Pyffe were married 
4 February

Anno Dni 1570
Olivere Crue and Barbara Kente were married 
20 November
Willm Cooke and Margerye Kent were married 
25 November

Anno Dni 1571
Willm Bradfort and Jone Milton were married 
2 July
Thomas Ham and Katherin Wilse were married 
10 May

Anno Dni 1572
Willm Dilling and Agnes Smythsend were married 
6 October
John Gynes and Margeret Kersie were married 
13 January

Anno Dni 1573
John Hale and Catherin Twyninge were married 
3 February

Anno Dni 1574
Oliver Crwe and Margery Straforde were married 
15 May
Willm Warde and Ales Brodley were married 
21 June
John Tyler and Elizabeth Gines were married 
19 July
Robert Turner and Maude Hunt were married 
11 October
Cornelius Barnarde and Agnes Warde were married 
18 October
George Banister and Johan Barnard were married 
7 February

Anno Dni 1575
Jhon Gynes and Elizabeth More were married 
21 September

Anno Dni 1576
John Lopac and Anne Byshoppe were married 
20 May

Anno Dni 1578
Thomas Holidaye and Doritie Karsse were married 
26 January
John Nicolls & Jone Lad were married 
2 March

Anno Dni 1578
Richarde Keare and Agnes Stubbe were married 
6 August

Anno Dni 1578
Mackulen Colman and Jhone Bradwel were married 
4 October

Anno Dni 1582
Willm Webley (yn the pishe of Brockeworth) and Anne Fremn of the pishe of Cleve were married 
9 July

Anno Dni 1583 
Richarde Bishop of the pish of Elmston & Susande Mintrige of Arle in ye parish of Cheltenham were married 
27 May
Jhon Greves of the parish of Elmston & Margret Tomes of the same pish were married 
2 September

Anno Dni 1584 
Francys Longe of the pishe of Cheltenham and Elizabeth Drinkewater of the pishe of Elmstone were married 
24 May
Nuptiae inter Johannem Smyth huius poch et Joannam Stoude filiam Richardi Stroude def 
23 June
Nuptiae inter Richardum Woodroffe de Todburie in com glouc et Elynoram Barnarde cognatam Riclava Barnarde et filiam Willimi Barnarde def 
13 September
Nuptiae inter Richardum Cooke huius poch et Joannam Elynoram Jilian Barnarde filia Richi Barnarde 
23 November
Nuptiae inter Richardum Bucle filium Thomae Bucle def huius poch et Elynoran Mylton filiam Johis Mylton 
21 January

Anno dni 1585 Anno regni Eliz xxvij
Nuptiae inter Willimum Bradforde huius poch et Barbaram Weller poch de Cleve Epo 
10 May
Nuptiae inter Thomam Moric poch de Santhurst et Aleciam Fisher filiam Willimi Fisher Junioris 
5 July
Nuptiae inter Thomam Hill huius poch et Elizabetham Leyney 
2 August

Anno Dni 1586 reginae Elizabethae xxviij
Nuptiae inter Thomam Hyett et Margaretam Fisher huius poch 
4 July
Nuptiae inter Richardum Cugley de Kingeshome et Margeriam Mylton huius poch 
15 August
Nuptiae inter Johem Stroude et Margaretam Smyth huius poch 
29 August
Nuptiae inter Johannem Whitacre poch de Lynton dioces Heref et Elizabetham Shaile huius poch 
26 September

Anno Dni 1587 reginae Elizabethae xxix
Nuptiae inter Johannem James poch de Lan… ex una pte et Margeriam Cooke huius poch ex alteram 
1 May
Nuptiae inter Richardum Harte huius poch et Margeriam Smithemstom huius poch 
30 October
Nuptiae inter Petrum Reve poch de Teukisburie et Aleiciam Drinkwatr huius poch 
18 January
Nuptiae inter Alexandrum Hatton poch de Fourthampton et Elizabetham Fisher huius poch 
2 February

Anno Dni 1588 reginae Elizabethae xxx
Nuptiae inter Anthonium Warde et Margaretam Isarde huius poch 
12 August
Nuptiae inter Walterum Cooke huius poch et Mariam Atkins viduam poch de Badgeworth 
27 October
Walter Bishopp

Nuptiae inter Gwalterum Coxe de Kingford et Margaretam Fowler de Cleve solemnizata 
2 December

Anno Dni 1589 reginae Elizabethae xxxj
Nuptiae inter Henricum Ricardes et Margaretam Vines solemnizata 
21 April
Nuptiae inter Johannem Eagles et Joannam Hawlinge solemnizata 
Nuptiae inter Thomam Smith et Margeriam Elbrowe solemnizata 
2 October
Nuptiae inter Willim Bradforde et Jilianam Buckle solemnizata 
22 December
Nuptiae inter Egidium Longe et Aleiciam Milton solemnizata 
2 February

Anno dni 1590 
Nuptiae inter Thomam Wilkes et Margeriam Bradforde solemnizata 
2 February

Anno dni 1591 
Nuptiae inter Willim Fisher et Margeriam Fisher solemnizata 
27 November
Nuptiae inter Johannem Fowler et Annam Buckle filiam Johis Buckle senioris solemnizata 
28 November
Nuptiae inter Arnoldum Welshe et ni com Monmouth et Aliciam Parker filiam Edwardi Parker poch de Cheltenham solemnizata 
13 January
Nuptiae inter Willim Bradforde et Joannam Maynell solemnizata 
22 January

Anno dni 1592 

Anno dni 1593 
Nuptiae inter Johannem Drinkwater et Margeriam Stroud huius poch solemnizata 
12 November
Nuptiae inter Johannem Hewes poch de Cleve et Elynoram Fisher huius poch solemnizata 
19 November
Nuptiae inter Willim Carpenter poch de Berrowe in com Wigorn et Margaretam Causey huius poch solemnizata 
10 January

Anno dni 1594 
Nuptiae inter Rogerum Brittanie et Margaretam Harris huius poch solemnizata 
5 October
Nuptiae celebratae fuerunt inter Wilhelmus Cooke et Margeria Bucle 
21 October

Nuptiae inter John Ward et Margareta Stone celebratae fuerunt 
14 July
Nuptiae celebratae fuerunt inter Wilhelmum Ward et Elioner Smithe 
8 September
Nuptiae celebratae fuerunt inter Thomam Franckom et Katherinam Awdry 
26 January

Anno 1596 
Nuptiae celebratae fuerunt inter Thomam Ward et Tuball Ethridg 
19 July
Richardus Fisher et Annam Thornbury connubis iuncti fuerunt 
11 October

Nuptiae celebratae fuerunt inter Robertum Little et Margaretam Bucle 
25 April
Thomas Ward et Elizabeth Armes connubis iuncti erant 
9 May
A copy of this Register booke delivered into the office for 3 yeares past 
20 August

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