Elmstone Hardwicke Volume 1 Part 3 Elmstone Hardwicke, Gloucestershire
Volume 1 Christenings Marriages & Burials 1564-1598

Part 3 - Burials 1564-1581; 1583-1598
The yere of our lord a thousand fyve hundred threescore and iiijth
Thomas Fyshier was buried 
4 May
Rogerum the sonne of Elizabethe Strowd was buried 
15 November
William: Kersey

Anno Domini 1565
Wylliam Fyner was buried 
5 May
Katren Harys was buried 
23 August
Jhon Stocke was buried 
13 November
Annes the wyf of John Buckell was buried 
12 March
Annes the daughter of Wyllyam Carpynter was buried 
13 April
Raffe the sonne of Wyllyam Carpynter was buried 
13 October
Jhon Phillipps was buried 
17 November
Ales the daughter of Rychard Strowd was buried 
2 December

Anno dni 1566
Ales the daughter of Jhon Mylton was buried 
3 April

Anno Dni 1567
Elizabeth the daughter of William Syl was buried 
7 June
Margery Harrys the daughter of John Harrys was buried 
10 July
William Tomse was buried 
25 July

Anno Dni 1568
Parnell the wyffe of William Hodgs was buried 
4 February
Thomas the sonne of John Kent was buried 
15 February
Jone Viner widd was buried 
1 March
John the sonne of Floris Hardinge was buried 
19 April
Henry Hill was buried 
12 November
Thomas Russell was buried 
28 November

Anno Dni 1569
William Spylbury was buried 
23 February
Nicholas Quell servaunt unto Richard Mylton was buried 
10 March
Thomas Reban servaunt unto William Hodgs was buried 
7 April
William Togwell , Robert Berry 

Anno Dni 1570
Thomas the sonne of John Kent was buried 
15 February
Margeret Finer was buried 
28 April
Richard the sonne of William Stoubbe was buried 
15 June

Anno 1571
Willim Hoges was buried 
11 December
Willim Smythsend was buried 
13 March
Thomas Hughes was buried 
3 April
Richard Ward was buried 
8 March
John the sonn of John Hughson was buried 
9 April
Ales Fysher was buried 
18 April
John Milton was buried 
6 May
Ralph Buckle was buried 
19 December

Anno Domini 1572
Jone the daughter of John Clarke was buried 
15 April
Willim Twyninginge was buried 
25 April
Richard Ladde was buried 
27 April
Barbara Crue was buried 
3 May
Agnes Ward was buried 
15 May
John Geynes was buried 
24 May

Anno dom 1573
John the sonn of Willim Cooke was buried 
8 June
Richard Rice was buried 
15 August
Agnes Ryce was buried 
5 November
John Holoway was buried 
24 January
Thomas Freeman was buried 
21 March

Anno dni 1574
Margeret Geynes wydowe was buried 
6 April
John the sonne of Willim Fisher was buried 
27 December
Thomas the son of William Fisher was buried 
12 January

Ano Dni 1575
Margerie the daughter of John Holoway was buried 
12 July
John Kent was buried 
8 November
Florisse Hardinge was buried 
8 November

Anno Dni 1576
William Barnard was buried 
20 March
Alice the daughter of John Jeynes was buried 
4 August
Ales Mynett was buried 
20 February
Margery the daughter of Wylliam Stubbe was buried 
23 March

Anno dni 1577
William the sonne of John Husson was buried 
13 June
Jone Hill was buried 
1 November
Jone Crompe was buried 
26 December
Margery Smythe was buried 
31 December

Anno dni 1578
Margery the daughter of Elizabeth Greves was buried 
11 August
John the sonne of John Smythe was buried 
14 August
Anne Dilling was buried 
5 September
Thomas the sonne of Wylliam Fysher was buried 
13 December

Anno dni 1580
Willm Stubbs was buried 
26 May
John Russell was buried 
18 June
John Warde the sone of Jeffrey Warde was buried 
15 July
Elyzabeth Russell was buried 
1 August
Julian the daughter of John Buckyll was buried 
18 December
Aleyce Hardyng was buried 
7 March

Anno Domino 1581
Mary the daughter of Thomas Lygone was buried 
7 June
Marget the daughter of Thomas Drykewat was buried 
22 July
Julian Collman was buried 
19 August
Jane the swtt of Wyllyam Thoms was buried 
21 September

Duplicate entries of burials for 1580 & 1581, the last burial for 1581, those of 1582 and the first of 1583 are written under the baptisms of 1584.

Anno dni 1583
Raffe Barnard was buried 
25 February
John Raymonnd was buried 
6 March
William Tommes was buried 
11 July
Edward Ward was buried on Thursday
4 September
John the sonn of Walter Fisher was buried on Thursday
11 September
Johan the wiffe of William Bradfford was buried on Saturday
30 November

Anno dni 1584 
Margery Stroode was buried 
4 March
Johan the wiffe of Clemen Fisher was buried 
20 April
Sepultus fuit Willimus Bucle frater Johannis Bucle 
8 August

Anno regni Elizab. xxvijo
Sepultus fuit Franciscus Bucle filius legitimus Johis Bucle 
8 December
Sepultus fuit Johes Gaines filius illegitimus Margaretae Gaines 
4 February
Sepultus fuit Rogerus Guyett quondam vicarius de Elmeston 
17 February

Anno dni 1585 regni Elizabethae xxvijo
Sepulta fuit Francisca Cooke filia legitima Wilimi Cooke 
28 March
Sepulta fuit Joanna Smyth ux Johannis Smythe 
7 September
Sepultus fuit Ryce Phillippes 
27 October
Sepultus fuit Thomas Holidaie 
12 December
Sepultus fuit Willimus Ryce 
17 February

Anno Dni 1586 
Maculon Colman sepultus fuit 
20 April
Margareta Bucle filia Johis Bucle iunioris sepulta fuit 
28 August
Elynora Harris ux Johis Harris sepulta fuit 
20 September
Thomas Viner sepultus fuit 
20 October
Joanna Twynninge sepulta fuit 
3 November
Richardus Rice sepultus fuit 
26 November
Mendicus qindam peregrinus et ignotus sepultus fuit 
8 December
Mendicus alter etiam ignotus sepultus fuit 
24 December
Joanna Lad filia Richardi Lad sepulta fuit 
25 January
Thomas Twyne infans filius Richardi Twyne mendici sepultus fuit 
28 February

Anno dni 1587
Walterus Bishop sepultus fuit 
29 June
Jacobus mendicus et ignoutus sepultus fuit 
9 July
Elizabeth Carsey ux Thomae Carsey sepulta fuit 
24 September
Christiana Holidaie ux Thomae Holidae sepulta fuit 
18 October
Agnes Harris uxor Walteri Harris de Heydon sepulta fuit 
26 February

Anno dni 1588
Anna Kent filia Margaretae Kent viduae sepulta fuit 
26 March
Aleicia Ward uxor Anthonii Warde sepulta fuit 
30 March
Thomas Fisher sepultus fuit 
4 April
Elizabeth Hollowaie filia Aleiciae Holoway viduae sepulta fuit 
10 April
Franciscus Bradford filia legitima Wilimi Bradford sepulta fuit 
12 May
Aleicia Smyth ux Johis Smythe sepulta fuit 
6 May
Barbara Bradford ux Willimi Bradforde sepulta fuit 
16 May
Aleica Abbates filia legitima Johis Abbates sepulta fuit 
17 May
Marian Holidaie filia legitima Thomae Holidaie sepulta fuit 
28 May
Margareta Hardinge vidua sepulta fuit 
21 August
Eliazbetha Grebes filia Johis Grenes iam def sepulta fuit 
29 January
Sepultus fuit Franciscus Abbates filius Johis Abbats 
6 March

Anno Dni 1589 reginae Elizabethae xxxjo
Sepultus fuit Richardus Newporte illegitimi …. Nicholas filius Annae Nicholas 
1 April
Sepultus fuit Richus Barnard filius illegitimus Walteri Barnarde 
2 May
Sepultus fuit Johes Warde 
6 July
Sepultus fuit Johannes Fisher filius Walteri Fisher 
19 February

Anno Dni 1590 reginae Elizabethae xxxijo
Sepulta fuit Katherena Grenes filia legitima Johis Grenes 
1 July
Sepultus fuit Philippus Divis infans filius illegitimi …… Davis de Stowe the olde 
16 September

Regina Eliz. xxxiijo
Sepulta fuit Joanna Barnard filia legitima Edwardi Barnarde 
31 October
Sepulta fuit Aleicia Elborowe ux Johis Elborowe 
22 November
Sepultus fuit Philippus Freeman filius legitimus Willimi Freeman 
30 December
Sepultus fuit Willimus filius illegitimus Agnetae Riglie 
10 January

Anno dni 1591 
Sepulta fuit Jiliana Bradforde ux Willimi Bradforde 
13 April
ead etiam die infans eius inbaptizata sepulture tradobats
Willimus Hill filius legitimus Thomae Hill sepultus fuit 
6 March
Dorethe Holiday uxor Thomae Holidaie sepulta fuit 
12 March

Anno dni 1592 
Johannes Holidaie filius legitimus Thomae Holidaie sepultus fuit
2 April
Johannes Bucle filius Johannis Bucle senioris sepultus fuit
28 May
Richardus Holloway sepultus fuit
6 August

Anno dni 1593
Joanna Litle ux Henrici Litle sepulta fuit 
27 August
Mariana Drinkwater filia ux Thomae Drinkwater sepultura tradebator
16 October
Willimus Fisher filius legitimus Willimi Fisher sepultus fuit 
22 January
Johannes Harris filius legitimus Johannis Harris sepultus fuit 
4 February

Anno dni 1594
Margareta Geines sepulta fuit 
8 August
Margeria Barnarde filia legitima Walteri Barnarde sepulta fuit 
30 August
Anthonius Ward sepultus fuit 
29 November
Johes Smith sepultus fuit 
2 March

Anno dni 1595
Elizabetha Greves vidua sepulta fuit 
10 July
Wilhelmus Dilwyn sepultus fuit 
30 July
Roger Brittaine sepultus fuit 
24 August
Walter Cooke filius Wilhelmi Cooke sepultus fuit 
18 February

Anno 1596
Johes Hewson mendicus sepultus erat 
21 April
Johes Buckle sepultus fuit 
2 May
Richardus Buckle sepultus fuit 
6 August
Gillian Kent sepulta erat
13 August
Thomas Kersy sepultus erat
1 January
Elioner Barnard sepulta erat
30 January
Elizabetha Frankham filia Richardi Frankham sepulta erat
3 February
Margeria Lye sepulta fuit 
4 March
Margeria Fisher filia Richardi Fisher sepulta erat 
5 March

Anno 1597
Clement Fisher sepultus erat 
30 March
Richardus Bosley filius Thomae Bosley sepultus erat 
2 April
Richardus Holliday filius Thomae Holliday sepultus erat 
9 May
A copy of this register delivered into the office
20 August
Margeria Barnard vidua sepulta erat 
21 October
Phillippus Poole sepultus erat 
16 December
Johannes Warde sepultus erat 
18 January

Johes Carpenter sepultus erat 
4 June

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